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(generated from captions) new media ownership laws The Federal Government's may have passed through the Senate, still unhappy with the shake-up. but some Coalition senators are Barnaby Joyce crossed the floor Queensland Nationals Senator to the laws, to try to make last-minute changes but didn't have the numbers. Greg Turnbull. He's talking to political reporter Senator Barnaby Joyce, in the Government you've managed to impose some changes on this cross media legislation, but you're still not happy. Well, the changes we got were good over Australian media in the future but there's still a sceptre hanging by two entities, two houses that it could become controlled the opinion-making of Australia, and what that will do to in this parliament, the reflection of what happens that sceptre is still there. the pressures on this parliament, Now, we could have changed that. There was one amendment, me on, which if Family First had supported a greater control of diversity that we could've actually forced

to the future. why couldn't you do more to get it? What more did you want and Well, you know, I'm only one person. the two-out-of-three rule Look, what we did do was get both in regional and urban. content rules. What we did do was get the local

protect the diversity in Australia We needed to go that extra step to we needed that vital amendment. and we couldn't get there because Family First Senator Steve Fielding, involved in some sort of deal you're suggesting that he was What do you know of that? Senator Fielding has gone both ways.

that suggests He's voted for some amendments over-centralisation of media he has serious concerns about the he voted against changing it and then when it really counted, and that I find confusing in 10 years time I'm proven wrong. and it's something that I hope that I really do. I hope that nothing untoward happens mechanism if it does but we've got no protection divestiture powers now because there's no

in that manner because of the passage of that could break up a media organisation or monopoly. if it turns into an inherent duopoly We just don't have those powers. to Ten News. Senator Joyce, thanks for talking Thanks very much for having me.