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(generated from captions) from 7:30 on Sunday night. Midnight Oil Legendary Australian rockers into the ARIA Hall of Fame on Sunday, will be inducted recognition for a band with political messages. that combined musical success

traded in the glamour of rock stardom Well-known frontman Peter Garrett has for a seat in Federal Parliament. Greg Turnbull He talked to political reporter about the award about the transition, and about a possible reunion. the power and the passion. # (Sings) # Oh, oh

and around the world Strutting the stage in Australia and raw messages, with rock rifts from 1977. that was Peter Garrett for 25 years of the Conversation Foundation He added the presidency to his repertoire during the 1990s, but for many Australians,

and voice of Midnight Oil. he'll always be the enigmatic face

inducted into the Aria's Hall of Fame Well, congratulations for being as part of Midnight Oil. or does it just make you feel old? Is it a crowning achievement for you

but, Greg, thank you. Well, I actually feel pretty young, playing in Australia, No, it's a great honour for the band to Australian people and being relevant and connecting with our audience of what we did I think was always a big part

and we played with a lot of people in the Hall of Fame. who were already They were our mates that we were making music during the period of time

with this recognition, and now we get to join them so it's beaut. You say a big part of what you did.

of Midnight Oil? What was the highlight or focus or was it the political message? Was it the music as a band I think the big story about us for the period of time that we did. is that we managed to stay together

and that we got off on We made music that we loved that were important to us and we said things with other people. and sometimes connected We weren't intending to be, seen as a band and I don't think we should ever be other people that simply wanted to convince of what it was talking about. a bunch of musicians This was primarily

who had strong ideas about the world in getting up on the stage but who took great delight and playing their songs to people.

put his hand up for the Labor Party In 2004, Peter Garrett

of Kingsford-Smith in Sydney. and stood for the seat the transition? Has it been hard to make just very different. I don't know about hard, when I was in ACF Even though I came in here good things on the environment, and really wanted governments to do and watched it closely, so I'd been into the parliament

charged and competitive atmosphere but I guess it's just a very highly that you're in. Secretary for Reconciliation He's now Labor's Parliamentary

and the Arts, a team player a post that requires him to be

Labor caucus. in a sometimes pragmatic a stupid question I'm going to ask, Look, this is probably going to be but anyway, what is more fun? of the House of Representatives? Being a rock star or being a member that nothing would ever compare Ah, I don't think there's any doubt with the Oils to the charge of being on stage

that wanted to hear you play in front of a bunch of people

and were enjoying it. that I was lucky enough to have. That is a fantastic experience

about what I'm going to do But if I'm going to be serious are important to the country, in terms of the issues that I think

and delight from sitting right here then I take great pleasure and being in the parliament. reforming and going on the road What are the chances of Midnight Oil plus Peter Garrett MP? as Midnight Oil at some point in time We could probably do something if the boys wanted to

and it was for a really good cause. and the conditions were right billy, a couple of acoustic guitars Sitting around under a tree with a and those other four guys, I'd do it any time. year, with it being an election year. You won't have a lot of time next happen next year. No, I don't think it's going to Thanks for talking to Ten News. Thanks.