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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to punish North Korea World leaders vow for its nuclear defiance. All of us agreed North Korea are unacceptable. the proclaimed actions taken by hauled into Parliament House The rouge state's Ambassador to face the fire. Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning.

First to international condemnation nuclear missile test. of North Korea's of the UN Security Council An emergency meeting sanctions on the rogue country. has been called to discuss imposing For the latest this morning, Leisa Goddard-Roles we'll cross to our US correspondent Paul Bongiorno in Canberra. and Ten's parliamentary bureau chief We'll go to the US now, in New York. where the United Nations has met condemnation of North Korea. Leisa, there's been universal modern those meetings. He praised

North Korea's actions. The un has

convened in a more emergency meeting convened in a more emergency meeting

with 15 members Union and mislead the breed that they can 10 breed that they can 10 the North breed that they can

Korea's action. There is a resolution

were they want trade bans against

North Korea. The one to stop all

luxury items being sent to the

country than they want the power of

stopping cargo going in and out of the country. of the North Korean test, To have a unanimous condemnation no-one defended it. to defending it. No-one even came close

the country. What has prison and the country. What has prison

which had to say? He says it is

unacceptable and provocative and

proposes a threat to international

police. He spent the morning on the

phone inspector the leaders of Japan,

China, Russia and South Korea. China, Russia and South Korea. Here

is what he said. to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula We reaffirmed our commitment and all of us agreed North Korea are unacceptable the proclaimed actions taken by and deserve an immediate response Security Council. from the United Nations China, Russia and South Korea. Here

is what he said. The un Security is what he said. The un

Council will meet again in has been called in The North Korean Ambassador by the Australian Government for a dressing-down this morning. Paul Bongiorno has the details. a tense meeting. Paul, this would have been Council will meet again in New York

tomorrow. It would have been ended

was a tense meeting as both sides

coming from opposite directions. The

North Korean ambassador told

reporters that the nuclear test had

everything to do with assuring

security for his nation. He says that

more will Coria is under threat of more will Coria is under threat

nuclear attack from the United

States. It players to defend itself.

He met a very stern face Alexander

Downer. He was polite but his body

language I gather most of the meeting

was Mr Downer lecturing the and best

of there. It was pretty stern, priest of there. It was pretty stern,

tough stuff. Mr Downer reinforce the

message that came out of New York

that no one in the world defended

this action. More Korea's greatest

friend China had been embarrassed and

humiliated by this test. He strongly

put the view that the Australian

government cannot believe that the

nation that relies on World aid to

feed its people would spend so much

money on whimpers - weapons of mass destruction. improve North Korea's security. I told him that this wouldn't this action of North Korea On the contrary, security environment of North Asia. has led to a deterioration in the As an Asia-Pacific country, particularly concerned about. that was something we were over a long period of time North Korea's actions in North Korea's security, have led to a reduction not an enhancement of its security. destruction. Mr Lau mother told money on whimpers - weapons of mass

reporters that Australia have Circe

considered cutting off diplomatic

relations with North Korea but

believes keeping some lines of King

and the patience open is a good way to. is warning of a growing threat An international terrorism expert in South-East Asia. authorities are being complacent Dr Zachary Abuza says despite alarming levels of violence. on terrorism in South East Asia Dr Zachary Abuza is a leading scholar is clear. and his warning to Australia out there on a day-to-day basis, If you really look at the violence and you put it all together, it's really alarming. is full of praise While the American professor

in the region, for more than 250 arrests won't bring an end to the violence. he admits authorities

recruit and train leaders These groups will always be able to faster than they can be neutralised. is still our biggest threat, Dr Abuza believes Indonesia

has also emerged as a problem area. although Thailand killed in less than 2.5 years. There have been about 1,700 people

in the world other than Iraq I can't think of any place where more Muslims have been killed. Complacency remains a serious issue is adapting its strategy because Jemaah Islamiah

using smaller and smarter weapons of suicide bombers. and drawing from a wider pool

the blow back from Iraq I don't think we've even seen yet in the region. 18 JI leaders remain at large with al-Qa'ida. most of whom have links Kate Donnison, Ten News.

extra powers And police may be afforded It's make-or-break day media ownership changes, for the Federal Government's key changes. with rebel Nationals still blocking their transition through the Senate The changes are supposed to begin this afternoon. behind the scenes, Despite frantic lobbying he remains concerned Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce says if the reforms go through. that local content will suffer I think there's a lot of consensus Liberal Party members as well. within a lot of

of the National Party, It's not just a concern of quite a number of people. it's a concern

has infuriated some Liberal MPs, The Nationals' reluctance but the bill could be withdrawn the numbers if the Government hasn't got to get the changes through. is using coffee to help the homeless. How one of Australia's richest men

when the morning news returns. That story A first look at an ancient burial ground found deep beneath the Vatican. Becky knows she can do the dusting a box of tissues. without cleaning out Instead of taking antihistamine tablets, Becky prevents allergies with Beconase 24 Hour. Because Becky knows... (Blows) ..Beconase works. This is the size of a breast cancer that can be detected by physical examinaton. This is the size of a cancer by a screening mammogram. So, early detection is vital. Breast cancer affects one in eight women in Australia. If you're between 50 and 69, see your doctor or call BreastScreen for your appointment on: Do it every two years and it could save your life. (Speaks Swahili) Her life won't improve unless long-term work is carried out to change things. Sponsor a child online or call 13 32 40 now. This program is captioned live. Homicide Squad detectives are investigating the discovery of a woman's body after a fire in bushland on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. The woman in her 20s was found dead after emergency services responded to a blaze in Tee Trees at Frankston around 7:00 last night. Police will continue processing the scene. A post-mortem examination will be carried out to determine the cause of death. A breakthrough in the fight against bird flu - scientists saying they may have developed a vaccine to prevent a pandemic. Bird flu may have killed less than 200 people,

but scientists fear the death toll will eventually number in the millions. Understandably, there's been a global push to find a vaccine before a pandemic strikes. Now Adelaide researchers are confident they have it. Doses that have been used in the past have given a limited amount of immunity. We think higher doses, which is what we're giving in this study, will give a better immunity. As part of the final approval process, the drug is being tested on the elderly. Doctors hope just two injections

will allow the body to reject the H5N1 strain of the virus. Blood tests will determine if the drug is fully effective. The side effects from this vaccine should not be any different from the side effects from the normal flu vaccine. But we don't really know, so we're on the lookout for anything. 71-year-old Barry Nitschke is a volunteer. He got involved in the study after seeing news reports on the spread of the deadly disease. It sounds like it's a pretty bad sort of disease, doesn't it? The results of the study are expected to be released early next year. If the drug proves a success, it could be available to consumers as early as March. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Protesters are marching on Brisbane's State Parliament calling for the sacking of a policeman who caused the death of an Aboriginal man in custody. Ten reporter Max Futcher is there. Max, what are protesters hoping to achieve? and the patience open is a good way

to. Go. They had hoped to achieve an

audience with Premier BT. audience with Premier BT. A short

time ago the premier came out of

Parliament and he received an angry

reaction. They are very angry at the follow-up of the growing your

inquest. There was a death on Palm

Island two years ago. Last month Island two years ago. Last month it

was to reveal that a policeman was to reveal that a policeman was

this was more full of dead. People

here say that the police here say that the police men should

be charged with murder NT should be set. Fugitive Australian lawyer Julian Moti has fled to the Solomon Islands on an early morning flight from Papua New Guinea. The 41-year-old former attorney-general of the Solomons is wanted by Australian authorities over allegations he had sex with an underage girl. Moti has spent the past week hiding out in Port Moresby trying to evade extradition proceedings. He's reportedly been detained by Solomons police while they clarify his immigration status. Officials in Rome have unveiled an ancient burial ground six years after it was discovered lying beneath the Vatican. The ancient necropolis contains 40 burial structures including tombs and sarcophagi dating back more than 2,000 years. The site was discovered back in 2000 when workers at the Vatican began construction on a new underground garage to house tourist coaches. Ryan Briscoe to drive an Indy car on the Gold Coast. That's ahead when Ten's Morning News continues. Also, Jason Akermanis pledges to keep his mouth shut at his new AFL club.

Did you know that people who attend Weight Watchers meetings: So just walk in, register free and get a free summer cookbook! Call Weight Watchers on: And learn to lose weight for life. This program is captioned live. Volunteers from some of Australia's biggest companies are taking time off to help the homeless and disadvantaged in Brisbane. They include one of the nation's richest young men, who is passing on managerial skills at the same time. Giving back with coffee and care. Phillip di Bella is one of Australia's young mega-rich

helping the disadvantaged in a Mission Australia cafe. He has a passion for helping people move beyond the problems they might be having today. The coffee king trains the unemployed and refugees amongst the staff in Cafe One. Those who have mingle with those who have not in the upmarket, inexpensive cafe that's more than a soup kitchen. And no-one asks who's who. When you're down on you're luck and you're facing a hard time

it's nice to have some people who aren't in that situation around you to give you the hope that you can move beyond that. Phillip Di Bella is on BRW's young rich list. He's always donated money and now something more precious. Donating money, when you're successful donating money is not a big thing so now we moved into donating time which is worth a lot more than money to yourself. He calls it sharing good fortune and many are quietly doing it. Office workers are apparently finding it motivating, empowering, as they say, to help out. Some of the services dished out with the food if needed. Legal advice, for example, are provided by major Australian firms in a project being watched closely by Mission Australia interstate. Westpac, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Boeing, for example, all supply volunteers for the cafe and they come down here and work and spend the day here and get involved

and see the other side of life is, suppose. Weldon Macdonald's been on the receiving end of kindness. To, um, be brought into this environment and learn community skills and be involved in social work was a great opening for me. Compassion with the coffee - no longer something left to others. Mark Suleau, Ten News. In finance news - the Australian share market is tradely strongly this morning. Existing share owners look like being the big winners in the Telstra T3 float. Ten reporter Jacqueline Maddock joins us now from Canberra. Jacqueline, after the battering they received the last time Telstra shareholders need a break. The Government has gone to great lengths to make the offer an attractive buy for mum and dad investors. Some commentators are labelling the offer dangerously attractive.

There's plenty of incentives in the prospectus for those loyal shareholders burned by T2. Dividends, at least in 2007, are at 14%, certainly a greater return than you'd receive from a bank savings account. So the total discount to retail investors is about 7% a greater incentive than either T1 or T2. There are a few catches investors need to be aware of, aren't there? Most importantly Tracey, as yet there is no fixed sale price. We know the first installment will be $2 but the second installment price won't be set until Telstra has spruiked the deal to institutional investors, fund managers and other companies. Jacqueline, thank you. Ten reporter Jacqueline Maddock in Canberr. Internet giant Google has bought out the video-sharing site YouTube Controversial Brisbane star Jason Akermanis says he'll button his lip when he makes the move to the Western Bulldogs. He's already planning his farewell party after the Lions and the Bulldogs struck the first deal of the AFL's trade week. Jason Akermanis moved quickly to quash fears he'll be trouble at his new home contacting Scott West, who'd expressed public doubts. I rang Scott and had a chat about it. It's all good, you know. As I do, just cleared the air, make sure everything's in context, because sometimes you people in the media, you've got to get the full story. It's not all always in there. Under the deal Brisbane will receive a second-round pick, but not necessarily the Bulldogs' second round. It seems light on for the Lions, but the Dogs will pay all of his wage which should enable Brisbane to retain Daniel Bradshaw, who's been targeted by Geelong. And the 29-year-old Brownlow medallist says he'll be choosing his words more carefully. It's going to be a different kettle of fish. I think you'll find we'll be doing things a little differently, perhaps. Collingwood and Chris Tarrant are closer to parting company. It's fair to say we've had discussions with his manager. He doesn't desperately want to move but if the right deal comes along, we'll all have a look at it and that's where we sit. We think he can help us. So our interest will be as strong as it needs to be to be able to try and secure his services. Hawthorn has Sydney and St Kilda fighting over Peter Everitt, the Swans unhappy at the Hawks' hardline approach. They're telling us that they've got an early second-round pick,

so I guess that puts us out of it, so we'll have to get him in the pre-season draft. And Carlton is coming to terms with the prospect of losing key defender Brett Thornton, who has walked out of the club and wants to go to Hawthorn. Rob Waters, Ten News. Australian rugby league coach Ricky Stuart will today announce his team for Saturday's Tri-Nations opener against New Zealand. The Kangaroos are desperate to regain their world number one status. The Kangaroos arrived in New Zealand, revenge firmly on their minds. Very important - it was very embarrassing last year. It wasn't a good feeling. They started last year's Tri-Nations series with a loss to the Kiwis in Sydney and finished it with another loss - a 24-0 thumping in England. The defeat last year has lifted the spirits of the experienced players because I know they probably have in the back of their minds the feeling, or the lack of feeling, they had after they lost the series last year. Some tough calls ahead for Stuart at the selection table, captain Darren Lockyer to be consulted on who'll play beside him at halfback - Johnathan Thurston or Ben Hornby. Ricky obviously hasn't made his decision yet, but we've both been interchanging and whoever gets the job will do a good job. The Kiwis with an obvious starter at No. 7,

the crafty veteran Stacey Jones. One thing the Kiwis probably lacked last Test, on Anzac Day, they lacked a lot of direction.

Stacey gives them that. He's a huge bonus for the New Zealand team. Leanne West, Ten News.

Socceroo captain Lucas Neill is wary of complacency in tomorrow night's Asian Cup qualifier against Bahrain. The national team was mobbed by adoring fans in Sydney. Coming off a draw against Paraguay in last weekend's friendly, Neill wants the Socceroos to keep their minds on the job. It's going to be a potential banana skin so if we don't approach it in a professional manner, we could come unstuck so it's important, because we're playing for our country that we give our all. We'd be looking for the same kind of intensity as the other night. The Aussies train this afternoon. There will be two Aussie drivers competing at this month's Gold Coast Indy race, with Ryan Briscoe signing a deal to race at Surfers Paradise. Briscoe joins countryman Will Power on the grid in less than two weeks. Motorsport's Mr Versatility is excited about his latest mission. The Gold Coast Indy will be Ryan Briscoe's 5th different racing category this year. It's awesome. Fantastic news. I've never raced a champ car or at Surfers. I'm really looking forward to it. Briscoe has signed a deal with a team and replacing an injured driver. A strong performance in Australia and Mexico could land him a full-time seat in the champ car series next year. Briscoe isn't looking too far ahead. He knows the unpredictable future in motor sports.

set. Fourth a piece survived a

horrific crash. He made his horrific crash. He made his comeback

on the high-speed ovals this year.

The lead-up to it was daunting. There

was boring and I was nervous but was boring and I was nervous but as

soon as I got up there and start soon as I got up there and start of

racing it was back to business and I

felt comfortable. I've definitely

moved on 100 per cent. He made his

acerbic card debut last weekend. acerbic card debut last weekend. Jim

Richards crashed and he enjoyed the Richards crashed and he enjoyed the

experience but his ultimate dream is

to race Formula One. Beholden deal

was amazing it and in the next fears

are will be tried to come back and do

that race. In the meantime I will try and keep up. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

JOHN WOOD: One in 10 working Australians is now a member of the Industry Super Fund Australian Super. DENTIST'S DRILL WHIRRS The one with low fees. The one with a fund run only to profit members. AustralianSuper. This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer. TTN is next. We'll leave you with pictures of the world's 15th largest diamond that's just gone under the hammer in Belgium for more than $16 million. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.