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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. of global concerts Australia launches a series to the plight of the planet. to bring attention

in a moment. A special report on Live Earth after the British terror attacks. Never-before-seen video shot moments

for the first Live Earth concert. First, Australia has set the bar high

the venue Tens of thousands have packed to fight the plight of the planet. for headline acts doing their bit from Angela Bishop. This special report here at Aussie Stadium so far. Well, it's been an amazing day And we're here just in time Missy Higgins taking the stage. to see a little bit of superstar But we kicked off some hours ago

by satellite from Al Gore. with a special personalised message Thanks for being the very first to help solve the climate crisis. to launch this movement Enjoy the show. Among the first to take the stage,

and singer-songwriter Toni Collete Oscar-nominated Aussie actress and her band, the Finish. the children of the revolution # (Sings) # But you won't fool

correct me if I'm wrong, I heard a whisper, from Al Gore this morning. that you got a personal message somebody else took the message. I did. I didn't speak to him, phone, Al, just at the moment? What, sorry, Toni can't come to I'd just come offstage. Ah, well I think he was watching it live so... He called as soon as it finished, What did he say? and, you know, thankful. It was just very positive to be a part of today I'm quite thankful and proud is of great concern because the environment and I'm very passionate about it. Also thrilling the crowd, Eskimo Joe Sneaky Sound System, Paul Kelly, Rob Hirst's new band Ghostwriters. and Oils classic from drummer you better listen to him (Sings) # When the generals talk you better do what he says... # # When the generals talk

Peter Garrett will be here Rob's old mate and former singer instead of singing but he'll be talking who are headlining the show. introducing Crowded House that the time is now of people who are aware a concerted effort from everybody and that the planet needs responsibility. and everyone has to take There is a book end aspect to it to a big bunch of people in Sydney in that we're playing open air for a good cause. as our first reappearance in a very short while But taking the stage Wolfmother. are international hit-makers doing the right thing Lead singer Andrew Stockdale and catching the bus to be here. the actual Coogee bus, Got off the bus, I decided to catch the bus here. here in Sydney tonight And as we're wrapping up

the rest of the world takes over in seven continents as the concert's going on kick into gear in there time zones. night - back to you. I'll bring you a full wrap tomorrow charged over the British bomb plot The first of the suspects to be will appear in court tonight. emerges showing the arrest of two men It comes as dramatic new video

moments after one of the attacks. images in this report confronting. A warning some viewers might find

A moment of madness caught on tape. on Glasgow airport These new pictures of the attack were videoed by a passenger of the two men in the blazing Jeep. and include the dramatic capture Police hold Dr Kafeel Ahmed the flames engulfing him. just after officers had put out even as he was being dragged away He struggled, and despite his extensive injuries.

Oh my God. Jesus Christ. WOMAN: Oh my God.

Dr Bilal Abdulla, Nearby, his accomplice, of capsicum spray. suffering the effects He'll appear in court tonight, conspiring to cause explosions. the first to be charged with isn't a medical doctor It's now known Kafeel Ahmed but has a PhD in engineering - raising questions over whether he was the bomb maker.

to a specialist burns unit -

he survived the blaze at all. police amazed What value of information to the inquiry in the future. he may be able to impart say, with some satisfaction, The officers at the airport could to the inquiry team. they delivered both accused alive one in Sydney have now been released Four doctors in Western Australia and after being questioned yesterday about their possible links to the bomb plotters in Britain, seized although laptops and mobile phones by Federal Police. are still being scrutinised

but it's a question of testing those Linkages have been established,

there's information that may assist and to look at whether the police are making. in relation to the inquiries

Mr Ruddock says all of the men cooperated

from their questioning. and no inference should be drawn to a presumption of innocence. People are entitled one of the bomb plotters After revelations Hizb ut Tahrir, was linked to radical Muslim group

Mr Ruddock added will be investigated, any new information about it

are denied by the group. the claims, though with terrorism or acts of terrorism It has no association whatsoever and it entirely refutes any notion to terrorism. of being a conveyor belt Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

from an Australian woman A tribute tonight to medical staff the 2005 London bombings. who survived Gill Hicks, seen here at her wedding months after the bombings, lost both her legs below the knee. She returned to St Thomas' Hospital who nursed her back to health. to thank those to Australia's defence capability A big boost tonight squadron of new Abrams battle tanks. with the wraps coming off the first The army is now faced with the task of finding a home for the older generation Leopard tanks.

and in with the new - Out with the old

are ready for action - the American-built Abrams passing into history... their German-made predecessors GUNFIRE now considered obsolete. ..our Leopard tanks they will be sold to anyone I will be unlikely and the rest will be given away. but film companies, militaria buffs During the past two years, have trained in the US, 200 Australian soldiers adapting to their new war machines.

But claims into American units serving in Iraq our tank crews will be rotated have been labelled 'fantasy'. GUNFIRE An additional 30,000 American troops are already in Baghdad attempting to pacify the capital, against any troop withdrawal. a top US general warning And the violence would escalate - it'd be a mess. The situation could hardly be worse - a wedding party hit by a car bomb -

it's the latest blood-letting in a sectarian civil war. The Australian Defence Minister leaving the impression our involvement in the conflict is partly about energy security. Brendan Nelson has reportedly backed away from his earlier comments, but there are calls for him to return from his overseas trip

and explain exactly what he meant. The usefulness of oil to the international economy taken in the Middle East

but people who say it was the only criteria are way off the mark. America's top brass maintains that for US soldiers it's simply a war on terror.

That sounds like a bumper sticker, but that's what they believe. In the past two days another six American soldiers have died in Iraq, bringing the US death toll there to almost 3,600. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Federal police braced for trouble

during a protest today at the Syrian Embassy in Canberra. against Syrian interference in their homeland. About 30 police with tear gas masks at the ready stood by during the peaceful protest. Also looking on, Syrian embassy staff with video cameras. Health officials are calling for calm after a severe form of the flu led to the deaths of three children in Perth.

The scare has sparked panic with hundreds of parents pouring into emergency rooms and jamming hospital phone lines. Concerned parents rushed to emergency departments after the deaths of three Perth children under the age of five. Sometimes these things are hard to tell whether it's a cold or a flu but it's always right to bring them in to get checked out. Basically what they're saying is if they're critically, acutely ill that's when you should really worry. Health officials say We think it's likely that although all the children had signs of influenza A infection,

as part of the process that's been the cause of the tragic consequences. We've been very busy yesterday after the public announcement. We saw 237 patients yesterday which is an increase of 60% compared to the previous Friday. But the Australian Medical Association has attacked the Health Department for being too slow to inform doctors. Clearly coming out so late on Friday afternoon it's caused significant difficulties. The Health department is urging parents not to panic

but if their child has a fever and a temperature over 38 degrees, a cough and is unresponsive, they should seek medical attention.

Officials say this influenza strain isn't new. The data we've got at the moment indicate that there's a similar strain in circulation at low level throughout Australia and there's been a slight increase in activity in New Zealand. Matt Moran, Ten News. A 15-year-old girl has been killed on her birthday crossing a busy road on the Sunshine Coast. Naarah Austin and her friend, also 15,

were hit by a utility on Steve Irwin Way just on dusk. a nearby touch football game It's understood the pair were leaving when the accident happened. The surviving teenager remains in a stable condition in hospital. Police are questioning witnesses. They are taking a list of witnesses to the matter and they will, in due course, prepare a report to the Coroner. The driver of the ute is being counselled. Two British teenagers are under arrest tonight over the death of an Australian tourist in Hong Kong. The 22-year-old was killed in a fall from a hotel. are coping with a rental squeeze. Still to come - how families

And when worlds collide - three teenagers recovering in hospital from stab wounds

after a gatecrashing incident.

Hang on, bug breath. I'm not going anywhere, lizard lips. BOTH: Whoa! VOICEOVER: It's Flippin' Frogs - a fast flippin' game where anything can happen. But watch out for the pop. # Frogs, Flippin' Frogs. # The player with the most frogs stuck to the tree wins. You OK? Your eyes are bugging out of your head.

This program is captioned live. The Sydney Harbour Tunnel toll becomes cashless tomorrow. Drivers will need an electronic e-tag to pay the toll in the tunnel. But there are fears confusion over the change will cause traffic chaos. Once traffic starts to stop and starts to ask questions then we're going to have huge congestion. The tunnel will be closed overnight as crews make the final changes to the toll stations. With a rental squeeze gripping the nation, more families are being forced into caravan parks. Recent flooding in many parts of Australia adding to the woes of low income earners. The parents of these little girls want nothing more than a house for their daughters but, like thousands of Australians, they're unable to compete in today's tight rental market. Over the past 12 months of looking, there is less and less places to apply for. A single father, Peter Benis has been living with his daughter in a caravan on Melbourne's outskirts for four years. He's applied for dozens of rental homes and it's getting tougher. It has gone up. Too expensive to pay for rent and food - with the price of food and all that, it's just too hard. Charity groups are unanimous in their claim the rental market cupboard is bare. at their lowest they've ever been since records have been kept - they're only at 1.2%. Recent flooding in several areas has also tightened the rental squeeze - with nowhere to go. many tenants forced to vacate

Welfare groups are again calling for urgent funding into public housing. While Labor claims eight interest rate hikes under the Howard Government has pushed affordability out of reach. There is no such thing as a small home loan any more

no such thing as a cheap house so there's such thing as a small interest rate rise. Meanwhile, for some, the great Australian dream will remain just that. We want to move out into a big, big house. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. Seven people ended up in hospital after a teenager's birthday was raided by 30 gatecrashers armed with knives and swords. Police have been criticised to calls for help. for not responding fast enough In a matter of minutes, a celebration became a crime scene. A group of up to 30 people gate-crashed a 16th birthday party armed with swords and knives. Caused mayhem, ran through attacking blokes, stabbing blokes, a couple of blokes got bottled across the head, blokes just running around everywhere, girls screaming, it was just out of control. Seven partygoers suffered serious stab wounds, two teenagers required surgery for injuries to their abdomen and wrist.

Neighbours say the hall, which was hired from the St Albans Saints soccer club, is notorious for hosting rowdy functions. when they have their dos. You don't come outside the gate before they responded. Get down here, there's 30 blokes coming here to crash a party.

I'm happy with the way the response was.

The police investigation will be extensive with more than 100 potential witnesses and more than 50 items collected as evidence from the scene. Racial tension is being considered as a possible trigger for the brawl. Police have interviewed a 16-year-old boy who is believed to be one of the gate crashers.

Cameron Baud, Ten News. It's 60 years since one of the world's most iconic weapons

went into production. Mikhail Kalashnikov - designer of the AK-47 - was honoured at a special ceremony in Moscow today. More than 100 million of the assault rifles have been produced since 1947. Despite the many thousands of people killed by the gun, the 87-year-old inventor says although he did admit that if he had his time over he would have liked to invent something more peaceful,

like the lawnmower. Missiles being tested in North Korea might one day have the potential to hit Australia. That's the warning tonight in a Japanese defence report. The report says test firings so far have been successful Still to come - special couples tie the knot on a special day in history. Also ahead - Judgment Day

for the people involved in an ugly incident caught on camera. UPLIFTING MUSIC

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This program is captioned live. A man's been jailed for attacking a TV reporter as the cameras rolled. The reporter was filming an interview about a real estate scam when an angry woman appeared and confronted him. Why do you have to bother me? Then her husband stepped in with a savage onslaught that left the reporter with cracked ribs, bite wounds and cuts to his face. The man has been jailed for a year and ordered to go to anger management classes. His wife has been given 30 days community service. It's the 7th of the 7th of the 7th - and, as you're about to find out, with all those sevens, it's lucky for some. Today's milestone may have passed without notice for many but the 7th of the 7th '07 is considered three times the chance at happiness for some who chose today to exchange vows. And for Oleg and Victoria at least they're hoping it's second time lucky. It's not our first marriage, but I think it will be the last one.

No thinking about the seven year itch -

at registry offices across the country it's been a record day for couples who thought lucky seven wouldn't hurt as a start date for the their new lives. We even had a waiting list for couples that wanted to book today as it's a special day. The combination of the numbers today actually bring loving people unconditionally soft touch, to it being so many couples wanting to get married. Those not exchanging rings were exchanging money.

Might even go and put $77 on number 7. I'm gonna go up and have a go at the roulette table and see how I go. Number 7's not lucky for me so I don't stand a chance, do I? If your numbers haven't aligned today in Chinese culture, at least, preparations are already well under way for the 8th of the 8th 2008. 8 is considered prosperous, but, be cautious - numerology isn't an exact science. No luck - at all. No matter matter what day it is. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A golf club has come up with a novel way to drought-proof their greens. They're using recycled sewage to turn a former dustbowl into a lush fairway. It's Murphy's law - a new drought-proof watering system to combat the 100-year drought has brought the rains. But action was needed to save this social hub. From a community point of view it's one of the focal points for people. The fairway six months ago... We lost four greens. But a new system of pumping treated waste water to the central Victorian club means the fairways, tees and greens will be kept green. And the idea of recycled sewage and testing for salt and E. coli put no-one off their game.

The water situation became more desperate, the EPA have been more congenial with regard to using it and certainly we have a full environmental plan in place. The local water company is on par, promising 70 megalitres of waste water a year until 2032. The next stage - which includes laying 9km of pipe throughout the course - requires $200,000. Besides assistance from all three tiers of government, that's a lot of raffle tickets.

We've already had fundraising nights, casserole teas with entertainment, raffles. Water companies say that with proper testing and treatment, other sporting grounds, such as football ovals, could benefit from recycled sewage. Kate McGrath, Ten News. A young bear had the shock of his life

after climbing what he thought was a tree. It turned out to be a power pole and he was stranded 30m off the ground. Authorities closed the highway near Los Angeles to give the animal time to consider his predicament. After enjoying the view for a while, the bear made it back down by himself. It's thought he was forced out of his home in nearby mountains because of recent bushfires.

The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. And, Rob, it was an injury-plagued night on the football field. Was it ever, Bill, in both the AFl and the NRL. It was a night of high emotion. Darren's golden moment. Rama's magical return.

Plus today's games right ahead. And we'll tell you the rumours surrounding Mark Schwarzer.

Toyota's 200-kilowatt Aurion. The $5 Jackpot Lottery has jackpotted to over $6 million! Yeah! Wow! That's one cool cat!

This program is captioned live. Now for a quick look at the weather around the nation. bringing heavy showers, falling as snow across alpine regions. A low in the Tasman will maintain cold showery weather across NSW and Victoria with further snow likely on the ranges. With the fight on economic management heating up in the lead to the federal election, the guest on 'Meet the Press' Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan will be

That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. I'm Bill Woods. Good evening.

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This program is captioned live. On today's show, Wimbledon - Justine, just out, and the men put it all on the line. We've got Tiger's second-round 66. And celebrating cycling, the Tour de France, just hours away. Hello and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. I'm Rob Canning and we have got a contradiction of emotions today. We've got the ecstasy... ..we've got the agony. For all the joy and jubilation is anguish, dread, despair. We'll preview tonight's Test - Wallabies versus Springboks. And tomorrows showdown -