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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. among seven victims killed A young family of three in 10 years. in Victoria's worst smash with Terri Irwin - And an intimate interview the love of her life. how she's coping with losing I had the best 14 years. I feel so blessed. Two beautiful children. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. But first to breaking news, are being carried out on a tourist and urgent medical tests

with a suspected case of bird flu. who arrived in Sydney this morning is at Sydney airport. Ten's Eddy Meyer

Eddy, what do you know so far?

We know a plane came in from the

Vietnam up this morning. On board a

Vietnamese a Australian manner. He

was unconscious. There were two

doctors on board who looked after

him. They were at comments from his

wife that of the man had visited a

farm in Vietnam and had been around

live animals. It is not certain he

has bird flu but all the precautions

passengers seem to have been are being taken. None of the other

quarantined. Some came off to say

that they were concerned at how sick that they were concerned at how

the man was. He has been taken to

hospital. He is being assessed as we

speak. Health authorities are saying

not to jump to conclusions.

Everything went into action this

morning to make sure that necessary

precautions were taken. another meningococcal scare, There's been a 7-month-old baby in Sydney. the latest case involving Hospital at Westmead this morning The child was flown to the Children's

a serious but stable condition. and remains in in Brisbane, It follows a similar outbreak have been struck down where two university students with the deadly disease. campus of Griffith University, The boarders, from the Mt Gravatt are expected to make a full recovery, but health authorities are concerned who live on campus. about other students treated with antibiotics Boarders who haven't already been the Queensland Health Department. should contact

are reeling Communities across two States

worst fatal crash in over a decade. from Victoria's when the cars exploded on impact. Seven people were killed There were no survivors. An eerie sight - which engulfed a sedan and van the charred remains from a fireball in north-west Victoria. when they collided including Horsham man Max Purdue, Five people were in the car, and learner driver Mandy Niblett, 17-year-old young mother from Balranald, family friend Dan Kelly, Natalie and Gavin, and his two children, aged seven and eight. believed to be from Heywood, Two people, perished in the van, of go-karts and fuel. which was towing a trailer for a decade in terms of numbers. It's the worst crash we've had

It's terrible. It's a nightmare. to piece together what went wrong Police are still trying failed to give way but believe the Ford sedan at speed. and crashed head-on into the van the crash by the looks of things. They wouldn't have survived It was such a big hit was able to survive that. I would be surprised if anyone

had to be brought in Forensic dental experts to formally identify the victims and who was driving. I'd klike to be able to tell you and that person is there, this person is here but we just can't. down there. It is such a diabolical mess Local residents say of the intersection for years they've been calling for an upgrade would have to happen and feared a tragedy like this

before something was done. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. for a truck driver in Sydney, A lucky escape before it burst into flames. fleeing his vehicle just moments hit an embankment It's believed the truck causing the diesel tanks to alight. before causing a massive explosion. The fire quickly spread fought the blaze. At least 20 firefighters

Fire crews have tried in vain

on the Gold Coast under control. to bring a house fire there was no town water supply. The rural property gutted because

around 10:30 last night. The fire was first spotted the modern pole home was well alight. A passer-by alerting crews were quick to arrive at the scene Firefighters but there was little they could do. so fully involved when we got here, Because the house was

what wasn't on fire we just tried to see and work our way back. and try and save that at Wongawallan, With no town water supply their own tanks. crews were forced to use to collect water from elsewhere. Rural trucks brought in The painstaking task in vain. to actually run water relay We need rural trucks from tanks at the top of the hill we're using them. but as fast as we can fill tanks up It took crews over five hours to control the flames.

the house was destroyed. By early morning, at the time of the blaze. Thankfully, no-one was home Neighbouring properties also spared. we've had no spread into bushland. We've contained it to the surrounds,

there's no persons involved. We've confirmed are guarding the scene Gold Coast police can piece together what happened. until fire investigators Kate Donnison, Ten News. A night of high drama

her findings on an Aboriginal man A coroner is handing down in north Queensland. who died in a police cell

on Palm Island in November 2004. from a ruptured liver Mulrunji Doomadgee died on Palm Island in November 2004. for being drunk and disorderly. The 36-year-old had been arrested injuries sparked a riot on the island The autopsy report detailing his and the courthouse set alight. with the police station destroyed the growing chorus of concern The Prime Minister has joined of Telstra boss Sol Trujillo. over the salary He says the board needs to tell Australians why his pay is so high. $8.7 million? Is this man worth The Telstra board seems to think so, needs convincing. but the Prime Minister Well, it's a very large salary, Peter Costello made the other day and I thought the point was right, to provide an account of that. that it's up to the board

The huge salary came in Telstra's share price, despite a long-term fall slumping to record lows in recent weeks. But that's not the only controversy surrounding the telco. The Government's facing accusations it's stacking the board by nominating Geoffrey Cousins, a former prime ministerial adviser. He won't be some kind of prime ministerial plant. And the man himself has spoken for the first time.

I'm not anyone's man except my own.

I think if you have a good look at my record as a public company director that's been demonstrated pretty clearly. Mr Cousins says he's not bothered by the public stoushes surrounding Telstra,

that in the past he's had big clashes with the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer. And the Prime Minister isn't daunted by the controversy either. We've made our position very clear. It won't change. And we'll be voting in favour of Mr Cousins.

And, given the Government is still Telstra's major shareholder, that means it's a done deal. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Steve Irwin's grief-stricken widow says she's still in denial over her husband's shock death. But in a tell-all interview she says she wouldn't change a thing about their fairytale 14 years together. A heartbroken Terri Irwin opens up about losing the love of her life.

If I had to do it all over again, even knowing how it ended, I would in a minute. It's been three weeks since Steve Irwin's death and she says she's surviving minute by minute, hour by hour. You lost him and you feel you were blessed? I feel so blessed. I had the best 14 years. Two beautiful children. Terri admits still being in denial

and says 8-year-old Bindi has been a pillar of support. I had the best daddy in the whole world. But sadly, 2-year-old Bob doesn't understand his father is dead. He's still asking when is Daddy coming home. He does understand that something happened to his father. For him it is an everyday loss.

Terri spoke to American interviewer Barbara Walters at Australia Zoo,

where she and Steve met and called home. Fighting back tears she described him as her Prince Charming, a soul mate who filled her life with happiness. Just a romance like I didn't think existed anymore. Terri, who was born in America, says she and the children will stay in Australia to fulfil Steve's dream. She says the huge outpouring of public grief

is helping her cope with her heartbreaking loss. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

How a toddler managed to buy a $22,000 car on eBay, that story when the morning news returns. And the million-dollar house boat. The couple taking the term 'moving home' a little too far.

This program is captioned live. has hit back US President George W. Bush at a leaked intelligence report increasing Islamic extremism that blamed on the war in Iraq. with the Afghan President, During a media conference

for political purposes. Mr Bush said the document was leaked for people to believe I think it's a mistake that going on the offensive

to the American people against people that want to do harm

makes us less safe. to be made public President Bush has ordered the report misleading media reports. to counter what he calls has addressed his political party British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the last time as leader. he told the Labour conference In an emotional speech for the good of the country. he had to step down

And, of course, it's hard to let go for the country but it's also right to let go and for you, the party. British Prime Minister in 1997. Mr Blair became by British Treasurer Gordon Brown. He's expected to be succeeded A US hospital has come up with a unique way to cope with a shortage of medical staff. Patients at UCLA Medical Center are examined not by a doctor but by a remote-controlled robot. when you don't have a doctor. It's the doctor you have We are always there if you need us. Thank-you Doctor Martin. OK, sounds good. Believe it or not, does his daily rounds. this is how neurosurgeon Neil Martin From his office seven storeys above, via robot. he can see and talk to patients point to the ceiling. With your right hand

US hospitals using robots UCLA Medical Center is one of 12 to make critical care specialists more available to patients, their families and hospital staff. We find that, initially, people are a bit self-conscious talking to the machine, but as soon as they engage you and start talking to you, the interaction becomes really quite natural.

Dr Martin can operate the robot from his office and his home,

so he's constantly available in an emergency. This is how I, not only connect to the ICU, but this is how I appear in the virtual form in the intensive care unit when there is a crisis. Rather than compromising patient care, early studies indicate the robots improve treatment by allowing specialist doctors to more quickly and regularly see and talk to patients. Now technicians are exploring the possibility

of extending the robots' reach to provide urgent care to enable city doctors in remote hospitals. to critically ill patients In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. up to six months in jail Paris Hilton is facing after being formally charged with drink-driving. 2.5 weeks ago in Hollywood The Hilton heiress was arrested of point 0-8. with a blood alcohol level was blown out of proportion At the time she said the incident after not eating all day. and that she'd only had one margarita

If she escapes jail time, some sort of alcohol counselling. she is likely to have to attend 'moving house' literally. A couple in the US has taken the term

couldn't bare to let developers George and Nancy Corbett to make way for apartments. tear down this historic mansion the 1910 Victorian manor So they bought their waterfront property 40km away. and had it shipped to

self-propelled hydraulic dollies It took 32 onto a barge. to load the 200-ton mansion into a retreat for missionaries. It'll now be turned A toddler has managed to buy a $22,000 car on the internet. The 3-year-old motor enthusiast logging on to internet trading site, eBay, behind his parents' back. Let me get some more cars out. Jack Neal is obsessed with cars. Like many other boys his age

in the family home They are everywhere and he knows his stuff. Mercedes Benz. Ford Focus. What's the badge? for motors limited to toys So far, he has kept his passion he's gone one step further, but now it appears over the internet. buying a real car for his mum a bright pink Nissan Figaro, And not just any car - for just a fraction under ?9,000.

I just come off the computer. come out of eBay. Thought I'd logged off, gone straight in, Jack's jumped on the chair, and bought it now. found this page almost became the proud owners And so the family turbo-charged convertible in pink. of this 1-litre just horrified. I went mad and I went sad, quite sure how it happened. They're still not,

is a dab hand with the computer, Though 3-year-old Jack

still he's not ready to own up. Did you try to buy it? Noooo. You did. No.

The car remains on the forecourt. The dealership advertising it on the net saw the funny side the age of their buyer. when they found out I've got a 2.5-year-old son myself It was a bit of a shock, I mean, he'd be quite capable of doing that and I don't think

although he's quite bright. but Jack won't be bidding again. The convertible is back on sale, means it's back to toy cars for him. Stricter supervision on the computer all the latest grand final news Ahead in sport, from the AFL and NRL. that missed its mark - Plus, the javelin in hospital after being speared. an athletics official recovering

and their sisters his brother Zechariah

The boys are in constant pain. walk to school is difficult. Every step of the 6-kilometre to fend for themselves. the children are often left In the evenings, and cooks the only food they have - Thomas collects wood I have pain in my legs. TRANSLATION: care for my family. But I still have to

in urgent need of help. There are many children of a brighter future and give them the chance every child deserves - by providing the basics like clean drinking water, at Sponsor online or call 13 32 40 now.

This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market is trading in positive territory.

Sydney has started the mind games West Coast at the MCG on Saturday. in the run-up to Grand Final against adding pressure on the Eagles Coach Paul Roos declaring them the favourites.

stunned the Eagles Two weeks ago, the reigning premiers on their own turf, pressure on West Coast but the Swans are pointedly placing with the favourite tag. favourites but that's OK. I think they'll probably go in favourites. They probably deserve to be last night, Inducted into the AFL's 200-game club to terms with what he's missing. injured Swan Jared Crouch coming

that are going to play on opponents I'll have a chat to some of the guys that I may have played on in the coach's box, as well as sitting and probably sitting quietly - throwing anything at Roosy - I don't know if I'll be I'll just sit nice and quietly.

the tough selection choice - West Coast has

despite hamstring concerns. David Wirrpanda desperate to return Drew Banfield and Steven Armstrong facing a nervous week. You just never know about Wirra. I remember a couple of weeks ago, or three or four weeks ago against Richmond, and he's called the bench. he said he'd done his hammy he's running around, The next thing, picked the ball up and snapped a point. I said "He couldn't have done a hammy, you know what I mean?" So, I think he'll be OK. And James Clement has spoken for the first time about Nathan Buckley anointing him as the next Collingwood skipper. First time I go told about it was last night. Like anyone else, it would be a great honour

in the NRL Grand Final. Once, Cameron Smith aimed to be a Bronco, but his footy career took a vastly different direction. I always wished I could go out and play for the Broncos in a grand final, which is pretty ironic. We're playing them this week,

but I'm gonna be the opposing captain this week. The 23-year-old Dally M Player of the Year awarded the honour ahead of the club's four other rotating skippers. He's got a real good old footy head on, Cam, and he deserves everything he gets.

You know, he's a big, massive part of our team. A fan day yesterday for both the Storm and Brisbane. The Broncos' turn-out so big it delayed the team's training session.

REPORTER: Will this give the players a bit of a lift?

Yeah, it will, mate. It's awesome. I've never seen this many people, so it's good. Paul Simpkins set to referee his first grand final, and not afraid of sending a players off. If the situation arises that's my job, I'll have to do it. Hopefully, that won't be the case. Leanne West, Ten News. India has called for Australian umpire Darrell Hair to be omitted from the upcoming Champions Trophy

in fear of a backlash from fans. The Indian Cricket Board has made the request to the International Cricket Council, claiming his presence may provoke local fans at next month's tournament in India.

Hair was at the centre of the ball-tampering controversy last month when he accused Pakistan's Izamam Ul-Haq of ball tampering. A hearing into that scandal will start today.

Basketball superstar Lauren Jackson is home from hospital

and waiting on blood test results after an overnight health scare. Jackson was struck down just hours after yesterday's triumphant return as captain of Australia's world championship-winning Opals. CLAPS AND CHEERS Doctors believe the 195cm tall centre contracted food poisoning or an airborne virus on the trip home from Brazil. suffered similar symptoms Team-mate Belinda Snell

but was not hospitalised. has thrown up a surprise, A javelin competitor in Brazil spearing a track and field official. by the stray javelin The judge was hit in the foot national championships in Sao Paulo. while watching warm-ups for the

The woman was taken to hospital successfully removed from her foot. where the tip of the javelin was he can hold off the challenge Fernando Alonso is confident of Ferrari's Michael Schumacher Formula One world titles. and win back-to-back Alonso is preparing Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai for this weekend's in front of Schumacher and he's just two points in the world championship race. in this years, The last few races of Formula One I think we will do it.

I think it's going to be a very close fight between the two of us. Both teams would have worked very hard to optimise their performance. Schumacher is in form, having won four of the last six races. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation.

SONG: # It's over... # Australia's taken by the Effect. The Butterfly Effect - 'Imago', the chartbreaking album with two massive hit singles. And the phenomenon continues. SONG: # I'm afraid you're gone # I don't want you... #

# I don't want you to go... # The Butterfly Effect. The new album - 'Imago'. # I've got the sun in my eyes... # Get Effected now.

at the national weather. Now for a look

from across Europe The bushiest and best bearded men to show off their facial hair. have gathered

European Beard Championships The annual ranging from well-groomed, is judged in 17 categories, and down-right ridiculous. highly creative may be the mark of a man, And while facial hair

the preening process certainly isn't. for a record-breaking third time. The overall winner taking the title with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. We'll leave you now with pictures of the new-look Sydney Opera House - the Aussie icon bathed in pink for breast cancer awareness. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

What are you doing here? I'm perfectly capable of taking care of Charlie. Where is he? to get his bottle. All I did was step out Call the cops! Please tell me he's with you.