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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. Australia's car industry can breathe a sigh of relief with an in-principle agreement to rescue Ajax Fasteners now on the table. Thousands of workers are at risk of being stood down if the deal is not signed. Ten's Nicole Strahan joins us from outside the factory in Melbourne. Nicole, what's the feeling among the workers this morning?

After long negotiations early After long negotiations early into

this morning, the card companies have

signed an rescue deal. That deal will

be put to workers over the be put to workers over the next

couple of hours. The couple of hours. The workers are

cautiously optimistic. If that means

that they will keep their jobs for now. It's basically where we were a few days ago. Apparently there's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel but unless we see a signed document, I mean, we're no closer. Apparently talks can always break down last minute.

now. What does this mean for

production line workers at Holden and

Ford? That Holden, they were Ford? That Holden, they were able to

get some parts overseas to get the

production line going over the next

week or so. That Ford, they thought

they may have to stand down they may have to stand down workers on Thursday morning but on Thursday morning but with this package in place they can hopefully

he be passed on to Ford and will

avoid standing down to workers.

Federal Cabinet is meeting today with Telstra the hot topic on its agenda. Communications Minister Helen Coonan denies Telstra's poor share performance will panic the Government into a fire sale.

Well, look, I think what we really have to do is really have a discussion about all the issues and rather than pre-empt the way in which it might happen we've got to have that discussion and then everyone will know soon enough. One option is to park the Government's remaining Telstra shares in the Future Fund to pay for public servants' superannuation. And all eyes will be on Coles Myer for their monthly board meeting today.

They're expected to resist a reported take-over bid from US retail giant Wal-Mart. Looking at the day's other finance news and... A woman will face court today over the drowning death of her 5-year-old son. Police were called to this home on the NSW Central Coast late yesterday after reports of an unconscious boy. They performed CPR until an ambulance arrived. The 5-year-old was rushed to the Gosford Hospital but couldn't be saved. It's believed the boy drowned in the family bathtub. His 37-year-old mother has been charged with his murder and will appear in court again next month. 11 people have been charged over the alleged UK airline terror plot two weeks after it was exposed. Eight suspects are charged with preparing acts of terrorism and conspiracy to murder while three others are being charged under new British terror laws. During a global investigation,

British police say they found bomb-making equipment, martyrdom videos and incriminating audio material linked to the alleged attack to blow up transatlantic flights. One of Egypt's worst rail disasters has claimed the lives of 51 people and seriously injured 138 others. A passenger train was travelling from the Nile Delta to Cairo yesterday afternoon

when it barrelled into a railway station, slamming into another train after failing to heed a stop sign. And in Spain - another deadly derailment. Authorities are investigating how this passenger train came off the tracks killing 6 people and injuring 60. The train was heading from the north-west Spain toward the French border.

Cricket's governing body has charged Pakistan captain Inzamam ul-Haq with bringing the game into disrepute. But it's the Australian umpire at the centre of the ball tampering allegations who's made world headlines. Australian cricket umpire Darrell Hair is not the most popular person in downtown Islamabad right now. We want justice. We want justice. Hair, no stranger to controversy, was one of the umpires who accused Pakistan of tampering with the ball in the fourth Test against England. In protest, Pakistan refused to come back out after tea. The game was forfeited and now captain Inzamam-ul-Haq must front a disciplinary hearing on Friday. Opinions on the matter far-reaching. Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan even calling Hair a "mini-Hitler".

Unfortunately, there have been some umpires, and Darrell Hair has been one of them, who love the centre stage, who love the limelight. The umpire could have prevented this from being blown out of all proportion. The umpires concerned have followed the ICC laws

and playing conditions to the letter. He has done it before also. He's been against the team. Pakistani cricket officials maintain their innocence and say it's an insult and a slur on the team.

They want an independent inquiry. I would back my team 100% in their actions.

Cricket boss Malcolm Speed is standing by the charges laid by all four umpires and hinted there could be more arising. The umpires' decision is final, it's binding. Inzamam ul-Haq could be suspended from four Test matches or eight one-day internationals if found guilty. Emily Groves, Ten News. Geelong bad boy Cameron Mooney has this morning accepted his two match ban from the AFL's Match Review Panel which ends his nightmare 2006. It's the 26-year-old's fourth suspension of the season -

an unwanted AFL record - for his strike on Sydney's Amon Buchanan. The Bombers have also accepted Jason Johnson's one match ban for this crude elbow on Hawk Sam Mitchell.

He'll miss Saturday night's clash against the Tigers. Rugby league, and Melbourne is considering legal action after the NRL refused to register a contract between in-form winger Steve Turner and the club, meaning the 21-year-old will be forced to play for the Gold Coast Titans next year or sit out the next three seasons. It's a great result but we've still got a lot of work to do.

We've got to get on with the task at hand and convince Steven Turner that there's no misgivings and we're looking forward to having him here in 2007. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs have until midday to decide if they'll contest Willie Mason's grade two reckless high-tackle charge for a hit on Broncos half Shane Perry. George Gregan's turbulent year as Wallabies skipper

has levelled out with a tribute from John Howard.

The pair teamed up at a special dinner last night where the rugby-mad Prime Minister congratulated Gregan on becoming our most capped captain and Test player. It's a great thing to do - to play rugby for your country. It's a great honour and something that you've always dreamt of doing as a kid

and I've been fortunate enough to do it for the last 14 years. The PM and Gregan have a lot in common. They've both led their country and put up with people asking them to retire.

Yes, yes, we do have great similarities, but we're both still going. And Gregan hopes to lead his country to next year's World Cup in France. Now national weather for the rest of the day -

That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Georgina Lewis. TTN is next. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

why countries gather secret information and how it's used. And changes to our solar system - new planets, new names. Astronomers about to decide. Hi. I'm Scott Beveridge. are still having to endure strict security meeasures after authorities foiled a number of planned terror attacks. The scare showed to a person, political party, government, or nation. Take the recent terror plot in Britain. Their intelligence suggested on flights from the UK to the US. That's where intelligence agencies come in. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, or ASIO, ASIS - the Australian Secret Intelligence Service -

DIGO is the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation. ONA - the Office of National Assessments - reads media reports and top-secret material and assesses it for the Prime Minister. And the Defence Intelligence Organisation - DIO - looks after military intelligence. is gathered and analysed, policy decisions about that. some flights were cancelled in the UK and the US and people were banned from carrying hand luggage onto planes. Of course, there are intelligence failures too when spies or secret data slip through the net and attacks occur before authorities have enough information to stop them. like the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

And intelligence agencies always keep their information and sources secret. that Osama bin Laden was using a satellite phone

It gets reported in the media. Which is why spying is usually a top-secret business.

The universe, as we know it, could be about to change forever. Since 1930, our solar system has had nine planets. You've got Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and the first large asteroid discovered, which is Ceres, And after 70 years as a planet, but have a new small planet sub-class started in its honour. But if this already has you a little spaced out, some astronomers warn redefining what a planet is could open Pandora's box There's so many, you could be adding forever. The International Astronomical Union will finally align its planets I don't think it would be a major catastrophe for anyone really.

and how they landed such great jobs. Christian belongs to an acting agency. It has his photo on file and details about his acting experience.

so I didn't really know much about the process so they were really helpful to me and were really nice. Lisa landed her first role as Anne Vu in 'Footy Legends'. Her character, Anne, is about to be taken into foster care

following their mother's death. to save their families. Both Lisa and Christian agree making a film takes a long time.

because I was on set so much of the time I barely had any time for tutoring and I had to go home and catch up. like Claudia Karvan. You mentioned you liked working with Claudia, why is that? Um, she's very nice and when I'm nervous she talks to me. No nervousness for Christian though - he takes it all in his stride.

with the star of 'Harry Potter', Daniel Radcliffe. Yeah. I was really high for the whole thing, I was really. I loved it so much. the more you get out. while 'Opal Dream' opens next month.

has been turned into a 13-part documentary series.

that live on the edge of Africa's Kalahari desert. The decade of filming reveals there is all the love, squabbling, The series premieres at 6:30 this Sunday on Ten. and this summer, a big return to dresses. Close behind - NRL stars who, while a little shy, showed off some of the new fashion for men. I think there's more male designers because as the market is growing It's more acceptable for guys to be a bit more fashion-conscious

and put the mechanisms back together

When both me and Sam were studying at uni

Their streetwear label, Vanguard, Whether it's streetwear or evening wear, every piece of clothing starts off as an idea in someone's head. Ideas don't come all the time, I find. That's why everywhere I go I have a little A5 sketch book with me and you just draw it down we work closely with pattern makers and sewers, changing a pattern or fabric until we actually get what we want from paper. and you show that range as part of a whole collection how much tears and sweat is involved in the process. and all the little things you gotta work out like the music having a theme to it and everything.

For us, that's really good to have interstate people would be and here's what you said.

It would probably be an actress, to be an actress because I like to be on stage and I like to watch drama.

While for younger readers, it's Elizabeth Fensham's 'Helicopter Man'. at the Book Council of Australia's website. Robot fever is sweeping through schools right around the country. Brett La Frantz has been checking out what it's all about. We've arrived in country Queensland at a tiny school and even follow a given path It's just a group of schools coming to a competition Students taking part in RoboCup have to design, build and, most importantly, program their robots themselves. Well, this here is the RCX brick and the motors are joined to this. How does it talk to the computer, how does it work together? Ah, we have a tower here connected to the computer - it's like a USB - and you program it into here. At Haigslea that meant breaking up into small teams

don't work as a team Alright, Tom, tell me what it is I'm looking at here? That's our cane toad. and at the moment they're putting the warts on. We're going to paint it maroon or brown and it'll match our State of Origin theme. I think the dancing just adds a little bit more effect to it How big a part of RoboCup is it? Is there a percentage to it?

And the programmers, and not end up like this. Most State finals are at the end of the month. He blitzed the field by five strokes to win his third US PGA Championship, Aussie Adam Scott fired a final round of 67 to tie for third. Lote Tuqiri crossed for two tries there is a story about teaching water safety to young African refugees. They'd never swum in their lives and now live on an island surrounded by water. That is TTN for today. Look out for our special report next week as part of National Literacy and Numeracy week. Catch you then. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Is that something you miss? Male attention? I mean, surely you must find the temptation a little hard to resist sometimes? Occasionally. But this isn't one of them. Ouch! God, I love a feisty woman. My little girl's sick, Lyn. I don't even know if she's going to make it. Come here. Oh, Paul. Us being alone together is not a good idea. Because these feelings we have for each other are not right. What did you think about? It was mostly pretty silly stuff and kind of personal too. I know what you mean. Mine...mine was, um, kind of embarrassing. Best left unsaid.