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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. after a school hepatitis scare. Emergency vaccinations

up to 300 or 400 boys. It could affect

for snooping. Centrelink employees sacked diamond heist - And the million-dollar despite tough security. precious stones stolen Ten News with Georgina Lewis. at a Sydney boys school - A hepatitis A scare are being vaccinated hundreds of students as a precautionary measure. is there. Ten reporter Danielle Isdale have been notified Georgie, around 300-400 boys

to hepatitis A they may have ben exposed St Patrick's College, Strathfield, after a tuckshop worker here at was diagnosed with the disease. at the time of any symptoms Now, that worker was unaware

for so many boys. and the risk of preparing food wants all of those students Now, the NSW Health Department as soon as possible. to be administered a hep A needle A lot of parents are panicking that they have other children, on the grounds their workplaces, things like that. more than helpful. The school has been who may have been affected. We gathered the boys together last night A letter went home to the parents about the circumstances. informing them can be a very serious condition, Hepatitis A, of course, causing inflammation of the liver, to jump on this as soon as possible. so the Health Department wants to give the boys needles A clinic will be set up here at the school today between 1:00 and 3:00

and sometime tomorrow as well. this morning, Centrelink is embroiled in scandal sacking hundreds of staff illegally accessing customer records. who are accused of 600 employees have been caught,

to the Federal Police. with some referred at Centrelink Hank Jongen is general manager and he joins me now from Canberra. activity are we talking about here? Mr Jongen, what sort of illegal

For we're talking about people in For we're talking about people

appropriately if Accessing the files

of family friends, or slipping on

neighbours. It is really in those

realms that most of this browsing has

occurred. If enter the owners of the

tethered files being told? In cases

where inappropriate information

appears on false certainly those

customers will be made aware of the

impact - impact on their files.

Customers themselves were involved in Customers themselves

the browsing in many instances.

Friends and family of centre link

staff have a process - approached the

staff to excessive files. The way in staff to excessive files. The

which the information as exist is

totally inappropriate. Any possible

charges are likely to be laid? If charges are likely to be laid?

there is the manner for the federal

police. The overwhelming majority of

a 25,000 staff who were involved in a 25,000 staff who were involved

millions of transactions have not

been involved in these activities. We been involved in these activities.

now know that they have not been

involved. A customers can be

this. reassured that we're out on top of

a day of mourning Russia and Ukraine have declared of a devastating plane crash. for the victims in the disaster. All on board were killed of a criminal inquiry. Its cause is now the subject of flight 612. The smouldering wreckage for the 170 people on board - There was no chance of survival crashing into a Ukrainian field the commercial airliner signal and disappearing from radar. minutes after sending a distress at the scene Emergency crews were quick to arrive but there was little they could do. 10 crew and 40 children. Among the dead, were holiday-makers Most of the passengers returning home to St Petersburg. to extinguish the flames, As firefighters battled investigators went to work. While terrorism has been ruled out, is to blame. some believe a midair fire by lightning. Others say the plane was struck a criminal inquiry is now under way Whatever the cause, of safety rules. into a possible violation

disaster in the region this year. The crash is the third serious Kate Donnison, Ten News. in Brisbane overnight. There's been a heated protest Around 40 anti-abortion campaigners to Life group meeting in the city. blocking access to a scheduled Right state, women must decide their fate! (All chant) Not the church, not the and negotiate with the angry crowd. Police eventually called in to try to take some action and remove them. They refused to negotiate so we had were arrested At least five of the protestors a direction. and later charged for disobeying worth an estimated $1.5 million Top quality diamonds international jewellery fair have been stolen from Sydney's in Darling Harbour. security camera pictures Police are viewing the massive heist. to try and find out who carried out It's believed the bag of jewels Exhibition Centre over the weekend. was snatched from the Convention and at Ajax Fasteners Staff have returned to work

to prop up the troubled part maker. after the major car companies agreed the factory from 6:00 this morning, Men and women were back at at Holden and Ford. avoiding massive stand-downs able to start producing parts again Relieved staff believe they'll be as early as this afternoon. we didn't have a future. This time last week, for the next six months. Now we've got a future As part of a 6-month deal, for any shortfall in operating costs Holden and Ford have agreed to pay for the company. while the administrator seeks a buyer a Melbourne mother and her son Reunited at last - most famous custody battles. involved in one of the country's now known as Jacqueline Pascarl, This morning Jacqueline Gillespie, has shown off her son, Iddin, out of Australia. 14 years after he was smuggled joins us live. Ten reporter Cameron Baud how have today's events unfolded? Cameron,

14 years in the making. A story which

is very much intrigue the nation. is very much intrigue the nation. An

Australian mother who lost her

Rorty. In 1992 children to a member of foreign

Rorty. In 1992 the children were but

were taking to a - adapted by their father. They

were taking to Indonesia and

eventually on to Malaysia. For 14

years the mother has fought a very years the mother has

public and private battle to try and

get her children back. In April she

successfully receipted quarterback.

The Sun has also been reunited with the mother. I'm just so overjoyed that my children are home together and together with me, and we are happy. And we want to thank everyone for your support and the generous good wishes all through the years and the people who have just sort of stuck in there with us.

the mother. Not surprisingly, the

family a tight-lipped about the

future plans. They said they may future plans. They said they may ever takes some lessons together. Violent cartoon characters come under fire, but not for their rough antics - that story when the Morning News returns. The Chinese twins separated at birth and reunited half a world away.

This program is captioned live.

The first 11 terror suspects to be charged over the transatlantic terror plot have appeared in court in the United Kingdom. Ten men and one woman are facing charges ranging from conspiracy to murder to failure to disclose information. A convoy of high security vehicles left Paddington Green Police Station through the morning rush-hour traffic. Inside, the first 11 suspects to be charged in relation to an alleged plot to blow up several aircraft packed with passengers over the atlantic. They appeared in the dock in four groups of two or three. The first three were all charged with conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terror, as were the second group. They were all accused of plotting to smuggle bombs parts onto aircraft and detonate them. Two men also faced the charges, making 8 in all. Then, the last two. One, the mother of an 8-month-old baby. They're charged with failing to disclose information about terrorism. Today, this man in the white cap, who until now grew up in High Wycombe, gave his address as East London. A convert to radical Islam, he was originally called Brian Young. Away from court, there is controversy over the detail police gave yesterday about what they found during their searches. As the main suspects begin their time in custody in this prison, other lawyers say a trial is so far off, what is reported now is unlikely to affect the jury. The first pictures have emerged of three Mexican fisherman

who claim to have been stranded at sea for nine months. The trio landed on a small chain of islands after being rescued by an Asian fishing ship. They lived on fish and rain water but say two of their group died because they refused to eat raw food. Doctors have cleared the men to return to Mexico. Thousands of tourists have been forced to spend the night on beaches as bushfires rage across northern Greece. At least one holiday-maker was killed and dozens more taken to hospital suffering mild burns and smoke inhalation. Around 50 homes and a number of cars were destroyed in the blaze about 80 kilometres south of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece. Authorities are warning of similar conditions over the next few days as temperatures continue to linger above 40 degrees. For decades, Tom and Jerry have entertained children

with their high-speed chases and fights. But the classic cartoon is at the centre of a huge debate after a media watchdog cut all smoking scenes. It's a scene you're unlikely to see again but this lighting up isn't the problem. While Tom, Jerry and their friends can blow each other to pieces, it's smoking they now can't do in front of the children. From Laurel and Hardy to Popeye, cartoon characters have been smoking for years and like Tom and Jerry, many of them were created before the health dangers of smoking were widely known. I think it's political correctness gone mad. Essentially, children watch Tom and Jerry for the speed of the action. Let's face it, it's smashing cats and dogs and mice over the head with a saucepans, sledge hammers and the like.

That doesn't mean they go home to their brothers and sisters and do the same to them and more to the point, they don't go home and start smoking. OK, so here we're watching... This animator has been in the business for more than 30 years. She was a character that took drugs, took loads of alcohol, smoked, did everything that you're not supposed to do these days.

With Tom and Jerry, he says context is key. If you show it to adults late at night they'll understand it was made years ago

and they'll understand for what it is.

If you show it to little children now, they won't understand the historical context and will accept it for what it is. Parents aren't sure. I'd be more concerned about their constant fighting than anything else anvils on heads and things like that. A bit more worrying than a puff on a cigarette. Anything you can do to stop smoking is a good idea. And so it's time for Tom and Jerry to stub out their cigarettes for good. Smoking, it seems, is worse for your health

than being flattened by a frying pan. John Mark Karr has agreed to be extradited to Colorado Now to an incredible story of coincidence. Twin sisters abandoned as babies in China have been reunited after their adopted families found each other on the Internet. For the 3-year-old girls, it must have been like looking in a mirror.

It's, like, shock. At first you don't know what to think and you're thinking, "Can this be? How could this be possible?" After being abandoned as babies on a footpath in China, they were adopted by two different American families. Last year, their mums found each other on the Internet and now they've found each other.

I posted that my daughter, Mia, is gonna be three next month, and she posted back, "Oh, I have a Mia too,"

and it's not that common a name. DNA tests proved their names weren't all that they shared. I am one of those, "Do the test and then we will see." Then they did do the test and it came out to be positive. The tests found they were most likely fraternal twins. The chances of them getting together through the whole world, whatever, even the United States, and to find one another had to be a miracle of God. Mia Ramirez lives in Miami and Mia Funk near Chicago, but their parents say that won't stop them seeing each other.

I wanted to have them speak on the phone very frequently,

'cause they live in different states, and then see each other occasionally. Mia and Mia now not only have each other, but more uncles, aunties and cousins than they could ever have imagined. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Ahead Aussie swimmer Jess Schipper back from her world record performance. That's when Ten's morning news returns.

Also, Australian cricket umpire Darrell Hair stands his ground as Pakistan calls for his sacking.

This program is captioned live. John Mark Karr has agreed to be extradited to Colorado to face charges of murdering child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. His lawyer said he was tired, frightened and had been judged wrongly by the media.

Karr could return to Colorado as early as Tuesday afternoon. Mining giant BHP is set for a record profit result later today. Riding high on the Chinese industrial boom, the resources giant is expecting a net profit of more than $13 billion. An announcement is expected late this afternoon.

It's a different story for another Australian corporate icon. Telstra shares continue to struggle. The Government is now unlikely to make an announcement on the future of its stake in the telco until after the Queensland election. In finance news - the Australian share market is trading marginally higher.

The NRL is about to be rocked by a drugs scandal. Newspaper reports say the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority has found enough evidence to lay charges against an unnamed player for using performance-enhancing drugs. In other league news, incumbent Test fullback Karmichael Hunt will return from injury for Sunday's showdown against Parramatta. Hunt will play on the wing for the Broncos, leaving the in-form Justin Hodges at fullback. Meanwhile, Queensland Rugby League is confident Mal Meninga will return to coach the Maroons in next year's State of Origin series. The AFL has played down the impact of the controversial tactic of flooding saying it's not having a big impact on the game. It follows Kevin Sheedy's description of flooding as 'a cancer in the game'. Kevin Sheedy has again raised concern about the state of the game imploring the AFL to get rid of flooding. I don't think it's great for the game. I think it's a cancer in the game, and it's the worst cancer I've seen in my time in footy. There's probably been less incidents of flooding compared to previous years

and as the season's progressed, it seems to have disipated Jason Johnson's one-match ban stands. He was unable to get a low blow downgraded at the tribunal last night. After 147 games, but only two this year, the Kangaroos will give Jade Rawlings a farewell match this weekend against his old club Hawthorn in his home state of Tasmania.

I came here to play more AFL footy. That hasn't happened. It probably - initially at the start of the year I was probably frustrated I wasn't getting the chances. And Adelaide will hold a closed training session today but Nathan Bassett won't take part. He's battling a bruised ahead of Sunday's Showdown. Kelli Underwood, Ten News.

Melbourne will host the Wallabies' only home game of the Bledisloe Cup next year. Traditional hosts Sydney and Brisbane were outbid

with the match to be played at the MCG. It will be the first time the city has staged a Test between Australia and New Zealand since 1998. The diminished schedule is due to the World Cup in September. Australia's latest Madame Butterfly Jessicah Schipper Pakistani fans are still up-in-arms over the alleged ball tampering controversy surrounding their cricket team. Demonstrators continue to blame Australian umpire Darrell Hair after their captain Inzamam-ul-Haq was charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

(All chant) Shame, shame, Darrell Hair! We Pakistanis demand that this man, umpire Darrell Hair, should be removed from the ICC panel of umpires. Meanwhile, umpire Hair has spoken out for the first time saying he stands by his decision to penalise the Pakistani team and will fight any move to oust him. Australia's latest Madame Butterfly Jessicah Schipper is still riding high on her Pan Pacifics success.

Schipper and the rest of the Australian team arrived home from Canada this morning. in the 200m butterfly Despite setting a new world record in the 100m 'fly, and picking up another gold

for female swimmer of the meet. the 19 year-old was overlooked pleased with the way it all went. I know how I did and I'm very worth Women's Swimmer of the Meet, If they didn't think that I was

that's not my fault. After conquering America's best full-strength Australian field she'll now be up against a

championships in Hobart this weekend. at the national short course has accepted responsibility Boomers coach Brian Goorjian to Greece at the World Championships. for Australia's gut-renching loss with 30 seconds left, The Boomers led by five points but just couldn't hold on. two 3-pointers The European champions nailed to steal the match. with less than 10 seconds remaining on the buzzer... COMMENTATOR: A big bomb have scored the most amazing wins ..and Greece, can you believe, in World Championship history! should have taken a time-out Goorjian says he in the dying stages. when the scores were locked The Boomers play Lithuania today.

has agreed to an 8-year ban American sprinter Justin Gatlin for his second drug offence. The Olympic Champion has avoided the normal penalty of a lifetime ban in exchange for his cooperation with doping authorities. for testosterone in April. Gatlin tested positive 100m world record he jointly holds It means he'll also lose the with Jamaican Asafa Powell. the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - a look at

This program is captioned live. weather and for the rest of the day. Now for a look at the national

with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's newshour tonight. and the full details by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

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