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and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully Tonight - shocking new claims behind the Bali bombings from the rebel gives him another 15 minutes of fame.

A public appeal to identify this man stabbings in shopping centres. wanted for questioning over random

Brity Spears daring photo shoot

turns up in an unlikely place.

the Serious Health concerns for one of Serious Health concerns for one of

with Ryan Phelan. headlines Sports Tonight

Crows' best. Mark Ricciuto Sandra - it's feared Adelaide skipper may have Ross River Fever. former Roosters coach Ricky Stuart. Also - who's rallying around

Obviously the club's dispainting

two seasons has played a part but

we're doing our best, mate. soccer, John O'Neill, to quit. The man who helped revive Australian career with a win at the US Open. And Andre Agassi prolongs his playing

I wanna be here real bad for the

whole two weeks, so...CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

Extraordinary claims tonight about

the Bali bombings. The terrorists'

spirual leader says American spies

hijacked the attack and made it far

intended. worse than the Indonesian bombers

people - including 88 Australians. The blasts killed more than 200 But Abu Bakar Bashir claims which did the most damage the explosive device was a CIA micro-nuclear bomb.

are awaiting execution Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Mukhlas at the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar. over the explosions the three planned the attack Bashir concedes by CIA agents. but claims it was hijacked on conspiracy theory websites The claim has been aired before and Bashir now teaches it to students in central Java. at his religious school spent nearly two years in jail The radical cleric

of the Bali attacks. for having prior knowledge travel restrictions on him He's revealed Indonesia has placed no since his release in June. Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

of defiance tonight An extraordinary display from a threatening nuclear power. a global demand Iran's not only snubbing for it to stop working with uranium, but it's inviting Western companies to build nuclear plants. to put in tenders Revelations tonight placing strict control orders the Federal Government has considered on a number of terror suspects. It comes as legal wrangling starts against Jack Thomas. over the first order issued for a legal test case. Jack Thomas's lawyers gearing up but far from unfettered The 33-year-old free the first ever control order after Federal Police obtained under new terrorism laws. and then restrict their liberty We can't accuse someone to meet their accuser. without them having a proper chance back to Melbourne Jack Thomas was ordered and placed under strict curfews conviction on terrorism charges. after successfully appealing contacting Osama bin Laden. He's also banned from Philip Ruddock Federal Attorney-General

signed off on the control order, but it may not be the last. of consideration given There has been a good deal to available evidence ought to be sought in other cases. and whether or not control orders on counter-terrorism, Canberra has spent billions have something to show for it. some believing it must now are important trophies People like Jack Thomas and laws we're confronted with. to justify this sought of money

before court on Thursday, The control order will be back condition of its subject. concerns now over the mental psychological state. He is in a fragile ongoing care. He is receiving Allan Raskall, Ten News. they believe may be a serial stabber. Police are tonight hunting a man For the second time in a month of dozens of witnesses in Brisbane. a victim has been attacked in front Calmly he walks away, another stabbing in Brisbane. past a security camera after want to talk to this man Queensland police 24-year-old in hospital about an attack that put a with a puncture wound to the neck. We've cordoned off the area a scientific investigation. and are conducting mall of the Myer complex Dozens of shoppers inside the food in the heart of the CBD to help the victim. were stunned and rushed and shocked. He was bleeding profusely we have no confirmation At this stage as to what type of weapon, of bladed instrument. suffice to say it has been some type another man was stabbed here Just three weeks ago in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall only metres away in similar circumstances. are connected Police believe the two incidents although apparently random attacks. form part of our investigations, We can't discount that, so that will and won't be ignored.

only minor injuries Today's victim suffered and is now in stable condition. Mark Suleau, Ten News. The teacher who confessed to killing child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey

has been cleared we'll see of him. but that's not the last

they'll sue for wrongful arrest. John Mark Karr's family says Colorado's District Attorney said placing him at the crime scene there's no DNA evidence so the case is being dropped. that they took this man We are deeply distressed by the fact from Bangkok, Thailand and dragged him here the allegations against him. with no forensic evidence confirming a completely lost cause - The inquiry wasn't dating back to 2001 he's facing child pornography charges to Los Angeles. and is being extradited Claims tonight Telstra share offer the Federal Government's is creating investor uncertainty. deputy warning A former Finance Department the T3 float fails to address conflict of interest. what he sees as the Commonwealth's The Government might be selling of its Telstra shares $8 billion worth in a future fund, and putting the rest but one observer suggests interference in the telco. that still leaves room for Government always bad for investors. It creates uncertainty and that's has remained steady The Telstra share price of the T3 sale, since the announcement even gaining a little value as investors wait for more detail on the float. But former Finance Department deputy secretary Stephen Bartos believes investors may be wary of buying T3 stock if it appears Telstra is shackled to the Government. Until the Government actually sells out all of its shareholding

it will unavoidably have a conflict of interest. I agree with what he says that the ultimate objective to have it in the private sector

is so that the Government doesn't have a conflict of interest. Mr Bartos says the Commonwealth will still have a controlling interest in the telco even after T3. Telstra already believes it's being held back from achieving its full potential in the market. There is nothing going on now in the provision of telecommunications in this country which is going to see us as a competitive nation 10 years from now. And while many in the Government are angry over Telstra boss Sol Trujillo's attacks on costly regulations, the Treasurer far from wanting the CEO to go says he must stick around. I think he is very important in the sale process, absolutely.

And that is why I think it is important that he stay there.

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. There'll be a state funeral for Australian Democrats founder Don Chipp who died last night in Melbourne.

The Prime Minister says he was a passionate man who made a huge impact on public life. The ravages of Parkinson's disease clearly evident,

two years ago Don Chipp reflected on his own demise. I'm very conscious of death, not because of me. The deeper the love. the deeper the grief, it's true. The deeper people love me, the deeper they grieve and I worry about the loved ones I leave behind. Dead at 81, he leaves behind his wife, Idun, and six children. His public life spanned 30 years.

He was a minister in four Liberal governments, quitting the party in 1977 after falling out with Malcolm Fraser. To me, the most endearing thing about Don Chipp was that, to the very end, he was passionate and committed to the causes in which he believed. His legacy was the founding of a third political force - the Australian Democrats. Their peak - the balance of power and nine senators in the '90s. To keep the bastards honest - no-one else will. Thanks very much. Ironically, Don Chipp's greatest regret

was his dishonesty as navy minister during the Vietnam War. I made a big mistake - I told the Australian people lies or untruths about Vietnam. We're very saddened by this news. He'll be greatly missed and greatly mourned. Mr Chipp had great hopes for Natasha Stott Despoja, but felt she came to the leader's role too young. I'll remember Don Chipp as a mate, as a friend, as a mentor, as a supporter. The Opposition says Don Chipp was a substantial figure who made a significant contribution. And so we are poorer as a nation for his passing. That he's a good old honest bastard who gave it his best shot - put that on my tombstone and I'm a happy man. Still to come - an Olympic champion jailed. And how new technology lets you call the shots at rock concerts. This program is captioned live. In a world first police in Victoria will soon have the power

to charge drivers who test positive to ecstasy. The new drug test - using a saliva sample - extends an already successful testing program for amphetamines and cannabis. We are the only place that has done this so far down the track to introduce this legislation and capacity which really does save lives. More than half the 300 Victorian drivers who tested positive to amphetamines in the past year had also used ecstasy. 18 months jail for disgraced cycling champ Gary Neiwand after admitting he stalked a former girlfriend. A court hearing the Olympic medallist had been diagnosed with depression and contemplated suicide. Gary Neiwand achieved glory on the cycling track, winning several world titles and Olympic silver. Off the track his activities have been far from glorious, admitting to stalking a one-time girlfriend. He repeatedly called her using a stolen mobile phone, contacted her mother

and sent explicit text messages to her employer between May and June this year. Neiwand pleaded guilty to the offences, his family and friends in court to hear the 39-year-old receive a maximum 18-month jail sentence. Chief Magistrate Ian Gray acknowledged Neiwand had been diagnosed with a major depressive illness, but with strong family support and treatment he believed the chances of rehabilitation were excellent. Nevertheless, he said the offences were serious and the sentence must reflect: Neiwand is already serving time for breaching an intervention order to stay away from ex-wife Catherine. Last year he was convicted of harassing her, claiming he'd urinated in her champagne glass. Neiwand will be eligible for parole in nine months. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Soft drink giants have joined the fight against childhood obesity,

agreeing to include nutritional information on labels and remove some products from school canteens. But dietitians say it's not enough. Australia has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity with one in four children suffering from the deadly disease. It's that staggering statistic that is forcing many companies to rethink the way they do business. The major soft drink companies are joining forces to make their products more consumer-friendly. All drink labels will now contain additional nutritional information. Childhood obesity is a very important issue today and we recognise that. Cans and bottles will soon show how much energy, or kilojoules, each drink contains, as well as its percentage DI, or dietary intake, for an adult. Critics say the label isn't legible or easy to understand.

They do need to have very clear labels so that people can make some informed decisions, and little labels may not actually be good enough. While dieticians say this is a step in the right direction, they'd prefer primary school canteens stock only water and milk. Companies may also soon be banned from targeting children in its advertisements, and McDonald's has broadened its "healthier menu" option for children, introducing a Pasta Zoo McHappy Meal, but at 9g of fat it's only slightly better for you than a cheeseburger and Coke. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. In a world first, music fans in Sydney will be given four hours to decide who'll entertain them in a concert tomorrow.

Four bands - Sneaky Sound System, Thirsty Merc, After the Fall and Evermore are at the mercy of fans who can vote at or SMS 199 BANDS between 6:00 and 10:30 tomorrow morning. Whoever wins the popularity contest wins the right to perform. Day gigs are great. There's something cool about light. More of the concerts are planned. She's nude and pregnant and certainly bizarre - Britney Spears has been controversially plastered all over the Tokyo subway. Censors originally wanted her belly blacked out because the magazine ad was deemed too stimulating. But in the end they had the guts to publish. Sports Tonight now with Ryan Phelan. Ryan - Adelaide's injury crisis worsens. That's right, Sandra - Captain Mark Riccuito quarantined amid revelations he could be suffering a severe virus. Also tonight - the Roosters rally around Ricky Stuart. John O'Neill reveals why he'll quit the top job at Football Australia.

I just felt the time is right for

me to move on to other things. And Socceroos keeper Mark Schwarzer's torrid afternoon.

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This program is captioned live. Adelaide captain Mark Ricciuto could have played his last game this season.