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(generated from captions) former premier of WA, Brian Burke. about meetings with the disgraced To review the week for the Arts and Sport I'm joined by Federal Minister Senator George Brandis Tanya Plibersek. and Labor shadow minister Good morning to you both. To Senator Brandis, the Government went on the attack yesterday encounters with Brian Burke - over Kevin Rudd's

of guilt by association? was that a case

Not at all. Brian Burke is a

conViced criminal. He is such a poisonous influence in Western Australian politics and on the

Labor Party that for two years

before these three meetings the

then Premier of Western Australia

Dr Gallop had banned his own

Burke and recently ministers from meeting with Mr

Burke and recently three of the

Western Australian Labor ministers

have been sacked for doing the very

thing that Mr Rudd did. I think

this Shows a new side of Kevin Rudd

that people hadn't seen before.

He's a new leader, people are getting used to him. Previously

they'd known him only as a policy wonk who spoke apparently

articulately about foreign affairs,

we now know there are other

dimensions to this man, why would

you cross the country three times

in six months and hold meetings

with a convicted criminal? Even Mr

Rudd has admitted he has made a

mistake, an error in his judgment.

Do you think this is the end of his

honeymoon? I don't - I think the

relevant thing is Kevin has admitted

he's made a mistake. He went in to

a 45-minute press conference

yesterday with the toughest plyical gallery in the country, those

journalists were allowed to ask

every single question they had

until they ran out of questions,

the whole thing broad cast live

around the country. I'll tell you

what, the Prime Minister has never

done a press conference like

that.'S always quick grab and then

he's out of there. I'll tell you

something else the Prime Minister's

never done, he's never admitted he's

made a mistake the test of

character here is Kevin has made

character here is Kevin has made a

mistake, he's admitted he has. With

2020 hindsight he shouldn't have

met with Brian Burke but he

certainly didn't know there was any

suggestion bush Burke was still

carrying on the activities he's

been accused of. He knew he was a

convicted criminal, Tanya. The key

here is Kevin Rudd has admitted he's

made a mistake. We've never heard

John Howard admit he's made a

mistake in going to war

mistake in going to war in Iraq.

Never admitted the government made a

mistake in paying millions of

dollars worth of bribes to Saddam

Hussein. We've never heard the

Prime Minister admit he made a

mistake when he said refugees this

through their children off a boat.

The Prime Minister has never

admitted he's made a mistake. I

tell my kids that if they do

something wrong they have to admit

it, they have to apologise, they

have try and make it right

have try and make it right and they

have to make sure they never do it

again. That's what Kevin's doing

here. Please dome try and dredge up

old lies the Labor Party tried

three years ago and have since been

discredited. The fact is no member

of this Government has ever been

accused of crossing the

conditiontry three times in six

months and having a series Of

meetings with a convicted criminal. So what he

So what he had a ha 45-minute press

conference pras that is because he

had a lot of splaiping to do. You

try and make it sound like he wen

across the country to meet

specifically Brian Burke. Kevin has

explained he met Brian Burke as a

fren of a friend. Graham Edwards

introduced them. As Kevin says n

retrospect it wasn't a great idea.

He said it wasn't a great idea, but

not Alf us have the benefit of 2020

hindsight as you've got today. You

know, Tanya, maybe once, people

would excuse it as a social

accident. But three times in six

months? Come on! If I could

interrupt, let's turn now to Maxine McCue's arrival on the political

scene. It seems many are saying

she's rattled the cage with a

number of people in the Liberal

Party. Do you think she's a real

threat .

I know Maxine McKew, I've been

interviewed by her many times, I

like Maxine McKew but I don't think

she's going to be a threat to the

Prime Minister in Bene long. As

well as being Prime Minister he's

also a very atent isk local member.

He looks after his leepbgt rat just

as he looks after the

as he looks after the very

extensive responsibilities he has

as Prime Minister of Australia.

That's very much to his credit.

There tends to be a bit of a hint

here of the Labor Party embracing

a celebrity culture am now we've

got Maxine McKew, before that we

had Peter Garrett. Shades of Cheryl

Kernot about ten years ago. When

you fall in love with celebrities

you take yourself away from the

people. mainstream concerns of every day

people. Your thoughts, Tanya? Pat

Farmer, Malcolm Turnbull, these are

all people attracted to the Parliament by the Prime Minister

because they'd acleeved something

in their lives before Parliament.

There's nothing to be ashamed of

in being a successful journalist,

successful media performer, a

successful runner as in Pat farmer's

case, I think that's a good thing.

Something about Maxine McKew, she

could've expected to be given an

easy run, she could've asked for a

berth in a safe Labor seat. She

hasn't done that. She's taken on

one of the stoufest challenges in

the country. She knows it's a tough

challenge. She's taking on the

Prime Minister in his own seat. But

she has the guts, she has the

fortitude to do it, she's been very

well received from what I can tell

so far, and I sthng it's terrific

the Prime Minister has a strong

opponent and will have to answer

for some of the things he's done.

We're going to have to leave it

there, we've run out of time, I'm

sorry. Thanks for joining us. land in the West Indies The Aussie cricketers ready for a World Cup assault. returns. That's when Tens Morning News at the Honda Classic in Florida. And no need for a putter