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updating Ten News. Good morning. Natarsha Belling a contamination scare Police are investigating

at a Victorian Safeway temporary closure. that's forced the store's contained foreign objects Staff discovered some fresh produce and some goods were damaged. Three people are dead into a hill in central Queensland. after a twin-engine plane crashed for the Yellow Wiggle. And health fears

Details 11:00am.

are still breaking at this stage. Yes, details of this story down pending a full investigation. But the supermarket has been shut purchased at one of its stores all fresh fruit and vegetables to any suspicious activity asking any witnesses is under way right now A media conference information in the morning news. and we'll have all the latest

right around the country. This is a story that concerns parents will face assault charges a Perth childcare centre last week. after the alleged incident at Police say next month The women will appear in court on seven counts of common assault, from 7 to 20 months old. relating to children babies' feet several weeks ago, allegedly only began tying And it also been revealed

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a public health alert. as police issue of a fatal plane crash Investigators on the way to the scene in central Queensland. Three people have been killed. And the Wiggle's mystery illness. The serious health scare popular children's personalities. for one of the nation's most Details 11:00am. Whatever you want! (People shout) Whoo-hoo! Saturday Super Draw. With Lotto's massive $21 million Time's running out, by Saturday November 4 so get your entries in and you could:

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This program is captioned live. Fruit and veg recall - closes a Victorian supermarket. a contamination scare against childcare workers Charges laid accused of restraining babies. And a health scare most popular children's performers. for one of the nation's

But first this morning, has been rocked a Melbourne supermarket by a food contamination scare of fruit and vegetables. that's led to a major recall by reporter Gerard Scholten For the latest we're joined who's at the Safeway store affected. were found in the fresh produce? And Gerard, what foreign objects