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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Murder charges - over a fatal New Year's bashing. two 15-year-old boys appear in court Cyclone warning -

tropical storm of the season. northern WA braces for the first And a woman missing a disused factory. as a massive blaze tears through Ten News with Natarsha Belling. have appeared in a children's court Two 15-year-old boys of a teenager in regional NSW. charged with the bashing murder in his home-town of Griffith Andrew Farrugia was beaten to death on New Year's Day. A violent end to a young life. in Griffith's main street, Friends of Andrew Farrugia gather where their mate was attacked. and head-butted. He was punched, kicked but the 17-year-old died in hospital. Three local nurses tried to save him, Absolutely disgusted, I am, his death in this particular way. that a young lad should have met the new year. Andrew had been out celebrating It was 3am to get a taxi. and he was waiting with friends by a group of males for no reason. Police say he was set upon His parents are shattered. He actually rang them at 8:00, about where he was, spoken to his mother so he was acting quite responsibly. from the same town Overnight, two 15-year-old boys at the police station, handed themselves in accompanied by their parents. with Andrew's murder. They've both been charged for young people in Griffith Already one councillor is calling to be placed under a curfew. at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, Juveniles on the streets 14-, 15-, even 9-year-old kids, you know, they shouldn't be out that late. I mean, where are their parents? a memorial for him Andrew's schoolfriends will hold

at their school today, why he was killed. as the town struggles to understand Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Residents in WA's north-west their first cyclone of the season. are this morning bracing for

to hit the coast later today Tropical Cyclone Isobel is expected between Port Hedland and Broome. it's a Category 1 storm. At this stage, to cause some strong winds It still has the potential and also bring with it some rain will still need to be aware of that. so residents in the area Forecasters are warning another system in the south-west the cyclone may combine with later in the week a once-in-a-generation freak storm. to form continues to climb The holiday road toll after a 44-year-old woman died when her car hit a tree near Shepparton in northern Victoria,

in suburban Melbourne while yesterday's freak accident is still being investigated. the female driver of a car Police are yet to interview at a busy Melbourne cafe yesterday. that ploughed into diners A 41-year-old man was killed the cafe window. after being crushed against visible lighting are being blamed In Queensland, high speed and poor

for the death of a pedestrian. A Japanese woman was hit by a car hardcourt championships. after she left the women's The 72-year-old was dragged about 90m from horrific injuries. and died at the scene has suffered head and neck injuries And a 33-year-old P-plate driver slammed into a semi-trailer after the car she was driving in Sydney's west. Nationally, the toll stands at 47 of the official holiday period. with two more days left Emily Groves, Ten News. A woman is feared dead a disused Melbourne factory. after a massive blaze tore through two hours to control the fire. More than 70 fireman taking nearly engulfed in a moment of terror. Up in flames, a disused factory, I think we had about five minutes everywhere. and then it was just like "boom" been sleeping in the building Up to a dozen squatters who had made it to safety. One woman is still missing. whether she was in there. We don't know We just have her mobile number. Nobody's seen her since the fire her mobile phone. and she's not answering after 3:00 this morning, The blaze, which broke out sent flames leaping into the air. about 30-40 feet high They were probably off the top of the building. and the roof on fire. Flames just licking out the windows

Yeah, it was pretty quick. at the rear of the building, It's believed the blaze was sparked fuelling the flames. with light boxes and art supplies We were just trying to fight it. It was in one area, started exploding, and then as soon as all the cans

that was it, we were out. who'd lived in the building The tight-knit artist community left with nowhere to go. and go from there. We'll all find somewhere for today through the remains Fire crews have begun searching

for their missing friend. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. suffering a mental health epidemic. There are new fears Australia is Medicare funded counseling More than 45,000 people received Medicare-funded counselling

of the new government scheme. in the first month

of previously untreated patients, That figure includes a huge number and psychologists. who have sought help through GPs Experts believe the figures show previously unable to afford it. many people needing help were for the Federal Government Disturbing news in the latest Newspoll, John Howard's industrial law changes. with voters giving a thumbs down to under the workplace changes, Only 14% say they'll be better off while 33% say they'll be worse off. for the economy, 47% think the changes will be bad will be an economic boost. with only 34% believing the reforms He's the man who leads our country overseas, and represents our interests has topped an opinion poll but Prime Minister John Howard as the most embarrassing Australian. voted in the survey More than 10,000 people men's magazine 'FHM'. carried out by Australian Ian Thorpe Recently retired Olympic swimmer

was fractionally behind Mr Howard

most embarrassing person. as the country's Coming up after this short break - the hunt for the Iraqi official of Saddam Hussein's execution who released mobile phone images And a blushing Britney denies claims

New Year's Eve binge. she passed out after a drunken This program is captioned live. apologised for incorrect reports Authorities in Indonesia have about the fate of a missing airliner. of a passenger jet Rescuers have not found the wreckage carrying 102 people, despite claims yesterday that 12 people had survived. The Adam Air Boeing 737 disappeared during a storm. The search for the plane is continuing. The Iraqi government's vowing to find the official who filmed Saddam Hussein's hanging on a mobile phone. The unauthorised images show the executioners mocking the former dictator

just moments before his death

sparking outrage among his supporters. Three days after his execution there's still a huge desire for Sunnis here to pay their respects in person to Saddam Hussein. Thousands have travelled miles to the funeral home in the town of his birth to say farewell and mourn a man who so zealously defended their interests. But while there's sadness here, there's a rising tide of anger too. Saddam's humiliating last moments captured on a cell phone have horrified his followers who now see him as a victim of sectarian lynching. The grainy, unauthorised video shows an undignified end. As he approaches the gallows, a guard taunts Saddam. He's chanting the name of his enemy, Shia leader Moqtada al-Sadr. Another shout "You're going to hell". Seconds later, the trapped door opens. Millions have seen the video posted on the internet

posted on the Internet and the anger it's caused is a terrible blow for government and Sunni-Shia relations.

But a senior prosecutor who observed the execution claims one of those taking pictures was a government official. TRANSLATOR: I was watching carefully. There were two people with phones inside the room. They were filming openly. The claim that a member of the government for taking the pictures, may have been responsible for taking the pictures will enrage Saddam's followers. Some have already vowed they'll avenge his death. Former US president Gerald Ford has been remembered as a "rock of stability" who helped restore trust in democracy. America's political elite gathered in Washington to farewell the nation's 38th president. It has been a long week for the Ford family with personal greetings to mourners and many services but this is the respect they wanted to return to so many who came out

to say a personal goodbye. A solemn tribute and final goodbye at the Washington National Cathedral to a husband of 58 years, a father, friend and president of the United States. On behalf of a grateful nation, we bid farewell to our 38th president.

We thank the Almighty for Gerald Ford's life and we ask for God's blessings for Gerald Ford and his family. It was in 1974 that Gerald Ford stepped in as President right after the Watergate scandal, he took a chance doing what he thought was right in pardoning former president Richard Nixon. It was a time of great divide but he brought the country back together. Gerry Ford's decency

was the ideal remedy for the deception of Watergate.

The body of the late president arrived here with military honours.

Ford was a navy lieutenant commander before entering into politics. It's been said that the office of the presidency wasn't even the job he had his eye on. It was actually speaker of the house, but that wasn't to be. He was elected minority leader and for that, he was honoured earlier in the day as his flag-draped coffin was brought down the east capital's steps. Today's ceremonies marked the end of four days full of tribute in the nation's capital. There was not a lot of pomp of circumstance but it was just as the nation's 38th president had wished. This memorial service was the final goodbye in Washington, the city Ford left over 30 years ago. From here, the family and close friends will fly to Michigan the place that all began for the former president

which will be his final resting place. Oprah Winfrey has delivered a $50 million gift to disadvantaged African children. The talk show host opened a school she built for poor but talented girls. I know what it is like to be abused, sexually abused, physically abused, to be confused, that nobody cares about you, to believe that you don't have a chance in the world, and then to have that all turned around for you. Oprah says she decided to build the academy in South Africa out of love and respect for Nelson Mandela and because of her own African roots. It's that time of the year when many of us are trying to stick to New Year resolutions to lose weight. Now a researcher in the United States has found there's more to dieting than simply willpower.

Why do we eat when we're not hungry? MAN: We're really a nation of mindless eaters. Professor Brian Wansink is taking a scientific approach to that question. His lab at Cornell University often looks more like a restaurant. His theory is this -

we eat with our eyes more than our stomachs. Yeah? You like lasagne? There's all these cues around us that are suggesting how much to eat and what to eat, and, at the end of the day, we've been, essentially, directed by these cues, not necessarily by our own thoughtfulness. In this test, subjects think they're trying a new kind of pasta. They fill their plates, but, after a mishap... (Man coughs)

I need a... That's gross. I'm sorry. ..they serve themselves again. They don't know it, but this time they're given a slightly larger plate. We've done this dozens and dozens of times. People end up serving about 25% more on these bigger plates. Wansink estimates we make 200-plus food choices every day. Most of them are influenced by factors we don't even notice, like the size of the serving dish or the distance back to the kitchen for a refill. In one experiment, It's not only variety that leads people to eat more, it's also simply the perception that there's a lot of variety. And who you sit by can be just as important as what you eat.

One way you can do is just change the pacing. You can key in on the person who's starting last and start after they do.

You key in on the person who's eating slowest and you eat at their speed, not the speed of the person who's the speediest. People think willpower is the key to conquering mindless eating. Wansink's research finds self-control is only part of the puzzle. The biggest mistake people make

is to believe that they are the master and commander of all their food decisions and not realise that a lot of what's tricking them are the barriers and the traps they set up for themselves.

Britney Spears's manager is denying reports the pop princess passed out on New Year's Eve. Spears led the countdown at a Las Vegas party. She had a little bit too much to drink The 25-year-old smiled and waved to fans as she drank and danced. Witnesses claim she collapsed at around 1:00am.

and people say that she may have passed out. Her manager says Britney didn't pass out, claiming the overtired mother of two merely fell asleep. Coming up next - at the SCG the latest from the fifth Test for Mark Phillippoussis. and another injury setback bring to an end the Scud's career? Could this latest knee problem This program is captioned live. The dream of the sea change. It's as strong as ever today to what they hope as thousands of Australians move will be a more leisurely life. boats and in one Queensland family, Many have built their lives around to keep the dream afloat. three generations are still trying to live the dream - It was built in a Sydney backyard a solid timber, 5-planks-thick ketch, designed on the lines

that sailed around the world solo. of the first yacht

And, for Ivan Mitchell, wiped out by Cyclone Larry, a pawpaw farmer is a family heirloom. the 'Alexander Stewart' and keep it going, I grew up with the boat and all that of it going. keep all the memories and his father, Stewart, Ivan's father, Clive, started building in the '70s. with the family - They were going to sail the globe the ultimate sea change. Sort of travelling around the world, and all those kind of worries, yeah, away from strife

close enough to 18 years to build. but it ended up taking And that stymied everything. But by the time it was finished in the extended family there were just too many didn't eventuate. and the grand travel plans Money got in the way too. Well, the big problem is your boss stops paying you. as soon as you knock off work Until we got involved, of actually travelling we didn't realise the expense you know? and how cheap it is by aircraft, to Tall Ship Adventures So today, a family's love is leased through the Whitsundays. and runs tourists once a boy on a half-finished hull, And grandson Ivan, keeps the dream afloat. all those things alive Trying to keep and still kicking on and my father did, that my grandfather yeah. and probably my sons will as well, So he works on it often. With no pawpaw farm anymore, and engineering. he has more time for the yacht and jump on, Sometimes I just come down and jump on for a trip dump my swag on the deck

everything's going alright, yeah. and make sure Ivan has three boys. the sea change the others never did. One day they might make could yet sail beyond the horizon The 'Alexander Stewart' into the sunrise. Mark Suleau, Ten News. share market is positive In finance news - the Australian Another sell-out crowd at the SCG of the fifth Ashes Test. for the second day England resuming at four down struck twice late on the first day, thanks mainly to Glenn McGrath, who when they resumed this morning, and he was at it again another classic McGrath delivery. knocking over Paul Collingwood with himself an early couple of wickets, Fellow quick Brett Lee also getting and Sajid Mahmood. removing Chris Read of Mark Philippoussis is in doubt The tennis career from the Hopman Cup after he was forced to retire with an injured knee. The Scud will undergo an MRI scan of the problem. to determine the extent

on the verge of receiving a wild card Mark Philippoussis appeared for the Australia Open until disaster struck against France's Jerome Haehnel. in the first set This doesn't look very good. COMMENTATOR: this is a terrible moment here. Ladies and gentlemen, of knee problems, The Scud, who's had a history during an injury time-out. received treatment with a knee injury trailing 4-1. He lost the next point and retired Oh, he can't do it, Philippoussis. in an injury-littered career. The setback the latest in the tie. It also handed France a 3-0 victory had given France the lead Earlier, Tatiana Golovin in straight sets. when she overcame Alicia Molik her own career-threatening illness, Marking her comeback from to a flying start. the Australian got off Terrific play there for Alicia. in the first set to take a 3-1 lead. Molik broke the world 22 Oh, cheeky, but so effective.

But Golovin recovered, the opener 7-5 in 54 minutes. breaking back immediately to claim the Frenchwoman winning 6/2. The second set more one-sided - Daniela Intili, Ten News.

for our top-ranked men's player. No such problems in South Australia a successful return to the court Lleyton Hewitt's made at the Adelaide International. in more than three months, Playing his first match his rhythm Hewitt took some time to find against Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic 6 games to 2. before taking out the first set, was leading 4, 2 in the second set The tournament's fourth seed to withdraw with a thigh complaint. when Tipsarevic was forced thrashed Queenslander Nicole Pratt Meanwhile, Martina Hingis has 6-0, 6-1 to reach the quarter-finals Hardcourt Championships of the Australian Women's on the Gold Coast. Steve Johnson Geelong's wayward forward has found himself in hot water again on Christmas eve. arrested for public drunkeness confirming the forward was arrested The Cats have released a statement to Wangaratta. during a pre-Christmas trip home It's the 23-year-old's third strike

in a public place in 2005 after he was charged for being drunk and injured his ankle in 2003 at the Torquay Hotel. while trying to evade security by the club next week. Johnson will be sanctioned the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - a look at This program is captioned live.

at the national weather. Now for a look who don't share a birthday - Some unusual twins in the US they don't even share a birth year. arrived at 11:58 on New Year's Eve, Scott and Jennifer Hoenig's baby girl after midnight. their son was born at 10 seconds where we were like, There was some talk last night they were born in different years". "Ha, ha, wouldn't it be funny if The babies haven't been named yet -

Lang and Syne. the Hoenigs haven't ruled out with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's newshour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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