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(generated from captions) As you saw there, Ferris is among those outraged cancer survivor Senator Jeannie by the Government's decision and Senator Ferris joins me now. on radio this morning Senator, Tony Abbott has said 'cruel, heartless bastard' that he might seem to be a quote vaccinated with the Gardasil. by not having his daughters Do you share that sentiment?

I think it is through

disappointingly. Any family that

has a daughter who could be part of

the change that makes this disease

history in Australia, surely able

history in Australia, surely able

to do so without worrying about

finding almost $500 for each of

their daughters. That is a severe

The Camp amount of money. If they

know that in a few years' time they

might be able to get on a free list

then they will wait. I do not want

any family to have to wait to

vaccinate their daughters. This is

a proven success. We have spent a

whole EF facing an international

world Professor faced Fraser. How

are embarrassing as if the where

the international community gave

him a Nobel prize and we are

telling him that his vaccination is

not good enough that it will give

the attack. That is the concern

the attack. That is the concern

many people will be having this

morning is what price we put on

behalf of Australian women. There behalf of Australian women. There

is right. As I said earlier today.

This is someone's mother, sister,

daughter and to seduce their if

$400 is the price of those people's

lives is ludicrous. Although where

understand from the Minister that

we allow looking at bringing in

another application back, there is

a lot of days going to be lost.

There may be a year are lost and

that is a year too long. If only

there was an early warning test or

a tree when of some sort for

ovarian cancer, I would be

absolutely furious if it had a

price on it of $500 for any family

that neither the. If we have to get

these things out here to Syrett

Salford that gynaecological cancers

that women get for which there is

no elite treatment. There a many

drugs for submissions for the PBS

to be elected. Wished we approve

and don't approve? There is a tight

criteria. This drug has proven to

be 100 per cent effective. The

international scientific scrutiny

earned a Nobel Prize. Doing you

need some faces come and have tea

to overall a judge will like that?

We know it is 100 per cent

effective. While we waiting another

year to make available? But if you

have two daughters, finding $1,000

as a lot of money and is as easy to

think if you know what may be

available in the years' time, you

put a lot. We must not put enough.

What action will go ahead now? I

would like to see their peak be AC

to bring any urge a recommendation

to the minister. We need to have

another application from the

pharmaceutical companies but we

cannot leave it. We cannot say it

may come back in March. That has to

be available now. We had a great

campaign when it became available

and Australia and it is available

at around the world now. Why cannot

be made available in Australia? for more wild weather today South-east Queensland is bracing