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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Hello, I'm Tracey Spicer Tonight - the school-leavers' army - to boost Australia's troop numbers. a radical new approach Drug blitz - in a major crackdown. scores of nightclubbers arrested UN sanctions on trade and travel. North Korea hit with tough And the new poor - are seeking help from charities. why more middle-income families

forget backpacking around Europe - First tonight, to join the army for a year instead. Canberra wants 18-year-olds slashed the minimum level of service The Government's to boost Defence Force numbers. in a desperate bid

Every year 37,000 young Australians between high school and uni - take a break

the gap year.

or do volunteer work. Many go backpacking give the Defence Force a go instead. Now the Government wants them to the opportunity It'll give these young Australians to try before they buy. Those already in the game to seeing the world. think it's a great alternative They're paid for it lots of exciting things. and they get to do The rules will be changed, for at least four years, so instead of signing up

young people can join for 12 months and a bit of experience. for basic training so much they'll stay. The Minister hopes some will love it the Government's ruled it out, But even though is the first step to conscription. Labor fears the change We would have a problem with it if it's a stalking horse of national service. for the full-scale introduction can do more to lure young people. Others agree the Government what they should be offering - We think HECS waivers - in the regular defence forces so if you do 3-4 years, say, of HECS waived. you get three years worth a comprehensive report The Government has commissioned about the recruitment crisis. on what to do But the Defence Association says been sitting on it for two months the Minister's and wants the findings made public. that may be putting off young people One issue is our involvement in Iraq. former defence chief Peter Cosgrove And now has made the startling admission has boosted global terrorism. the war there But the Government says Australia won't pull out. it doesn't matter who says what

before the Iraqi Government says If we were to leave with its own security affairs that it is able to deal a victory. we will hand the terrorists

Laurel Irving, Ten News. Police around the country are warning they plan to target young revellers with illegal drugs. who continue to experiment

arrested in a nightclub drug blitz. It comes as dozens of people were Sending in the troops, in Brisbane's most popular nightspot. police crack down on illicit drug use 100 officers involved. There were more than through a packed Fortitude Valley, They made their way of revellers queuing outside clubs. their target - the hundreds Hey? One ecstasy tablet? What drugs have you got on you? with their backs against the wall, The young patrons were lined up arms raised. And, with the dog squad in action... Good boy, yeah. didn't go undetected. ..the party pills More than 40 people were arrested, under the age of 25. most of the drug offenders don't appreciate what harm A lot of young people probably from the use of ecstasy. can be be derived While the raids were taking place, could also be seen. the impact of drug use

in central Brisbane Five overdoses reported in the space of just a few hours. the random inspections will go on. And that police say, is why about drugs. about licenced premises We have a lot of intelligence

are just soaring. and our drug arrests they will continue to target clubs Police warn and irresponsible binge drinking. that turn a blind eye to drug use to be conducted More raids are expected through the end-of-year party months. Already, last night's activity of an apparent drug dealer. has led to the arrest will take a zero tolerance approach. Police in other States say, they too, Amanda McLeay, Ten News. has voted unanimously The UN Security Council on North Korea to impose punishing sanctions for its claimed nuclear test. North Korea rejected the resolution considered a declaration of war. warning any further pressure would be to have conducted nuclear tests, Six days after North Korea claims has voted unanimously to punish it. the UN Security Council

of a nuclear device The proclaimed test

of Korea by the Democratic People's Republic one of the gravest threats unquestionably poses to international peace and security has ever had to confront. that this council end its nuclear program The resolution demands North Korea and prevents the communist nation or materials from buying military hardware to make weapons of mass destruction, that might be used

to freeze the assets and ban travel and it orders all nations North Korea's weapons programs. for anyone engaged in supporting which was swift and tough, This action by the UN, in our determination says that we are united peninsula is nuclear-weapons free. to see to it that the Korean The resolution also allows countries going into and out of North Korea. to inspect cargo Alexander Downer says using Australia's navy to comply. the Government's considering full ban, as the Japanese have done, We will also be considering a visiting Australian ports. on North Korean vessels of China and Russia, To secure the votes the US and Japan had to agree to enforce the resolution. that military action will not be used But if North Korea refuses to comply, it will return to the UN the US has already said to demand tougher action. North Korea's ambassador

as "gangster like", immediately rejected the resolution warning that any further pressure as a declaration of war. would be seen that the Security Council This clearly testifies its impartiality has completely lost and still persists in applying a double standard in its work. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A frightening snapshot tonight of just how many Australians are in serious financial strive. Crippled with debt, millions of families are now being forced to turn to charities for basics as they struggle to survive. Welcome to the easy and very dangerous world of unlimited credit. There is such a commercial push and people are given the opportunity with credit cards and no limits. We tend to rely a lot on credit unnecessarily. We want it now, we're not willing to wait for it. I think it's got a lot to do with that whole concept of keeping up with the Joneses. It's this buy now pay later mentality and the rising cost of living that has seen a frightening number of Australians caught in a new cycle of debt. Charities around the country have been flooded with calls for help as many middle income Australians struggle to pay for food and everyday bills. What we have is people living in wonderful houses but behind that facade are people living right at the edge. Mission Australia alone has seen a 25% jump in homeowners needing help with many asking for vouchers to help buy basic necessities. And what's really concerning welfare agencies is this crisis is set to get even worse

with another possible interest rate rise on the way and Christmas just around the corner. These days they are paying more as a proportion of their income in mortgage interest repayments than they were paying in 1989 when interest rates hit their peak. Charities say credit is too easy to get but say more Australians need to take financial responsibility for their future. Lifestyle matters more than living in this plastic world of unreality. Let's get real again about what we can afford and how we can do it. Natarsha Belling, Ten News. As the country battles through drought, tough new measures are being introduced to conserve water. Federal Cabinet is also considering an extra $750 million rescue package for stricken farmers. A sad sign of the times. A once proud monument now a symbolic reminder of the dry state of the land. Dry and parched - Victoria's parklands no longer the Garden State. Melbourne now heading for its first stage two restrictions in years. We have to act now on water,

just as we have to act now on climate change. By next month, most Australian cities will have restrictions on watering the garden, sporting grounds and washing cars enforced. If they're going to deliberately do the wrong thing then we're going to be very hard on them. Victoria's Water Minister handing out free low-flow shower roses under an ironic sprinkle of rain. These shower roses can save up to 20,000 litres of water per household. It's astonishing. It's an amazing difference, so I'd be mad not to consider it. Following one of the driest winters on record, many sporting grounds are already suffering. and the situation will only get worse

when the tough new restrictions are put in place. Some hope for those hardest hit. The Government expected to approve a $750 million extension of its drought relief package in Cabinet tomorrow. We've reached the end of the line. We have to face reality and come to the assistance of farmers.

The economic flow-on already expected to hit consumers within months. This means we are going to see significant price rises

for food commodities over the summer period as this drought bites. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Still ahead, Australia puts Papua New Guinea on notice over the Julian Moti affair.

Mount Etna puts on a spectacular show. And another award for George Clooney, but where will he put it?

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This program is captioned live. Australia has suspended all ministerial contact with Papua New Guinea. The Foreign Minister says all ties will be cut until PNG thoroughly investigates how sex crimes suspect Julian Moti was allowed to escape to the Solomon Islands. In the meantime, I don't think it's appropriate that the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea to come to Australia, and I don't think the Defence Minister should come later this month, as was originally planned, and there's a question mark now as to whether we'll go forward with a ministerial forum with Papua New Guinea at the end of the year. Mr Downer is behaving like a bull in a china shop and it's time he realised Australia's long-term interests require a better touch. Mr Downer has warned Australia will not support corrupt governments. Another shocking gun attack in the United States. A video has been released purporting to show Chinese soldiers shooting dead at least one Tibetan man trying to cross into Nepal. The Chinese Government is investigating. A Romanian television crew covering a climbing expedition in the Himalayas was filming some of the locals when a gunshot rang out. The man at the front of the line drops to the ground. MAN: They're shooting them like dogs. Then he gets up and starts to run but later footage allegedly captures the gunmen in action and shows them looking at a shape in the snow which the cameraman says is the body of the dead Tibetan.

He then films a climber's tent, one of the Tibetans hiding out. inside he claims is another to the Dalai Lama? MAN: You wanted to go he hid the man for 12 hours, The cameraman says gave him clothes, across the glacier. then showed him the quickest way trying to cross Nanga La They told me they were Tibetans police trying to stop them. to go to Dalai Lama, and Chinese Very sad. China is investigating, one person was shot dead but has acknowledged by its border patrol soldiers 70 people trying to flee into Nepal. when they clashed with about Ali Donaldson, Ten News. has erupted again Sicily's Mount Etna of molten lava. with a spectacular display the volcano has woken up, It's the fifth time in two months down the side of the mountain, sending lava 2.5km from any houses and villages. well away last had any serious activity It's four years since Etna threw up a huge column of ash when a series of eruptions

which could be seen from space. and most active volcano, Etna is Europe's largest in an almost constant state of eruption. Nicole Kidman is visiting Kosovo as a UN goodwill ambassador. in her role women in the troubled province The actress is hoping to support about their rights. and raise awareness and basically educate myself Hear the stories if you need it. and I suppose be a voice for you She'll spend two days in the region, of the 1999 war in the Balkans. meeting survivors for his contribution to film. George Clooney has been honoured the American Cinematheque Award, After picking up other awards, including his Oscar. he joked about where he keeps his a little tiny room, Actually, there is a room, so that people don't, you know, which seemed too much for a while and I put one on the hood of car but now I think it looks good. He was presented with the prize Julia Roberts. by his 'Ocean's Eleven' co-star for a terrorist attack? Are we prepared enough are put through their paces, Emergency crews that's next. in the name of charity. Plus, riding into the history books a politician's photo opportunity And when doesn't go exactly to plan. the chicken used at KFC. A lot of people wonder about They know it tastes great but they're not sure if it's really fresh. it's delivered fresh, not frozen, Well, I can tell you, most trusted producers by some of Australia's like Inghams and Steggles. thinking - how would I know? Yeah, yeah, I know what you're I'm just a truck driver. I do drive a truck... You're spot-on - just like him. ..full of fresh chicken, SONG: # Can't beat that taste # Can't beat it, can't beat it # Can't beat that taste... # This program is captioned live. summertime blitz on Sydney's beaches Police have launched a a repeat of last year's race riots. to try to prevent

A special team of 80 officers from the land, sea and sky. will be patrolling today's beefed-up police presence. But not everyone was happy with the NSW Police Minister Carl Scully One local telling it's come a year too late. the heavy-handed approach. You're reacting, and now you've got at it, now, after it's happened - You're throwing all the blue boys after it's happened.

will also keep an eye on local shops Operation Beachsafe and train stations. to cope with a terrorist attack Australia's ability was under the spotlight today. A mock bomb blast on a city bus putting emergency crews through their paces.

No, don't leave me! in Adelaide, Emergency services put to the test

in the city. called to a mock terrorist attack The scenario - when a bomb explodes on a city bus, people seriously injured

exercise designed to see the national security training for a terrorist attack. how prepared we are these emergency practice sessions There's always things to learn from and that's why we do it. held afterwards, There's a number of debriefs we identify. so that we can address any problems

Police were first to arrive. they were tending to the victims. Within minutes, How about you lie down. Firefighters were next, and moving the injured to safety. assessing dangers the adequacy of response times A key aim of the exercise was to test in the event of a real attack. 10 minutes to arrive on scene. Ambulance officers took more than and others, will now be reviewed. The adequacy of that response, overall I'm confident that our response to the task at hand, absolutely, would be suitable rush in. and that doesn't always mean the exercise, were clearly alarmed. Many passers-by, unaware of We were actually on the 17th floor at the Oaks, here, this morning, and we've actually come out and freaked out on the balcony. It all looks very, very real. It could just be so horrific. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. A moving ceremony in Canberra

of the 'SIEV-X' five years ago. has commemorated the tragic sinking each of the 353 asylum seekers - Decorated poles marked mostly women and children - to Australia from Indonesia. who died when the ship sank en route to make the memorial permanent, Project organisers had hoped but were blocked by ACT officials. the fright of her life last night A Melbourne grandmother got an embankment. after her car almost tipped over down a steep driveway, The woman was reversing trying to avoid a letterbox. and it tipped, But she lost control of the car leaving her trapped inside. I was frightened to death. but for the car. Not for me, 'cause I wasn't, a little? MAN: Ah, OK, so the car could roll

No, for the car which is bloody new. a dent in the woman's pride. The only damage done - for this year's Lexmark Indy 300. The Gold Coast is gearing up the girls have donned their swimsuits The cars have arrived, and the roads are ready for racing. The precious Champ Car cargo landed at Brisbane airport late last night, ready to be carted to the Gold Coast. Stopping at pit lane, the race to get unpacked on time began. Today it was all systems go, for the week of racing action. crews preparing out by Customs before being unveiled. The Indy cars ready to get checked gave their vehicles the once over, Team Australia drivers happy to be on home turf.

very excited to get in to it. Yeah, the car looks great, The V8s haven't arrived yet got some engines revving. but the Supercar girls the competition is too it seems. Indy's always been a family event,

was last year's Miss V8 for the year Yes, my sister, Renee Maurer,

and she's let me know how good a competition it was. Stalls are now set up, the garages ready to get greased and the final touches have been put on the track. Roads around Surfers Paradise are being closed midnight tonight so motorists are preparing for the typical Indy traffic gridlock. Off track action starts tomorrow, the Champ Cars hit the turf Friday. Summer Burke, Ten News. More than 14,000 cyclists have taken part in Victoria's annual Around the Bay in a Day fun-ride. Beginning at dawn the cyclists headed through Melbourne's streets before cruising around Port Phillip Bay. The event raised over $300,000 for the Smith Family charity. Yes, Tracey. Big Willie didn't enjoy the New Zealand haka and he let the Kiwis know it. We'll have the fall-out from that. Plus, plenty more on the sports scene. The Blues big-hitting against the Redbacks. A Warne-ing for England. Plus, how not to start your run.

Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe, be prepared this bushfire season. DOOR SQUEAKS A more efficient way to achieve cross-ventilation can be seen at the eco-living exhibition, Majura Rise Estate, Roma Mitchell Crescent, North Watson.

This program is captioned live. Looking around the nation now: A Ukrainian baker has come up with a very tasteful wedding present for his bride. He created her wedding dress out of 2,000 profiteroles. It took two months to complete. The 28-year-old chef used a frame and carefully attached the cream puffs to it. He also made her crown, bouquet and necklace out of caramelized sugar. Bride Victoria said it was a bit embarrassing at first but by the end of the reception she didn't want to take it off. Tomorrow on Ten's Early News - buying real estate in the regions. We give you the lowdown on Queensland's hot spots. You won't believe the prices! You can still buy properties for between $200,000 and $250,000. You just look down every street, and there's houses that you just think, "Wow, I want to buy."

Plus, a warning for investors looking north - analysts reveal where not to buy. That's tomorrow at 6:00am. That brings you up to date with all the latest. Stay around now for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Tracey Spicer. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to Sports Tonight. We've got a stack of sport to bring you up to date with - we swear it. Willie can't hack the haka. This is not sport - the bloke's got to grow up. And the Kiwis get Mace in the face. Next - the Kangaroos' wild Test victory. We've got the Blues... COMMENTATOR: This will be six. ..but so, too, do the Windies. Plus, look who's back - the master text-tician.