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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Outrage this morning cleric blames women for sex attacks. after Australia's top Muslim police guard in a Fiji hospital. Con man Peter Foster under defends her Malawi adoption. And Madonna

Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICE-OVER: This is the Seven Good morning. Welcome to Seven News.

for Australia's top Muslim cleric There are calls today for his comments about women. to be sacked and deported has sparked outrage Sheik Taj Aldin Al-Halali who don't cover up their bodies by claiming women are to blame for sexual attacks. in Sydney, In an address to worshippers

for adultery 90% of the time he said they are responsible

to control men. and are weapons used by Satan The sheik also likened women that attracts voracious animals. to abandoned meat his comments are unacceptable. Treasurer Peter Costello says leaders will speak out today I hope that the moderate Muslim and condemn these comments

this is not the view of Islam. and make it clear that by some other Muslim leaders. The comments have been condemned Islamic Council of Victoria Shereen Hassan from the joins me now from Melbourne. Good morning, Shereen. of the Sheik's comments? What's your view

They are offensive to Muslims but to

non-Muslims and to males and females

Do other Muslims share his views? I

actually haven't come across any

Muslims who share his view. Every


Muslim I spoke to have condemned

what he said Prue Goward what he said Prue Goward has called

for him to be deported saying it is

an incitement to crime. He is an

Australian citizen but we have

called for the abolition of the role

of mufti Why

of mufti Why do you believe he

should not remain as the mufti

Because he is not representative of

the mainstream Muslim opinion? What

is the mainstream Muslim opinion? It

specific says that males should

lower their gaze and rape is never

justified. His comments

and extremely offensive His comments justified. His comments are false

are wearing the traditional head

receipts? Is it a symbol that you

are Muslim or to protect you from

sexual harassment No, not at all.

is something I do to show my love of sexual harassment No, not at all. It

god and show my identity as a Muslim

women Generally speaking, how are Muslim

women treated in your religion They

are a diverse and you might get are a diverse and you

cases of Muslim women who are not

treated fairly but that is

treated fairly but that is contrary

to Islamic teachings. You might get

situations where Jewish women situations where Jewish women are not treated fairly. not

not treated fairly. We appreciate

your comments. Thank you very much

for your time this morning. Thanks

for having me on. has begun a 2-day tour The Prime Minister of struggling farming communities. John Howard will see first-hand on grain and stock properties the effect the drought is having in New South Wales. After visiting Parkes, to meet irrigators. he'll head to the Victorian border an announcement on climate change The PM is expected to make during the tour. to farmers The Government's assistance package $2 billion this week. was pushed to more than Legendary con man Peter Foster in a Fiji hospital today remains under police guard trying to escape capture. after his dramatic arrest He is wanted for attempting of a local resort to discredit the developer and for immigration violations. is outside the hospital in Suva. Seven reporter Gemma Haines She joins me now on the phone now. Good morning, Gemma. What happened during the arrest?

Hello. As you said, Peter Foster has

been on the run in the South Pacific

for several weeks after police began

invest gating him as a holiday

invest gating him as a holiday report. Members found him

report. Members found him about 40

kilometres from here yesterday. He

has try today allude kaptors by jump has try today allude kaptors by jump

off a bridge. The police took a

speed boat and the propellers the

boat have clipped. Him. He is now

here at the colonial war memorial

hospital under police guard Any word hospital under police guard Any word

on his condition today? He has been

on his condition today? He has been

treated for a minor head injury. He

has received a couple of stitches to

the forehead. We spoke to his

Peter Foster surgeon only an hour ago and he

surgeon only an hour ago and he said

Peter Foster has been complaining of

some pain to the laceration to his

next 24 hours head. They will keep him for the some pain to the laceration to his

next 24 hours because that is what

they generally do. Just interesting

too, Peter Foster's mother has been

too, Peter Foster's mother has been

quoted in today's Fiji times that

her son was bashed by police and his

surgeon said they couldn't find

surgeon said they couldn't find evidence of any bruises on him. Once

interviewed by he is declared well enough to be

interviewed by police he will be interviewed by police he will be

escorted from the hospital to

interviewed Thank you. escorted from the hospital to be counter-terrorism police New South Wales of explosive material are looking for 400kg earlier this month. stolen from a freight train of ammonium nitrate Thieves took the load

near Newcastle on 6 October. when the train stopped briefly

used in both Bali bombings. The explosive is the same ingredient

There's growing speculation Police Minister Carl Scully former New South Wales will quit politics altogether his handling of the Cronulla riots. after being forced to resign over

demanded his resignation Premier Morris Iemma

Parliament twice in a week after Mr Scully admitted misleading over the report into the riots. had to go back into the chamber The reality is that when Carl to correct that earlier statement, of one mistake too many. it was simply a case returned home to be with his family. Later, an emotional Mr Scully who've loved me for a very long time I wish to go and join the people and intimidation of people like you without the harassment on my doorstep. Transport Minister John Watkins to his responsibilities. now adds the police portfolio will find out today Australia's low-paid workers if they're going to receive a pay rise. will make its first ruling The new Fair Pay Commission this morning in Melbourne. a $30-a-week pay rise Unions are seeking

for the country's 1.5 million low-paid workers. Some welcome news today for home owners considering installing solar energy. In our bulletin yesterday morning, I asked Treasurer Peter Costello about claims the Government's $4,000 rebate was being phased out. Take it from me - it hasn't been phased out and it's a very good idea. Well, this morning the Treasurer re-affirmed his commitment to the solar program, which comes up for review before the Federal Budget next year. I think it's a good program. I think when the evaluation is finished, you'll see the rebate in a very healthy condition. The average cost of installing household solar energy runs between $10,000 and $15,000. Sexual Crimes Squad detectives hope to interview more teenagers today over the production and distribution of an explicit DVD. Up to a dozen Victorian boys could face charges over the film, which shows a disabled 17-year-old girl being degraded.

Several teenagers have already been interviewed after their parents handed them in to police.

Officers are also appealing for anyone with any information about how the DVD was produced to come forward.

Pop diva Madonna has spoken on camera for the first time,

about the adoption of 13-month-old Malawi boy David Banda. In an interview with US talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey, she said she's been surprised by the all the attention and outrage. Seven reporter Anna Coren joins me from LA. Good morning, Anna.

How did Madonna react to all the headlines?

This is a woman who is no stranger

to controversy so she is not

particularly phased by what the

particularly phased by what the

media is saying. She is concerned media is saying. She is concerned what this may

what this may mean for other African

orphans. She was transfixed when she

saw little David in footage for a saw little David in footage for a

documentary for Malawi. She has documentary for Malawi. She has been

quite involved in this community,

setting up a foundation and other

charities. She and Guy have been

planning to adopt a child for a few planning to adopt a child for a few years.

years. They flew to Malawi where

they met David where he had a severe

case of pneumonia. She is passionate case of pneumonia. She is passionate

what she did and hope it doesn't

deter other couples from adopting

children from other countries. I am

disappointing because I understand that gossip and that gossip and telling negative

stories sells newspapers, but I

think for me I am disappointed

think for me I am disappointed because more than anything it

discourages other people from doing

the same thing. Madonna is not

defending herself but rather setting

defending herself but rather setting the record straight The reports said

that David's father didn't realise it was a permanent

it was a permanent adoption. That's

it was a permanent adoption. That's right that is what the media is

saying. Madonna is saying that is

false and manipulated the truth and put words false and manipulated the truth and

put words in David's father. This

put words in David's father. This process has been paid with David's adoption.

adoption. Madonna said she did

everything by the book and had a

written oral

written oral from David's father.

written oral from David's father.

Let's listen to Madonna. And he

looked into my eyes and said to me

that he was very grateful that I was

going to give his son a life and

that...that had he kept his son

that...that had he kept his son with him in the village he would have

buried him. This is an interim

adoption which means over adoption which means over the next 18

18 months social workers will come

to Madonna's

to Madonna's house and check on his

wellbeing and after that she can

permanently adopt him. Next in Seven News - we'll have our business and finance report and surgeons set to perform the world's first full-face transplant.

US President George W. Bush is trying to reassure Americans the coalition will win the war in Iraq.

But faced with growing unpopularity and looming mid-term elections, President Bush says he's adjusting his tactics to deal with the upsurge in violence. The events of the past month have been a serious concern to me and a serious concern to the American people. Amid the deadliest month in a year for US forces,

President Bush promised the war in Iraq has not been lost.

My view is - the only way we lose in Iraq is if we leave before the job is done. He said Iraq's new government is making progress but needs to do more. We're making it clear that America's patience is not unlimited. Yet we also understand the difficult challenges Iraq's leaders face, and we will not put more pressure on the Iraqi government than it can bear. Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki today declared he won't be pressured, denying US claims just a day earlier that his government had agreed to a timeline for reform. "We do not believe in a timetable," he said, "and no-one will impose one on us." President Bush downplayed what some see as a diplomatic slap in the face. If his point is - is that those benchmarks or the way forward

can't be imposed upon Iraq by an outside force,

he's right. This is a sovereign government. But we're working closely with the government. President Bush also acknowledged that more troops may be needed to accomplish the mission. Look, I want to get our troops home as fast as we can. But I do not want to, you know, leave before we achieve victory. British surgeons are preparing to perform the world's first full-face transplant following the recent success of a part transplant in France. 34 people are hoping to undergo the procedure in the coming months,

but experts are warning of dangerous side-effects. It's the stunning success of surgery on Isabelle Dinoire that has convinced British doctors that the time is now right

to carry out the world's first full-face transplant. The scars where the French team attached the nose, lips and chin from a dead donor are barely visible. Her healthy appearance after being savaged by a dog was crucial in winning the support of the ethics committee

of the Royal Free Hospital in North London for a full transplant, which is expected to take place there within months. We've been looking for people with pan-facial or full facial injury

either due to burn accident or infection and they're the patients that have been coming forward. They usually have had 50 to 70 reconstructive procedures, and reached the end of what modern plastic surgery can offer them. The British team has been approached by 34 patients so far. Four will be shortlisted for surgery. In an operation expected to take 10 hours,

a team of up to six surgeons will reattach the skin and underlying muscle and tissue from a donor onto the recipient. It's the difference between being able to go out and not being able to go out - being a prisoner in your own house because you just can't accept the way you look. In most organ transplants, we assume that the operation is being performed to actually prolong the patient's life.

In a face transplant,

the operation may actually shorten Surgeons in China, who reconstructed the face of a man attacked by a bear earlier this year, and a team in the United States are also planning to do a full transplant. To business and finance news now, and joining us is Kylie MacDonald from ABN AMRO Morgans. Good morning, Kylie. Wall Street is continuing to hit record highs.

How is the Aussie market this morning?

Wall Street up again and the US fed

will keep an eye on inflation.

Resource stocks have bounced

Resource stocks have bounced back from their recent lows and the banks

are enjoying a good one. are enjoying a good one. November and

and December are buoyant months What

is the story with ANZ. There was an

upgrade and shares up about 50 cents

T3 float is in swing and what is the

share price doing? It has been

share price doing? It has been very strong, especially from

strong, especially from sophisticated investors and also the

turnaround story. The share price

has been strong and the

has been strong and the institution is getting set before their shares

open and trading around 375. Back open and trading around 375. Back to you. Sport is next in Seven News after this short break.

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The Australian cricket team is back in the nets today ahead of Sunday's Champions Trophy clash against India. The Aussies must beat India to lock away a top-two finish in their group and a semifinals spot.

New Zealand became the first side into the semifinals with a 51-run victory over Pakistan. The Kiwis managed 7/274 from their 50 overs

before bowling out Pakistan for 223. Black Caps all-rounder Scott Styris top-scored with 86. Australian coach Kevin Sheedy has hit back at the Irish media as his side prepares for the first International Rules game at the weekend. The Aussies have been labelled thugs by some of the Irish newspapers because of last year's series,

but Sheedy says the headlines won't intimidate them. When we play, we're gruesome Australia. It's amazing -

the words get changed slightly when we are playing another nation. A sell-out crowd is expected in Galway for game one. The South Sydney Rugby League Club could create some history off the field next year if co-owner Peter Holmes a Court has his way. The millionaire businessman wants to offer his players more money

if they'll stay off the drink for the entire season. The Rabbitohs will become the first team to offer such an incentive. Souths has finished with the wooden spoon three times since 2002. Two games in the NBL overnight and it's the same old feeling for new Dragons coach Shane Heal. The code's new boys went down 103-88 to Adelaide.

It's the Dragons sixth-straight loss. In the night's other match, Perth was too good for Melbourne, winning 99-97. Most clubs have given the AFL's fixture the thumbs up, especially Collingwood. They'll play 15 of their 22 games at home at the MCG. Next in Seven News - we'll check the weather around the country.

What time's your flight back this afternoon? 4:30. I'm on the 5:00. I'll change it so we can fly back together. Mm-hm. Qantas, right? Because of your deep-seated sense of patriotism and allegiance to our country's unique marsupial treasure. Actually, I fly Qantas

because they know I like my beer in the evening and my newspaper in the morning.


Let's take a look at the weather forecast now. A band of mid- to high-level cloud is stretching across New South Wales causing some patchy showers and storms. Another cold front is approaching Victoria and Tasmania, but it won't have any effect until late tonight. Around the capitals -

Political incorrectness puts a frown on most faces these days, but a new movie, which premieres here in November, is set to turn that into a barrel of laughs. Sacha Baron Cohen, the fiance of Australian actress Isla Fisher, stars as Borat, a journalist from Kazakhstan trying to learn more about America.

Aboard his transport of choice - horse and cart - and surrounded by his family of Kazak peasants

and others dressed as prostitutes, Borat, Kazakhstan's second most successful reporter, arrived in Leicester Square at the premiere of his movie. Now you said recently

if this film has success, you will be executed.

Correct. Are you hopeful you might survive now? Yes, I hope very much peoples in England come see my movie films. I love England very much, and very excited to be here and maybe to make a romance inside your Spice Girls. The movie, in fact not shot in Kazakhstan, but Romania, before heading to the States, sees Borat travel from New York to California in search of his new love, Pamela Anderson.

But the racist misogynist anti-Semite told by Kazakhstan to bring back lessons of American culture leaves a trail of destruction from coast to coast. MOVIE: If this car drive into a group of gypsy, will there be any damage to the car? It depends on how hard you hit them, and all that. Hard! Your wife?

Nope, that's my wife. In my country, they would go crazy... (all laugh) ..for these two - not so much... He's a bit of a misogynist, he's a bit of an anti-Semite, but he's a very funny character. And that's Seven's Morning News to now.

We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and 6:00. We'll leave you with the latest in car technology from the Motor Show, which opens in Sydney today. I'm Ann Sanders.

Have a lovely day. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.