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(generated from captions) for some of the NSW bushfire victims. Nothing left, but memories of Telstra director He will bring to the position a deep understanding of the industry and it can only be a plus. and that is very important heat over the Telstra controversy. Why the Prime Minister is facing new At this point in time, that candidate for election. the board cannot support of helicopter Rescuers find the wreckage conservationist on board. that crashed with an Australian Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan. And the Brownlow Medal headlines That's right, Deb. highest individual honour It's the AFL's plus Grand Final preparations. and we'll have all the highlights, panel clears forward Amon Buchanan. Relief for Swans - the match review for the NRL's big finale. Civoneceva cleared, Crocker cut down from this Champ Car crash. And the driver who walked away This program is captioned live. officials have confirmed But first tonight - Dr Jill Bowling Australian conservationist in a helicopter crash in Nepal. has been killed She was among 24 people on a chopper mountains on Saturday. which disappeared in the Himalayan has found the wreckage, An army rescue team

there are no survivors. telling Nepalese authorities Among those killed reporters and a crew of four. were government officials, to the bushfire season in Sydney. A devastating early start and one man has died Seven homes have been lost up to four metres high. as howling winds fanned the flames of his parents' dream home, Trudging through the remains to salvage. Simon Davidson finds little It's just family history, you know? things that are important to you, You carry around those sentimental items, it's all the visual records, but I suppose of your family just gone. the written records when they return from holiday. His parents will build again with just rubble as well. Six other families were left bought the place about 1950. Mum's 88. She and Dad We were all brought up here. I was about three. My brother was about one. the most of the unseasonal heat Arsonists apparently made peaking at 110km/h. in the mid-30s and ferocious winds

the process of elimination, Some of the fires, at least through consequence of the acts of arson. we suspect very strongly were the There are also reports burn gone wrong. that one blaze was a hazard reduction for a falling tree branch The gale force winds are blamed that killed a motorcyclist. It could have been worse. There's no doubt hundreds of properties have been saved, lives have been saved firefighters. as a result of the courage of our will continue for days. All fires are under control but work I was coming up the road The worst bit was when but I was getting closer and couldn't see it know what I was going to find. I could see all the smoke and didn't of the trying conditions Firefighters say a repeat is inevitable in the coming months. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. in two new scandals tonight. Telstra is caught up Despite a share price slump,

boss is earning $9 million a year confirmation today that the telco's of trying to stack the board. and now the Prime Minister is accused doesn't want his Government John Howard in Telstra any more, to be the majority shareholder you may as well use it, but while you've got power to the Telstra board hence the nomination

advertising consultant Geoff Cousins. of longtime confidant and to the position of Telstra director He will bring

of the industry, a deep understanding and it can only be a plus. and that's very important - of Prime Minister Howard - But the opinion salary around $300,000 a year - of Telstra chief Sol Trujillo - is starkly at odds with the opinion at $8.7 million. salary package confirmed today At this point in time that candidate for election. the board cannot support supporting it either. The Opposition's not of political thuggery This is an extraordinary act are appointing its mate where the Government on the board of Telstra. to do its bidding

The Telstra board will oppose as a director the election of Mr Cousins in November. at the annual general meeting They say the normal process for nominees Mr Cousins hasn't been put through any time soon. and won't pass that test a major shareholder, While the Government remains to ensure Mr Cousins is elected. it will have the votes needed for investors The worrying aspect of this stoush surrounding Telstra is that it adds to the uncertainty on the eve of the T3 sale

of Government shares. of another $8 billion worth in the eyes of many investors, It raises a lot of questions as well as potential investors, this has happened this way. and it's unfortunate that Mr Howard and the Government the ups and downs of Telstra stock. now keeping a close eye on Do you like that? Hello. You enjoying that? Greg Turnbull, Ten News. and petrol prices Rising interest rates are hitting Australia's charities. now regularly use welfare services, More than 2 million Australians to pay their bills. many needing so-called emergency help to feed their families - Relying on charities wealthier than ever before, while Australia is supposedly a new report shows from the charity Anglicare 87,000 Australians need food and cash

just to survive. originally about emergencies, Emergency relief, which was a way of life for them. has now become reveals the rise of the working poor, The 'State of the Family' report low-income families hit hard and the cost of housing. by high petrol prices 2.5 million Australians from the nation's charities. now regularly ask for help will lead to more problems. Anglicare warns the cycle of poverty We're likely to see increases in levels of domestic violence, breakdown in families. we're likely to see further

Anglicare is especially concerned changes to industrial relations laws about the Federal Government's and the welfare-to-work scheme, fearing they will make the divide between rich and poor even greater. It says many single parents are stressed about new rules forcing them to look for work once their kids reach school age. On the one hand, we say families are important, children are important. On the other hand, we say parents must go back into the workforce. Anglicare agrees employment is critical, but fears families will be driven into financial crisis before they can find work. Laurel Irving, Ten News.

In arguably the most important meeting since his election,

the Pope has spoken to Muslim diplomats from around the world to discuss his controversial comments on Islam. He says our future depends on dialogue between Christians and Muslims and that both sides must reject violence. The Pope has sparked furious reaction in Muslim countries for reading quotes linking Islam to violence.

Oil tonight hit its lowest price in six months. It's below US$60 a barrel at last.

The price slide started three weeks ago, when tension eased between the United Nations and Iran. It's AFL's night of nights,

with the prestigious Brownlow Medal count under way at Melbourne's Crown Casino. But it's not all about choosing the best and fairest for 2006, the game's fairer sex also showing their flair on the red carpet. Not a goalpost in sight, but plenty of goals to kick in the fashion game for the ladies of the AFL.

All the day spent preening and primping for the show on the red carpet. For the girls, it's a lot of work. For him, nothing Others have preparations down to a fine art. You have a good team around you. It's my 14th Brownlow, so it does get slightly easier. Muted flesh colour tones were popular, with just the appropriate amount of bling to set it all off. But there were splashes of colour too - green a particular favourite - and naturally, it wouldn't be a glamour event without a flash of bare skin. Prints inspired by the wild, but other ladies couldn't go past the fail-proof little black number. Months before the Brownlow, competition is fierce among the country's designers, all vying for the chance to dress the women for the evening. Helen Manuell and she prepared it specifically for this event and my trust was in her hands. I had no idea what it was going to look like until a few days ago. Other designers set a new standard for the maternity gown.

and I feel really comfortable in the dress, so it was fine. As for the men, the decision of the umpire was final - black tie or no entry. It looks smart. All the women go to a lot of trouble to look fantastic. I think if you look around all the people entering, it looks very smart. While the men largely abided by the ruling, some lamented they couldn't show off their fashionable side. It's a bit of shame because I think the guys enjoy going out and getting nice suits and I think it ads a little bit to the night. Not to be outdone, the Swans and the Eagles, their beautiful partners also having a chance to dress to impress. Their partners could be forgiven for having something else on their minds - the clash on Saturday. Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

And Ryan Phelan is in Melbourne. Ryan, it's a big night, a lot of glamour and some nervous AFL players eager for the result. Do we have our Brownlow Medal winner yet? Deb, first a warning - the Brownlow Medal count is going to air

and we could reveal the result before this bulletin ends. With Sydney preparing to play West Coast in Saturday's Grand Final, the Swans and their Brownlow Medal favourite Adam Goodes opted to remain home. Likewise the Eagles and their captain Chris Judd. Both polled well early, but it was Western Bulldogs veteran Scott West

who led entering the second half of the season. With 4 rounds remaining, Scott West leads by 1 vote. Football fever has gripped the nation ahead of the weekend's grand finals in two codes. Fans are still queuing for tickets to Saturday's clash between Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles and Sunday's league battle. So few tickets and so many wanting them. As the teams relaxed, fans were in a frenzy - 8,000 Sydney Swans members snaffled their allocation

for Saturday's battle in Melbourne. My voice is as good as gold and I'll make sure it is for next weekend - get a couple of VBs

and get ready to sing the victory song again. He won't get the chance

if West Coast Eagles fans have their way.

13,000 club members already have their ticket to bliss. Got 'em! Got 'em! Go, Eagles! Thousands of ordinary supporters hope the AFL will release more Grand Final tickets later in the week. Many are going to Melbourne anyway on 24 additional Qantas flights, costing up to $1,500 return. Rugby league followers are just as passionate -

those backing the Brisbane Broncos queued just to see their team or to get the first round of tickets released today. They don't care that the two interstate teams meet in Sydney. No, I think it'll be even better without Sydneysiders there. (laughs) So, not worried about that. There'll be plenty of Broncos supporters. And more than enough Melbourne Storm fans too. Go, the Storm! Watch out, Broncos, you're gone.

Finally, the grand finals - a once-a-year wonder. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Still to come - the questions that sent this former world leader off while being quizzed on TV. You did your nice little conservative hit job on me. And why this superstar is out to capture a new generation. This program is captioned live. Police are planning a major operation at Bondi in Sydney this weekend, after the brutal bashing of a young Irish backpacker outside a pub. He's in a critical condition in hospital. Just moments after the assault and 24-year-old John Counihan lies on the ground, suffering massive head injuries. Paramedics tried to stabilise the Irish backpacker in the middle of the road outside the Royal Hotel where the fight began. Witnesses say it spilled out onto the street,

where several punches were thrown, one attacker allegedly stomping on John Counihan's head even after he'd fallen. And whilst he was on the ground, the attack upon him did continue and that is something that we are looking into and that goes to confirm the brutality of the matter. His girlfriend, Pam Scanlon, looked on in shock as John fell to the ground. The metalworker had been playing snooker with a mate against two men of Pacific Islander appearance. Security guards at the hotel say one of the Irishmen went to shake the hand of one of the Pacific Islander men, but he refused. They say the fight erupted not long after that. While John Counihan tonight lies in an induced coma in the intensive care unit here out at St Vincent's Hospital, his sister is flying in from Ireland to be by his bedside. Police believe a lot of people saw what happened on Friday night and they want to speak any witnesses.

We will have police out in force this weekend conducting an operation and it sends a strong message to the people who are involved in these types of incidents we will be making arrests. Evan Batten, Ten News. Shock new figures confirm there's been a whopping surge in Sydney parking fines but help may be at hand. the revenue-raising trend, A newly elected mayor is bucking on parking inspectors. promising to clamp down Mayor of Waverley for a few days, George Newhouse has only been but already he's making big waves, his own parking inspectors. reining in about parking I have had a lot of complaints that I've decided to address. and it's one of the first things In the past year, it's made from parking fines, Waverley has doubled the money it's not on. and even the new boss says the biggest problem - There's two issues that seem to be

in the mail the first is people receiving fines they've committed an offence. not even knowing He's also ruled out zero tolerance. "Move On" policy three months ago, Since council introduced its on $180,000 worth of fines, it's actually turned its back 1,100 motorists with inspectors moving on

instead of ticketing them. It's a policy Ryde residents love. Their council's almost tripled its revenue in the past year amid claims it's targeting parents dropping children at school.

Where else do you park? What else do you do? We do get them photographing cars as they drop off children. Also collecting big: the Government called it back in It's really about time the system operates. and said, "This is the way "We don't want you guys abusing it." Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Bill Clinton has lashed out at claims the world of Osama bin Laden - he failed to do enough to rid while being grilled on American TV. the former president losing his cool

turned red-hot. A planned interview on global warming you brought it up. No, no, you asked it, becoming confrontational The normally charismatic Bill Clinton Osama bin Laden out of business. when asked why he didn't put you did enough, sir? REPORTER: Do you think but at least I tried. No, because I didn't get him, between me and some, That is the difference who are attacking me now. including all of the right-wingers During a heated exchange, to kill Osama bin Laden he said he had given the orders in 2000, after the USS 'Cole' was bombed with logistics and intelligence but because of problems it didn't happen. I worked hard to try to kill him. I authorised the finding for the CIA We contracted with people to kill him. I got closer to killing him than anybody has gotten since. That anyone being George W. Bush. You did your nice little conservative hit job on me. I asked a question. that's a legitimate question? You don't think in the Bush Administration I want to know how many people you ask this question of. to criticise President Bush Mr Clinton went on and not enough on Osama bin Laden. for focusing too much on the Iraq war

His comments come blamed the Iraq war as a leaked intelligence report the threat of terrorism. for increasing Five years after 9/11, if Bin Laden is dead or alive. no-one seems to know

French secret service agents believe A French newspaper claims in Pakistan last month, the al-Qa'ida leader died of typhoid

they have no such evidence. but US and Saudi officials say

Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, is back on the road Pop star George Michael for the first time in 15 years. and one half of '80s duo Wham The British singer in Barcelona. kicked off his solo tour Excited, very excited. How do I feel? is called 25 live, The European tour quarter century to celebrate the 43-year-old's in the music business. overshadowed by a string of scandals. His recent career has been in London for drug possession Six months ago, he was arrested

at the wheel of his car. after police found him asleep is next with Ryan Phelan Sports Tonight Swans ahead of the AFL grand final. and Ryan, some good news for the what it is, in a moment That's right, Deb, we'll tell you

from the Brownlow Medal count. as well as the latest

our cricketers back on home soil. Also tonight - as Europe wins the Ryder Cup. Irish eyes smiling And Tim Cahill on target again. most exciting subject in the world. For most people, money's not the LOUD YAWN that are exciting do cost money The thing is, many things can get a bit out of control. and if you're not careful, things By understanding money better, without losing control. you can get more of what you want So put yourself in charge. Visit: for a free handbook. Or phone 1800 236 235 when it's really fresh. I love the taste Like you get from the market. Like you get from the farmer. Really listening. Coles is listening. OK, mate! delivered to your Coles store. Now that's fresh thinking. This program is captioned live. individual honour, the Brownlow Medal The AFL's most prestigious where Ian Cohen is waiting. We head to Melbourne now

count is exclusive to Channel Ten And just a reminder that the full right after Sports Tonight, and will be shown turn your television down now. so if you don't want an update,

The Good evening. It has been an

amazing night. It is the AFL has big

night. It is a tense struggle as the

night continues. Probably everybody

knows who the winner will be but

tonight is going down to the wire.

One guy tried to take an individual One guy tried to

prize in a team event. Scott Westb

has been doing very well

And goods a winner in the past will

come home. Chris Judd is certainly

there. He has been there for a couple

of years. Daniel Kerr is in eligible

so disappointed if he gets over the

line. A lot of those guys are line. A lot of those guys

worrying about the Grand can breathe easy Sydney mid-fielder Amon Buchanan this late bump after being given the all-clear for on Docker Troy Cook. COMMENTATOR: Contact was inevitable, he was doing anything malicious. I don't think to minimise it. I think he was trying