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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning, I'm Kathryn Robinson. This is Ten's Early News. And I'm Richard Davies, this Monday morning - A look at our top stories draped in silk - John Howard leaves crucial APEC talks to Vietnam's south. for a history-making visit Australians back home from Tonga Fleeing danger - of at least eight people. where riots have claimed the lives to list on the share market - T3 shares for investors. experts tipping early profits calls for Ian Thorpe to race And in sport - Olympic great or retire. at next year's world championships, for our first check of the markets Now time

on the ASX today, Richard? and a subdued open Yes, falling commodity prices into the red at the open today. are likely to send our market and today's listing Kath, much more on the Telstra float

in about 10 minutes.

later today John Howard is to make history Australian Prime Minister by becoming the first to go to a war memorial in Vietnam. of the Asia Pacific summit in Hanoi. The visit comes at the end leaders probably regret ever started, It's a tradition posing for the class photo expresses its heritage. in gear that the host nation believes looked more like dressing gowns. To the western eye the silk robes George Bush got the joke with some attractive photographers. and shared it of the boiling sun and the costume. John Howard couldn't wait to get out before fronting the media, He quickly disrobed next year in Sydney. he gets his revenge the Convention Centre And Sydney's landmark Opera House, and State Government House for the September summit. will be venues to co-operate on climate change Leaders agree on the need Without nailing anything down. the world is going to end tomorrow. We shouldn't assume we should take precautions. On the good insurance principle from all 21 leaders There was a strong declaration

for Ho Chi Minh City, John Howard now leaves Hanhoi the former Saigon, to visit Long Tan - of the Vietnam War 40 years ago. the Signature Australian battle the Vietnamese war cemetery. He will also lay a wreath at Go Kat, Ten's of thousands of people of Indonesia's capital have taken to the streets by US President George W. Bush. in protest ahead of a scheduled visit Mr Bush is will meet Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono later today, with Indonesian President but security has been heightened linked terrorist attack. because of fears of an al-Qa'ida in Vietnam's financial heart, Meantime, President Bush has arrived for a day of events. Ho Chi Minh City has again hit the headlines, Labor's leadership will be the next Prime Minister. but senior MPs insist Kim Beazley Mr Beazley is under new pressure grieving Rove McManus Karl Rove. after he mistakenly called for Kevin Rudd to take over. Some are pushing to give any credibility I don't intend as media speculation to what I regard that's got no real basis in fact. But others have told Ten News before next year's election. Mr Beazley may be replaced

49 people An RAAF jet has rescued most of them Australians. from riot-plagued Tonga, to be reunited with loved ones The evacuees thrilled left behind. but saddened by the destruction for most It was an emotional homecoming

soil and in the arms of loved ones as they arrived back on Australian in the Pacific nation. having witnessed wild riots

It's good to be back. Were you afraid over there? It was frightening. on the island of Tonga Last Thursday pro-democracy protests turned violent,

and locals into hiding riots sending some expatriates business district destroyed. with large parts of the capital's troops and police Around 150 Australian and New Zealand are now trying to restore order. but thugs destroyed it. It was a peaceful country so it will be hard to recover. But it was a small country to be reunited, One young couple was just pleased oblivious to the media. And having sailed to Tonga, about to fly out this Canadian woman

before she could. but was caught up in the rioting to leave Tonga, We were very relieved is in a mess right now. just because Tonga They have to rebuild, there's no power. There's no electricity, Christopher Still, Ten News. the second fatal ultralight crash Authorities are investigating

in New South Wales.

lost power It's understood the 2-seater shortly after take-off

near Tamworth. crashing into a paddock Trapped in the wreckage died at the scene. the 41-year-old pilot was lucky to survive. His 30-year-old passenger heavy injuries. The passenger sustained Tamworth Base Hospital by Westpac 3. He's been airlifted to in two days. It's the State's second crash pilot died after his aircraft clipped On Saturday night a forty year old powerlines near Parkes.

a relatively peaceful start Non-school leaders have marred annual Schoolies week festival. to the Gold Coast's known as Toolies, 107 older revellers,

and street offences at the weekend. were arrested for public nuisance the possession of knives and drugs. Police allege some were in

at Surfers Paradise Of the 26,000 partying school-leavers just 15 were taken into custody. to stay away from the Toolies Police are urging the record crowd

during the 2-week festival. have reacted with outrage Palestinians an airstrike in Gaza City. after the Israeli army carried out An aircraft missile destroyed a car, and injuring six others. killing one man travelling in the car at the time, It's believed Hamas militants were has not yet been released. although the identity of the dead man Australian identical twin sisters drag car racing history. are about to make American to take on the US racing circuit The 23-year-olds are teaming up in the footsteps of their dad. following Kate Harker loves pushing the limits, in her nitro-charged dragster. and that's exactly what she's doing ENGINE REVS It's over in a flash of an eye. You get down the end and you are like,

"Wow, I want to get back in this thing again and go." But in the male-dominated sport of drag car racing, it's not just her impressive times down the quarter mile that make her stand out. Kate - a girl in a man's world, really, aren't you? Yes, I am. And it is a lot of fun to come over here and race against the guys. She qualified for her racing licence with a blistering 5.35 seconds down the quarter mile,

hitting a top speed of 415km/h. What do you find great about drag racing? Definitely the speed - getting in the car and pushing that throttle down

and having it travel along the quarter mile. At 23, she says she's living her dream, having raced cars in Australia since she was 11.

Since I was a little girl, I always said to Dad, "I want to go to America and race." Next year, Kate's identical twin sister will join her on the drag strip,

the pair becoming the first female twins to compete on the American circuit.

Go through the nerve-wracking stage again with Diana for a couple of weeks, and then it all settles down, The next race for Kate, though, is off the track chasing sponsorship. At the end of the day, I'm just another driver, and I get out there and do my thing, do my routine and get my car down the track. In Las Vegas, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Olympic great Murray Rose has weighed into the Ian Thorpe debate, calling for his retirement if he can't compete at next year's world swimming championships. Thorpe is considering withdrawing from next month's Australian trials, still suffering the effects of a virus which ruled him out of this year's Commonwealth Games. It's something that everybody knows in Australia that when Ian stands up there he gives 100% and he won't put his name, none of us will put his name to something that isn't high standard. 4-time Olympic gold medallist Rose says Thorpe must determine if he still has the passion to continue with the sport. The world championships are the last major international meet

before the Bejing Olympics. Fresh off his stunning Australian Open victory, golfer John Senden has set his sights on this weekend's Australian Masters in Melbourne. Senden, who broke through for his maiden win on the US tour this year, overhauled a star-studded open field, with a course record 7-under 65. He finished 8-under par for the one shot win. Senden's win his first Australian Open title. US Open champ Geoff Ogilvy was second. Adam Scott tied for fifth. For those of you who'll be watching Ten's highlights of this morning's rugby test between Australia and Ireland, you may want to look away for the next thirty seconds. It was another underwelming performance by the Aussies, unable to make a dent in the Irish defensive line while the Shamrocks raced out to a 15-3 halftime lead. The Wallabies cause not helped in the second half. Phil Waugh and Mat Rogers sent to the bin.

Stirling Mortlock's boot providing the only Australian points. Ireland 21 to 6 victors. Finance news now and D-day for the Government with T3 shares to list? More than $15 billion worth of Telstra shares

will hit the boards of the ASX at 11:30 this morning. No doubt there will be a few nervous investors out there who hope they don't see their investments halve - T2 style. Yesterday the Government revealed the final sale price with mum and dad investors paying $3.60 and $3.70 for institutional investors. an initial payment of $2 a share Retail shareholders have already made $1.60 in 18 months time. and will have to pay the remaining to list at a premium. Brokers are tipping shares for the media sector, And there could be more changes ahead to privatise Channel Seven. with reports Kerry Stokes is looking is putting the finishing touches Fairfax newspapers say Mr Stokes that would see a private equity firm on a $3.5 billion plan number two television network. take a stake in the nation's to PBL's decision The plan is reportedly similar last month. to spin off the Nine Network been advising Seven, Morgan Stanley has reportedly equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. any deal likely to involve private at the national weather details.

at Monday's newspapers. Now for a look leave Italy Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for a romantic island honeymoon. when Ten's Early News returns. The details This program is captioned live. This morning - Welcome back to Ten's Early News. on the stock exchange Telstra shares set for a strong debut to begin trading today. more than $15 billion worth to leaves the colour of APEC John Howard to a Vietnamese war memorial. for a history-making journey a fatal plane crash - Police investigate in as many days. the second in New South Wales to a remote island getaway. And from the fanfare of Italy embark on their honeymoon. Hollywood's hottest newlyweds on the Telstra listing today Now for more they'll list at a premium? and shares look like

a few nervous investors out there. But there's sure to still be at 11:30 this morning Shares will begin trading to hit the boards at a premium with the stock expected for mum and dad investors to the $3.60 a share sale price and $3.70 for instos. The Government has sold

in the T3 float, more than $15 billion worth of stock its original prediction. nearly double initial instalment of $2 dollars, Shareholders have already paid an with the remainder due in 18 months. Now for a look at the markets and while there are predictions on a high note T3 shares will hit the boards they might be the only ones. for the former Woolies boss - A new job I'll tell you what he'll be doing in around about 10. John Howard embarks on a history-making mission in Vietnam's south today. He'll become the first PM to visit the memorial died during the Battle of Long Tan commemorating the 18 Australians who 40 years ago. a rather colourful end It comes a day after

to the Asian Pacific summit. donning silk robes for a class photo, The 21 Pacific Rim leaders full of innuendo. need to co-operate on climate change Before the snap, they agreed on the

against nuclear-hungry North Korea. and stand firm North Korea's behaviour Everybody thought in our region. was the biggest threat to security next year. Sydney will host the summit

down and charge masked protesters Victorian police have vowed to hunt involved the G20 violence. and their equipment The demonstrators attacked police in running street battles on Saturday the summit in Melbourne. as they attempted to disrupt have been charged so far - Seven people one of them, a 27-year-old university student who'll face court today. Akim Sari has been charged with criminal damage and theft.

Queensland's Premier has begged his Federal Labor colleagues not to let leadership tension ruin their election chances. Labor leader Kim Beazley is again under pressure over his performance. If Kim Beazley's leadership is under threat no-one is saying so publicly. Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan says into next year's election and win. Mr Beazley will take Labor to give any credibility I don't intend as media speculation to what I regard that's got no real basis in fact. after a Labor slump in the polls Leadership speculation intensified offered his condolences and then when Mr Beazley to a grieving Rove McManus, but called him Karl Rove. In the words of one Labor MP, in everyone's mind - it reinforced the problem only a small minority believe Mr Beazley can win an election. Some want Kevin Rudd to replace him. Kim Beazley before the next election. No-one expects a challenge to after the Mark Latham mess. Labor MPs are simply too traumatised Mr Beazley will simply step aside. But those who want change hope madness to change leaders now. Others, though, say it would be speculation about leadership. There's no room for ongoing

This is our best chance, in my view, to win. in the last three or four elections, Laurel Irving, Ten News. Scores of Australians have been evacuated from the riot-torn Pacific nation of Tonga.

There were emotional scenes at Sydney airport after the RAAF jet touched down. Family and friends overjoyed to be reunited after an anxious wait. troops and police are in Tonga One 150 Australian and New Zealand trying to restore calm. The violence erupted last week turned violent. when pro-democracy protests The pilot of an ultralight is dead after takeoff near Tamworth. after his craft crashed not long crash in NSW over the weekend, It's the second fatal ultralight into both. investigations are under way remains of the doomed ultralight, As police tape surrounds the twisted what caused the fatal crash. investigators work to determine

The light plane known as Bubba shortly after take-off. plummeted in a paddock

It's a 2-seater ultralight at Nowendoc that's taken off from an airstrip it's taken off and lost power and for some unknown reason and impacted with the ground. Trapped inside the mangled cockpit the 41-year-old pilot died at the scene.

His 30-year-old passenger lucky to survive the impact.

The passenger sustained heavy injuries. He's been airlifted to Tamworth Base Hospital by Westpac 3. Authorities are today expected to sift through the wreckage to determine if the plane suffered mechanical failure. The fatal crash is the second in New South Wales in as many days. A 40-year-old pilot was killed

when his craft clipped powerlines west of Parkes. from massive head and chest injuries. He died at the scene Jesse Grayson, Ten News. for New South Wales crews, A tireless night two massive blazes desperate to contain

high temps. ahead of tomorrow's forecast extensive backburning operations The 200 firefighters carried out in the Blue Mountains has already been scorched. where 500-hectares of bushland Mount Victoria broke out a week ago The two blazes at Blackheath and after a series of lightning strikes. firefighting efforts at the weekend. 14 water bombing aircraft aided Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Hollywood newlyweds have jetted off on their honeymoon. style at a castle near Rome. The couple tied the knot in elaborate by a Scientologist minister, They were married at the weekend 150 relatives and friends. before more than were swamped by paparazzi Some of the high-profile guests as they headed home. Hollywood's hottest newlyweds the Maldives for their honeymoon. are rumoured to be going to weighed into the Ian Thorpe debate Olympic great Murray Rose has calling for his retirement world swimming championships. if he can't compete at next year's

Thorpe is considering withdrawing from next month's Australian trials, still suffering the effects of a virus of this year's Commonwealth Games. which ruled him out everybody knows in Australia It's something that he gives 100%, that when Ian stands up there,

and he won't put his name, none of us will put our name to something that isn't of high standard. 4-time Olympic gold medallist Rose says Thorpe must determine if he still has the passion to continue with the sport. The world championships are the last major international meet before the Bejing Olympics. Queensland cricket all-rounder Shane Watson

will undergo a training session today in a bid to prove his fitness for Thursday's opening Ashes Test in Brisbane. Watson strained his right hamstring,

playing for the Bulls in Perth last week. The injury is not as bad as first thought and how he bowls today will determine his Ashes hopes. Finland's Marcus Gronholm has guided Ford

to their first world Rally Constructors Championship in 27 years with his wire to wire victory at the Rally of New Zealand. Gronholm locked up second place in the drivers championship, while former MotoGP champ Valentino Rossi finished an admirable 11th. The victory is Gronholm's fourth in New Zealand. A-League, and Adelaide coach John Kosmina has accused Sydney FC players of diving to milk fouls and get players sent off. United lost 2-1 in a spiteful Aussie Stadium match. Adelaide opened the scoring through the boot of Ross Aloisi 8 minutes into the clash. Sydney hit back with a penalty and then this from captain Mark Roodan. Replays adding weight to Kosmina's accusations after this exchange between Carl Veart and Ian Fyfe. Another check of finance now and a new gig for Roger Corbett? Just months after hanging up the gloves at Wooloworths, former chief executive Roger Corbett has accepted a position on the board of US retail giant Wal-Mart. Mr Corbett was hand-picked for the job by senior Wal-Mart management who were impressed with his performance leading Woolworths. He'll work in the strategic planning and finance committee divisions. Meantime, the new boss of department store chain Myer

has hinted at a stock exchange listing within the next three to five years. Australia's egg industry has been zapped by the country's worsening drought conditions. Grain prices are up which means feeding the chooks is more expensive with consumers next in line to start feeling the pinch. So what does Australia's drought have to do with the price of eggs? About 40 cents according to farmers who are being hit by higher grain prices. We can't continue to produce at these prices. The drought has lead to a 60% drop in the nation's grain harvest. Farmers absorbing rising feed costs, up until now.

They're starting to pass those price increases on now which do equate to around 30-40 cents per dozen. For companies like Sunny Queen Eggs it means developing a new marketing strategy. When you compare eggs against any other product category it's still one of the cheapest foods available.

While all eggs are subjected to the hike

consumers are being urged to keep a watchful eye on prices. The egg industry is currently protected from imports because of bio security measures but if prices continue to rise, farmers are concerned the Government could bend the rules and allow imports in. Please don't turn away from our product. We do need a price rise we have to have a price rise and you want to eat Australian food not imported. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Now for a look at the national weather details.

And that is the latest for Ten's Early News this morning. Stay with us now for the highlights of the Australia - Ireland Spring Union Tour match. I'm Kathryn Robinson, thanks for your company. And I'm Richard Davies, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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