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(generated from captions) to have an intra-ocular implant - So Clare jumped at the chance for about five hours at a time.

inserted behind each eye. a collagen-based contact lens My vision is fantastic now. 20/20, in fact.

for good. Clare's glasses are now gone

Oh, we get incredible reactions. One lady the other day told me for her. it was a life-changing event in day surgery The implants are being done at the Queensland Eye Hospital like Dr Andrew Apel. by leading surgeons and it sits behind the iris, It actually goes inside the eye

the coloured part of the eye, between the iris and the lens, the person's refractive error and it changes we can get rid of their glasses so if they are short-sighted

their short-sightedness. and get rid of

with bad sight, though. It is not for everybody

on 21- to 45-year-olds The procedure works best are simply more adaptable. because youthful eyes it's a reversible technique. Unlike laser surgery a possible increase in eye pressure The major downside is for a few days after the operation.

it costs a little more than laser - Not covered by Medicare, around $3,500 for each eye. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Definitely money well spent. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. the Australian special effects team Another big screen success for

'Happy Feet'. behind the Oscar-winning

'300' Animal Logic's latest production, at the US box office on the weekend, was the top movie bringing in $90 million. March opening. It scored the highest-ever about an ancient battle The gory blockbuster on April 5, will premiere in Australia

in time for the Easter long weekend. and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. To finance news

seller had their way today, Tom, buyers had their way yesterday, we'll have to get used to. suppose that's something

Buyers are not prepared to let

themselves get carried away at the

moment. Influencing that mindset

today was that the Asian markets

were weakened. There is a lot and

that is hanging on tonight at Wall

Street session. Reichelt sales

figures will be anticipated. important business news tonight, And in some other its iconic Aston Martin brand the Ford car company is selling for more than $1 billion. to a British-led consortium to a Las Vegas landmark. A spectacular end tonight turned into earth dust The Stardust Hotel and Casino last time in the name of progress. as it brought the house down one will go up in its place, A $4.5 billion development you can bet on it. Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan. they've breached the NRL salary cap. Brad, Broncos deny speculation they've done nothing wrong, Sandra, they're adamant is damaging the club's reputation. but concede the issue Also tonight, his Red Bull won't give him wings. Mark Webber admits Andrew Bogut throws a wobbly At the Australian Grand Prix after a dirty day against Toronto. no pain no gain is rubbish. And the baseballers who'll argue This program is captioned live. the power of Windows Vista Want to experience like our resident whizzes here? and Sports Tonight Vista is real Thanks to Harvey Norman and there are three great packages. First prize: Second prize: But hang on - the third prize: To enter: The 'wow' starts now, right guys? and Sports Tonignt. Thanks to Harvey Norman to Toyota Sports Tonight. Welcome back his new car is off the pace Mark Webber concedes Formula One Grand Prix this weekend. heading into the season-opening joins us from Melbourne. Sports Tonight's Rob Canning for his Red Bull to fire. Rob, Webber says it'll take time That's exactly right Brad. Round 4 that's mid-may in Spain, Webber says it won't be until will be ready to rumble. that his new drive Today, Webber hosted a Tennis Pro Am Challenge Foundation. in conjuction with the Mark Webber

A host of big names there including Wayne Arthurs, Nathan Brown, Craig Mottram, Chris Ansty, Rubens Barrichello, Nick Heidfeld as well as drivers and Christian Albers. just star spotting - But we weren't there oh no, not on this show, about his current situation. instead we quizzed Webber We hear the pre-season testing as you may have liked, wasn't as encouraging how happy or unhappy are you? Ah yeah, it's gotta be tough, would have liked to, as you said, we didn't roll out as we probably of performance to find, and the car's got a little bit so the first three races for us bit more difficult than we expected are probably going to be a little but the season's long, thankfully, to redeem some of the pace and we might be able not going to have at the start. that we're probably You've been in this situation a bit - do you feel a little cheated at all? you were promised a better car, Ah, it's the game we're in. it's greener somewhere else You always think can change somewhere in terms of any driver and things can be different, things coming at Red Bull but we've got a lot of exciting it's at home - and Melboure's the first race, to get a good result. would be good for us the consensus about you as a driver, You're probably well aware about that you're really quick the right car to get you there. but of late you haven't had through your veins at the moment? What's the frustration like running and I want to do well, Well I'm a competitive guy, of 450-500 people in them. but I work for teams So with sizeable budgets, so yes, and great goals and so have they. I've got great ambitions get in the right position So, yeah, need to and need to get the right results before the year's out. and I think we can do that You've had this question before - is it a help or is it a hindrance? but the home GP, a piece of Mark Webber this week. You know, everyone wants Yeah it's alright,

I was doing some shopping, I went down to Coles this afternoon, to get the Aussie groceries in. it's always good You got left alone at Coles? it was pretty good. Yeah it was fine, that I normally went to was closed The old Coles but yeah, I don't mind coming here, so I had to go to another one, it's fine, you know, I love, of course I love Australia. The whole nation is rooting for you mate, we really want you to do well and thanks for joining us on joining us on Sports Tonight. No probs, cheers, thanks. Mark Webber there on racing and grocery shopping. The brutally hard pill to take for Webber is two fold, in fact, two bitter pills. One - Williams, his former drive, is now doing really, really well, the reliabilty problems it had seems to be of the past. The second - Adrian Newey, the engineer of Red Bull, has a wonderful reputation, he's a gun, but it seems for the first time in his career he's got it wrong. Sir Jackie Stewart, a 3-time world champion explains. When Renoir was painting every single painting wasn't a masterpiece. It seems likely that this car is not a masterpiece so far, but that can change as the season progresses. I hope it does for Mark because without a car Mark Webber can't do it. F1 hall-of-famer Sir Jackie Stewart there. Well new team Spyker is getting its name out and about and today its two drivers Christian Albers and Adrian Sutil trained with Hawthorn today. They hope to be a little more impressivly on the track

than they were on the park. Nice kicking skills boys. Sutil one of three drivers this weekend making his F1 debut. Saturday and Sunday will be something special so I think the nervousness will come. Adrian Sutil there, who described AFL as a nice sport, believe it or not. The race can be seen on Ten on Sunday. Saturday is qualifying, Friday is practice. Until then - stay up will all the relevant news right here on Sports Tonight. A chronic back injury has cast a shadow over Adelaide captain Mark Ricciuto's immediate playing future. The Brownlow medallist hasn't trained for a month and the Crows are unsure when he'll return to the track. It's the news Adelaide fans were dreading. Skipper Mark Ricciuto set to miss the start of the season with a chronic back complaint. The club uncertain when he will even start full training. Everyone realises now there's some rope to be picked up with Roo out, although he's still around the club and able to help us in that regard, certainly the on-field leadership needs to go to another level. The news getting worse for the Crows with big man Ken McGregor to be sidelined for the next month. Achilles tendonitis sabotaging his preparations, but not the club's. We've got set structures that we run with and we tend to back them every week with the person who's going to be out in the ground. So depending on who's playing doesn't determine how we're going to go about our style of play. Carlton veteran Anthony Koutoufides has had a close shave ahead of Saturday night's NAB Cup Grand Final. Spur of the moment thing yesterday with a friend and just went a bit shorter than we expected so I'm just going to wait a week or two and see how it goes. But the Blues are confident they can topple Brisbane and claim their second NAB Cup in three years, then set about erasing the disappointment that followed their 2005 win. I think last time when we played in the grand final we've probably won seven games since then. We've had a pretty rough trot. The players confident the club can take the next step this season thanks to new president Dick Pratt. I never really thought the board affected too much but when you have someone like Dick Pratt come on board now it's really turned the place around, there's a lot more confidence. Shane Crawford will miss Hawthorn's first match against Brisbane, after accepting a one-match ban for two incidents against Fremantle on Saturday. And Geelong has decided against fighting the 2-week ban slapped on midfielder James Kelly for a hit on Lions youngster Jed Adcock. Dave Adamson for Sports Tonight. No evidence, no formal complaint, no investigation, yet reigning NRL premiers, the Brisbane Broncos, spent today fielding speculation of a salary cap breach

all because someone made a bet. A new season, a new NRL salary cap controversy. Though this one sounds more like rumour running rampant. It all started with the bet and from the bet someone said,

"Why would you have $1,500 or whatever it was on the Broncos at 70-to-1 to win the wooden spoon?"

And the suggestion was they heard the NRL were going to deduct points from us for a salary cap breach. Cullen today defending the club, its reputation and a support group of local businessmen called the Thoroughbreds amid speculation players are receiving third party cash payments. No real evidence, but mud sticks, and in a one-team city like Brisbane even a rumour can hurt. It's got to damage to a degree. Whether that's a small or large degree it's got to damage the reputation with your fans, your corporate supporters and with your sponsors. And if that happens the club suffers financially and I'm very disappointed with it and quite angry with it actually. Almost lost amid the speculation, surprise moves for Friday's season openers. The defending champs shifting test fullback Karmichael Hunt up to the base of the scrum. Another fullback on the move, young Melbourne tyro Greg Ingles ready to match wits with the Tigers' Benji Marshall at the unfamiliar five-eighth spot. I'm happy to give anything a go.

I'll play anywhere in the back line. It's just something I like doing to keep me interested in the game. As with Ingles last year, the Storm are set to unleash another teenage prodigy on the league - 17-year-old giant Israel Folau named on the wing in place of the injured Steve Turner. The Tigers welcome back Brett Hodgeson from last season's horror knee injury, he's playing down the side's expectations against the bookies' pre-season favourites.

To go down there Round 1 and give a scare and play some good footy, you know, that's all we're looking for, not necessarily worrying about the win at the moment. And after three years at Souths, Adam MacDougal makes his return to Newcastle colours, named to the squad with Andrew Johns despite neither player taking part in any trial matches. 31-year-old MacDougal ready to prove he's not a spent force in the game. I was really happy with the way I played at South Sydney, I felt that in some ways I played some of my best football there, I'm going to be running off the likes of Danny Buderous and Andrew Johns again and so there's no reason why I can't sort of play better football once again. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. The Waratahs are hoping Lote Tuqiri's decision to stay with rugby union will be the turning point in their disappointing season. Rugby officials today claiming Tuqiri is worth every cent of his new contract. Business as usual at Waratahs training today

but there's now a new name for rugby's $6 million man. Yeah, well it's been thrown down, I've been called Steve Austin this morning. Tuqiri very nearly returning to rugby league

for a South Sydney stint. A late offer from English Super League side Wigan was a further complication as yesterday's deadline approached. It wasn't a flip of the coin, but it was pretty close, as I said we didn't make a decision until the last minute.

Both Tuqiri and the ARU criticised over what became a long-running saga. The Wallaby winger accused of shamelessly shopping himself around. It comes with the territory and the profile of the game and as I said before I didn't realise it would be such as big issue. There's been a little bit of tension, you know, in the discussions. Would we have done things the same way? We can out our hand on our heart and say we've conducted ourselves professionally. In Queensland, Eddie's at it again. The Reds' coach losing his cool with the ARU after their decision to pull Wallaby prop Rodney Blake out of the Super 14 competition so he can undergo ankle surgery. You know, the whole idea about withdrawing players from the Super 14 was based on the fact that they needed to be fit for the World Cup but unfortunately the goal posts have changed and it's being fit for the June tests. The Reds are preparing for Friday night's derby with the Force. A warm Perth welcome expected, particularly for the coach. Yeah, Eddie's had a bit to say and he normally does week to week. But we're not concentrating on that. We know the kind of game Queensland want to play against us and it's going to be confrontational. Meantime, tickets go on sale tomorrow for the upcoming 2-Test series with Wales. Welsh great Gareth Davies marking the occasion with a rather unusual presentation. It's really, historically, what a guy would present to the girl that he wanted to marry. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. Townsville and Gold Coast soccer consortiums are headed for a showdown to grab the vacant A-League licence. Wellington is expected to pass up its option on the licence tomorrow. Tropical Football Australia has the front-running for a team based in Townsville. has come to us to say, Football Australia I say once again to being prepared, "Well, look you're the closest do you think you can do this?" and our management people We've sat down with our board

and we can believe we can do it. But today Gold Coast Soccer confirmed its hat in the ring. it'll be throwing

Miron Bleiberg could be on board. former Queensland Roar coach There's also speculation

Australia's NBA star, Andrew Bogut, by his home-court fans was ejected then heckled

15-point loss to Toronto. during Milwaukee's With Toronto in complete control, into his own hands, Bogut took matters fouling Raptors centre Chris Bosh.

a little excessive. COMMENTATOR: That's A flagrant one. with former team-mate, TJ Ford, After exchanging some harsh words with the crowd. Bogut continued his verbal stoush

Then came a familiar gesture. On the eve of the World Cup, has lashed out at past greats Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer

who have criticised team selections. Imran Khan and Javed Miandad prepared to take on the West Indies As Pakistan

tomorrow morning, in the opening match Woolmer refuted suggestions Shoaib Aktar and Mohammed Asif the team will miss drug-tainted pair due to injury. who pulled out of the tournament that we have withdrawn key players. I'm disappointed to hear to hear you say that. I'm disappointed

records over the last three years - This team - if you look at the than the so-called key players. has done more duty

10 one-day international games Pakistan has won eight of its last against the West Indies. to the official opening It's just four days in Melbourne. of the World Swimming Championships says she'll use the event Breast-stroke champion Leisel Jones on her opposition to gain a mental edge ahead of the Beijing Olympics. in Beijing, She wants to be larger than life she has to sparkle so Leisel Jones knows

in Melbourne. in the World Championships before Beijing. For us it's the last stepping-stone for most of us This is going to be the opportunity

to really prove what we've got out of it. and really get some confidence will start hot favourite The breaststroke dynamo in the 100m and 200m, everyone wants to beat. and is well aware she's the swimmer and I know I've done the training I know I've done the work to really testing myself. so I'm actually looking forward Michael Klim is another before 2008, hoping to make a big impression as a stepping-stone using the Melbourne event to his fourth and final Olympics. and I've got my mind set on Beijing I'm here and I'm still racing

and hopefully that'll be it! a 1,500m since 1997, While Grant Hackett has not lost has hampered his preparation shoulder surgery last year and seen his world ranking plummet. is not taking anything for granted. The dual-Olympic champ lining up on those blocks, Of course, like everybody else

and I'm no different. you want to win the event, to anybody else I don't take on a different attitude but I've just got to make sure in the process. I do everything correctly

in Melbourne And the Dolphins have arrived World Championship preparations, to complete their with the added incentive the open-water swimmers of the 10k event in Beijing. with the introduction David Adamson for Sports Tonight. (Grunts) to carry 14 pieces of gum. You know, there's an easier way Don't be ridiculous. Yes, it is. Is that legal? 14-piece pack. VOICEOVER: Extra's new Play of the Day in baseball's Major League. and it's spring training time to test their arms, A chance for the pitchers the batters to get their eye in a little better acquainted. and the fielders to become, well, Oh man, both guys are hurt. COMMENTATOR: A collision out there. Jones is gonna score. They're gonna pick up the ball, Let's hope everybody is alright. to kick off the season Clearly not the best way Eugenio Velez as Giants second basemen with abdominal pain. was forced from the field Ouch, we all know what that means. Play of the Day. The weather - Back from the brink of death - has made a remarkable recovery surf star Sam Page outside a strip club. after being bashed doctors were worried he might die Two weeks ago after he was allegedly king hit. is just a blurry memory for Sam Page. The night he almost died Doctors are amazed a skull fracture the junior surfer has survived

and bleeding on the brain. at the moment My brain is a bit swollen would happen if go in the surf. and a couple of seizures and stuff king hit by a bouncer, Just two weeks ago he was allegedly as he was ejected from a Gold Coast strip club his 21st birthday with friends. where he was celebrating The doctor said even two to three months in hospital I'd be another, like, and I was all good. and it was just five days It's just so unbelievable. were in that intensive care ward It was only two weeks ago that he could die. and the doctors were telling us on Saturday. Sam flew home from the Gold Coast Having won this fight for survival, on the world qualifying series Sam Page now has his sights set in Scotland and South Africa, and doctors say it's just too soon. but that's in two months an even bigger fight on their hands - So his family has long enough so he can recover. keeping him out of the water I think, He's getting close to feeling 100% why he shouldn't back out there so he can't see any reason "Take it easy". but the doctors are saying, and swimming He'll soon start running a bit of weight back on as he tries to put after losing 5kg in hospital. over the alleged assault The bouncer charged is due back in court next month. Evan Batten, Ten News. from Ten news centre. And that's the latest The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00am. from the Late News team, goodnight. I'm Sandra Sully, Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. MELLOW MUSIC PLAYS European spirit, precision and safety a very European drive.