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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Let the betting begin. will take to the track Efficient out but the favourite in today's Melbourne cup. in an horrific car smash. Another young life lost And how the generosity of two women and his wife become parents. helped a federal politician Well, it's Melbourne Cup Day on people's minds. and there's very little else Ten News reporter Rakhal Ebeli of all the arrivals at Flemington has been keeping track and he joins me now.

It is a little bit windy. Silly

fashion arrivals so far range from

the elegant to the truly bizarre.

We have boats, limos, taxis and

even trains arriving. Tens of thousands of racegoers were

stranded on the trains. They hope

it doesn't happen again like Derby

Day. The good news is we're

expecting a crowd of 100,000 people.

The weather bureau expecting a fine

and sunny afternoon. What sort of

security measures our own place?

Security is intense. We have more

than 600 security offices. They are

taking a hardline approach to

anyone trying to bring drinks and

to the racecourse. Bag searches are

made up their entry points. Plain

clothes officers are also on the

lookout for under-age drinkers. The

federal government has confirmed by

placing the Flemington track on a

National Heritage's list. It is

before today's events could be

Flemington. added to the glorious history of

the Federal Government Premiers are urging to start funding projects to cities and towns which will secure water supplies threatened by the drought. The Prime Minister asking the states during a water crisis summit to work towards the national interest now under way in Canberra. Last to be invited, first to arrive. Queensland's Acting Premier says the water crisis in one day. the meeting won't solve Let's get on with it. drought-stricken Murray-Darling Basin Those governments with a stake in the to solve their water supply problems. want a greater flow of Federal money is a commitment What I want to see today under the National Water Initiative. to accelerate funding decisions Victoria waiting on money of Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong which would secure the water supplies for the next 50 years. we can fast-track those projects If out of today that's good. and Federal funding applies, We've got a number of proposals infrastructure projects, which includes a number of for the health of the rivers. which includes buying water must avoid state-based parochialism. The Prime Minister says the summit out of this meeting The other thing I want to come over the next few months. is what we are going to do could run out of drinking water There are concerns Adelaide if something isn't done soon. I won't allow that happen.

this time next year And the Prime Minister knows cities to be running out of water there is awesome potential for large as he runs to the ballot box. the target of criticism Australia's cotton and rice growers for irrigation. over their use of water also under fire. Queensland's Cubby Station And the Cubby station is a mistake.

and poor politics. It's an outcome of greed digging into their hip-pockets Climate change could have Australians suggesting with a Herald/AC Nielsen poll are prepared to pay higher taxes two-thirds of those surveyed and more for goods and services if it eases global warming. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. roads. A horror night on New South Wales A 61-year-old man dying into a rock wall near Singleton, after the car he was driving crashed north-west of Newcastle, has been killed Meanwhile, a 16-year-old

slammed into a power pole after the car he was travelling in just before 3:00 this morning. was a P-plater. It's believed the driver enough to split the car in half. The force of the crash was strong were thrown from the vehicle Two other teenagers and a woman in John Hunter Hospital. and are in a critical condition are continuing. Investigations into both crashes a Gold Coast court this morning A Muslim teenager will front on her parents. charged over a vicious knife attack stabbed her mother to death Police allege the lovesick girl and critically injured her father seeing a non-Muslim boy. after they tried to stop her

the 17-year-old allegedly told police In a bizarre twist,

during an argument her father had killed her mother to Christianity. over the daughter's desire to convert yesterday Detectives arrested the girl

her injured father. after waiting four weeks to interview to shy away from a challenge Stephen Conroy has never been one told the Labor powerbroker so when doctors

couldn't have children, that he and his wife the Senator took drastic action. to a surrogate child, Isabella, The Conroys are this morning parents was born in a Sydney hospital donated an egg after a close family friend inside a third woman. which was then implanted

and so are their colleagues, The Conroys are delighted on all sides of politics. I wish them all the best. I am so happy for Paula and Stephen. They deserve this happiness. daughter is just wonderful. The news today that they have a baby even for the Melbourne Cup. I think it's a best win The Conroys travelled to Sydney in their home State of Victoria. because surrogacy is illegal that may be about to change. Premier Steve Bracks has hinted today all sorts of ethical questions. IVF and surrogacy raises IVF Australia's Medical Director, To have a few answered, from Sydney. Peter Illingworth joins me live Good morning professor. treatment? Who can use this sort of IVF Is it available to anyone?

Surrogacy is available to everyone

but it is not necessarily the right

thing for most people. Cerberus thing for most people. Cerberus

surrogacy is important with the

woman has lost the uterus through

cancer or other means. There is

only a small number of couples

trying to have children. In Senator

Conroy's case to close thing else

offered to help. Is this common?

Why would couples choosing to do it

this way? It is very rare. And the

circumstance where the woman had

lost her ovaries as well, they had

to use a third party. The Conroy's

baby was conceived and born in New

South Wales because and Victoria it

is illegal. Why is there such a

discrepancy between the States?

There are different views over a

very complex and difficult issues.

New South Wales has taken a more

liberal approach. In New South

Wells it is no longer the case that

if couples are given the freedom to

choose and makes a very difficult

choices for themselves. It is

difficult and sensitive. But how

many cases to the surrogacy arrangements fall apart after arrangements fall apart after

birth? Very few fall apart after

birth because there was an intense

process of preparation beforehand.

Every party involved in the

surrogacy Arrangements bar involved

in a lot of psychological testing

to make sure that the choices arm

turned out to be the right for them

and also the child in the long run. The new drama threatening the nation's banana stocks. That story when the morning news returns. And Bono promises a few surprises ahead of tonight's first Aussie concert. This program is captioned live.

One of al-Qa'ida's most senior operatives has appeared in court in the UK. The Islamic militant has pleaded guilty to planning a series of major attacks in London and New York, including blowing up limousines and setting off radioactive dirty bombs. This was Dhiren Barot at the moment of his arrest two years ago, the most senior al-Qa'ida terrorist ever to face justice in Britain. Today for the first time we can detail his plans, the gas limos project - a plot to pack three limousines with gas bottles, explosives and shrapnel and detonate them in multiple attacks under significant buildings in Britain. And the radiation project - a plan to horde 10,000 smoke detectors containing a radioactive isotope

in order to target Britain with al-Qa'ida's first dirty bomb. It was found hidden in a computer file called 'Brad Pitt'. Detectives discovered a list of luxury hotels in Britain including the Savoy, the Berkley, the Marriott and the Intercontinental. When presenting his plans to al-Qa'ida leaders in Pakistan, Barot claimed to have already identified targets. He was also developing a plan to launch a gas attack on this train, the Heathrow Express as well as an idea to bomb the London underground trains under the Thames so as to breach the whole wall and let the water gush in. Barot sat emotionless as the court watched a video he made in New York in early 2001

over a side-way shot of the Twin Towers someone off camera can be heard making the sound of an explosion. On that trip, attacking the New York Stock Exchange Barot produced detailed plans for and other financial buildings. his attention to British targets. His plans later shelved as he turned a curfew in Baghdad and other areas. The Iraqi Government is to lift to prevent insurgent violence It had been imposed that Saddam Hussein should hang. after yesterday's court ruling apparently joining in, But police turned a blind eye, north of Baghdad, as thousands of residents of Samarra, ignored the curfew, for the former dictator. screaming support Similar demonstrations erupted Sunni districts of Iraq. in other predominantly Australian con man Peter Foster has appeared in a Fijian court charged with immigration fraud. The 44-year-old pleaded not guilty to obtaining a work permit by using forged documents and has appealed for bail. Foster says he's the victim of a cover-up, claiming he was bashed by an officer when he was arrested by police two weeks ago. The disgraced businessman has been jailed in three continents on a series of fraud charges. Ships has been warned of unusual hazards south of New Zealand.

About 100 icebergs are floating in two groups across a major shipping lane in the Southern Ocean. aircraft spotted the huge icebergs A New Zealand Air Force surveillance during a routine fisheries patrol. have broken off even bigger icebergs Scientists say these moving obstacles by a series of storms, and are being pushed north before reaching New Zealand. but should melt with her royal duties Princess Mary is keeping up for the second time. as she prepares to become a mother stylish suit to cover her baby bump The pregnant Princess chose a headquarters in Brussels. for a visit to the European Union their second child in May Mary and Frederick are expecting Australian-born Crown Princess and Danes are hoping their will deliver a little princess. The Danish royals are bringing their first-born son, Christian, to Australia for a private visit later this month. The opening show of U2's long-awaited Australian tour gets under way in Brisbane tonight. A final sound check took place late yesterday, front-man Bono promising a few surprises for fans. Australian fans have been waiting nearly nine years, but tonight they'll finally get to see super group U2 on stage. A downpour during rehearsal might have forced the rock stars to play undercover, but the final sound check certainly proved they're back with a vengeance. It is going to be very special that Brisbane will hear and there are some things on this tour that no-one else has heard which is nice. the first show, 50,000 fans are expected to attend one in Adelaide with two gigs in Sydney, and two in Melbourne still to come. We've got a couple of new tracks for such a long time. and we haven't been here a few surprises. It would be nice to throw in for their patience The band thanking the public after the tour was postponed in March of guitarist The Edge. due to an illness in the family we're kind of match-fit I think. We are feeling really good and from politics, And never one to shy away for our Prime Minister. Bono had this message to your Prime Minister about Africa I want to talk and also the commitment to 0.7%. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Ahead - the latest on the Cup hopes. returns. That's when Ten's morning news this Tri-Nations rugby league punch. Also the judiciary fallout to This program is captioned live. The Reserve Bank is holding its monthly board meeting today amid expectations it'll raise interest rates tomorrow. In other finance news, the Australian share market is higher today. Imelda Marcos, Legendary shoe collector, is launching her first fashion line. posed for photos at a Manila hotel The former Philippines first lady of accessories. to promote the Imelda collection

Ferdinand Marcos, The 77-year-old widow of dictator, using cast-offs from her wardrobe claims she created the jewellery and flea market finds. Prices are expected to start from $20 and her daughter has confirmed in the future to include shoes. the range may be expanded could be under threat again. The nation's banana crops of fruit pickers is being blamed This time a severe shortage north Queensland after Cyclone Larry. with workers moving away from Apparently the industry is facing a shortfall of up to 1,500 employees. A lack of accommodation in the area also a big problem. Consumers are being warned to expect the worst, ahead of Christmas. Growers say they'll reach crisis point in a few weeks time. Champion Irish stayer Yeats has joined Caulfield Cup winner Tawqeet as equal Melbourne Cup favourite following the shock scratching of hot chance Efficient. Damian Booth has been at Flemington all morning. Damian, when was the decision made to scratch the Derby winner?

The decision was taken about 630

this morning by the horse's owner.

Efficient was asked to work over

400 metre of this - litre is an

Flemington but he pulled up with an

injured knee. Nothing too serious,

but serious enough to roll them out of this afternoon's Melbourne Cup.

It really was his opportunity for

the walls to create a piece of

racing history. It is not all bad

news for Lloyd-Williams as he has

two other horses running in the Cup.

Efficient thing as the liver can

draw card this afternoon. The other

injury Club this morning still

hangs over Torquay to. The vets

have cleared him to run in the

Melbourne Cup this afternoon. The

trainer is confident that all was

well the horse. He will be under -

required to undergo another test.

At this stage at the walls is clear

to run in the Melbourne Cup. We

will examine the horse again once

it arrives at the races. At this

point, the horse is clear to run. I

think this force is the best image

to earlier. He has his whole future

ahead of him. He will not be put at

risk. I do not want to risk this

force. With injury cloud still

hanging over the of course. Justin

the last few minutes $60,000 it has

been taken on the Champion calls

Gate's. It has been a morning of

high drama here and there is plenty

more to unfold a later this afternoon. Rugby league and Australian prop Willie Mason has been suspended for one match and fined $5,000 for punching Great Britain forward Stuart Fielden. Mason pleaded not guilty at a judiciary hearing in Sydney last night the 1-match ban. and is considering appealing by tonight's result. I'm very surprised about the appeal, I'm considering all my options If an appeal is unsuccessful, if I am able to.

against Great Britain. Mason will miss Saturday week's Test

Tri-Nations final the following week. But he will be available for the A dejected Dan Vickerman of Europe has returned from the Wallabies tour in the first Test against Wales. after aggravating his shoulder reconstruction on his right shoulder, The big second rower requires a just 14 months ago. the same one he had surgery on He's likely to miss the bulk of next year's Super 14 season.

Vickerman left shattered with the World Cup now under a year away. I'm pretty upset, first game into the trip, a few good games to go and now I face six months out of the game, it's still very hard to swallow. I have to come to terms with that, Reds utility forward Mitchell Chapman has been called into the Wallabies squad for the remainder of the tour. The Australian cricket team have taken a huge shot of confidence out of yesterday's dominant Champions Trophy victory over the West Indies. The focus now solely on winning back the Ashes later this month. ready to deflate the old enemy Skipper Ricky Ponting in the group stage in India. after smashing England

their own tyres a bit I know England have been pumping up judging themselves against us of the Champions Trophy last time in the semifinal it'll be interesting to see of themselves if they make the same testament after the last game we played. The Aussies return home this morning. weather around the nation. Next in Ten News This program is captioned live.

for the rest of the day: Now national weather they're racing early in Afghanistan. As Flemington prepares for the Cup, Our troops had trouble finding horses, so donkeys had to do.

The jockeys doubled as fashion icons as the crowd got the chance to examine the field. Then they were off. Our troops are now turning their attention to the real thing this afternoon. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.