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(generated from captions) OK, John, can you tell me your age? BUZZ! 36. DING! 41. Yes. Do you eat fibre? Sometimes.

No. I find it hard to eat. BUZZ! DING! Wheat Flakes Honey Almond. This is new Kellogg's All-Bran Yes. Are you excited to try some? No. BUZZ!

DING! how good it tastes? Are you surprised by DING! Mmm! the nutty almond slices? Do you enjoy

DING! Yeah.

I can! I love honey! Can you taste the honey? Right. You can go now, John. DING! and wax the ute. Good, 'cause I gotta go Wax my surfboard. BUZZ!

DING! Wax my chest. BUZZ!

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this morning Melbourne's CBD is in lockdown Good morning.

a shooting rampage after a gunman went on and Flinders Lane. on the corner of William Street just after 8:00am. The man opened fire Police have confirmed one man is dead are critically injured. and at least two other people A massive man hunt is now under way. city workers Officers are pleading with to stay inside their building. for the very latest at 11:00 We'll cross live to the scene ELECTRIC MIXER WHIRRS MIXER STOPS some holiday fun? Like an easier way to cook up choc cookie recipe Look for the crispy Rice Bubbles. on packs of Kellogg's

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OK. I'm back in a couple of hours. and I'm done. I'll finish up out the back You be good, Bonnie. (Yelps) CRASH! ELECTRICAL BUZZ The whole thing's gonna have to be replaced. BUZZING What's that? Just wasps. Get inside! WASPS BUZZ There you go.

WASPS BUZZ LOUDLY (Barks) There. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. Hello. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. That was quick. Look for the walking fingers.

Coming up next in the morning news -

one dead and two others critically injured after a gunman opens fire in Melbourne's CBD. The city has been shut down and buildings evacuated with the gunman still on the loose. Emergency crews are on the scene right now and we'll cross there at 11:00 for the very latest. Olympic swimmer Brooke Hanson expected to make a full recovery after suffering an apparent electric shock. And a 25-year-old father, who fled the scene of a car crash in which his two young sons died, to front court today, charged with manslaughter.

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VOICEOVER: Right from the start... ..we've needed encouragement to eat our vegies. I'll get the vegies.

McCain Steam Time. Five fantastic vegetable combinations in delicious sauces You are gonna eat that steak, aren't you? This program is captioned live. City in lockdown -

Melbourne workers barricaded in office blocks as police hunt a gunman.

The man pulled out a gun and I think shot three people and then just casually walked off. The shooting spree claims one life and critically injures at least two others. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning, first - the Melbourne CBD is in lockdown as police hunt a gunman who shot three people this morning. One person died at the scene and two remain critically injured in hospital to the upper body. with gunshot wounds south-west corner of Melbourne's CBD The shooting happened in the were arriving for the day. just as many city workers joins us live at the scene. Reporter Gerard Scholten uuGerard,