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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - crashes in Ukraine, A Russian passenger plane killing all on board. convicted of a terror plot The first Australian sentenced today. from a Sydney jewellery fair. And $1 million in diamonds missing Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven Welcome to Seven News. Good morning. have been killed More than 170 people in eastern Ukraine. after a plane crashed An investigation is under way on the aircraft, or bad weather, to determine if a fire caused the accident. taking holiday-makers home The plane had been to St Petersburg from the Black Sea resort of Anapa when it crashed. and 11 crew members - On board - 154 adults, six children all killed instantly. were quick to arrive on the scene... Emergency crews

SIREN WAILS they could do. ..but there was little All that was left in the side of a hill was a black smouldering scar over a wide area. with wreckage scattered (Woman speaks Russian) This woman says she heard a noise, she saw the plane fall like a leaf, and when she looked

then fall to the ground and explode. make a few turns, what caused the plane to crash. At this stage it's unclear

of a fire on board the aircraft, There are reports the plane hit severe turbulence. but it's also suggested The aircraft belongs to Pulkovo Airlines. the St Petersburg-based transport disaster in Egypt. And there's been another killed almost 60 people, A day after a train crash south-east of Cairo. a tourist bus has overturned

the accident on the Sinai Peninsula. 11, mostly Israeli Arabs, died in

have been injured. More than 30 other passengers says The Department of Foreign Affairs being caught up in either accident. it's not aware of any Australians The first person convicted on Australian soil of planning a terrorist act

ahead of his sentencing. has arrived at a Sydney court Faheem Khalid Lodhi

of planning a terrorist act. was found guilty of three counts

during his seven-week trial The Supreme Court jury was told that he was planning bombing attacks electricity supply system possibly on the national or three Sydney defence sites. carry a maximum life in prison. The charges are trying to track down Sydney police of diamonds at least $1.5 million worth from a prestigious jewellery fair. that have gone missing is on the case. Seven police reporter Robert Ovadia

understatement. Police have no idea To say this is a mystery is an

where they are. The company that

owns them has no idea. They were in

a little black bag and they were

supposed to be delivered here in an

armoured truck on Saturday. They

didn't turn up and staff were

alarmed on Saturday afternoon but

they didn't know it had gone missing alarmed on Saturday afternoon but

until they checked a time-delayed

safe. Their worst fears confirmed

when they didn't find them but when they didn't find them

police didn't find out until Monday

that the diamonds had gone missing.

Security here was extraordinary for Security here was extraordinary for

the Australian jewellery fair. There

war X-ray machines, metal detectors.

People had to be a member of the

industry and sign log books. Police

are examining the theory that the

diamonds have gone missing in route.

They may have been misplaced to the

wrong company. If there is anyone

wrong company. If there is anyone

out there with a little black bag,

police would love to here from you. more than 100 workers Centrelink has sacked over privacy breaches. and disciplined hundreds of others the personal records of clients, The workers apparently delved into and former lovers, including those of neighbours even changed details. and in the very worst cases For more on these breaches, of Centrelink Hank Jongen. we're joined by the General Manager Thank you for joining us, Mr Jongen. uncovered up to 800 cases I understand your sting

to privacy records. of inappropriate access did those breaches entail? What exactly


In most instances those breaches

involved our staff peeping into the

records of family and friends or

maybe checking out details of

neighbours but this is totally inappropriate

inappropriate behaviour and we believe

believe we have taken a

stance which demonstrate that's we believe we have taken a strong

have zero tolerance in this area.

What has happened to the workers

involved? Once they were

with the evidence, close to 100 involved? Once they were confronted

staff simply resigned on the spot.

Std were sacked as a result of those

activities. The rest of the staff activities. The rest of the staff

will be faced

will be faced with penalties ranging

from fines, reductions in salaries,

demotions and in five instances we

referred encased case s to

referred encased case s to the

Federal Police Joe Hockey ordered a

clean-up of the service. Were you

surprised how widespread it was surprised how widespread it was

especially after they were told they

were being orbed. I have to make the

point that we always monitored this

sort of activity. Over the last 12

months we installed advanced

techniques and we trawled back to

2004 to see who was accessing

records. This is as bad as it will

ever get and we will continue

monitoring on a regular basis. I

have to make a point that the

have to make a point that the

overwhelming majority of our 20,000

overwhelming majority of our 20,000

staff have not been involved in

these activities and we now know

they have not been involved in these these activities and we now know

activities Did you contact those

clients whose record vz been

breached Where there is

inappropriate action, yes, we will

inappropriate action, yes, we will be notifying those customers about

the impact of the the browsing

has occurred. Again, the impact of the the browsing that has occurred. Again, I have to make

the point, customers themselves were

implicated because family and

implicated because family and friends approached Centrelink staff friends approached Centrelink

and asked them to update the

records. The transaction may have been appropriate but

which it was put into the system which it was put into the system was been appropriate but the way in

totally inappropriate and the

strength of our reaction no those

activities should reassure our

customers about how vigilant we

customers about how vigilant we are in this area. Thank you for your time. Workers at the centre of this week's car manufacturing crisis have returned to their Melbourne factory. Production at the car components plant Ajax Fasteners has resumed this morning after the 190 workers accepted a rescue package underwritten by Ford and Holden. They've given the company six months to trade itself out of trouble. And hopefully it goes our way. It's a chance we didn't have this time yesterday morning. The plant's threatened shutdown could have led to 10,000 standdowns across the car industry. The Liberal Party is engulfed in a new war of words with the former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett telling the Federal Treasurer to keep quiet. The latest slanging match is all about support, or lack of, for the Victorian Opposition leader, Ted Baillieu. There have been years of animosity between Jeff Kennett and Peter Costello,

and it doesn't look like they'll be making up anytime soon. In the latest dispute, the former Victorian premier has attacked the Federal Treasurer accusing Mr Costello of having no idea about leadership. It stems from Mr Costello's luke-warm backing of the now Victorian Liberal leader, Ted Baillieu, ahead of the November State election. The Treasurer has implied Mr Baillieu needs to lift his game. those sorts of comments to himself. Mr Kennett says he should keep

I think I'm only expressing the views of most people who, when they heard Peter's comments, were vastly disappointed. As for the man in the middle, he's not getting involved, deciding it's best to sit on the fence. He says he gets on well with both men. Peter's doing a fantastic job. He's got a fantastic record

and he's made a sensational contribution to Australia.

Mr Costello isn't sitting back and taking the insults. He says Mr Kennett has been out of politics for years and should leave Mr Baillieu to run his own campaign.

These comments might have helped Ted Ballieu. Anyone who would have

wanted to help him would not put wanted to help him would not put it on the newspaper. at Mr Costello's chances Mr Kennett has also taken a swipe

of becoming Prime Minister, saying John Howard is likely to stay in the job for another 10 or 15 years if he stays fit. The latest newspoll suggests petrol prices are hurting the family budget more than rising interest rates. 83% of those surveyed were concerned about the cost of fuel, while just 44% worry about rates. And four out of five of the 1,200 respondents said they'll cut back luxury spending like entertainment and eating out. A 31-year-old Australian has won the world's most prestigious mathematical honour, the Fields Medal. It's the latest in a lifetime of achievements for Adelaide-born Professor Terrence Tao who started high school at the age of eight and was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of California when he was just 24. The Fields Medal

is the mathematicians equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Next in Seven News - our business and finance report, and alleged child killer John Karr on his way to Colorado to face official charges.

Another two Australian police officers have been injured in East Timor. was showered with rocks The men's vehicle

as they tried to stop a fight between two gangs. It follows an attack on an Australian policeman at the weekend. An Australian man is in a critical condition in a Papua New Guinea Hospital

after a bed shortage prevented his evacuation to Australia. 43-year-old New South Wales man Andrew Jackson collapsed on the Kokoda Track yesterday from a suspected stroke. His flight to Townsville was cancelled overnight after it was revealed no intensive care beds were available.

The man who admitted killing child beauty pageant star JonBenet Ramsey has agreed to be sent to Colorado. He was charged in LA with being a fugitive from justice. Seven correspondent Anna Coren has the details. Good morning, Anna. John Karr's waived extradition.

41-year-old John Karr appeared in

41-year-old John Karr appeared in a Los Angeles court this morning

Los Angeles court this morning where he waived the right to appeal

extradition. The hearing lasted less

than five minutes during which he

spoke calmly and quietly. He was

dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit

but had requested to wear civilian

clothing. That was denied. Waiving

extradition means he should be on a

plane to Colorado in the next few

days where he will be charged with

the rape, murder and kidnap of

JonBenet Ramsey. He said that he JonBenet Ramsey. He said that he is concerned

concerned with the way the media is

portraying him. Let's listen to the

judge. You are charged with one

count of first degree murder after

deliberation, one count of first

degree fell any murder, one count of

second degree kidnapping, one count

of sexual assault on

of sexual assault on a child. It is

worth noting that the prosecution in

Colorado may ask for the Colorado may ask for the death penalty

penalty More confession frz this man

also on tape? This is really quite

disturbing audio of John Karr

talking to police informer Wendy

Hutches. He talked to her and she

taped 20 hours of conversations

where he said he would apologise to JonBenet's murder.

It really is quite chilling

It really is quite chilling audio and it will be interesting to see

whether or not they use it as evidence. Iran has called for talks with world powers, indicating it is ready to begin serious negotiations over its nuclear program. The decision was made

as Tehran faced a threat of United Nations sanctions. But it is still refusing to stop its nuclear program. This is the Iran which America sees - a country of mullahs and extremism, Islamic fascists who call for death to the Jews and who arm Hezbollah while denying human rights to free-thinkers at home. And this is the future that America fears - the giant underground nuclear facility at Natanz. Whether they're generating electricity or building a bomb here

is still a mystery. But today's announcement from Tehran delivered to a group of ambassadors that Iran wants more talks isn't cutting much ice in Washington since it's coupled with the decision not to go with the current Western nuclear deal. The sticking point remains that Iran wants to enrichment itself rather than letting the outside world do it. As well as that, Islamic state is becoming self-sufficient in its nuclear work.

And that represents the big problem for the West. For Iran, this is all about pride and standing in the world. Why should they be told how to run their own country. I think he's got a domestic constituency to play to, he's got to show that he's driving a hard bargain for the Iranians. And I think also because of recent events in the Middle East, of course, the Iranians feel a little bit more robust and a little bit more confident. So what happens now - The next deadline has been set by the Unites Nations for the end of this month. Iran must say by then if it's ready to stop enrichment. If not, it seems certain pressure from the US and Britain for sanctions at least will be stepped up

and there will be yet another test of the United Nations' unity. To business and finance news now and joining us is Justin Smirk, senior economist at Westpac. Good morning, Justin. Westpac's leading index

has just been released. What does it say about the economy?

The leading index is a composite of

all the indicators. It is well above

the trend of 3.

the trend of 3.9 and what that is

pointing to the Australian economy

pointing to the Australian economy can still gain momentum. The can still gain momentum. The first

half of this year and the reason the

RBA raised rates. It puts pressure

RBA raised rates. It puts pressure on inflation risks and that is why

the risk is on the upside BHP will

record a record profit. How long can

the commodity boom last. That the commodity boom last. That is

always a great question. The real

always a great question. The real

thing to keep in mind, while you can

look at what is going on in Asia, it

provides a long commodity trend for

provides a long commodity trend for prices. We have seen this happen

before post-World War II. It can be volatile and prices can volatile and prices can go up volatile and prices can go up and

down. That is probably the secret.

While you may stay long-term on it

but expect to see volatility. Next in Seven News - Rugby League facing a drug scandal, and Test cricket umpire Darrell Hair says retirement is out of the question.

Rugby League is facing a new drugs scandal this morning. Drug testers have been swooping on clubs with at least one positive result expected to be announced as early as today, along with some embarrassing evidence on recreational drugs. Drug testers were primarily looking for evidence of the human growth hormone EPO. And rather than random testing, the anti-doping body has been targeting certain players. Australian umpire Darrell Hair says he'll continue to make the tough calls and won't be pushed into retirement by the ball-tampering controversy. Hair says he has no regrets about his actions

that prompted Pakistan to become the first team in 129 years to forfeit a Test match. He's taken a couple of days off in the English countryside before Friday's hearings. Pakistan captain Inzamam Ul-Haq will face charges of bringing the game into disrepute. And the Boomers have been beaten by Greece

at the Basketball World Championships overnight. Australia led the European champions by three points with nine seconds to go. Then the Greeks landed two three-pointers It was Australia's second straight loss and means they'll struggle to reach the next round. The Boomers play Lithuania tomorrow.

Next in Seven News - the weather forecast, and the author calling for mums to head back to work.

To the weather - Fine and 26 in Brisbane.

Sunny and 21 in Sydney. 16 in Canberra. Cloud in Melbourne. Showers in Hobart. Rain in Adelaide. Overcast in Perth. And sunny and 32 in Darwin. to a custody battle There's been a happy ending

spanning 14 years and two countries. A Melbourne mother whose two children were kidnapped by their Malaysian prince father has been reunited with her son. Jacqueline Pascarl-Gillespie hadn't seen Iddin since he and his sister were smuggled out of Australia by boat in 1992. Her daughter returned to Australia earlier this year, and has now been joined by her 23-year-old brother. This is an absolute surprise to me that I got my son back yesterday after 14 years of being apart.

I have four beautiful children. We

need time as a family after being 14 need time as a family after being 14 years apart. Jacqueline says her life is now complete. Finally, the ongoing battle for many mothers - should they stay at home or go to work. One author's weighed into the debate, calling it a 'brain drain' for mums to look after their children full-time. At war on the web battling it out in blogs, now there's the controversial "get to work". Author Linda Hirshman believes it's time for a revolution. But it's time. After 25 years of hearing from nothing but the stay at home moms and why it's so wonderful to stay at home, it's time for another message. Hirshman tells women they can only lead flourishing lives

if they have a career outside the home. My most important message is that women are bearing the full burden of housekeeping as well as child rearing, and that combination makes it very difficult for them to work in the public or larger world. Just wanted to check up...

Penny Robison is VP of marketing at a Pacific Beach-based firm. And Mom to these two girls. Momma, there he goes - whee! Former technical writer Margaret Dilloway stays home with her three children. Former university fundraiser Julie Noble made the same decision. My salary and daycare would probably negate each other, so that would be pointless. Somebody else would be with my kid all day. Hirshman thinks women who stay at home, especially highly educated ones,

are not using their capacities fully, arguing they should stay on the job and push for change in society. These moms found her tone insulting. It's interesting because if the brightest women are choosing to stay home, they're not in the workforce, but then the brightest women are raising the children - that's not a bad thing. A lot of stay-at-home moms actually do a lot of volunteer work for the community,

which I think makes for a stronger community and therefore, a stronger society. They do admit there are challenges. This is the first time in 20 years that I have not been bringing in a paycheck. I worry about my social security. I truly do not feel it's damaging. If I did, I wouldn't be here. Mom Penny hopes as a successful business woman she's setting a good example for her daughters. It worries me that the women, we may get back to a point where it's a male-run, male-dominated

upper management industry, so that's kind of scary and it's kind of sad. And that's Seven's Morning News to now. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. What are we buying today? Oh, look at this.