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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Hello. I'm Bill Woods.

Tonight - the takeover drama down to Earth with a thud. that's brought the Qantas board A wedding in the family from a political war gives Kevin Rudd a break on the front line. but he leaves his deputy ripping Australian taxpayers off. John Howard should stop said and did in court What Paris Hilton

when she was jailed for 45 days. for the worst lyric ever written. And the verdict's in

is in disarray, First - the Qantas takeover bid with an uncertain future. leaving Australia's flagship airline by one major shareholder A late acceptance of the offer has put the process in chaos. The Qantas board was delighted from Airline Partners Australia, with the takeover bid to accept the offer. urging shareholders and now their jobs are on the line. But the process has been a debacle It's a horribly confused issue. of a number of people. I think there's egg on the faces seemed dead last night, The takeover of Qantas shareholder approval it needed after APA failed to win the 50% by the 7:00 deadline. changed its mind But then a US investor approval to allow a late acceptance. and APA now wants Federal Government

7:00 is 7:00. should be extended How you could argue the deadline is difficult to understand. to hit share prices The uncertainty is expected when the stockmarket opens on Monday and unions are furious over their future. Qantas workers are still in the dark

in limbo This has left 37,000 families commitment on this issue. because a lack of Federal Government over the future of the Qantas board. The chaos also leaves questions

badly misjudged the deal Shareholder groups say the board at the mercy of overseas speculators. and has left small investors The Shareholders Association says should consider quitting. Chair Margaret Jackson and others responsibility for the fiasco. The board collectively must take

Laurel Irving Ten News. after taking off from Cameroon. An airliner is missing tonight raised the alarm Air traffic control in Nairobi with the Kenya Airlines Boeing 737. after losing contact It's not known how many are on board. The hard sell's under way tonight new WorkChoices safety net, for the Federal Government's the industrial relations laws fairer. aimed at making

returned fire Already the Opposition's for a 'VIFE' - but its biggest gun is out of action a "Very Important Family Event". Kevin Rudd put aside politics wedding in Brisbane. to attend his daughter Jessica's Isn't she stunningly beautiful? to keep his wedding speech short - The Opposition leader told a challenge for any politician. no more than 90 seconds -

his deputy to do the talking, Mr Rudd leaving Julia Gillard lashing out

latest advertising campaign - at the Government's WorkChoices safety net. selling the new paid for by the Liberal Party. This is advertising which should be John Howard should stop ripping Australian taxpayers off. It would be irresponible for us not to tell the Australian people their workplace agreements. about the new laws governing

From Monday, sign individual workplace agreements low- and middle-income workers who will be guaranteed compensation

and award conditions. for trading away penalty rates for workers, Good news expected next week will announce modest tax cuts with reports the Government in the Federal Budget. the economic times, It's important the Budget reflect

a prudent and responsible Budget and the Treasurer will deliver on Tuesday night. it won't oppose tax relief. Labor signalling for Australian families Well, tax cuts are certainly welcome upward pressure on inflation provided they don't put on interest rates. and upward pressure the Budget must go beyond tax reform. The Council of Social Service says

Really, we've got a huge backlog of under-investment in things like housing support, and dental care. child care, housing affordability, Murray McCloskey, Ten News. in a drive-by shooting Three men have been wounded outside a city nightclub. into the crowd, More than eights shots fired randomly

remarkably, no-one was killed. a volley of bullets Stunned witnesses lucky to escape outside an Oxford Street nightclub. fired into the crowd with gunshot wounds, Two men collapsing the other struck in the stomach. one man hit four times, in a serious condition. They're both in hospital in the attack A third man was also injured but was released a short time later. hitting a coffee shop, Another two bullets

of the hairdressers next door. three more shattering the window it starts to make you think. When you see stuff like this

Yeah, it gets you quite unnerved by it all, to tell you the truth.

The gunmen speed off in a blue sedan and skidmarks for forensic police. leaving a trail of bullet casings CCTV footage from the area Detectives are also reviewing the number of men inside the car. trying to determine the club's security staff, patrons Police will continue to interview

on the busy street, and other witnesses have no motive for the attack. but at this stage We're looking along a number of lines of investigation. is related to any other incident. It's far too early to tell if this The City of Sydney Council says has been over-run by gangs the popular nightclub strip and is now plagued by violent crime in the city. due to a lack of police numbers

When you put together a concentration of licensed premises a concentration of young people, and these ugly scenes, and an increase of crime I think it's all quite alarming. Tim Potter, Ten News. of a young Norwegian visitor A tragic mistake has claimed the life on the Gold Coast. to hospital after being run over Martine Lorentzen died on the way in the early hours of this morning. on a quiet suburban street

investigators say Despite initially fearing foul play,

on the road after wandering the young foreign student was lying from a party at her house only a short distance away. of those situations where the female Unfortunately it's just one until the last second. hasn't been seen by the driver The victim was aged 23. And the Hume Highway was closed for several hours today

when a truck, packed with equipment for a concert, ran off the road and burst into flames. There's an unconfirmed report the equipment is for the Keith Urban tour. The driver was lucky to get out with nothing more than minor burns to the face and hands. A dramatic end today to an around-the-world maritime adventure. A solo sailor has been winched to safety in the Southern Ocean after injuring his back and legs.

He's a 77-year-old Japanese man. The yacht has been abandoned. And a search is under way for a missing fisherman after his small boat was found circling off Mackay. Paris Hilton is going to jail. The hotel heiress has been sentenced to 45 days for getting behind the wheel after losing her licence for drink-driving. Hollywood's most famous party girl arrived 10 minutes late for her day in court, well aware she was facing possible jail time. There was no velvet rope or red carpet separating her from the media, just police tape as she climbed the stairs to face the judge. The 26-year-old starlet was charged with breaching her probation for driving, not once, but twice, on a suspended licence following her arrest for drink driving

in September last year. On the stand, she played dumb, telling the judge she didn't mean to break the law and that her manager had told her she could drive if it was work-related. It wasn't just her driving violations that landed her back in court - Hilton also failed to attend an alcohol education program which was a key part of her probation. Despite her pleas and her apologies, the judge didn't buy it, sentencing the hotel heiress to prison life. To sentence Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail to me was uncalled-for, inappropriate

and bordered on ludicrous. I think she was singled out because of who she is. Her mother left the court screaming "It was a joke, it was pathetic."

Hilton now has until 5 June to hand herself in or the sentence doubles to 90 days. She'll be kept separate from the other prisoners, for her own safety, and only allowed out of her cell one hour a day. Her lawyers are now preparing an appeal. In Los Angeles, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Coming up in Ten's News - the Americans welcome the Queen to a place that's close to her heart.

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This program is captioned live. Two big twisters have ripped through the heart of America's tornado belt. Storm chasers tracked the tornadoes as they touched down in Oklahoma, tearing up trees and powerlines. Well, I'm going to pull back and get the whole thing here - My goodness! This thing is on the ground. It passed like 200 yards down the road from us. The tornados destroyed several farm buildings and vehicles and blew out the windows of a house, but no-one was hurt. The Queen has arrived in Kentucky for the running of the derby, as she continues her tour of the United States. Her next stop is Washington, for dinner with the President and another course of American history. The British may have first come here 400 years ago but that didn't mean today's visit by a British Queen did not cause a stir.

I was thrilled beyond compare.

I get to see a live Queen... ..who's not dead. The Queen is revisiting Jamestown and history is being revisited here as well.

Since the Queen was last here 50 years ago Jamestown has literally been rediscovered. It's the first act, scene one, of the American dream. Bill Kelso showed the Queen his dream, where his archaeologists have found what was thought to be lost in the river mud -

the actual foundations and thousands of artifacts from the original settlement in 1607, 13 years before the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. Maybe because the Jamestown story was lost in the historic mist for so long, it has always come second in the founding stakes. The pilgrims, they say around here, had better PR. That may be changing. Jamestown has a pretty good salesperson now. The Jamestown Landing is the symbol of the spread of the rule of law, of the growth of representative democracy. This is where the pebble hits the pond - where the modern American nation is formed. Unlike the pilgrims who came here for religious reasons, the settlers here came to trade and make money.

If the business of America is business, this is where it started. The 65th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea was marked today with a commemorative service in Brisbane.

Veterans of the pivotal World War II battle attended the service, intent on ensuring their sacrifice is not forgotten. For the few veterans in attendance today, memories of the Battle of the Coral Sea are as vivid as ever. The 4-day conflict in May of 1942 ushered in a new era of naval warfare. For the first time, the importance of aircraft carriers was realised as the Allies fought the Japanese for control of the region entirely from the air. The battle ships never fired a round at each other. You had naval forces that couldn't see each other. The carriers never saw each other. A flyover by a Caribou marked the occasion, wreaths laid for the pilots and crewmen that didn't make it home. Jim Grizzel is a survivor of the sinking of the USS 'Lexington'. He says all involved in the battle knew the serious consequences of defeat. It's probably the most important battle of the whole war because it actually stopped the Japanese from invading. Had they not been successful, history could have easily been re-written. The Japanese had intended to take control of the Coral Sea and invade Australia through Port Moresby, but with the heavy losses they had to retreat in preparation for the Battle of Midway two months later. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. 'LAST POST' PLAYS

Jesse Grayson, Ten News.

A call from the military top brass tonight for Australia to continue its commitment to Iraq. One of America's most senior commanders in Baghdad

praised Australia's war effort as indispensable and said any Australian withdrawal would be unfortunate. And more on how our troops are handling the situation in Iraq in a series of special reports. I'm Danielle Isdale, reporting from the Middle East.

This week I'll be travelling with our troops, covering the continual conflict in Iraq. Those reports - here on Ten. Freedom tonight for a Australian kidnapped in Nigeria. A 43-year-old oil worker from WA was abducted with six other foreigners

during a raid on a ship anchored off the coast. The Department of Foreign Affairs says the Australian was released unharmed, but suffered some bruising. Coming up in Ten's News - the verdict on the worst pop lyric ever written.

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This program is captioned live. Some of the most famous photos of all-time have been the centre of a legal fight. A judge today ruled the estate of Marilyn Monroe has no rights to profits from photos of her, including the still shots of this memorable scene. The judge said Monroe failed to assert her rights to her photos while she was alive and, because of that, her estate can't claim rights. Australia's leading lights of the small screen will gather tomorrow night

to pat one another on the back at the annual Logie Awards.

Watching with interest - a handful of international guests, including 'NCIS' star, Michael Weatherly.

Michael Weatherly is a star who likes to let people know he has arrived. (Plays piano) He flew in from the States this morning so he can be forgiven for donning some make-up

over his three-day growth. Australians are very tough, so I thought I would man up and get some facial hair going, try and Hugh Jackman, Wolverine it.

His mission on this visit - to present at tomorrow night's Logies. As a foreigner, as an American actor coming in I have to make sure I don't pronounce it the 'Loggies'. Although, having heard some of the antics previous international guests have gone up to, Michael is keen to make a mark. "Michael Weatherly, 'NCIS' actor, was seen running naked through the lobby of the Crown Royal Hotel screaming, "Wake up! It's time to make the donuts!" Gold. I'm just throwing - that just jumped into my head - in a diaper - better! If we don't read that Monday, I will personally be disappointed. Being chased by a cast of the 'Fantastic Four'. And since the 'Fantastic Four', including Michael's, former fiancee Jessica Alba will be there,

anything is possible. I have never been to an Aussie Rules football game and I have to say it is incredible. It is very violent and I wish that I was out there doing it with them. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Australia's cannabis capital has started its Mardi Grass Festival, with a bong. The annual event aims to lobby governments to legalise marijuana.

This is no ordinary country festival. While there's music, colour and games

there are also venues where your latte comes with a side order of marijuana. (All) Happy mardi grass!

In its 15th year, the 3-day Nimbin Mardi Grass Festival now attracts 10,000 tourists to the town west of Byron Bay.

It's like a mini Amsterdam in the middle of Australia. We don't understand how you've got a big joint here and everyone's in there and smoking's allowed, but no alcohol. One attraction - the world's biggest joint - needing a crowd of people to carry it through the streets. It's actually become this international gathering of people interested in cannabis culture, not just smoking, but industrial hemp also.

For the active, there's the Hemp Olympics.

Today's event - bong throwing. MAN: Smoke till you choke, smoke till you choke. The markets sell a different type of cookie. Excellent cookie, delicious nutritious and auspicious, made from marijuana, we're very proud of our product in Nimbin.

Please try some. While police presence is relaxed, random saliva testing and dog sniffers are on on hand. Overnight tens of people were arrested on a range of drug charges, the event campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis. We've come here for a bit of freedom, a bit of peace, a bit of love, to get high and get happy. It's just a great reason to come down and get out of the rat race. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. It's a dubious distinction in the music world - the prize for the worst-ever pop lyric. Fans got to choose the winner in an online poll. (Sings) # And people are stupid... # And above all, it seems lyrics can be stupid too. (Sings) # War was stupid and people are stupid... # And Duran Duran offers stiff competition in that category. Perhaps in an attempt to be profound, there have been some risible efforts in the history of pop music. (Sings) # You're about as easy as a nuclear war... # BBC 6 Music have conducted a poll. 2,500 people voted for the worst ever pop lyrics and this is what they came up with as the winner. Des'ree's 'Life', which was a top-10 hit in 1998. (Sings) # Oh, life. Oh, life. Doo, doo, doo... # We tried to track Des'ree down today, but faced only a dignified silence. Others were less reticent with their views. I'm glad that's it made number one. And ABC's frontman thought he should have won

for that incongruous couplet. He's unrepentant. I believe I probably can write a worse lyric than that, if that's considered bad. And I plan to. And then there's Bono's mole living in a hole (Sings) # Digging in a hole, digging up my soul... # Even one of the biggest bands in the world is capable of an off day. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. And Rob, the reigning NRL premiers title defence is on the up? Yes Bill, the Brisbane Broncos scraped home against Souths last night. We'll bring you the latest from the premiers' stable. Lot's more on today's show - it's action-packed. The bombers and the Hawks at the MCG.

The Brumbies face the Highlanders. And we're ripping it up in Tahiti.

This program is captioned live. A quick look at the weather tomorrow. It will be mostly sunny in Cairns, mostly sunny in Brisbane, mostly sunny too on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. A mostly sunny day forecast for Sydney and Canberra, a clearing shower in Melbourne and mostly sunny in Hobart. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Bill Woods. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick.

This program is captioned live. Hello I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. We've got a full show today - plentiful, powerful - how wonderful. Today - the Bunny boilers. The Bronx survive a scare. They're gonna get a try from it!

The Dragons, not breathing fire, yet, but signs of relief are a start. In the AFL - the Bombers take on the Hawks.

The Premiers host the Bulldogs. Teahupoo is under way and ST's Scott Mackinnon brings you the latest from Tahiti. We're in the car with Marcos, on the bike with Casey and on course with Tiger. Plus, the fight of the century just one day away.