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a memorial service at Australia Zoo Steve Irwin has been honoured at on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Politicians, performers and mates who'd gathered there were among the thousands to the Crocodile Hunter to pay tribute to wildlife preservation. and his contribution when his little girl, Bindi, All stood described him as "The best dad". that by the end of today Irwin was so loved will have been watched his memorial service around the world. by up to 300 million people the place of so many adventures, At Australia Zoo,

and pay their final respects. they came to honour Steve Irwin filled the Crocoseum, More than 5,000 of family and friends. including hundreds were there and many celebrities. Local and federal politicians out of respect. The Blue Wiggle turned up in black All were fans of Steve. that we can't replace. We all know we lost something one seat remained empty But among the crowds - and his children, Bindi and Bob, next to Steve's wife, Terri, and the rest of your family, I say to you Terri around you. there are 20 million arms there was laughter and tears. His friends shared memories, and best mate. Steve was my brother, mentor he was my hero. To the world he was a hero, to me, He saved my life. I'll miss you, mate. Crocodile Hunter's amazing life The event was a celebration of the and his worldwide appeal. and this is Terri. Hi, everyone. I'm Steve were there, Steve's wife and children first time since her dad's death. Bindi spoke publicly for the Book

My daddy was my hero. He was always

there for me when I needed him. He

listened to me and taught me so many

things. But most of all he was fun.

I know daddy had an important job.

He built a hospital to help animals

and he bought lots of land to give

animals a safe place to live. He

took me and my brother and my

with him all the time. We filmed took me and my brother and my mum

together called crocodiles together.

I don't want daddy's passion to ever

send. His father Bob also thanked

the fans. I was fortunate to

recently spend three or four weeks

with Steve on crocodile research

he was the best that he had with Steve on crocodile research and

many years and I

many years and I will certainly he was the best that he had been for treasure that. Thank you very much,

Dadies and gentlemen. APPLAUSE. from Hollywood mates. There were tributes too

He said to me, "

He said to me, "Daddy, I think we

should all be warriors like Steve. and will be forever. He was there in spirit wildlife, doing what he loved best. The Crocodile Hunter died filming a man many thought invincible, Steve Irwin - larger than life, still large even in death.

Thank you deeply for every

Thank you deeply for every moment

and for your company. My hand, my

heart, Steven, my friend. # #

# True blue. # APPLAUSE. is at Australia Zoo Seven reporter Neil Warren and joins me now. a wonderful tribute, Neil, it was those who attended the service? what's been the reaction of

A lot of tears at the moment. As we

speak the crowd is filing out

speak the crowd is filing out of

Australia Zoo. I think more the

majority of the service they pretty

much held it together. Bindi's speech was

speech was more of an speech was more of

speech was more of an inspiration speech was more of an inspiration

than a sad event. At the end when

Steve's vehicle and his belongings than a sad event. At the end when

Steve's vehicle and his belongings

left the arena and the surfboard, left the arena and the surfboard,

those images, the guard of honour,

that rocked the crowd. That is the those images, the guard of honour,

walked out. lasting impression they had as they

walked out. The overall view was a

good mix of the service and a

good mix of the service and a

appropriate farewell The service has

been the focal point. Surely the

flowers and tributes will slow too.

I can see the flowers arriving in

the next week. There are still

people coming here to pay their

respects and lay their flowers.

Australia Zoo is saying they don't

Australia Zoo is saying they don't

want any more now. They would range

want any more now. They would range

people make a donation to the

wildlife fund. The flowers are being

used as garden mulch Any word on how

Terri and the Bindi and

Terri and the Bindi and Bob will

adjust to life without Steve? Terri and the Bindi and Bob will

Australia Zoo will continue. There

is too much will and determination is too much will and determination

to make it work without Steve.

Obviously she lost their star to make it work without Steve.

attraction but you will find that

Bindi is being earmarked as the next

star. She is very young but she

apparently wants to make her own TV

show and be a star so it remains

show and be a star so it remains to

be seen what happens over the coming

speech today. months She made an extraordinary be seen what happens over the coming

to be watched around the world The service is about

of Steve Irwin. such was the popularity joins me now. Our US Correspondent Anna Coren

is so big in America, Anna, the Crocodile Hunter to be shown on TV in prime time? that this morning's service is about

Steve ir went's public memorial That is right. In about half an hour

service will be televised in

Discovery channel 'Animal Planet'.

His memorial is expected to be

watched by tens of millions of

Americans. It is hard to comprehend

the impact he had on people. I think

you have seen by the high-profile

tributes, Cameron Diaz, Justin

tributes, Cameron Diaz, Justin

Timberlake, our own Hugh Jackman

Timberlake, our own Hugh Jackman and

Russell Crowe, they could not get Russell Crowe, they could not

enough of him. His energy and

enough of him. His energy and

passion for life, he was truly

infectious and Americans just

infectious and Americans just fell

in love with him. I also think it

was his affinity with children that

allowed him to be a sensation. He

was definitely a showman, there is

no denying that, but underneath he

was a genuine man. They also loved

that wild adventure because it was new to them and

new to them and he captured the

hearts and minds of Americans he

will be greatly missed And I

understand Terri Irwin will give her

first interview to a US presenter.

first interview to a US presenter.

It has been confirmed that Terri

Irwin will give her first interview Irwin will give her first interview

to Barbara Walters. All networks

across the world have been making

offers for her first interview.

offers for her first interview.

74-year-old Barbara Walters will fly to

to Australia to interview Terri and

to Australia to interview Terri and

Bindi. It will go to air here next Thursday. To other news now and Australians are being warned to re-think their travel plans to Thailand after a state of emergency was declared in the country. The military have seized power

and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says our Government is now watching developments very closely. There had been rumours for months that the Thai military would move against the government of PM Thaksin Shinawatra. With the Prime Minister in New York, soldiers and tanks rolled onto the streets. There are allegations over his business dealings and there has been a cancelled election as well, with an election he called. Thailand has a history of army inspired coups. It's not known what role the Thai King has played in the overthrow.

But while PM Thaksin has declared a state of emergency,

it appeared anything but on Bangkok streets with the civilian population moving about freely. Tourists have been warned to take care. It will be OK because the people from Thailand say it's OK. The Department of Foreign Affairs is concerned for the welfare of Australians and has urged them to stay in their hotels

and avoid any public gatherings.

We'll see what happens during the day but in the meantime we've upgraded our travel advisory

to warn people to defer their travel to Thailand. While Australia has condemned the overthrow of democracy,

Thailand is not the only military ruled country with which we have friendly relations. There's also an expectation that once things settle down, new elections will be scheduled..5 It's important that elections are held by year's end so that the civilian rule of Thailand can resume. In Canberra, Geof Parry, Seven News. Another photo has surfaced of Australian soldiers behaving badly. The image shows a naked soldier pointing a rifle at another soldier who's clothed and lying on his back. The men are believed to be from the navy's clearance diving team training at the Singleton barracks in New South Wales. It comes just days after a video was posted on the Internet depicting Australian soldiers mishandling weapons. The Defence Force says it's also investigating this latest image. There was plenty of emotion at Sydney Airport last night Also back home, but not by choice, to the Solomon Islands. Australia's High Commissioner

Patrick Cole was expelled from the Pacific nation

after being accused of meddling in local politics following the riots earlier this year. Glad to be home. Any comments will be from the Foreign Minister's office. No decision has yet been made on whether Mr Cole will return to Honiara. An off-duty firefighter who risked his life to save a toddler from a burning building will be honoured with the NSW Fire Brigade's highest honour today. Carlos Henry climbed through a broken window into intense heat and choking smoke to rescue 3-year-old Tyler Jameson from his family home. He'll be presented with the Medal for Conspicuous Bravery.

Tyler's father, David, three police officers and a nurse will also be honoured for their part in the rescue. After the break - our business and finance report. And a UFO delays the return of the space shuttle. Apprentice jockey Brenton Primmer is in a critical condition at Warrnambool. after a sickening race fall

The 17-year-old was airlifted to Melbourne's Alfred Hospital yesterday with two suspected fractured vertebrae. He was injured after his mount appeared to clip the heels of another horse. Jockey Wayne Hokai also crashed and suffered a suspected broken collarbone and broken wrist. A storm has moved through Melbourne overnight, damaging property across several suburbs. Trees and powerlines were blown down. This car in St Kilda East was flattened during the high winds. Luckily the owner of the vehicle wasn't in the vehicle or it could have been a lot worse than it is. The SES says it received a number of calls for help. Victoria's firefighters will be on alert again today with the high winds that sparked more than 140 fires yesterday expected to continue. Melbourne's temperature soared above 30 degrees yesterday - the city's fourth hottest September day on record. It caused havoc for emergency crews as they fought blazes across the State. A cool change came in last night and is tipped to continue through the week. There was plenty of emotion at Sydney Airport last night as 69 Australian soldiers arrived home after their tour of duty in East Timor. The men from the Battle Group Faithful have spent the past four months trying to bring peace to the region following the street battles in the capital, Dili, in May. They also confiscated nearly 1,400 firearms and more than 1,500 knives.

NASA has decided to delay the 'Atlantis' landing by 24 hours because of bad weather and concerns about an unidentified object floating near the shuttle. Scientists fear the UFO could have damaged the shuttle's heat shield.


The space shuttle Atlantis will not

be landing tomorrow due to

be landing tomorrow due to weather and this. It could be a little

something up close or a bigger

something father away They believe

the object came off during the test

firing of jets used to guide it.

Some crews have commented it is like

standing next to a howit

standing next to a howit sk er.

Apparently something shook loose The

Apparently something shook loose the

trouble is no-one know what's that something is.

something is. It could have came out

of the cargo bay or something from

the outside of the shuttle itself.

Either way, NASA engineers want to

take some time to study the issue so

the crew kept its antenna deployed

to take pictures of the object and

may use the robotic arm We

may use the robotic arm We are taking it seriously. We will make

sure we know what is going on

sure we know what is going on to the best of our ability and make sure we

are safe to land If it is determined

unsafe, NASA says they have a

variety of options, from an in

flight retear job and sending the

crew back to the International Space Station. Australian researchers have unveiled what's believed to be the world's first health watch - a wrist-band that keeps track of the body's vital signs. The device will help diabetics and anyone else needing constant monitoring. It's not a fashion statement, but it could be a lifesaver.

Former Richmond rover Dale Weightman, who's battled type one diabetes for more than 20 years, will be among the first jostling for this device. Called the MD Keeper - this prototype can take your pulse, perform an ECG and assess blood oxygen levels, the information forwarded via wireless technology to medical experts.

Instead of people having to go to a doctor having to see their GP - they can be monitored successfully all the time. It's expected this technology will assist not only diabetics but anyone requiring ongoing medical checks. A convenient device that just makes life a lot easier. While these devices are still in trial stage, they're expected to be commonplace within three years. They won't be cheap, but they will revolutionise health care in this country. Down the track it's expected they will also have a blood sugar testing function and an inbuilt GPS to assist ambulances in locating any elderly patient. Emma Power, Seven News. A record number of people are undergoing cosmetic surgery.

But the trend is not just to keep up appearances many are also going under the knife to make the cut in their careers. Plastic surgery used to be the preserve of celebrities - not any more. Increasingly more professionals are choosing plastic surgery

as a means to get ahead within their career sector. Nose jobs and breast implants are the two biggest sellers but it's not just women taking the plunge - 30% of patients are men. It's rife in the IT industry, media and marketing and also finance sectors. Over the past five years, the price of surgery has dropped while demand has increased by 50%.

Professor Elliott says it's not just about vanity. He believes lack of job security and increasing competition are prompting people to take drastic measures. And there is a downside.

Anxiety, depression and in some cases even suicide. The idea you can transform your whole life through one surgical procedure, many are finding that this is just a cultural fantasy. To business and finance news now

and joining us is Bill Evans, global chief of economics for Westpac Bank. Bill, Westpac's leading index has been released. What is it saying about the economy and interest rates?

A very strong growth. 6.

A very strong growth. 6.4% is the

strongest we have seen. It is being

driven by strong employment, strong

credit growth and by strong recovery

in the housing market. It is

indicating that growth can be quite

strong over the next three strong over the next three to nine

months and may well put pressure on

interest rates There has been some

weak data out of the US. What

implications will that have? It has

gone the other way. The gone the other way. The housing

gone the other way. The housing fell and we saw wholesale prices actually

fall in a core measure by.

fall in a core measure by.4. That is

taking a lot of pressure off

inflation. The Federal Reserve

inflation. The Federal Reserve will announce their decision

announce their decision tomorrow morning. We will stay on hold. They

won't change rates. They

starting to breathe a

won't change rates. They are starting to breathe a sigh of relief which

which gives the option to

which gives the option to cut

interest rates if the downturn in

housing continues Thank you for

housing continues Thank you for your time this morning. Stay with us here on Seven's Morning News, I'll be back with sport after this break. The Fremantle Dockers arrive in Sydney today ahead of Friday night's AFL preliminary final against the Swans. Top of the list for Dockers coach Chris Connolly

is a visit to Telstra Stadium. Freo has never played at the ground before but Connelly says he prefers it to the SCG. Swans coach Paul Roos claims Freo's lack of game time at the ground will aid the reigning premiers. St George Illawarra coach Nathan Brown claims he'll keep quiet should referee Steve Clark make an error during Saturday night's NRL final against Melbourne. The Dragons have won just one match with Clark in charge this year.

Dragons CEO Peter Doust has rejected a proposed meeting between the pair before the match. Australia and Argentina have continued their preparations ahead of Friday's start to the Davis Cup semifinal. Mark Philippoussis and Lleyton Hewitt trained strongly in the heat. They say they're ready for whatever the crowd throws at them. Aussie wicket keeper Brad Haddin says Australia will be cheering for the West Indies tonight when they meet India in Malaysia. India must beat the Windies to leapfrog Australia on the table. Australia play India on Friday. Haddin says the team is still confident of reaching the Tri-Series final despite its 3-wicket loss yesterday. I'll be back with the weather details and a little fashion, after this break.

Now for a look at the national weather. There's some isolated showers in the south of the country. A trough is producing a band of cloud over Victoria and Tasmania, northerly winds across NSW. Around the country - fine and 26 for Brisbane. Fine and warm for Sydney heading for 26. Melbourne, the showers clearing and 18. Fine but cloudy in Adelaide. A shower or two for Perth. And 32 and sunny in Darwin. Before we go, the latest summer fashions have hit the catwalk in London. And this year it seems brighter is better. Some creations resembled costumes rather than day wear. While some traditional designs were still on show. Organisers have come under pressure from British health experts and politicians to follow Spain's lead and ban super-skinny models. And that's Seven's Morning News to now.

You can see the Steve Irwin Memorial Service again on Channel Seven this afternoon at 4:30 followed by a full wrap of the news at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders, thanks for your company. Have a good day. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre