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(generated from captions) Thanks, John. Before we go a

brief recap of our top story

tonight - Australian troops are

on stand-by to help the tiny

Pacific Kingdom of Tonga where

six people have died during

prodemocracy riots. That's ABC

News stay with us for Will bill

Will and Stateline coming up

next. We'll leave you with a

group of Vietnam veterans known

as the tunnel rats who joined

forces with the first brigade

at Robertson barracks in Darwin

for a taste of modern Army

life. Have a great weekend,

good night. Closed Captions by CSI. the closure comes as the

Government rolls out its

library enhancement program,

increasing funding and upgrades

for libraries in town and group

centres. But for many older

citizens, parents of young

children and school students, a

lack of parking and extra time

and travel to another library

is not feasible. It is the

heart of this community and

highly valued. You can't expect

school children to make a bus

trip to Civic or Woden after

school to go to the library.

The minister says children

have access to libraries at

school and may use the

interlibrary loan system to get

books. He has not ruled out the

prospect of private development

of the land in the future. This

all happened very quickly. At

one stage we were planning our

sort of party, our breakup

party on December 6th - the mex

minute we've heard the library

will be closed on December 1th.

So there was shock and

disbelief. Then there was a

sort of rallying. Some people

are still learning about the

closure of the library and

there is absolute dismay. They

feel that the Government is

non-caring. They feel it is

non-responsive and I think they

feel it is dysfunctional.

Particularly in this area where

there's really very few

community services provided by

the Government in any case. The

only thing we have left is the

library. I don't know about you

people but I feel angry that

they're closing this.

There are eight to 10 schools

that use this library. The

children can walk to school and

stay here safety, use the

computers and go to

school. From when I moved to

the library I took my child

here. It was a critical

development in books. Kid also

miss out entirely on a very

important service. It is not

just the books but about story

telling, which they have every

Friday, getting kids involved.

It's all kinds of

activities. The Government

seems to have this model for library services were there

would be libraries in the major

town centres. The Government

seems to be fixated on this

planning model in the inner

south this is the only library

that serves the people of the

inner south. The fact that it's

located away from a shopping

centre to many people is a big plus.

It's more than just a library

for us. It shouldn't be about

just numbers. It should be

about infrastructure. It's

about a community that is very

healthy, as a taxpayer and also

someone who votes, it's really

influenced how I feel about. We

have a petition and all the

children have drawn pictures.

It is fantastic to have access

to information and

entertainment without having to

go to a shopping mall or

anywhere where you pay money.

I's a fantastic community

service which is an amazing

shame to lose. I love the


Well after losing out in the

contentious Epping preselection. Pru Goward was

given the consolation prize -

the Liberal candidacy for the

seat of Goulburn. Some locals

see her as an outsider and mayor Paul Stephenson has decided to campaign against her

as an independent. There is a

Labor Party candidate but it

is's the Goward-Stephenson

battle attracting all the attention. Sharon O'Neill found

them both running hard on race


In her first official week on

the campaign trail the new he

endorsed Liberal candidate for

the seat of Goulburn, Pru

Goward, has joined this women's

club as part of her integration

into a region she hopes to be

permanently calling home. Well

isn't it great that it's

raining? I like being part of a

community. I I like advocating for a community. It is important if you want to con-Troy Bute to making where

you live better, that at the

end of it you have to say, well

I've had a comfortable life and

some good jobs, this time I

think I'd like to do harder things and make a difference in the Parliament.

Pru Goward as certainly had a

taste of how hard getting into

Parliament is. Over several

months this year she

unsuccessfully tried to win

preselection for the Sydney

seat of Epping eventually

losing a factional battle to

the former President of the

right to life association Greg

Smith. Peter Costello said to

me preselections are the

hardest thing you'll ever do,

after that it is all easy. When

he said that I hadn't started

this process. By the end of the

process I absolutely agree.

Pru Goward's new journey began

when she was offered the seat

of Goulburn after sitting MP

Peter Seaton announced she was

resign from the Parliament next

March. Fresh from the epidermilogy experience the

first question is how would the

local branches feel. I should

have predicted the answer -

there should have been that

ris,, your choice do you want

to have a go at that Sikh seat

or not. At the end of the day I

wouldn't going to say no to the

most wonderful seat. I joined

where I live for eight years, I

know the region very well, I

have a lot of friends in the

southern Highland. For a girl

who is an urban rural mix what

a perfect seat. What tipped me

over the edge is that it is a

safe seat and you'll get Pru Goward.

Meet the mayor an independent

candidate for the seat of

Goulburn Paul Stephenson. I

think it about time an

independent has a good go at

this. I wouldn't run if I

didn't think I had a good

chance to do so. I've got a

good chance to do so.

Mr Stephenson has been mayor

of Goulburn before an

amalgamation took place for the

past 10 years. In more recent

times his profile in the town

has increased courtesy of the

town's biggest issue - the

drought. I'm pretty well known

up here. People know what I

stand for up here and what I've

been able to do up here. This

time last year we were looking

at carting warter in, which

would be something like $1

million a week. We didn't have

to cart the water in. I notice

that Gosford and Wyong have

less water than we have. We

have had Brisbane water down

here for two weeks asking us

how we managed to get by. Paul

Stephenson says his leadership

on council over the drought and

the fact he's a local as has

resulted in a lot of support

and encouragement for his

candidacy. It will be tough for

anybody to win at the moment.

If I could say it this way,

both of the major parties are a

little bit on the nose. They

have a lot to make up as well.

I think we're in there with an

even chance.

Goulburn racecourse it ises in

the southern part of this

electorate and newly created

seat which includes the

southern Highland towns of

Bowral and Mittagong which is

held by the liberals with a

margin of 4.6%. It is not a

safe seat, a seat I'm work vrg

hard for. It's not a big swing

required to unseat the Liberal

candidate and it is fas siel to

suggest that this is something

that you just throw away on

someone, this has to be worked

and one of the reasons I

believe I was encouraged to

stand for Goulburn was that I

displayed through the whole of

that other saga my tenacity and

capacity for hard work. That is

what this seat requires. She's

not from this area and I don't

think you can come into an area

and in five or six months

really get a handle on what the

issues are. I'm not an outsider, I think that's quite

clear. It's a very big seat. I

live closer to Goulburn than

the present member that

represents Goulburn. Inevitably

in large country seats as long

as you are in the region that's

what's important. I think you

have to back age as an older

person myself, I think there is

no point in backing anything

other than maturity and experience and greater strength.

Paul Stephenson would probably

agree with that but he wouldn't

bet on it. So you're standing

for election but you're not a

betting man? No, I only bet on certainties.

Would you put a bet on

yourself? Yeah, absolutely.

A fascinating contaste. The Yass festival is on this

weekend. The country town is

fast becoming a satellite of

Canberra as more people commute

into the city for work but

there'll always be something of

a quintessential charm of an

Australian country town no

matter Mao developed Yass

becomes. In fact they've just

res sur rekted an old rural


The streets of Yass may not be

paved with gold but hidden Trish tresh sures are about to be discovered. It's show time.

Miss Yass show girl to be

exact. I'm Chloe Payt no, I'm

17 years old.

Unlike other towns where Miss

show girl is simply missing

through lack of interest here

it's raining the raidant faces

of hope for the first time in

10 years. I'm Alecia, I've

grown up in Yass. I'm Emma Cox

and I'm 23 years old.

After a decade long break the

girls from back and ready for

their date with destiny. At the

moment the Australian Army is

moving away from being the

blokish male orientated area.

We can represent the Army in

this because it's okay to do

that now. We can embrace our

fem inity and be in the Army at

the same time. This is Rachel's

mum. She has the picture from

the magazine and the winners

sash. It taught me I could do

anything I set my mind to. It

is not about what you know but

how you feel and how you

communicate with other people

and that there is a great big

world out there full of

opportunity, all you need to do

is take the first step and

after all isn't it true that

80% of success is just turning

up. I think it's one of the

areas where a lot of people are

going to now, like the come

plement try medicines. It's not

a Bute eye yi contest like so

many of the contests they run

now. It is more about your experiences and your life journey. It's a good

experience, you don't have to

be really good looking to win.

It's about your qualities and

Your Honor personal traits.

I'm mon eke I'm 19 years of

age and completing a bachelor of nutrition at the university

of Canberra but also work at

the local cafe. My passion is

horse riding specifically dressage.

At the cafe a highly un

scientific Stateline poll

establishes the show girl

competition is still relevant

and popular. It's not just what

they look like and how they

present themselves they have to

know something about the

area. The more representatives

we get the more opportunity we

have got of representing the

district and which promote s

Yass and the district.

I operators ka sayers, bobcat,

I can drive a dozer, mainly

bobcats, my favourites is a

doser, I like graders that are

more controlling, you need to

have more knowledge on them and

training but they're hard. But

my absolute favourite is a D 7 dozer, the power behind them

and the things you can do with them is amazing.

It is time to sort the D 7s

from the Tonka toys it's

judgment hour. On the way to

ceremony it is time to think. I

don't want to fallover. How

embarrassing. Or your dress

flies up. Watch your dress it

is windy up here.

This competition is a staid

state wide competition. The

heels may not tread a red

carpet but the destination

seems almost as glam use. I

feel as though I'm from the

academy awards I think you're

all winners and I thraning you

very much on behalf of the Yass


Despite the comradery just one

must be chosen to fly the Yass

banner at the regional finals.

And then with luck the Sydney

show. The winner of the 2007

show girl competition is Emma


Well done. You were the last

person, we had to wait for her

interview for so long.

She was the last girl

interviewed today. She had to

sit around and wait for a long

time. Congratulations Emma.

Yass onnians have lived with

many uncertainties bun until recent times always the show she's been back and

she's ready for the world. If

you have any girls who you

think should be in this

competition next year please

look me up because this is a

fantastic opportunity and every

single girl here deserves to

win but it's a fantastic

opportunity for them to really

put themselves forward and say

I've got what it takes to

represent Yass.

There'll be no Canberra show

girl this year and Queanbeyan

is struggling to attract

entrants so well done Yass. Now

to a different cultural icon.

The National Gallery has just

opened a new exhibition there

is nothing local about it. The

Louvre in Paris is a famous for

many things the Mona Lisa and

the collection of Egyptian antiquities. The Louvre has

lent many of those Egyptian

treasures to our National

Gallery. Kelly Charls prodoused

the preview of what to expect

when you come face-to-face with the Gods and the mummies.

There's some magic, people

feel the magic.

Kids will drag their parents

kicking and screaming if they

don't want to come, but most of them will want to come.

I love it, absolutely love

Egyptian art, I think it's

fantastic. But I'm not alone.

About two and a half years ago art exhibitions Australia and

myself entered into

negotiations with the director

of the Louvre. This piece is

what in Egyptology would call

the la frank table. It's a

table on which food and

beverage were given to either

people that dedicated it or

even to God at some time. This

is the h yogliph which means op

offering in I Egyptian here.

You have a food list around the

table so you have all the menu

that has been fixed for

eternity in order to fulfil the

function of the table. That is

called the enemy in Egyptian

language. So Egyptians like us

they don't like to pass away.

They are not ob seszed by

death. They do not focus their

own lives, their entire life on

death but they try to not to

disappear into the mirrors of

people this is the role of the

inscriptions. And benefit of

the offering this is the role of the carving.

It has absolute meaning. No

Egyptian art is purely

decorative. It has some sort of

symbolic meaning. I think a lot

of that is translated. But

there are few works in the

exhibition or this is an art

exhibition that can't be

regarded as art but are still very interesting nonetheless

and tell the story of the

journey into the after life.

The things like the

3,000-year-old piece of bread

is there - some what steal one

could imagine but to see a

piece of bread that is 3,000

years old is quite remarkable

but obviously it is part of the

preparation for the afterlife.

I think Egyptian art is an art

form that everybody

understands. They know about it

since childhood days. They're

fascinated by it. There is

absolutely something in the

exhibition or many things in

the exhibition for absolutely

everybody. Let me introduce you

to Hosea who was the equivalent

of the Prime Minister of the

Pharoh who lived around 1500

BC. You can see that the man

was one of the most important

men in Egypt is squatting with

his hands reclining on his

knees and in fact he is

waiting. The statue was placed

in the court of a temple and is

waiting for food and offerings.

When you sometimes take works

out of the context of the

displays in the Louvre and show

them in new and different

context, this is a much simpler

display than the Louvre very

elaborate 19th century

displays, we have made them

very neutral and lighting and

just lit each object so that

the power of each object can

come through.

The presentations of two men

perhaps of the same family but

surely that occupied the same

function. You could see these

statues are very impressive by

the features of the faces. You

can see the ears are quite big.

In reference to Greek art it

was said that Egyptian art was

not able to do such precise fee chiers and characterisation.

The Egyptian without

computers are inventors of the

virtual world and they knew how

to fulfil it for their

lifetime, their afterlife and also for eternity.

This is an unsettled world and

to lend great treasures from a

great museum with great

attendances is a tremendous

compliment to us and I suppose,

in a sense, a bit of a

sacrifice to them.

Ian Cutmore shot that. A fantastic exhibition. Don't

miss it. It's a long way to

Paris if you do. That's it

almost for another week. To

finish the work of Yass-based

artist Kim Nelson on show at

the sheep's back gallery. Ian

Cutmore and Arron Hage produced

our interpreation. Enjoy it and

I'll see you next week. Closed

Captions by CSI.

right around Australia, welcome to part two of Collectors on tour here in Ballarat. THEME MUSIC We strike Ballarat Collectors gold two weeks in a row.

Some big American cars, but in miniature.

MAN: There's something about the Lincoln's style that really grabbed me. Stunning Victorian needlework. TV's Val Lehman comes out as a collector.