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(generated from captions) do and put in place but there's a lot we can Peter Costello's record which will show that doesn't really match his rhetoric. of what you can do. Well, give us a taste don't go anywhere near far enough. Well, his Education initiatives

in Education across the board We need to increase our resources our productivity if we are going to boost on inflation and keep downward pressure on interest rates. and downward pressure in there He's got a couple of initiatives cutting spending in Education. but for the last decade he's been

We need to increase it, for a Rudd Labor government. it's an educational priority in an endowment future fund So you don't see $5 billion for Education? as increasing spending

but it's nowhere near enough. It's a valuable initiative And it doesn't come to grips

in the Education system - with all the challenges education, vocational education. early childhood education, school

All of our trading partners in Education are making massive increases with what he's put in place here, and Peter Costello, making Australia catch up. is nowhere near two tranches - Tax cuts he's got on offer - is after the election. the second tranch to keep in place his tax cuts? Do you give an undertaking now Absolutely. for those tax cuts In fact we have argued and low income earners for middle income earners those tax cuts - for over two years. and he has denied them - They have earned those tax cuts from the Labor Party and I'm pleased that pressure has finally forced him to act. One respected economist has said of fuelling inflation. the Treasurer has taken a risk Do you share that view?

has got the balance right. Well, I certainly hope the Treasurer It's a fine judgment. I hope he's got the balance right, He claims to be experienced, in the months and years ahead but we'll see what happens from Kevin Rudd on Thursday night? What can we expect to see and hear from Kevin Rudd I think you can see and hear challenges of the future, his plans to tackle the great through an education revolution, to boost our productivity

in fast national broadband through investment proposals to tackle climate change. and also more comprehensive that is in tonight's Budget? Will you be reworking anything in tonight's Budget in detail We will look at all the material later on. and we will say more about it Thank you. Wayne Swan, thank you.

have they spent too much? The $64,000 question is

is at CommSec tonight. Economist and analyst Craig James for interest rates? Craig, what does the Budget mean setting are firmly on hold. We believe that interest rate

are actually less The bottom line is that the tax cuts than what they were last year. to the economy, again, The overall stimulus applied less than it was last year. to low and middle income earners The tax cuts are directed some of the higher costs and it will help defray over the last 12 months, they have faced