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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Schoolyard siege - before turning the gun on himself. a gunman shoots a student hostage to her husband. Terri Irwin's tearful tribute hard-core footy fans are taking And the extreme measures to get to the AFL Grand Final.

Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. at an American high school. A dramatic end to a hostage drama before turning the weapon on himself. The gunman shooting a teenage student

During the 4-hour stand-off, as a human shield. the gunman used a 16-year-old girl

he was about to detonate a bomb, Then, when police moved in fearing he shot her. student that was critically wounded. REPORTER: That is carrying the He broke off negotiations. to the negotiator anymore. He would not talk and we had to do what we had to do. I think we were afraid for the worst into the high school in Colorado The gunman had walked and opened fire just before lunch. in one classroom. He took six teenage girls hostage

let four of them go, And then, one-by-one, until there were just two left. via a hostage. He would only talk to us from the high school More than 800 students

in Colorado and an adjacent primary school and eventually bused to safety. were evacuated Terrified parents rushed to the area was one of the hostages. not knowing if their child like all the other parents - Haven't heard any word - as far as his situation.

with the gunman taking his own life. It ended was carrying a bomb was empty. The backpack he claimed he wanted to do this. I don't know why It was initially reported at the school, he may have been a parent are investigating claims now police say that his wife may have worked there and that this may been the result of a domestic dispute.

even more stressful than usual. For the emergency crews it was Many of them were first on the scene seven years ago at the Columbine school massacre

which happened just 70km away. Ten News. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, shooting of a Sydney police station A man wanted over the 1998 drive-by in police custody. has been returned to Australia has been extradited from Lebanon 31-year-old Saleh Jamal a 2-year jail sentence after completing for weapons offences in Beirut. on a fake passport in March 2004 It's alleged Jamal left the country

while he was on bail. today He's expected to face a Sydney court over the drive-by shooting where he'll be charged in a separate incident. and the wounding of another man closer to home. Fears of a growing terrorist threat

The Federal Opposition leader in foreign policy, is calling for a change is our biggest concern, not Iraq. warning Jemaah Islamiah on the Prime Minister. It was a scathing attack demanding John Howard admit The Labor leader

into the wrong war. he followed the American Government As a consequence of that less safe. he's made his fellow Australians He should make that admission and he should make it now. of a damning report in Washington It follows the release for provoking global terrorism. that blames the Iraq war Mr Beazley says should look closer to home, the Federal Government is Australia's biggest threat. because Jemaah Islamiah

in the wrong place It's the wrong war is change strategy. and what we need now to do All this in the country's south - as Australian troops come under fire without injury. soldiers escaping an ambush in Afghanistan looks set to last. And our military presence admitting Defence Force chief Angus Houston at least 10 years. the mission could span for 200 of those troops - But a reprieve

for a well-earned break. they're heading home for Australian soldiers Meanwhile, a plus on the ground in East Timor - to work in the capital. local police finally returning in the Solomon Islands. But signs of unrest warning of further violence. The Foreign Affairs Department Kate Donnison, Ten News. of an Australian conservationist Officials have retrieved the body from a helicopter wreck in Nepal.

Jill Bowling, of the World Wildlife Fund, the London-based director was one of 24 people killed in crashed in rugged terrain, when the chopper they were travelling 400 kilometres east of Katmandu. two days after it went down. The wreckage was found on Monday, by army van to the capital The deceased's bodies have been taken for identification and post-mortems.

at government buildings in Nepal Meantime, flags

as a mark of respect. have been lowered to half-mast

from Margaret Whitlam A backdown of sorts on Janette Howard. after a scathing attack Mrs Whitlam told her biographer and silly. Mrs Howard was useless, humourless several years ago. She now says the comments were made At the time I thought she was. You know, we all change, and grow into jobs, don't we? we all grow up

of apologising for the remarks Mrs Whitlam stopped short

attacking the Howards but she can't remember in public, for their constant hand-holding saying she and Gough still hold hands a lot longer. and they've been married was killed by a stingray barb, Three weeks since Steve Irwin has spoken of their unshakable bond. his widow Terri he had a premonition he'd go first. She said To the world he was the Croc Hunter. To Terri Irwin, Prince Charming.

He was my hero. They were a team for 14 years. And I felt myself explode inside. And he said, "And he died." the family will stay in Australia. To continue Steve's dreams The public support is helping. from Australians The feelings of love and support

was just overwhelming. So proud of 8-year-old Bindi. in the dictaphone first She spoke them and then wrote them down put them on the computer, and then I had to help her the letters bigger and then she had to make

want to make a mistake. because she didn't

A tower of strength. I said, "Are you doing OK?" And she said, "Why are you worried? Daddy's still here with us.

Terri said the response from little Robert, just two, has been eerie. He'll say, "I wish I could get sick so I could go to heaven with Daddy."

Steve Irwin always said he would go first. A very strong conviction. His last wish is that where he was buried remain a secret to all but a few.

I don't have a choice. I have to cope and I'll be here for my kids. And I'll make Australia Zoo bigger. I'll make it bigger. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. It's footy finals week and what better excuse for AFL's A-list to kick up their heels at a 'Seriously AFL' party in Melbourne last night. Grand Final fever isn't all about footy.

In the AFL capital of Melbourne the A-listers know it's all about a good party. Last night celebs were 84 floors up overlooking the MCG at the 'Seriously AFL' bash. This week is Mark gets drunk week, basically I'm drunk the entire week. They're just looking for free drinks like me. When you're on the 84th floor of a building and there's beautiful women everywhere,

you don't really think about football that much. Some of Australia's newest TV stars also managed to score an invite tonight - the 'Australian Idol' Top 12. Given they're performing at the big game on Saturday that's probably fair enough. AFL's always exciting for me, I mean, it's a part of my life. I'm really excited to be here tonight. I've seen a couple of footy faces already. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go around

and have a yarn to them all. Go the Swannies! Eagles. Swannies. Eagles. Swannies. Eagles. Swannies. Eagles. Swannies. Eagles. Swannies. And for a town without a team actually in the big game they seem to be coping OK. This is the biggest party, the biggest game ever. This is the sporting capital of the universe. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

The extreme lengths some hard-core footy fans are going to to be at this year's AFL Grand Final. Details when the morning news returns. And space surgery - doctors perform the first operation in zero gravity.

Visit Sydney Aquarium. It's like nothing on earth. This program is captioned live. Bushfires in California continue to rage out of control. More than 3,500 firefighters have been called in to battle one of the largest and longest-burning blazes since it began more than a fortnight ago. No homes have been lost but residents are still being told to evacuate. Firefighting costs have topped $54 million.

Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer has fessed up to being the father of her newborn baby. Howard Stern says he's been in a relationship with the former Playboy playmate for a long time. My relationship as her lawyer, we felt it was best to keep everything hidden

and we've actually done a pretty good job of that. Stern says he was thrilled to welcome little Dannie Lynn Hope into the world this month

but concedes it was under difficult circumstances. Anna Nicole's adult son Daniel passed away shortly after the birth. The baby girl's been named in his honour. Surgery in outer space - sound far-fetched? Well, going under the knife in zero gravity may not be too far off with French surgeons successfully performing the first human operation in weightless conditions. High above the clouds, a team of French doctors is about to make medical history. So too is patient Philippe Sanchot, here being helped onto an operating table. He's about to have surgery in zero gravity,

as if he was going under the knife in outer space. To achieve this, the plane performs a series of heart-stopping loops, like a rollercoaster, climbing sharply then suddenly diving forwards to the ground. The manoeuvre creates weightlessness on board, 20 seconds at a time,

and it was during these periods over the space of three hours that the doctors removed the benign tumour from the patient's arm.

The medical team had to be strapped to the floor to stop floating away, while bits of flesh were tied to string.

The doctors wanted to perfect techniques

that could perhaps be used on the International Space Station and to help develop robots that could perform operations in space. So what did the patient think of it all? TRANSLATION: The whole experience was bit bizarre, but I feel fine, perfectly well. "The goal was to perform surgery in the context of space,

"like the surgery we know on Earth. "This was a feasibility test, and it worked." Canadian scientists have shed some light on one of the world's most intriguing paintings. They've discovered the Mona Lisa had recently become a mother. She's known for her famous smile and is perhaps one of the best known faces in history. Finally, some of Mona Lisa's mystery is being revealed.

They have learned Leonardo Da Vinci modified the painting. Originally, Mona Lisa wore a bonnet which was painted over. She also once wore a transparent veil - a garment reserved for expectant mothers. From that, art historians have a better sense of when Mona Lisa sat for the famous artist

You wouldn't have got the information unless you had a 3D camera. Two years ago French scientists teamed up with the National Research Council to view the painting not possible with the naked eye. The NRC's 3D colour laser scanner has the highest resolution of any camera worldwide. The surface of the painting is in very good condition. There is very little lost. There is relatively little restoration on the surface, so it is in good shape. Now scientists will turn attention to how the renaissance artist painted. They will look at how he layered colours, creating depth. Two modern masterpieces stolen from a museum in Norway have gone back on display. Edvard Munch's famous artwork 'The Scream' and a second painting called 'Madonna' were recovered by police last month two years after being ripped off the wall of an Oslo museum

by hooded gunmen during a daylight raid. Norwegian police still won't say how they found the somewhat damaged paintings. But this time the museum wasn't taking any chances, stepping up security.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has landed herself in more hot water after failing to turn up for a scheduled court appearance. A furious New York judge has threatened to arrest Campbell if she misses her next court date next month.

The 36-year-old is facing assault charges after allegedly throwing a phone at her housekeeper who she accused of stealing her jeans. Campbell was spotted abusing Qantas staff after arriving at Sydney airport last week. The British model could face up to seven years in jail and be deported from the US

if found guilty of assault. Ahead, the NRL grand finalists face off over breakfast, that's when Ten's morning news returns.

Also, a big send-off for the West Coast as they prepare to head to the AFL Grand Final,

This program is captioned live. In finance news,

the Australian share market is slightly stronger this morning. Newspaper owners warn the Government's new media laws mean there'll be less diversity. The changes are being examined by a Senate committee taking evidence from media owners. The mere fact that someone will be able to view 'Dancing with the Stars' on a mobile telephone device, we don't think is diversity. The Government says the reforms recognise technological change in the media, but critics warn we'll be getting our news from fewer sources.

West Coast is faced with a massive decision at the selection table tonight ahead of Saturday's Grand Final against Sydney. With star defender David Wirrapunda set to return

it means heartbreak for one Eagle. The boys from the West have wrapped up their preparations before thousands of their adoring fans. (Fans cheer) All eyes on All-Australian defender David Wirrpanda, who completed the session and then declared his suspect hamstring ready for action. That's created one giant selection headache for the coach. That's just reality - that is just what has got to happen. You can't play 23, so we just get on with the job. It will be a heart-wrenching decision - among the contenders, the veteran Drew Banfield

or the inexperienced Steven Armstrong. It's not so much emotion, it's the experience that you've got. Star midfielder Daniel Kerr failed to train with the main group, but the club says he's a certain starter. Both sides arrive in Melbourne this evening. The Swans have had a trouble-free finals lead-up and are set to name an unchanged side. They'll have their last training session at the SCG today. Barry Hall taking no notice of the mind games in the lead-up to the season decider. It's funny, you see people saying stuff that's gonna have no affect on the game whatsoever, whether we bag them or what have you, it's going to have no effect at all and going in as underdogs is exactly the same. And former Carlton fullback of the century Stephen Silvagni will make a flying visit north today to give defender Lewis Roberts-Thomson some last-minute tips on containing the Eagles' star-studded forwards. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. The NRL grand finalists have gathered in Sydney for the traditional grand final breakfast. While Melbourne made a quick stopover before flying back home, Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett says he prefers his players to stay put in Sydney to avoid travel burn-out.

Both teams with an appetite for grand final success, but the breakfast just the entree to the main game on Sunday night. The gathering the last time the teams face off before the decider. An extra special birthday breakfast for Brisbane prop Shane Webcke. I'm 32 today. The rest of me feels about 60, I'll tell you that. While the Storm have preferred to stick to a familiar routine and head back to Melbourne before returning Saturday afternoon,

Bennett not keen on wearing out his players with too much travel. It took us five hours to get here last night, It's not a case of getting on a plane for an hour, it's the waiting, driving to and from. That's one thing I want to elimate from their minds on Sunday that they don't have to think I'm not at my best today because I've been around too much airports. 19-year-old Storm superstar Greg Inglis has been labelled as potentially one of the game's greats

by Andrew Johns. It's a scary prospect, but he's still growing.

With the medical staff, I grew 6cm this year. 6cm? You'll be 7ft by grand final. The Broncos' ageing pack looking forward to winning the battle up front.

Both teams have training scheduled today.

Trent Higgs, Ten News. Australian umpire Darrell Hair will today face the second day of the ICC disciplinary hearing into the ball-tampering fiasco involving Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq. Hair was hounded by the waiting media outside the Oval ground in London. Ul-Haq faces a lengthy ban if found guilty of ball tampering

and bringing the game into disrepute following the incident last month. Indian officials have already called for Hair to be left out of next month's Champions Trophy to avoid a possible backlash from fans. England striker Peter Crouch has given Liverpool

a 3-2 edge over Galatasaray in the Champions League.

Crouch scored two goals for the five-times European champions, including this spectacular scissors kick

from a Steve Finnan cross. COMMENTATOR: And that is Peter Crouch at his absolute best. Meanwhile, English Premier League champion Chelsea outclassed debutants Levski Sofia with a 3-1 road victory. Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba scoring a hat-trick for the London-based club. Aussie surfers Taj Burrow and Mick Fanning have survived sudden death heats to move into round three of the Quiksilver Pro in France. World number two Burrow found some form in the 2m waves at Hossegor, winning his second round heat against local Joan Duru. Fanning knocked out a Frenchman as well. The Gold Coast natural footer scored an easy win over Patrick Bevan. Better luck for 18-year-old French up-and-comer Jeremy Flores, who posted the upset of the day, eliminating world number four Bobby Martinez. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

have all been affected by it. The boys are in constant pain and it's a 6-kilometre walk to school. a mix of flour and water.


National weather for the rest of the day:

The girl who was shot has died. She was used as a human shield by the gunman. National weather for the rest of the day:

And finally, some footy fans will do anything to get to this Saturday's AFL Grand Final.

With flights out of Perth chock-a-block,

these diehard West Coast Eagles supporters last night embarked on a 48-hour journey bound for the MCG. (All sing) # We're the Eagles Come on, the Eagles. # No doubt there'll be a lot more of that all the way across the Nullarbor. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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Toad may be lazy and a slob and a grump but he's not a lunch-cutter, OK? He wouldn't do that. I found this couple who wanted a child more than anything. And...when my cousin's baby was born I sold it to them. Er, well, Elle had the afternoon and I think Davo had the night shift. Elle?

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