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(generated from captions) Murray McCloskey, Ten News. is Labor's 2IC, Julia Gillard. Joining me now in Canberra and, of course, congratulations. Julia, thanks for your time tonight Thank you very much. tonight to shake up Labor's factions Now your boss, Kevin Rudd, promised and that will include Peter Garrett. and install his own front bench There are two obvious vacancies not recontesting, with Kim Beazley and Bob Sercombe Labor's entrenched factional system are you confident you can beat and get the team you need? to get the best team for Labor. Kevin is very determined, as am I, shaping the front bench, We'll spend the next few days which will be elected on Thursday but Peter Garrett, obviously, to the front bench. will be a terrific addition in the Australian community, Peter is well known

not just for his rock star status, in the environment movement but also for his work with our indigenous people, and for reconciliation to the team. so he will be a great addition at the weekend, While you were working the phones your leadership team would look like. no doubt your thoughts were on what What about yourself?

on that front? What are your ambitions

Well, Sandra, Deputy Leader of the Labor Party. today I've been elected prime Minister of this country My ambition is to become deputy after the 2007 election. My task now is working with Kevin

of leadership to lead Labor with a new style are in a mood for change. and I think the Australian people for new leadership, new energy I think they're looking and new ideas. That's what we'll be promising will be about. and that's what the 2007 campaign aggressively, though, To take on the Government and given your new position, be best served by taking Treasury? wouldn't you and your ambitions over the coming few days. These things will be worked out in any capacity For myself, I am happy to serve

interests of the Labor Party which is going to advance the the Australian community and our ability to be out there in the issues that matter. and talking to the community about on any individual position, So, for me, I do not have my cap set and work with Kevin I am happy to consult with Kevin including my place in it, to shape the Labor team, in terms of a portfolio. You've been reluctant all day that takes your fancy. to name any particular portfolio in your election platform And yet a key plank

industrial relations. will no doubt be to take that on? Do you feel well qualified is of course an issue Well, industrial relations of the Labor movement. very close to the heart But what about you? to my heart too It's certainly close

and wherever I end up in the reshuffle - wherever any of us end up on industrial relations. you will be hearing from us That's not a 1-man or a 1-woman job. will be out there The whole Labor team of fairness at work arguing the question

broadly in our society. but also arguing about fairness more the Australian fair go I think people think when you're at work is about getting treated fairly

but its' also about having a society to all their citizens. which offers fairness as a combatant? How do you regard Peter Costello He's never worried me all that much. parliamentary debates I have had to engage in with Peter Costello, procedural questions that's been about as well as substantive questions, worried me too much. so Peter Costello has never in the Parliament, I think he's a good performer and his set piece in Question Time good with his Dorothy Dix and the whole Howard Government but I think Peter have got weaknesses those weaknesses are on display. and we will be making sure with someone nicknamed Dr Death, Ms Gillard, you've teamed up Pixie and Harry Potter. What do you call him?

so I call him Kevin. Imagine that - it's just his name, on your leadership ambitions - Now, Ms Gillard, if we have to touch for some time. they've been well known to be Kevin's number two? How long do think you will be content the best thing for the Labor Party I have made a decision that and the best thing for this country as Prime Minister is to see Kevin Rudd will be directed towards that. and all of my energies any kind of challenge So you're ruling out and the next Federal election? between now Oh, Sandra, absolutely. thanks for your time today. Ms Gillard, Thanks very much. in Canberra Joining me from Parliament House