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BELLING: Australia and the United States have agreed on a refugee exchange deal. Under the plan,
asylum seekers detained on Nauru will be taken to the United States and Cuban refugees held at
Guantanamo Bay will be resettled in Australia. There are of course critics of the scheme and one of
them is Labor's immigration spokesperson, Tony Burke who joins us this morning.

Good morning, Mr Burke

BURKE: G'day Natasha

BELLING: Now the Prime Minister says Australia's new policy of swapping asylum seekers with the US
actually shows Australia takes its border protection very seriously.

BURKE: I have to tell you, I was astonished when I saw this announcement. Five years ago you never
would have found John Howard putting forward a policy that had the impact of encouraging
people-smugglers but that is exactly what this policy will do.

While I believe that Australia is the best country in the world, there is no doubt in the refugee
camps around the globe, the best prize is to be able to get a ticket to the United States of

The message that John Howard today is sending to the world is if you can get a people-smuggler to
get you as far as Christmas Island then John Howard will make sure you get all the way to New York.
If there was ever a policy that was likely to encourage people smugglers -

(cut in transmission)