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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. "Become an Aussie". to embrace our values. John Howard orders Muslim migrants may be hiding in your fridge. The key to warding off Alzheimer's the heart of a teenage schoolboy. And Jennifer Hawkins breaks Ten News with Mignon Henne. Good morning. Muslim migrants The PM has singled out Australian values. for refusing to embrace members to fully integrate John Howard is urging community he's just fuelling hatred. but Islamic leaders say questions on talkback radio The Prime Minister was fielding on immigration. when asked about his views try very hard to become Australians. Most people who come to this country There are some who don't. which stirred the pot. But it was his next comment of the Islamic population - I think there is a small section and I've said this before - I say a small section

to integration. which is very resistant Muslims should fully integrate Fuelling the fire, he went on to say

and treating women as equals. by learning English from societies I think people who come

in an inferior fashion where women are treated that is not the case in Australia. have got to learn very quickly from Islamic leaders - His views prompting a fierce reaction of demeaning the community. the Prime Minister accused

at a worse time, The furore couldn't come advisers have already accused him with reports Mr Howard's own Islamic and derogatory" language". of using "inflammatory Muslim reference group The Government's on how to tackle extremism will hand over its report later this month. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Accusations today to influence the stem cell debate. the PM is using underhanded tactics Supporters of change say ahead of the final vote. Mr Howard is trying to buy opinions commissioned by the Prime Minister, According to a new report in stem cell research there's not much new in place four years ago. since Parliament put restrictions change in the science since 2002. It said there had been very little and Cabinet asked for the report The Department of Prime Minister of last year's Lockhart Review, after the release for relaxing the laws. which found there were strong reasons quite understandably, The Prime Minister and Cabinet, wanted to know after receiving the Lockhart Report, what objective factors the opinions in the report had been based on. in favour of more research But one Liberal backbencher the opinion it wanted. says the Government's bought in the atmosphere There's a smack of desperation

a very good review when we commissioned for whatever ideological reasons. and have to have it overturned mind one way or the other. But the PM says he hasn't made up his I am still thinking about it. How I vote myself,

on most of these social issues, I am a conservative

but I'll think everything through. Parliament will revisit the rules and therapeutic cloning on stem cell research this month, have been allowed conscience votes. and MPs on both sides hasn't changed the minds The new report of the laws. of those pushing for an overhaul the report is narrow, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja says and, unlike the Lockhart Review, for the research. doesn't consider the potential Laurel Irving, Ten News. penalty to be handed down The RSPCA has called for the maximum slaughter of fur seals to those responsible for the mass in a Victorian national park. over the deaths of up to 40 mammals. Police are questioning two men

on a remote Victorian island. Scenes of unimaginable cruelty

Australian fur seals shot, More than 40 rare and protected most of them killed. would commit an act like this. I just cannot believe that anyone is a rare seal. The Australian fur seal in the world. It's one of the largest fur seals at Kanowna Island Within hours of the discovery aged 19 and 29, police were questioning two men, from a fishing boat docked nearby. uncovered two high-powered rifles. A search of the boat allegedly

without charge. But the men were released two days ago. The seals were slaughtered on the island heard shots Three university students studying and reported the massacre to police. They're now assisting with inquiries. that there were shots fired The allegations are on the island, fairly closely to researchers under the Crimes Act. so we're looking at offences in the seal explosion Locals say there's been an explosion in recent years, in the area. causing headaches for fishermen

Seals follow their boats around, out of their nets, they pull the sharks out of the sharks they only take the livers floats away. and the rest of the shark the waste of fisheries resources. It's an absolute tragedy to see animals is up to 12 months' jail The penalty for killing protected and more than $100,000 in fines. Veronica Buck, Ten News. East Timor says the blame Australian forces must take some of jail. for this week's mass escape from Dili and 56 of his men Rebel leader Major Alfredo Reinado Wednesday walked out of the compound on into the hills. and have since vanished Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta says

at the prison have been ignored. repeated pleas for extra security Despite our repeated request the prison, for static forces to be outside this was not done. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer the security situation is expected to discuss Indonesian counterparts next week. during talks with his Timorese and prepare to return home, As some of our forces in Timor has entered a new phase. Australia's operation in Afghanistan has visited Camp Baker near Kandahar. Defence Minister Brendan Nelson will soon begin re-building Another 400 Australian Army personnel infastructure. Afghanistan's shattered on HMAS 'Warramunga' The Minister also dropped in to guard oil fields and shipping which has just taken up its station in the Persian Gulf.

for abusing a cab driver A man has been arrested in Melbourne and stealing his taxi. Police say the man swore at the driver before throwing coins at him and demanding to be driven around. He then stole the vehicle before crashing the cab and fleeing the scene. He started abusing me, started to become more aggressive at me so I came out of taxi. Police are questioning the 27-year-old South Yarra man. There's mounting pressure today for the WA Government to call a royal commission into the workings of its embattled Department for Community Development. It follows an inquiry which revealed children in its care are being subjected to violence and abuse. Inside Perth's five Government-run hostels are 27 children who have nowhere else to go. They're aged from 5 to 17. Some are suicidal.

Others perpetrate violence and sexual abuse on other children. It's an extraordinarily challenging environment. Honestly, my staff were moved by young people they spoke to, by workers they spoke to and by managers issues for the department. The Obusdman's report detailed the concerns of one carer who said:

Another told: The Ombudsman opened this can of worms

while investigating complaints by a Department whistleblower who believed some staff overstepped the mark when disciplining children in their care. They are no angels but when you've got 15% of them being under 10,

don't they deserve a more supportive environment than the one that's coming out in this report? Two carers have been charged with assault and indecent dealing and no longer work for the Department. The union says it's a tough job with little support. They've got to try and manage innocent children

who have no history and no experience with these situations, with sexual predators, with violent offenders, in a very small residential environment. That's why we've increased the number of staff that will be working with them. The Ombudsman has handed down 24 recommendations

aimed at improving the management of the hostels. Narelda Jacobs, Ten News. A New South Wales schoolboy who snagged a date with former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has been dumped.

Just days after accepting 17-year-old Daniel Dibley's invitation to go to the Bathurst High School formal, Hawkins has pulled out with concerns her appearance would overshadow the event. The model agreed to be his date for the evening after receiving a letter from the student. Fortunately, not all is lost for the teenager. Hawkins has agreed to go on a lunch date instead. The key to warding off Alzheimer's disease could be found in your fridge - that story when the morning news returns. And runway emergency - passengers evacuated as a passenger jet ignites in flames.

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to destroy tumors. Mark Origer's body has done what surgery, chemotherapy and radiation couldn't - it's killed off his cancer. Today we can genetically modify normal immune cells and give normal cells the properties to attack and destroy a cancer in a patient. Mark was diagnosed with melanoma six years ago. By 2004, the cancer was in his liver and spreading. Right about that time my daughter got engaged,

and I knew there was going to be a wedding coming up, so there was concern. I wanted to be there. He owes his life to a clinical trial where his white blood cells were combined with a genetically engineered virus, creating what doctors are calling a smart bomb that can seek out and destroy tumours. Of the 17 patients in the trial, he and another patient had their cancer disappear. It's being hailed as the beginning of a new chapter in cancer treatment. Doctors hope the genetically engineered smart bombs will one day be used to fight lung cancer, as well as ovarian and prostate cancer. Without the treatment, Mark Origer may never have fulfilled the dream of walking his daughter down the aisle. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The key to warding off Alzheimer's disease

could be found in your fridge. New research has found drinking three glasses of juice a week reduces the risk by 76%. It's a recognised way of warding off Alzheimer's. Doing things like bingo to stay mentally active. Physical exercise also helps and so does healthy eating. But today's study gives the most detailed evidence yet about the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices. Researchers used a sample of 1,800 Japanese people living in the US. They started with the same nationality because of the similarities in their lifestyle and what they eat. They followed them over the course of 10 years. They found that the people that drank at least three glasses of fruit or vegetable juice a week were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. They believe it's because juices like these are very high in substances known as polyphenols. Researchers already know that polyphenols may disrupt the process by which Alzheimer's damages the brain. Now it looks as if juices rich in polyphenols are a useful, preventative measure especially for people who are genetically disposed to get Alzheimer's. They should particularly consider including fruit and vegetables in their diet because we now know that, particularly for this group of people with this gene, it matters even more. The studies show clearly that they reduce the risk to a higher extent than people without this particular gene. There is no cure yet, to those seeking to ward it off. but this research gives new hope Police in Norway have recovered a pair of paintings by Edvard Munch from a museum in Oslo. stolen two years ago 'The Scream' and 'Madonna' The world famous artworks after an international police hunt. have been found in a bold daylight raid in 2004 The paintings were stolen and had remained missing of three suspects in May. despite the conviction where the masterpieces were found Police haven't revealed

a better than expected condition. but say they're in A passenger jet emergency in America. plane caught fire The landing gear on a US Airways

at the Miami International Airport. as it was coming in to land were safely evacuated All 118 passengers and crew onboard

on emergency slides. 737 blew as the plane hit the runway It appears two tyres on the Boeing with one catching fire.

one of its biggest drawcards. Ahead - Aussie soccer loses returns. That's when Ten's Morning News standing at the US Open. Also, Lleyton Hewitt the last Aussie

This program is captioned live. In finance news - a touch higher this morning. the Australian sharemarket has opened

Lleyton Hewitt is the only Aussie left in the singles draw at the US Open. in the second round Nicole Pratt's hopes ending straight-sets victory while Hewitt scored an impressive

over Jan Hernych. consecutive day on court for Hewitt Previous rain delays meaning a third for other reasons this time but the umbrellas were out handed the Aussie the first set. as some blistering forehands HEWITT: C'mon! COMMENTATOR: That was a tough point. Although frustrated at times, maintained momentum the former world number one to claim the set 6-2. breaking Ernych twice in the second

Hewitt gets him. smashing an impressive 32 winners The 2001 champion wrap up the match in straight sets. requiring less than two hours to Good stuff. coming out here I was a little bit cautious today

and everything else would hold out not knowing how my knee and fitness and so far, so good. both in straight sets I got through my first two rounds, lot tougher from here on in though. and it's obviously going to get a of the year Chasing his second Grand Slam involved in a tough duel world number two Rafael Nadal with Peru's fearless Louis Horner. Boy, he's just outpowering Nadal. Big hitting. Peruvian power pushing the Spaniard to a fourth set his class for a hard-fought victory. and forcing Nadal to call upon all Oh, too good! In the women's draw, beaten by Russian Evena Likhovtseva Australia's Nicole Pratt prevent Megan Shaunnessy from losing while some creative net play couldn't to world number one Amalee Mauresmo. Oh, she nearly broke the net. Oh! Gosh! Does that count? Andrew Brown, Ten News. Heartbreak for the Kangaroos AFL home and away season. on the eve of the final round of the Forward Leigh Harding cruciate ligament. last night ruptured his anterior reconstruction ruling him until 2008. He'll require a full knee

for Leigh Harding. Emotions overflowed

in the cruelest possible way. A last training run for '06 ending we were talking It was only this morning a reconstruction for four years and we were saying we haven't had

and that was until tonight

so pretty unfortunate. It's something simple as well. Tragic for Leigh. and jarred his leg Went up for a mark, come down a million times a year. and something we do on the injury front for the Cats. It's slightly better news

of his medically-induced coma Tom Lonergan has been brought out after this sickening collision last week that saw him lose his right kidney.

of a number of big names. Round 22 will see the farewell against Geelong. Hawk John Barker will say goodbye and my time in AFL footy. I've loved my time at Hawthorn haven't been great The last couple of years in terms of getting my body right. has brought in its big guns At the selection table, Collingwood for a hit-out before finals. among the inclusions Nathan Buckley and Chris Tarrant to face the Roos. skipper David Neitz The Demons welcome back to face the Crows, but lose Byron Pickett by injury. who themselves have been decimated Burton, Hentschel, Knights No Ricciuto, McLeod, Hart,

premiership favourites. for the one-time Tim Hodges, Ten News. In the NRL - South Sydney players are determined to send Shaun McRae out a winner this Sunday against the Wests Tigers. After being replaced by Jason Taylor, McRae is tossing up whether to accept a new role with the club. REPORTER: How have you taken it, are you shattered? I don't want to make any comment. I will say that I haven't slept very well and I wish you a good morning and a good afternoon. I need to get on with my job. Meanwhile, North Queensland halfback Johnathan Thurston return from a knee injury is to make an earlier-than-expected against Parramatta. John O'Neill is disappointed Departing Football Federation boss to head back to England. Dwight Yorke is leaving Sydney FC

for Sunderland Yorke has signed to play in the second tier championship it's a big loss for the A-League. and O'Neill admits benefit to the Hyundai A-League. I mean, Dwight's been a great personally, We'd be sorry to lose him a great ambassador. because I think he's been

Sydney FC are confident to fill Yorke's shoes. they can find another big name

the second biggest race of the year Preparations for for the V8 Supercar Championship begin this afternoon in Melbourne. a special anniversary in the sport The Sandown 500 marks for one of pit lane's veterans. Jason Bargwanna clocks up 10 years

this afternoon. when he hits the track

how quickly that's gone. It's amazing some big boxes there I mean, we've certainly ticked over the last 10 years, as well, and we've had some lowlights so far. but what a great ride it's been this afternoon, Opening practice begins

live on Channel Ten on Sunday. with the 500km Bathurst warm-up the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - a look at

most exciting subject in the world. For most people, money's not the LOUD YAWN that are exciting do cost money The thing is, many things can get a bit out of control. and if you're not careful, things By understanding money better, without losing control. you can get more of what you want

So put yourself in charge. Visit: for a free handbook. Or phone 1800 236 235 This program is captioned live. of naval officers An emotional homecoming for families aboard the HMAS 'Ballarat' which has returned after six months in the Persian Gulf. Ten News reporter Frank Coletta is down at Sydney's Circular Quay.

Mignon, HMAS 'Ballarat' and its 185 personnel back from the Persian Gulf after 6-month tour of duty. They're back here in Australia now to a very warm welcome on the first day of spring from family and friends, many of whom haven't seen them since March. While away, the crew were involved in detecting and intercepting vessels in Iraqi waters suspected in illegal activity.

They also played a pivotal role in protecting vital economical resources including Iraq's oil platforms. Their efforts earning the 'Ballarat' the nickname of 'the little frigate that can'. As you can imagine, being away for 162 days can mean changes on the home-front. Three crew members were becoming dads while they were away. One became a grandfather. Tears of joy flowing from family and friends, Mignon who are planning a big weekend of celebrations and we'll have more details coming up in the 5:00 bulletin. Back to you.

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day -

And just before we go, this year's Australian Father of the Year has just been announced. The title going to Ron Delezio, the father of young Sydney girl Sophie,

who has survived two near-fatal car accidents. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Mignon Henne. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.