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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Hello, I'm Bill Woods the search for a missing adventurer - Tonight - off the coast of New Zealand. his upturned kayak found floating for a horror smash Street racing blamed and several others injured. that's left a teenager dead Residents told to stay indoors a rampage in Brisbane. as a knife-wielding man goes on to older Australians - And the PM's pledge an extra $1.4 billion for aged care. First tonight - Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley. the desperate search for missing his flooded kayak Rescuers have located of the 39-year-old but there's no sign almost 40 hours. who's now been missing Andrew McAuley's red kayak Rescuers have spotted

80km off New Zealand's west coast. it's on its side, It's a kayak, it is a red kayak, now, now ,now. punching out smoke,

wasn't in or near his kayak. But the missing adventurer is always difficult A search like this

with a target so small. is very effective Obviously the radar and the area is quite big, but when the ranges are small

the search is fairly difficult. and 3-year-old son Finlay McAuley's wife Vicky are waiting at Milford Sound, to arrive today. where McAuley was due for her Of course this is very stressful

Andrew better than anyone but at the same time she knows and she believes Andrew is alive. Andrew is alive The rescue people believe and so until it's proven otherwise, that search and rescue are out there I think it's fantastic looking for him.

to McAuley, was the last person to speak Jonathan Borgais Extreme weather expert

when he was just 44km from land.

he was in good spirits, The kayak was good, and mentally he was fine. he was not hurt physically received New Zealand search and rescue McAuley saying his kayak was flooded a scrambled call for help from but his EPERB device wasn't set off. have actually been in the water There is a possibility that he would

and was unable to access the EPERB, and that was the first thing. but would have grabbed the radio wasn't found with the kayak, His survival suit and life jacket he's wearing it. his friends confident Now if he is wearing that suit, to survive for a number of days, there's a chance he'll be able

Now only 12 months ago, survived four days a New Zealander named Rob Hewitt in a divers wetsuit. off the coast of New Zealand around the clock. The search will continue his survival skills and determination His family and friends pray until he's found. will help him hang on Tim Potter, Ten News. whether illegal street racing Police are investigating

caused an horrific crash which killed a Melbourne teenager. Seven others were injured smashed into a taxi. when the high-powered sports car to grieve at the place Teenagers gathered in horrific circumstances. their young friend lost his life

Mitchell Carinluff was just 15, to pay tribute to their mate. dozens of his friends coming

we always will. We love Mitchell very much, He was a very good friend. Returning from McDonald's, Mitchell was travelling Mitsubishi Lancer in the back of the turbo-powered in Melbourne's south-east, when it slammed into a taxi around 9:30 last night. a short distance behind. A Mazda sports car was travelling the three survivors in the Mitsubishi The four occupants of the taxi and

some with serious injuries. were hospitalised, the car was travelling at 120km/h, Police believe when the cab turned in front of it. 40 above the speed limit, that it was a huge hit. It was plainly obvious to be doing 120k in an 80 zone. I mean, it's totally ridiculous to the 24-year-old driver Police are yet to speak

who underwent surgery today. the results of blood tests They're awaiting were a factor. to determine whether drugs or alcohol could have been avoided They say the accident only one person was killed. and it's lucky a future without him. Mitchell's friends left contemplating great sportsman, He would do anything for anyone, I suppose. just a great all-round kid, Gerard Scholten, Ten News.

in a Brisbane suburb A frightening ordeal for residents during a crazed rampage. with a man smashing windows He then forced his way into a house

armed with a knife. and barricaded himself inside as the drama unfolded. Terrified Brisbane residents watched with a knife went on a rampage, Late yesterday, a man armed in Jindalee. smashing windows and other property

the street. He's gone over to a residence across inside the residence. and barricaded himself

he was armed with a knife. At the time,

was transformed The normally quiet street into a sea of police officers. and special response teams Negotiators, police dogs were called in. sure you're safe POLICE NEGOTIATOR: I need to make of the house with no weapons. and primarily that you come out of negotiation, After more than four hours but refused to cooperate with police. the 34-year-old gave himself up and was subsequently subdued. He became hostile police dogs to restrain the man. Officers used capsicum spray and to the Princess Alexandra Hospital He was then arrested and taken for treatment of minor injuries. was the Donaldson's - The house he barricaded himself into scared for her life. Irene was at home, but escaped, He was on drugs or something. He had a glazed look in his eyes.

that he wasn't all there You could tell by the eyes so you can't reason with them. running. You're just better off

and punching holes in the walls. ransacking it He destroyed their bedroom,

the mess. Today, they were left to clean up several thousand dollars. The damage is expected to be in the coming days. Police are expected to charge the man Meg Palmer, Ten News.

A Sydney woman

accused of the bizarre clingwrap murder of her father has been extradited from Queensland. Daniela Beltrame was escorted through Brisbane Airport this morning and handed over to NSW detectives before boarding a flight to Sydney. She's been charged over the 2001 murder of her 70-year-old father, Rino, who was allegedly wrapped in clingwrap and smothered with a pillow. The 53-year-old disappeared last month after her daughters gave evidence at an inquest. She's due to appear in court tomorrow. Prime Minister John Howard has made his election pitch to senior Australians promising $1.5 billion for aged care, the plan aimed at enticing the elderly to stay home for longer. Looking after senior citizens is a potential election winner.

Australia's population is rapidly getting older. Ageing baby boomers are shunning retirement homes, preferring the stay at home lifestyle. It's forced the Government to increase funding for at home care. It's a consequence of people staying in their own homes longer, that when they actually go into an aged care facility they are frailer and they need a lot more intensive care. There'll be more money to improve and develop high-care nursing homes,

but some residents will also pay higher fees from next year. Really, it is going to be good news

for the sector overall, it will lead and encourage investment by the private sector. The new system will also see the self-funded retirees charged identical fees to pensioners.

But providers believe the Government needs to do more. Commonwealth subsidies for the costs of caring for residents

has fallen well behind continually rising staff wages.

And that leaves many aged care homes struggling to provide adequate facilities. The last thing you want to do is compromise care in any way, and cost pressures force you to think along those lines sometimes. The Opposition says it supports the Government's funding boost but questions the timing. In the lead up to the last election, Mr Howard, I think, committed $2.2 billion to aged care and three years later, six months out from this election,

Mr Howard commits $1.5 billion. James Boyce, Ten News. Labor Leader Kevin Rudd has indicated he's willing to take on the Teachers Union in a bid to lift education standards. The Opposition leader believes school curriculums need to drastically improve. Mr Rudd says students aren't being well prepared for life after school. I want practical solutions to lift these curriculum outcomes because if we don't, it's the economy that suffers. There's indications Labor may join the Federal Government in calling for a national curriculum to lift teaching standards.

A Qantas air hostess is in hot water after being accused of joining the mile-high club with English actor Ralph Fiennes. It's alleged the actor joined the 38-year-old woman in the plane's toilet cubicle. The airline has refused to comment but says a female attendant has been stood down, following an in-flight incident. But the 38-year-old woman says Fiennes followed her into the toilet. She says she asked the star to leave after he became amorous. Still to come - water tragedy - a 14-year-old boy drowns after a family barbeque. Also, hundreds of angry protesters take to the streets, rallying against controversial planning laws. And, mercy dash - Guess what - grey doesn't live here anymore. Or here or here or here. Because with L'Oreal's Excellence Creme, even the most fragile ones. Then a creamy don-drip formula wraps each grey hair. Listen and learn. Turbocharged. ENGINE PURRS Direct injected. Dynamic stability and traction control. WHOOSH! VOICEOVER: The all-new Mazda CX-7. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # Everything you love about a sports car and an SUV has come together. CX-7. The perfect reason to cross over to... BOY: Zoom-zoom. This program is captioned live. Torrential rain has led to the evacuation of a busy shopping centre, as parts of the ceiling started collapsing. Thousands of people were ordered out of the Campbelltown Mall in Sydney's south west, when management noticed the ceiling buckling and water pouring from light fixtures.

The centre has not fared very well at all. We've experienced falling rooves which has led to some ceiling collapses. All customers and retailers escaped without injury. There have been heavy falls

in parts of Sydney over the last 24 hours.

A family barbecue in country Victoria has ended in tragedy. A teenage boy drowned while trying to retrieve a ball he'd been throwing for his dog. It's the second water-related death this weekend. The boy's body was recovered from the depths of Lake Daylesford where the 14-year-old had enjoyed a barbecue with his family just hours earlier. The 14-year-old entered the water at Daylesford Lake to fetch the ball that the dog had been chasing

and unfortunately got into difficulties about 30m out. Several local youths heard the boy's screams for help just after 8pm

and swum out in a unsuccessful bid to save him. Police say it's not the first drowning to occur in the lake, believed to contain old mines.

There are old Chinese diggings there, so there are a lot of deep potholes, and it's quite treacherous. And on the Murray River the search has been delayed

for a 22-year-old man who's been missing following yesterday's head-on boat smash. Police divers heading to the area were diverted to another incident in northern NSW. Two other people involved in the collision remain in a serious but stable condition in a Melbourne hospital. The group was in the region to watch the annual Southern 80 ski race, which resumed today 30km shorter to avoid the crash site. It had nothing to do with us. Obviously it was a very tragic accident. We really feel for the family. Veronica Buck, Ten News. Three people have been rescued after spending more than 11 hours lost in caves in Victoria's east. The alarm was raised at 7:00 last night when the two men and woman failed to return from a 2-hour trip to Gippsland's famous caves. Up to 30 people searched in darkness, finding the trio just before midnight. We were so happy when we heard those first shouts. We were all lying there expecting that we would be there until morning. about these sort of caves The best analogy I could give in a jar of marbles. would be like crwaling around but otherwise unhurt. The cavers were cold and tired on the New South Wales Parliament, Protestors have descended corrupt planning laws. angry over what they call in the rally, More than 1,000 people took part Planning Minister, Frank Sartor. directing their fury at the State's to get ya! Sartor out! Today we're comng to overrule planning decisions The Minister has the power made by local councils of State significance. and approve developments he labels a bigger say than we do. It's about the developers who get pain at the ballot box Protesters have promised to inflict if the laws aren't changed. in six weeks. New South Wales goes to the polls to help in a unique quest The Air Force has been called on to save the life of a Perth teenager. condition has rapidly deteriorated 17-year-old Aimee Blakiston's in December. since she was hospitalised

She sufferers from a rare disorder transplant to survive. and urgently needs a heart-lung In an unusual move, to have an RAAF aircraft on alert the Federal Government has agreed from the east, to rush any organs donated from the WA Health Minister. after a request Every hour is an hour closer an opportunity comes up. so it's a matter of when national effort It's going to take a tremendous this young woman's life. to be able to save When she recovers, the importance of organ donation. Aimee hopes to educate others about from Brisbane to Sydney, It's not every day a teenager cycles but 17-year-old Josh Moorman Cycle for Life because of his mum. was inspired to organise She's alive today

from an unknown donor. because she received a vital organ So Josh was inspired of organ and tissue donation to raise awareness and his mum couldn't be prouder. Hopefully there'll be more donors that'll have their lives saved, so there's more people out there who have serious illnesses. Josh plans to arrive in Sydney Organ Donor Awareness week, just in time for the start of waiting for an organ trasplant. One person dies every week Tributes have been paid today called up for national service. to the 290,000 Australians Former soldiers marched at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance, and wreaths were laid who went to war in honour of those as volunteers and conscripts. as they're widely known, Our 'nashos', in our defence forces played a vital role in a time of great need. around the nation on Wednesday. Other memorials will be held man found safe in a Noosa cave. Alive and well - a missing Queensland

That story next. a risky business. And when reporting becomes for a world record - Also, locking lips thousands take a kissing challenge. This program is captioned live. A 21-year-old man who went missing yesterday near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast has been found alive. Rescue teams feared the worst, searching for him at first light but the man's brother started and found him on a cliff ledge. after jumping off a rock yesterday. The man had dislocated his shoulder

where he sheltered for the night. He was then washed into a cave to safety and took him to Hospital. A rescue helicopter winched him The battle for custody and control of her estate of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter has shifted to the Bahamas. of the waterfront mansion Rival lawyers are claiming control 'Playboy' Playmate used to live where the 39-year-old former is reportedly being cared for. and 5-month-old Dannielynn the little girl's father - Three men are now claiming to be Barack Obama African American Senator has officially launched his campaign of the United States. to become the first black president my candidacy I stand before you today to announce of the United States of America. for President cheering supporters The 45-year-old told by March, 2008 he wants US troops out of Iraq is the formidable front-runner but his first challenge nomination, Hillary Clinton. for the Democratic Party's has discovered A 75-year-old Canadian reporter television can be a dangerous job. Oh, oh, I'm sorry. Did I hit you? Oh, what? What? Are you gonna hit me? Are you? I'll break your face in half. (Bleep) you. Now (bleep) off! I'm (bleep) saying? Can you hear what optician Adam Plimmer about claims Peter Silverman was trying to ask he sold fake designer sunglasses. the police The optician also tried to take on inside his shop. and barricaded himself

in and managed to get him out. The emergency task force was called with assault. The optician has been charged

Napoleon Perdis Celebrity Australian make-up artist is taking on Beverly Hills. expecting to open across the world His upmarket store one of 200 he's this year. In exclusive Beverly Hills,

to shop. the stars have a new hot spot God, it looks amazing. 'Home and Away' star Melissa George Aussie actress and former but she's not alone. may be Napoleon Perdis's great fan, Terri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Paula Abdul - bless her. his colourful personality And it's as much that are getting him noticed. as his colour palettes of '30 Days and Nights' When I got on the set of make-up tests I walked in to the first day had all of Napoleon's products. and the make-up artist

His big break came two years ago, with Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. signing an exclusive deal cosmetics entrepreneur The 36-year-old and make-up counters across America now has 38 stores and 45 in Canada. The Americans love it - first of all they love Australia, of my heritage here. so I'm very, very proud And Napoleon has only just begun. another six stores in California He's planning to open and by the end of the year and South Africa. will be in Hong Kong, Dubai But tomorrow it's Australia's turn, a Make-up Academy and Retail store with Napoleon launching on the Gold Coast - a miniature version of a mega salon he and his wife are due to open in Hollywood next month. I just love the creation. my father wanted me to be a lawyer, can you imagine? Horrible. He certainly can't. We love Napoleon. So much so, Melissa George is now the official face of his Australian-owned brand. I just don't want to get bored, that's my only thing, I want to keep going and refreshing. In Beverly Hills, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Aussie country music star Keith Urban is making a comeback on American TV. The 39-year-old Grammy nominee scored the coveted guest artist gig on 'Saturday Night Live' just a month after he came out of rehab. Oscar nominee Forest Whitaker was the guest host. Australian rockers Wolfmother and guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel are also in line for Grammys. The awards will be announced around lunchtime tomorrow. It's been dubbed Love-a-palooza - thousands of couples puckering up on the stroke of midnight in the car park of a Manila shopping centre to challenge the world record for couples kissing simultaneously.

The Philippines have broken the record. As of now, it's 6,124 people that kiss simultaneously for 10 seconds. The event was organised by a toothpaste manufacturer. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. Brad, Karrie Webb too good again at the Masters? Bill, she dominated the final day to secure her sixth Masters title. Also coming up - the Aussies determined to hang on against England. The Brumbies' Super 14 heartbreak. And surfing the turf at Pebble Beach. VOICEOVER: New Telescopic Mascara from L'Oreal Paris. The brush edges separate the lashes with precision for intensity, lash by lash. The flat sides lengthen your lashes for telescopic length. New Telescopic Mascara Take your lashes to telescopic lengths. You're worth it. Oh, Joan, Foxtel's going for quite the low price. Yes. If you want Foxtel, you can subscribe for just $36.95 a month. I suppose, if you like good value. Now for a quick look at tomorrow's weather: That's the news at 5:00. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Bill Woods. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Brad McEwan. This is Sports Tonight. We all love a contest, but England winning the one-day series? Surely it won't happen. Will it? The Aussies are hurting after their finals flop. We'll find out what they're made of at the SCG. Double trouble for Belgium as Hewitt and Hanley keep our Davis Cup hopes alive.

The Reds' Crusade didn't quite go to plan. While the Brumbies are feeling a little Blue. Karrie's the queen at Royal Pines. She wants another crown. The Broncos are back.