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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling

rocks the Australian Open, Tonight - another off-court incident of filming up women's skirts. a man accused Not something we want to tolerate. actually. It's been a bad week for the Open, Extreme weather - as bushfires edge closer to Thredbo. country towns cut off by floods

fuels fears of an arms race in space. China's ballistic missile test is a very aggressive move. What China has done

'Big Brother's bully given the boot. And time to go, Jade - I'm a racist bitch, and I'm not. Because people'll think But first tonight - and a sexual assault of a child, there's been ethnic riots has hit the Australian Open tennis. now a new controversy to reveal Police taking nearly three days of trying to film up women's skirts. they arrested a man suspected

Day six of the Australian Open was replaced by rain. and extreme heat

Spectators' reaction to dog the event to the latest controversy was just as gloomy. Not something we want to tolerate.

actually. It's been a bad week for the Open, It's pretty disturbing. and bad things like that happen. You come out to a public event

in Australian sport. It's not what you like to see a 32-year-old man was arrested Early on Wednesday morning

up women's skirts with a camera. after allegedly trying to film to go public on the arrest, It took police nearly three days over their delay in admitting further fuelling the controversy had been indecently assaulted a 5-year-old boy at Rod Laver Arena. the Open's organisers blaming police. That took four days to come out, an investigation. They said, "We are going to do "and please keep it quiet." about the latest incident, Tennis Australia chose to stay quiet saying the issue had been dealt with. and wouldn't comment on camera today, were evicted after a 15-minute riot. On Monday 150 Serb and Croat fans Police have admitted after the brawl they didn't arrest anyone the numbers to do so. because they simply didn't have has been upgraded, Since then security at Melbourne Park not once but twice. Despite the controversy will suffer any long-term damage. marketing experts doubt the Open The good will chips over that period, that they've been able to store up some of them now. well, they're going to have to spend Christopher Still, Ten News. Firefighters in Thredo are confident the popular ski resort town. they've saved joins us live. Ten reporter Fenn Kemp was on their side today? Fenn, the weather

Good news yes. He is still very

windy. But not as windy as they had

been fearing. They were expecting

wins to 40 kilometres an hour.

Relief for fire crews. The fire

continues to burn on two fronts. In

his 12 kilometres away from a

threat though. Black smoke is a bad.

In white smoke is good. Had the

vision that you are seeing is of

several outbreaks threatening to

merge into one. The crews are you

are seeing are remote area or fire-

fighting teams. Their work has been

invaluable. The manager of the

manager has a few more worry lines

than he did the other day. City

fire crews are continuing to train

and hope and to wait a little

longer. But it doesn't look like he

will take too much longer before

this incident is declared over.

Probably the next 24 hours they are

telling the. There are several huts

in the bush fire area or a they are

historic huts used by hikers. They

are using installation to cover

them. They are trying to make sure

that these cars are preserved for

future generations. They are

determined to keep our heritage

intact. 10 mm a rain expected over

the next 24 hours. Less than they

were hoping for a more than enough.

They are saying if all goes to plan

hours. the park could open within a 48

much-needed relief Meanwhile heavy rain has provided for Victorian firefighters. aren't able to pack up just yet, But weary crews with the threat far from over. The heavens opened and down it came. For 50 days in Victoria's north-east the fire has been winning the fight, could mean the fight is almost over. but soaking rain

was worthy of celebration The welcome sight for volunteers. and a well-earned rest to 9:00 this morning, As much as 20mm fell in the 24 hours on the difficulties they've faced It was also a chance to reflect since December. trying to control the blazes It goes straight over you. We could not do anything.

You go up the road a bit straight over the top of you. and it goes

somewhere. You just try to pull it up in the 24 hours to 9am today, As much as 20mm fell instead of flames. leaving locals to run from the rain

by tomorrow morning, Up to 50mm more could fall but there's still danger. Last night fears of falling trees the fire ground, forced crews to abandon and smouldering bushland suggests firefighters must watch carefully there are still areas for flare-ups. in the east of the State, In Gippsland,

forecast rain failed to arrive. with temperatures in the high 30s Instead crews were faced and gusty north-westerly winds. Well, we're always ready to adjust - it's like quicksilver. that's the nature of fire, It's all over the place.

We've been caught before - what's promised. you don't always get remained largely dormant, While the firefront to monitor the volatile conditions. additional crews were deployed will gain a reprieve It's hoped firefighters

over the next few days,

predicted. with showers and milder conditions Luke Waters, Ten News. have swamped northern SA, And record floods cutting off dozens of communities. Residents once gripped by drought along their main streets. are now swimming burst their banks Barren outback creeks while roads become raging rivers. tackles the torrent. One daring truckie coming up here last night. It was alright There wasn't any water at all. and it's all come down. But it rained overnight Others stranded but safe. The rain started yesterday afternoon the mid-to-far north of the State. sweeping across have been cut off. At least a dozen towns Others almost disappearing in the deluge. Dams that have been dry for three years, overflowing. I thought I'd go and have a look but I was walking along the road to the dam

and I got neck-deep in water and then I thought I'd better give up

and turn around and come home. Around 150 homes have been damaged. The demand for help pushing emergency services to the limit. The hotel itself, the kitchen got flooded and the manageress and the cook was in there cleaning that up since about 5:30 this morning. The mining town of Whyalla hasn't seen floods like this for 30 years. While the showers have subsided, residents fear further flooding. Emergency crews are trying to fly into the isolated town of Hawker where a dam is threatening to burst. We're isolated at the moment. The road between us and Whyalla is cut and there's actually a 4-wheel drive sitting in the middle of the road with water up to the windows. Emily Rice, Ten News. Sydney's legionnaire's disease outbreak has claimed another two victims. Six people have now contracted the deadly bacteria after celebrating New Year's Eve at Circular Quay, water cooling tower tests yet to identify the source. Those tests won't be back until early next week but as I understand it from the council there's been no obvious smoking gun in this case. Another man from southwestern Sydney is fighting for his life in hospital,

but his case is not believed to be related. There's a growing chorus of condemnation across the globe after China used a missile to destroy a satellite in space. The test fuelling fresh concerns of a Cold War-style arms race. It's being seen as

the most dramatic military move in space in a generation, an escalation of China's regular space program causing worldwide alarm. A week ago, a medium-range ballistic missile, launched from south-western China, intercepted and destroyed an old weather satellite orbiting the Earth. America and Russia did this in the '80s but stopped because of the debris it caused. What China has done is a very aggressive move. We all know and China knows that we know that they have this capability, but it's a whole different thing to actually go ahead and do it. Australian officials summoned China's ambassador, seeking an explanation, but are waiting for a response. We are concerned about the militarisation of outer space on the one hand, and secondly we are concerned about the impact that debris from destroyed satellites could have on other satellites. This is a point echoed by a growing number of nations. We don't want to see a situation

where there is any militarisation of space. We certainly don't want to see a situation with even tests of this kind

that produce extensive amounts of space debris. China is notoriously reluctant to discuss its expanding military might... (Speaks Mandarin) ..but a foreign ministry official did emerge today, insisting they oppose the use of weapons in space. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Next - on the run. What you're seeing here is a high-speed chase. A court appearance for the driver at the centre of this wild police chase. And Europe cops a battering. A big chunk of the school fell off. The death toll rises from devastating storms.

This program is captioned live. Police are hunting a motorist who struck and killed a pedestrian in Melbourne.

Devastated friends could do nothing to save 26-year-old Damian Cooper. was found An extensively damaged sedan from where he was struck. just kilometres some injuries. The driver may have sustained to the face and chest area He may have cuts and bruising the pedestrian has hit the car. from the impact of where he saw the car run a red light. A witness told police has prevented a repeat And crackdown on drag racing seen in Melbourne a week ago. of the violent clashes Vowing a zero tolerance, in Melbourne's south-east, police nabbed drivers at a gathering and confiscating three cars issuing defect notices under tough new anti-hooning laws. Last Friday night, dozens of people were caught on camera raiding a Blockbuster video store after police broke up an illegal street racing meet. A hair-raising police chase has ended in the arrest of a man wanted over an armed robbery. Dramatic pictures show the driver clipping other cars in a bid to avoid capture. In a dodgem ride with terribly high stakes, Queensland police officers chased a driver wanted for questioning over a bank robbery. What you're seeing here is a high-speed chase southbound down Beaudesert Road. A ute which we caught up with about five minutes ago

of a police car. is just round the back

to one officer's car The utility swerved dangerously close and nudged other drivers on the road a closing police net. in a bid to beat

police cars in chase. Now, there's about three or four a police bike as well. You can see there

at this stage. He's showing no sign of giving up The pursuit ended between lanes of traffic. when the man tried to force his ute Officers converged on the car. As he tried to make a run for it wrestled him to the ground. three officers to make an arrest, Three more joined in efforts then a police dog. Officers claim it was needed to subdue a struggle. Police say the man had to be taken to hospital after the dog lacerated the back of his neck during the arrest. Once he was released he was taken to a watch-house and charged with armed robbery. Officers say the 26-year-old fronted a magistrate today. He was charged over a hold-up at a bank in Moorooka, south of Brisbane, two days ago. Detectives say they've also arrested a second man over the bank robbery and a series of hold-ups at fast food restaurants.

on Monday. Both will face a court hearing Sharon Marshall, Ten News. of a deadly storm Europe is counting the cost yesterday. which swept across the continent were killed by the devastating winds At least 47 people which caused travel chaos of people without power. and left hundreds of thousands for hundreds of communities - It has been the same a day of dealing with the damage. in Manchester, This is Partington Primary and dumped in the playground. the roof peeled off by the winds There was just, like, a tiny bang the wind against the building, and then we all just thought it was then a big chunk of the school fell off.

Tens of thousands of properties started the day still without electricity. This is Abergelly in Wales, continued bad weather there hampering efforts to get the power switched back on. Pictures sent in by viewers today show how many lives were affected. In Guildford this car was destroyed as the building next to it had its roof blown off. This is Woodchurch High School in the Wirral, another of the many buildings to have its roof taken off, debris scattered around. Thousands of trees were blown down. This one in Kent just missed a house. Leeds Liverpool canal. This truck was pulled out of the The driver was killed, to die one of 13 people in this country on the continent. in storms that are now causing chaos of damage has been caused, In Germany over ?650 million worth and in Switzerland off their tracks. carriages were lifted The destruction continued Poland and elsewhere. across the Czech Republic, Tonight, being pulled into port, 'Napoli'. the abandoned container ship The winds that battered her have battered a continent, tens of thousands of people whose lives have been caught up in these destructive winds. Fists and shoes have flown in an unruly session of parliament in Taiwan. Dozens of politicians joined in the fight, kicking, shoving and pulling each other's ties. It all started

when one member threw a shoe at the speaker of the house. The session quickly dissolved into disarray, forcing a vote on the annual budget to be postponed. It's time to go, Jade. Next - 'Big Brother's bully booted out of the house. I'll be going because people'll think I'm a racist bitch, and I'm not. what she misses most about Steve. And Terri Irwin opens up about of children here, so... Well, there's a lot


and stunning weather, ..fantastic food under the sun. Australia is the best country to celebrate Australia Day So what better way

the 'Sunday Telegraph'. # # Without

This program is captioned live.

replace disgraced MP Steven Chaytor. A Sydney paediatrician is set to Labor candidate for Macquarie Fields Andrew McDonald will be the new New South Wales election. in the upcoming

for domestic violence. There just is never an excuse It is just a cancer on our society. McDonald has a long history of treating children in the area, heading the paediatrics department in Campbelltown and Camden. Rock legend Jimmy Barnes will undergo open heart surgery next month. The former lead singer of Cold Chisel has suffered from a heart problem for a few years and will have an operation to replace an aortic valve on February 22. Music promoter and long time-friend Michael Gudinski says the entertainer will honour all of his commitments

before going into hospital. He's always been a fighter and a strong bloke back on the road. and we can't wait to get him to recover from the surgery. Barnes will take three months off has been booted out of the house. Britain's 'Big Brother' bully on a Bollywood star Despite her verbal attacks sparking international uproar, she's not a racist. Jade Goody is adamant

I'm sorry. but it came too late for Jade Goody, A cuddle of reconciliation, Britain's face of hate. the reality star some have dubbed ANNOUNCER: And I can now reveal that the third person to be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house is... ..Jade. 83% of voters wanted Jade out, labelling her a racist after her in-house stoush with Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty. Contestants had been mocking Shilpa's name and accent for days, even calling her a dog, but Jade was always the most vocal. I don't know her f***ing surname, Shilpa (bleep). I said last night, "Shilpa Poppadom" or something. You know, Jade, I don't use that language, so... (Shouts) Well, good for you! You know what? Your claim to fame is this. Good for you. No, no, no. My claim to fame is meeting you, you (bleep) loser. Fearing a wave of abuse and violence, the show's producers banned the studio audience on eviction night. isn't it? That's such a weird way to come out, in the world. It's the weirdest thing and save her celebrity career. Jade was left to defend her behaviour

but looking at that film I am not a racist person the impact that it's had. I can see why it has had 'Big Brother' made her career being in 'Big Brother' again, and now she's lost her career I think. people'll think I'm a racist bitch, I'll be going because and I'm not.

bears no grudge. The woman who copped her tirade Only time will tell is as forgiving. if the British public James Boyce, Ten News. Aussie stars have turned out for a gala dinner in New York to promote Australian tourism. Among the guests, fashion designer Colette Dinnigan and Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness. My memory of last year's event is that it was one of the better nights. They just don't party the same over here. Olivia Newton-John was honoured with a lifetime achievement award for music and her charity work. It was all part of the G'Day USA promotion, which earlier in the day saw Bindi and Terri Irwin

in Washington. address the National Press Club about the late Ccrocodile Hunter, Answering questions what she misses the most. Terri joked about so... Well, there's a lot of children here LAUGHTER a kids concert in New York tomorrow. Bindi will cap off G'Day USA with

The weather's next with Neil Cordy. and then it's Sports Tonight

at the Australian Open. Neil, some big stars in action Yes, Natarsha. at the Open for a host of stars It was business as usual today Maria Sharapova and Raphael Nadal. including But one former champ who made his exit was far from impressed. We'll find out what's got under Marat's skin. And hear what Australian batting hero Michael Hussey thinks about walking. Plus, running for cover in South Africa.

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This program is captioned live. at tomorrow's weather: Now for a quick look up to date with the latest news. That brings you

through the evening. We'll have updates with Neil Cordy. Stay around for Sports Tonight Thanks for joining us, goodnight. I'm Natarsha Belling. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions This program is captioned live. Hello, everyone. I'm Neil Cordy. Welcome to Sports Tonight. It's summertime and temperatures are on the rise. Wait, wait, wait. Listen to me. How are you gonna do that? He has no idea whatsoever! Marat is out, but Maria marches on. COMMENTATOR: And that is beautifully bowled. Michael Hussey comes to the rescue in the nick of time... I'm not a walker, you know? I take the good decisions with the bad ones. the Aussies prevail on the beach as well. Catch it! COMMENTATOR: Joel Griffiths! 4-0. The Jets take off to the A-League finals... That could be it for the Jets!