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(generated from captions) And the focus on breast cancer have doubled over 20 years. as new research shows rates This program is captioned live.

with Ann Sanders. VOICE-OVER: This is the 10:30 News Good morning. Welcome to Seven News. Labor frontbenchers their South Australian colleagues have been forced to defend out of a conference who yesterday locked reporters members of a union. because they weren't The Government's pounced on the row a Beazley Government would operate. and says it's a sign of how

For months Labor has railed discrimination against workers about the Government's industrial relations laws. under its WorkChoices of rank hypocrisy Now the ALP has been accused from covering a speech by banning journalist by the alternative Prime Minister because they aren't union members. still control the Labor Party? REPORTER: Mr Beazley, do the unions shoulder to shoulder. Ah, no. We ah... we stand

tried to dismiss the ban Labor frontbenchers on non-union journalists as a local South Australian issue. conference giving an address. Mr Beazley is a guest at that that sets the rules. It's the South Australian branch to do that That's their democratic right considered in the future. and I'm sure that it will be can't you comment on it? REPORTER: As a matter of principle, As a matter of principle, to get the fact about the matter it's appropriate for me before I comment on it. It's ammunition for the Government Labor's attack on its work laws which has struggled to counter is winning over public support. and which the way they're going - I think it demonstrates when it comes to work practices there will be no choice under a Labor Party to government. if they're ever elected As some have suggested, imagine the outcry from Labor journalists from one of his speeches if the Prime Minister banned

because they are union members. Prime Minister Howard has declared nuclear power in Australia. he's in favour of developing a radioactive weapons program, He's ruled out to gain from the energy source. but says the nation has a lot at nuclear power as an option We should be looking seriously it doesn't emit greenhouse gases because it's clean and

the extreme greenies oppose it. and I can't understand why by the Opposition. It's not a view shared banned under a Labor Government. It says nuclear power would be against military action And Mr Howard has warned of North Korea's nuclear tests. in the wake financial and weapons sanctions, The UN has voted to impose

to threaten war. prompting the rogue state You have to persevere. None of these things are easy. your head and launch an attack. The last thing you should do is lose to invade North Korea. Mr Howard says there are no plans on another drought relief package Federal Cabinet will today sign off for Australia's struggling farmers. $750 million The package is tipped to be worth country declared drought-affected. and will see even more parts of the If they walk off the land, and will become baron, then the land will be swept away and environmental reasons so there are economic and social to support them. more than $1 billion on farm aid, The Government has so far spent

has serious implications acknowledging the drought for the entire nation.

for record sales of livestock The drought's being blamed

around the country. to afford food and water Farmers say they're struggling for their animals. Seven News reporter Trent Evans

in Victoria is at an auction at Geelong and joins me now. Good morning, Trent. for the price of one steak? We hear the cows are selling

this morning cattle selling That is right. Basically we heard $

$25 to $ this morning cattle selling between

$25 to $30 for the whole animal.

That is cattle not in

condition. That is purely to blame That is cattle not in good

because of the drought. That is less

than half than what the farmers

would normally expect How much more

livestock is up for auction than

would normally be up for sale

Geelong is

Geelong is a small sale yard and

they would sell 2,000 stock and

today on the

today on the books there is 10,000.

There are truck loads arriving by There are truck loads arriving

the minute What is the mood? How are

farmers reacting to having to

so much livestock? They are not farmers reacting to having to sell

happy. They are using words like

disaster and telling stories of

their friends who have had to walk

away from the farm because the bank their friends who have had to walk

is refusing to

is refusing to extend the credit

What happens if the prices plummet

any further? We are hearing cases of

stock being handed in because no-one

is interested in buying this of

them. A lot of people are trying to

off-load their stock. Over in Gold

off-load their stock. Over in Gold

burn there are teams that being

killed off eight head a day Thank

you for your time this morning. A 19-year-old man is dead

south-east of Melbourne. after a head-on crash of the Holden station wagon The driver died at the scene was airlifted to hospital while his 19-year-old passenger in a critical condition.

on the Berwick-Cranbourne Road The accident happened last night at Clyde North.

travelling in the other vehicle A man and woman were treated for minor injuries. the town of Tallebudgera A bushfire overnight has threatened on the Gold Coast Hinterland. Crews backburned to protect homes above the town. as the fire flared in hills prepared to evacuate. Owners of this boarding kennel But it wasn't necessary, to bring the blaze under control. with fire crews able has shaken Hawaii, A strong earthquake and triggering a state of emergency. knocking out power has the latest from our US Bureau. Seven reporter Louise Pennell Good morning, Louise. How bad is the earthquake?

The good news is there are no

reports of major damage or deaths reports of major damage or deaths

but Hawaii's governor has issued a but Hawaii's governor has issued a

disaster declaration. The quake hit

the big island at a magnitude of the big island at a magnitude of 6.

and was followed by aftershocks the big island at a magnitude of 6.6

including one that measured including one that measured 5.

including one that measured 5.8.

They triggered landslides like They triggered landslides like this

one on the north side of the Big

Island. At least one hotel reported structural damage and structural damage and the hospital

structural damage and the hospital

was evacuated. Power outages were

reported all over Hawaii and

telephone communication wrz

telephone communication wrz

congested calling family and

friends. There is no risk of a friends. There is no risk of a

tsunami but there are emergency

crews going to remote areas of the

big island away from big island away from big island away from the popular

tourist spots What has been the

tourist spots What has been the

reaction of the locals to the quake.

Authorities say the

Authorities say the timing Authorities say the timing of the

quake was in the best interest of

the residents. It is Sunday here and

most residents and tourists were in

bed rather than on

bed rather than on the

bed rather than on the bed. Most

reported feeling the rumbling for

two minutes. Let's here from one who

was home with her daughter was home with her daughter and

husband at the time of the quake.

The whole house was shaking and we

had rocks that were falling down in

a couple of the rooms we had a lot

of glass all over the floor. It

of glass all over the floor. It shattered everywhere. It seems shattered everywhere. It seems the

thing that's were the heaviest moved

the most Residents and tourists have

gone to the local stores to stock up

on food and water. There are on food and water. There are reports

that power has been restored.

Although the airport wrz closed for

about an hour they have now reopened

about an hour they have now reopened

Thank you. We will hear more about

that story as it develops. Janette Howard has revealed the mystery illness she received treatment for 10 years ago was cervical cancer. The Prime Minister's wife kept her illness to herself until now.

Janette bravely revealed her battle at a breakfast for Breast Cancer Week. I don't have breast cancer -

My cancer was cervical cancer and

there are media stories that I

perhaps at this point want to clear it up. Figures out today show the number of women diagnosed with the disease has doubled in the past 20 years. But it's not all bad news. To tell us why, I'm joined by the director of the National Breast Cancer Centre Dr Helen Zorbas. Good morning, Dr Zorbas. Thank you very much for your time today. Now, these statistics sound alarming, but you say it highlights a positive story.

The increase in incidents, or the increase in numbers that are being diagnosed means that we're getting a lot of women presenting earlier. And so, many cancers that perhaps wouldn't have been diagnosed till quite late

are being found at an earlier stage and that's reflected in the good-news story today which is that survival rates have improved dramatically over those past 20 years, as well. Well, that is wonderful news. Besides more women getting early checks,

is there any other reason why the rate of breast cancer has doubled? What we're seeing in Australia is symptomatic of what's occurring in most Western countries. We think that lifestyle factors have a part to play in women developing breast cancer. For example, many women are putting off having children till later in life, if at all. They're having fewer children and they're breastfeeding less, if at all.

Compared to, say, their counterparts in less developed countries of the world. Also, as a population, we're more obese, we have a sedentary lifestyle, we're drinking more alcohol and all these factors do impact on increasing the risk for breast cancer.

Well, what's keeping breast cancer sufferers alive? We're seeing two aspects of the survival improvements. One is the early detection, and that is really significant. If you can get the cancer before it's had the opportunity to spread to other parts of the body,

then the treatment can be effective.

And the other part is the effectiveness of the treatments. And they've improved dramatically over recent years. So, where does your focus now move

to improve the care of breast cancer survivors? What we're highlighting today is that for the 114,000 women

who are out there living with breast cancer, many of those women have significant problems, in terms of adjustment, to a new normality because life after breast cancer is not the same as it was before. So it is important to help breast cancer survivors well after they've been treated? Exactly.

The support mechanism seem to be very much in place at the time of diagnosis and around treatment,

but once treatment is completed, many patients feel they've been left alone to get on with it when they don't really feel they can. Very brave of Janette Howard to mention that she had cervical cancer at your pink ribbon breakfast this morning. She raised the issue of her own cancer, I think, to highlight that no matter which cancer it is, early detection is really important.

And that some of the issues for breast cancer are really generic across other cancers, as well.

She was very brave, I think, to talk about her own story, but she put it in the context of not putting off knowing your own body and not addressing issues if you find a change. A great message that we all need to hear. Dr Helen Zorbas, thank you very much for your time this morning. Thank you, Ann. More children are surviving cancer, thanks to the development of powerful drugs.

But new research,

published in America's 'New England Journal of Medicine', suggests those medicines can lead to health concerns later in life. It is one of the great success stories of modern medicine. A few decades ago most children with cancer did not survive. Now more than 80% do.

Linda Aponte, whose daughter Lana was diagnosed with leukaemia at age four, says the treatment is never easy. People go through through tragedies. And you do, you do get strong. New research out today shows that the challenges can continue for a lifetime, that powerful drugs given to young bodies to kill cancer may leave lasting effects. A study of more than 10,000 young adult survivors of childhood cancer finds that three quarters have a chronic health condition and in more than 40%,

the conditions can be debilitating or life-threatening. Danielle Deangelis, now 34, battled cancer from age 8 to 10. As an adult, she has had to have her thyroid removed and surgery for heart problems. Do you ever feel bitter that you have to face these health problems?

Yes and...yes and then I try to kick myself in the butt and say, "Stop it" because I know that there are a lot of people a lot worse off. Knowing the risks can be an advantage. The good side is that we can reduce that risk, we can prevent many of these problems or we can certainly make them less severe with early diagnosis and management. Indeed, Danielle Deangelis leads a very active life,

sailing and travelling the world for her job, and she expects that with frequent check-ups

she will stay healthy into old age. Next in Seven News - our business and finance report, and Nicole Kidman's pledge to the women of Kosovo.

Angelina Jolie has attacked Australia over its record on refugees. The actress says Australia, Europe and the US ignore the plight of people who are fleeing repressive regimes. The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador says refugees have died trying to get into the country but the issue is being ignored. After pledging to be "a voice" for the women of Kosovo, Nicole Kidman has toured several villages in the province.

She travelled to Arllat, then on to Gjakova in her role as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. It was one of the hardest-hit areas during the 1998-1999 war. Up to 1,000 men disappeared from the town. Kosovo, which is still officially part of Serbia, has been run by a UN mission since 1999. The Hollywood actress is hoping to raise awareness

of women's rights during her 2-day trip.

In the US, the driver of a big rig is counting his blessings after a frightening accident. He lost control of his truck and found himself dangling over a highway overpass in Brooklyn, New York. All the more worrying was his load of flammable liquids. The injured driver waited in the cab of the rig

while rescue crews worked to free him. Firefighters eventually used a cherry picker to pull him to safety. Police are considering filing charges. They are well known as the kings of the jungle but one pride of lions has been acting like anything but. Now a safari park in Scotland has developed a rather novel way for these beasts to reconnect with their natural hunting skills. LION ROARS The lions at this safari park don't have much to do,

apart from bothering the neighbours, that is. And they're certainly happy with the park's new recruit. The Lion Drover is a kind of electronic zebra substitute designed to give the captive animals the experience of hunting prey. The remote controlled all-terrain vehicle, with its go-faster stripes can reach up to 30mph,

giving the pride a much-needed workout. Hunting behaviour is sort of a key part of what a carnivore is, so it kind of not only does the immediate sort of hunting behaviour obviously benefit their physical welfare,

but it also changes their behaviour, and for the days afterwards, basically, there's an increase in their social behaviour because they're a social carnivore.

It's attracted lots of interest from the residents and humans alike. To business and finance news now, and joining us is Bill Evans, Global Head of Economics at Westpac. Good morning, Bill. Some important overseas developments will have a major influence on markets this week. What are you expecting?

We saw a surprise jump in consumer

sentiment in the US now back to its

highest level of confidence. More

interestingly when US consumers are

asked about housing that

asked about housing that is back to

the August rate. The out look in the August rate. The out look in the

US may be improving US may be improving and that means

the likely interest cuts in the US

may be delayed further. We will have

more information when we get the

inflation number. Interest rates inflation number. Interest rates not

falling soon in the US is something falling soon in the US is something

that the share market won't like

that the share market won't like a

lot but the stronger growth out lot but the stronger growth out look

will certainly help. We have

will certainly help. We have been talking about the drought this

talking about the drought this

morning. What impact is that likely

to have on growth, inflation and

interest rates? We have to go back

to the last drought we had in

2002-2003, that took about 1%

2002-2003, that took about 1%

growth. We expect another reduction growth. We expect another reduction

in 2007. On the inflation front,

there will be some upward

there will be some upward pressure

but the bank will tend to look

but the bank will tend to look through it but it won't mean that

they can't raise interest rates

again. If we look at the number of

workers in the country at the

moment, there are 343,000 rural

workers and 10 million non rural workers and 10 million non rural

workers. While we don't expect too workers. While we don't expect too

much of a fall, we lost 100,000 jobs and we and we

much of a fall, we lost 100,000 jobs and we don't expect that because

those jobs have not been recovered. those jobs have not been recovered.

The best is drought relief The best is drought relief packages

and we expect to see one out today.

That will be a relief Thank you That will be a relief Thank you for

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Cricket vice captain Adam Gilchrist says Australia is ready to claim its first-ever Champions Trophy. The Aussie cricketers finalised their preparations against a Mumbai XI overnight. Three players scored half centuries and Gilchrist says everyone is ready to go. Feel really good, really fresh, and feel the two matches that we've had has been enough

and we're back ready to play. Australia's group opponents England were beaten by four wickets by India. New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma has sent a warning to English cricket fans, pointing out that under new laws anyone causing trouble during the Ashes could be banned for up to five years. to the British Government Mr Iemma has written worst sporting hooligans. asking for a list of the country's are expected to attend the series. More than 20,000 UK visitors has arrived in Melbourne The Australian Rugby League team from New Zealand, with Kiwi forward David Kidwell. promising a "get square" in high spirits The Aussies arrived at their hotel following Saturday's 30-18 win. Coach Ricky Stuart says to run at his forwards this weekend he doesn't expect Kidwell

on Willie Mason. following his hard hit a look at last night's stoush A-League officials will take

John Kosmina between Adelaide United coach and Melbourne captain Kevin Muscat.

The pair had a heated moment of their match in Melbourne. during the closing stages They had to be separated started getting serious. when their clash

action. They'll now face disciplinary Adelaide won the match 1-0. on Seven's Morning News. Stay with us here I'll be back with the weather forecast after this break.

Time now to check the weather. A shower or two and 26 for Brisbane. The chance of a shower in Sydney and 19. Overcast but fine in Canberra. A sunny 21 degrees in Melbourne. Fine in Hobart. Up to 27 in Adelaide. Mostly fine and 20 degrees in Perth. And some cloud around for Darwin. to now. And that's Seven's Morning News

throughout the day We'll keep you up to date at 4:30 and 6:00. and in our bulletins I'm Ann Sanders. Have a great day. Thanks for your company. Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions by the

UPBEAT THEME MUSIC and welcome to Hot Auctions. Hello there, Bruce Alexander, Last week we met Australian actor

of Sergeant Gray in Seachange whose characterisation has been winning him a lot of fans. his unit in Melbourne Now, Bruce is selling