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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and this is Ten's 5:00 News. Hello, I'm Tracey Spicer Tonight - a deadly Christmas. on our roads. Already 13 people killed this Christmas season The most important thing visited on another family. is we don't want tragedy Please slow down. as a runaway car crashes their party. A family's lucky escape A sickening attack - on a beach. five fairy penguins slaughtered for Christmas food and presents. And the last minute mad dash

it's a black start to Christmas, But first tonight - on the nation's roads. with 13 people already killed in the latest accident A 17-year-old P-plate driver died slippery conditions in outer Sydney. when his car hit a power pole in is the worst with five dead. The New South Wales road toll to set off on holidays Drivers preparing on the roads are urged to take extra care or risk becoming another statistic. listening to that, If you think someone is not the car, if you're sitting next to them in or if it's your son or daughter, and give them the message. please take them aside were members of the Finks bikie gang. The two people killed in Adelaide in an anti-corruption operation. One of them was recently caught up

and his 30-year-old passenger The 34-year-old male driver Ford Falcon were flung from the high-powered

at high speed as it crashed into a tree and burst into flames late yesterday. and Jason Matthews. But that didn't save David Driscoll bikie gang - died at the scene. The pair - both members of the Finks Grieving and hostile, hung banners paying tribute today. friends and relatives lay flowers and He's a f---ing person. He's not a story. He's a f---ing human being! in Adelaide's west - Driscoll is notorious a former tattoo parlour owner, he was arrested there anti-corruption branch operation during a Statewide police in October. Officers storming the business of a loaded gun. found him in possession arrested in the swoop A policewoman was also accused of being part of a network to bikies. passing sensitive information an all-night wake at a Finks home, Yesterday's crash prompted

out of hand this morning. one man arrested when it got Major Crash investigation officers to the incident. are calling for witnesses Brett Clappis, Ten News. for a Queensland family A narrow escape into their yard as a runaway car crashed and plunged into their pool. just a few minutes earlier. Four children had been swimming for one Brisbane family It won't be the best Christmas but it will be their luckiest. shattered by a runaway car Their backyard party into their pool. which flew off the road It was in the pool next door there fairly flat and it was just sort of sitting sort of went down nose first and then it just the tail lights on. and you could see it didn't take very long, It just sank, of the 'Titanic'. it sort of reminded me

into the house a month ago. The family only moved

for their four children The pool was a dream minutes before the sedan smashed in. who just stepped out of the water would have been killed We thought that the driver have been hurt in it. or someone would

had jumped in the pool Obviously someone and got the driver out. Everyone was saying "Has someone rung the police?" whether the 42-year-old driver Officers are investigating was affected by alcohol.

for minor injuries He was hospitalised on the family of six but there wasn't a scratch so close to the path of the vehicle. who were gathered around the table, plunged into the pool Just minutes before the car pestering their parents the four kids had been for a chance at another swim. And thankfully, they said no. Another victim of the crash - who've just had a baby. the neighbouring couple is more than likely a write-off. Their smashed family wagon Sharon Marshall, Ten News. plane crash in Victoria's south-west. A man has been killed in a light The pilot, who was flying alone,

to have struck power lines is believed the border town of Nelson. before crashing onto a property near plane in difficulty Witnesses spotted the single engine from a private airstrip a short time after taking off at 9:30 this morning. Bureau is investigating. The Australian Transport Safety A man's been rescued cliffs at Bondi, in Sydney's east. after falling about 40 metres down to pluck him off the rocks. The rescue chopper was needed in hospital, He is in a serious condition and suspected spinal injuries. with several fractures in a sickening attack Five penguins have been slaughtered at a Melbourne beach.

up to a year in jail. If caught, the killers face Recorded late at night is one of a thousand this fairy penguin from Melbourne's CBD. living just minutes in the bayside suburb of St Kilda, Despite its presence is usually left alone. the penguin colony an intruder broke in, But on Wednesday night, of the protected species. killing five you know. I could see only the blood, They cut it with the knife. also seen penguins stoned to death Over the last five years Martin has and hunted with dogs. Wildlife researchers are appalled. It makes me feel sick, actually. I can't imagine anybody to a penguin or to anything. actually doing that The colony is protected by two fences leaving tell-tale signs. but trespassers still get through, The reality is we can't be here 24/7 on the public or anybody else so we do rely unusual is happening to let us know whether anything and therefore we can take action. a knife left at the scene. Police are forensically testing jail and a $12,000 fine. The killer could face up to a year's Put them in jail for five years. It's like you killed somebody else! on Melbourne's doorstep 50 years ago The penguins first arrived here when the breakwater was constructed. Their numbers have grown ever since and experts say violent attacks won't stop that. Penguins are very, very attached to their home and it's very difficult to actually move a penguin from somewhere to another place. It will always return. Christopher Still, Ten News. A scare for home owners in Perth as a bushfire came dangerously close. Residents in Kingsley were forced to defend their houses as the flames came closer. They battled the blaze with garden hoses on the ground,

while water bombers worked to extinguish the fire from above. It's not known how the fire started. A last minute rush for some as Christmas shopping came to a close today. Major centres seemed quiet around the country for everything except food. Midnight in Melbourne - shopping madness at its peak. All-night trading at this centre, the mecca for last minute purchases. At the moment, it's a bit mad, a bit hectic. Yeah, I've found a couple of things. Yeah, just last minute things. It's a popular annual event, a solid 24-hour sales experience with 200,000 people passing through. Certainly, it's been extremely busy. Every year, 24-hour trade seems to get bigger and bigger. But today, less hectic, the disorganised few, the only ones out buying gifts. Just rushed around trying to get it all done. Obviously everyone's done their shopping. So you're the last one?

I'm the last one. Maybe not - there always seems to be someone with a more laid-back approach. Not yet started mate. You know, Christmas Eve is the time to come out and go shopping. The only rush - for food of all kinds. In particular, fish markets around the country are overflowing, those with a taste for seafood ensuring they're well stocked for their Christmas feast. But if too much shopping's never enough for you, well you have one day to recharge before all the major department stores begin their stocktake sales on Boxing Day. Those stores will spend the next few hours preparing for the sale,

apparently unconcerned that the lack of shoppers today may be a sign people intend spending more cautiously. We haven't actually seen too many external factors influence our sales impact over the last Christmas trade

but we're actually looking for a huge day on Boxing Day. But at least one person is assured of being busy on Christmas Eve - no doubt taking those final orders.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Celebrating Australia's prosperity has been the central theme of John Howard's Christmas address.

But the Prime Minister asked us to remember those who've fallen between the cracks. His Christmas message to Australians is simple - to reflect on our good fortune. But with an election year looming the PM couldn't resist a little Christmas eve politicking.

We are a very blessed country, prosperous, we are stable, peaceful.

We now have the lowest unemployment in 30 years and that means more Australian parents can give their children the Christmas they want. Economic prosperity may lead to bigger Christmas budgets for some of us but church leaders say a booming economy doesn't always lead to greater giving to those doing it tough. Spare a thought this Christmas for those who are struggling to make ends meet or whose family circumstances are difficult. Those that are physically or psychologically ill, to those in detention centres or jails to those that have little or no hope. As public opposition

to Australia's ongoing presence in Iraq continues to grow, the Prime Minister praised the 3,600 defence force men and women who will spend this Christmas deployed overseas. Closer to home, Australian farmers hit hard by the drought and the firefighters battling bushfires across Victoria and Tasmania received special Christmas wishes from the PM. The U2 frontman honoured by the Queen. But we won't be hearing, "Arise, Sir Bono", just yet. And stranded holidaymakers threatened with arrest after taking over their plane. and your trip could end here. AR HORN BLA ES, When you notice them, it's ti e to stop revive, survive.

This program is captioned live. The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to impose sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. The resolution calls on Iran to stop enriching uranium

and bans the supply of technology and materials. It also freezes the assets of individuals and companies supporting Iran's nuclear program. Iran has rejected the resolution as illegal, insisting it's only enriching uranium to produce nuclear fuel for power plants, not atomic bombs. The head of the Church of England claims the war in Iraq has put Christians across the Middle East in danger. The British Government says the Archbishop of Canterbury is entitled to his view, but he's wrong. Dr Williams went to Bethlehem, the cradle of Christianity, to accuse the government of endangering Christian minorities across the Middle East by its war in Iraq. Dr Williams has long questioned the moral justification for the conflict, but today's extraordinary attack went much further. Government policy, he said, had been short-sighted and ignorant. He said Christians in Bethlehem were suffering desperate poverty, unemployment and isolation. For he said the town's Christians and Muslims had a long tradition of friendship, but since the war, even here, anti-Christian feeling was emerging. There is no doubt that for Christians in Iraq, the situation has got worse since the fall of Saddam. And since we had been here these last few days we have heard a great deal about the departure of Christians from this region, which is a combination, of course, of the pressure on everybody in the Bethlehem region and a sort of growing, subtle, not always violent pressure on Christians from the Muslim majority in this area. Violent attacks on churches two years ago

began an exodus of Christians from Iraq. Continuing indiscriminate violence has driven out an estimated half of the country's 1 million Christians. Dr Williams said Christians in Egypt and even Turkey

face more subtle pressures. Dr Williams's stern rebuke has been met with an equally blunt rebuttal by the Government.

The Foreign Office said it wasn't Government policy in Iraq causing suffering to Christians, but the actions of violent extremists and that they were targeting moderate Muslims as well as Christians. Irish rock star Bono has been awarded an honorary British knighthood. The award from the Queen recognises the singer's services to the music industry and his humanitarian work, fighting poverty in Africa. But the U2 frontman will not be able to use the title, Sir,

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt these Christmas/New Year holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. Domino's introduce three new to-die-for dipping sauces. Experience the wonder of white chocolate, the gooey goodness of caramel and the exotic blend of choc jaffa. Come on, take another dip on the dark side. MEN: Domino's.

Merry Christmas end good night. If

Hello, I'm Rob Canning.