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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. that killed a teenage tourist. The freak beachside tragedy The war may have ended for thousands of Lebanese refugees. but the pain has only just begun

the real Australia to the US. And the new venture taking Ten News with Georgina Lewis. Good morning.

in a freak sand collapse A teenage tourist has been killed on a Queensland beach. is in Bundaberg, Ten Reporter Jesse Grayson is recovering in hospital. where the 15-year old's brother of the Dutch family The father and 11-year-old brother

here at Agnes Water Police Station. are now being interviewed

who survived the incident The 13-year-old boy

at Bundaberg Hospital has spent the night with his mother at his bedside. were digging holes in the beach It's understood the three brothers around 4:00 yesterday when it collapsed on them. and dug a hole around 2m deep was covered entirely. The 15-year-old boy The 13-year-old up to his neck. By the time the paramedics arrived to save the 15-year-old boy, they couldn't do anything the 13-year-old but they managed to save

around two hours later. and remove him from the sand one night in 1770 The family were only due to spend in Australia. as part of their five-week holiday in around five days. They were due to fly home area where the incident took place. Police have now bulldozed the entire

and anyone who comes to the area, They are warning locals, in similar situations. to be extremely careful contractor killed in Iraq The family of an Australian when his body will be returned home. is expecting to find out today Jon Hadaway suffered critical burns he was travelling in when the armoured car in Baghdad, nearly two weeks ago. drove over a roadside bomb only just returned to duty in Iraq The 34-year-old Melbourne man had after getting married. are pouring back to southern Lebanon. Tens of thousands of displaced people As the cease-fire continues to hold, humanitarian crisis focus is now turning to the massive that faces the country. they were returning. From first light, through a landscape of destruction. Countless numbers coming back and new schools Many will need new homes they'll need food and water. but most of all, convoy going south We followed the first major aid carrying supplies for 5,500 people. even the very youngest. Everyone keen to help unload, No fuel and little clean water. reduced to drinking from this pool. During the fighting, some were Closer to the border still on Lebanese soil. we spotted Israeli troops We made a cautious approach. hard and Hezbollah had too. The troops told us they had fought they wanted to go home. Now, they said, They denied they'd been beaten could've cost them many men. but admitted that a ground invasion the war was over. I asked if they thought one said. "Lebanon is a never-ending story" the cease-fire will hold. But many Lebanese believe more begin the journey home. Hour after hour, with families and their belongings. The roads are choked in moving on after a war. People here have plenty of practice up for another divisive debate Federal parliamentarians are shaping

for medical research. on the cloning of stem cells a conscience vote, With the Prime Minister allowing for a moral tug of war. the scene is set this morning. The PM was on the Wallaby track with Australia's rugby captain. A lakeside stroll Up ahead for the PM within his own party a potentially messy debate stem-cells. on the cloning of embryonic it really isn't. This is not a party issue, free-will issue. It's a personal, conscience, Anything that inspires passion a sense of division. obviously inspires That division will be intensified is produced. when and if draft legislation Natasha Stott Despoja Democrats Senator bill, but if not, she'll draft one. wants the Government to produce a scientific health and ethical issues This is one of the most important of this century. on display. The depth of feelings on the issue all conscience I can't vote for it. I just think it is unethical and in back-foot on the petrol issue The Government is also on the LPG conversion offer backfired. after its multibillion-dollar offered to the public It turns out the conversion for the Government car fleet. is deemed uneconomic this morning As John Howard cruises into work petrol-fuelled limousine, in this chauffeured taxpayer-funded eat cake approach to petrol prices. he should reflect on his let them want a focus on its own cars, And just when the Government didn't white limousines one of those petrol-driven new mechanical security bollards had an altercation with the at Parliament House, and came off second best. Ouch. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. in jail after breaching his curfew. Notorious paedophile Mr Baldy is back Brian Keith Jones was arrested the streets of Ararat after 7:00pm. after being caught walking alerting police. An electronic surveillance tag his house outside school hours. Jones has been banned from leaving

a warning before being released. He is expected to be issued with 12 years in prison for sex crimes. The convicted paedophile spent a Melbourne church Fire has ripped through causing nearly $500,000 damage. was totally alight The roof of St Joseph's in Chelsea just before 1:00am. when firefighters arrived in lines with previous fires We are investigating which are happening in the area. at a discount shop The fire follows a suspicious blaze in the bayside suburb less than 24 hours earlier. has kicked off Queensland's State election campaign

to regional centres. with both sides flying out is heading to Bundaberg The Opposition the government began. where the health scandal that rocked to claim the title of underdog Queensland's Premier has been quick and quick to hit the hustings. to regional Queensland. Peter Beattie is on his way on September 9, With voters heading to the polls them he should remain in the top job. he has less than a month to convince But the opposition will have to do some convincing of their own. Heading to Bundaberg today where the health scandal which has been so damaging for the government began, to gain power they must win an unprecedented 22 seats.

But the Coalition has already stumbled initially refusing to say who would be Premier if they pull off a win. National's Leader Lawrence Springborg now says it will be him. But what happens if the Coalition wins with a majority of Liberal seats? Well, that's simply not going to happen and Dr Flegg said that yesterday. And it's been revealed the Premier will use $640 million of New South Wales money to boost his campaign coffers. The funds are from GST payments south of the Tweed and will be used for pledges on water and health. The New South Wales Premier wants the money back. But Mr Beattie says Queensland needs the cash because of the State's population boom. We've got huge pressure from growth. An extra 1,500 Queenslanders every week. A large number from New South Wales and Victoria.

That puts pressure on our system which is why we're spending more than ever before. The Premier has indicated he will stand down as leader if he loses the poll. Chloe Baker, Ten News. The Palace defends Prince Harry over those raunchy newspaper pictures. That story when the morning news returns. And, Aussies wanted as a new restaurant chain takes Bondi to America. ..with Clean & Clear Morning Burst cleanser and SPF moisturiser. This program is captioned live. Police in Britain have made another arrest in connection to the alleged transatlantic bomb plot. It comes as new security measures spark a war of words between airlines and airport managers. As further flight cancellations and delays continue to hamper airline passengers in the UK, friction has developed between the airlines and airport managers BAA. A number of airlines, including British Airways,

are now considering suing BAA for damages claiming they failed to have an adequate emergency plan in place. We're working very closely with our airline partners

and what I can guarantee is that we have got the right measures to secure the safety of the travelling passengers.

It's also been revealed the restriction on carry-on luggage has led to more than 10,000 items going astray. As police seek further evidence against the alleged plotters, arrest number 24 was made north-west of London. Of the 46 properties searched since the alleged plot was uncovered, nearly half are still being examined. It follows the release of security camera pictures of one of the men already in custody. The vision shows 22-year-old Tayib Rauf, who's wearing a white T-shirt and beige pants, carrying out deliveries for his father's business.

Friends of Mr Rauf hope it will prevent the public from jumping to conclusions over his guilt or innocence. It means that he's looking after his dad's business and he's not the sort of the person who, you know, is going to blow himself up. Almost a week after the initial arrests, Britain's security alert has been eased from 'critical' to 'severe'. Cameron Baud, Ten News. US television executives have arrived in Gaza City to push for the release of two kidnapped colleagues. The Fox Network representatives are meeting Palestinian security forces, the President and Prime Minister hoping they'll intervene in the case. Journalist Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig were taken by masked gunmen near the headquarters of the Palestinian security services on Monday.

No-one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has contracted pneumonia. The 78-year-old has been in a coma since suffering a massive stroke seven months ago. In the last 24 hours, his condition has drastically deteriorated. New scans show decreased brain function as well as severe chest infection. His family is at his bedside at the Jerusalem hospital. A known Australian paedophile is to be deported from Thailand.

Paul Thompson, who's committed dozens of sexual offences on children, was arrested while leaving for Cambodia to renew his Thai visa. The 57-year-old is not allowed out of Australia because he's on a list of child-sex offenders and is required to report to police. It's alleged Thompson made his way to South-East Asia using various aliases. The Philippines has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for assistance, after an oil spill in the country's south east. The Government will ask Japan and Indonesia to help dam the 36km-long slick that was first noticed at the weekend when a tanker began to sink. Chemicals are being sprayed on affected areas to try and disperse the fuel but officials say it may take as long as three years to clean up. The contaminated region is one the country's best locations for fishing and diving. A Geelong player apologises to team-mates for an on-field gaffe. That's when Ten's morning news returns.

And rugby league great Andrew Johns threatens to quit the Aussie game if he cops a lengthy ban for swearing at an official. This program is captioned live.

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New job opportunities in the US in the hospitality industry. for Australians is opening in California A brand new Aussie food chain jobs for candidates from down under. and it's hoping to provide dozens of in San Diego's trendy Gaslamp Quarter On one of the best streets the first instalment in a new chain construction is under way on called 'Bondi'. Once we've done southern California we've got the right penetration, to where we see that we'll move through America into other countries. and then, hopefully,

it'll be a cafe, restaurant and bar Opening in November from the jarrah tables where everything to the sea anemone feature lighting to the bluestone floors will come from Australia. bringing point of sales systems, We're bringing toilet seats, we're over we're bringing Australian beer

Australian kegs. in great, new recyclable America already has one Aussie chain showcases dishes but Outback Steakhouse most of us have never heard of. Australians really eat, Bondi will serve the foods we might. not the kind Americans guess eat, if you had to guess? What would you imagine Australians Gosh, snakes. I don't know. I don't think they eat koala bears. Barbecued kangaroo. Some sort of desert vegetation. some Balmain bugs We've got some barramundi, and a fantastic collection ingredients and spices, of Australian native wild finger limes. like bush tomato, wattle seeds, To make it genuinely Australian, real Australian staff, Bondi creators want to hire with visas and they're willing to help them to live and work in America. young Australians will learn There are things that from working alongside Americans, to Australia with them. and hopefully then take back In San Diego, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. In finance news, in positive territory. the Australian sharemarket is trading

will face the NRL judiciary tonight Newcastle skipper Andrew Johns hearings in years. at one of the most anticipated at a match official downgraded Johns wants his charge of swearing the game in Australia. otherwise he's threatened to quit This spray last Friday night for Andrew Johns, could prove to be life-changing

in Australia. threatening his playing career at a match official. Johns has pleaded guilty to swearing four weeks, the star's manager says If he's rubbed out for the maximum NRL altogether to play in England. Johns has contemplated leaving the the touch judge and the NRL tonight It's believed Johns will apologise to

downgraded. in a bid to have the charge the first week of the finals. If Johns loses, he'll miss big guns, The Knights bringing in the legal hiring former judiciary chairman Allan Sullivan QC and a barrister

to salvage the captain's hopes of playing finals football. The context and the things that happen in our game sometimes derive a response because of the passion and the emotion attached to playing the game and I think if you haven't experienced that as a player it can be very difficult to understand that. Meantime, Manly centre Steve Matai witnessed the outburst and says it wasn't necessary because the referee got the call right in the first place. Emily Groves, Ten News. To AFL - and young Geelong defender Josh Hunt has apologised to his team-mates for an on-field gaffe last Sunday. The 24-year-old admits he lacked bravery

in a marking contest against the Saints. It was a moment Josh Hunt will live to rue perhaps for the remainder of his playing days - pulling out of a marking contest against the Saints. Yesterday he faced his demons and apologised for his duck from grace. He put his hand up - we had a review - he put his hand up and apologised to the Geelong. That's footy. The Kangaroos appear on the brink of severing ties with out-of-form and out-of-favour defender Jonathan Hay. The 26-year-old now on the brink of being dumped from the Roos' VFL side, Tasmania, after poor footy and poor discipline. In terms of how many more chances - as I said, the ball's in his court. We just want him to be a professional AFL footballer. Still with two years remaining on his contract, some think

the Roos should cop the financial whack of a million-dollar contract and sack the fullback. I would think you'd make a decision somewhere. And, 12 days after breaking his leg, St Kilda's Matt Maguire remains in hospital. He's now had three operations to treat compartment syndrome. Tim Hodges, Ten News. The Socceroos starting line-up for tonight's match against Kuwait will be very different to the one from the World Cup. Coach Graham Arnold is asking his squad of locally based players

for some enterainment during for some entertainment during the international challenge. I've got a lot of excitement in my belly about a lot of these young kids that we've got here in the A-League that are really ready to step up. A win would see Australia qualify for the 2007 Asian Cup finals. The Boomers have lost their final hit-out before the start of the world basketball championships this weekend. Australia went down to China, 63-61 in the play-off for fifth at a warm-up tournament in China. NBA icon Yao Ming topscored with 21 points. The Boomers will head to Japan today. Champ car driver Paul Tracy has been penalised for a recent trackside blow up. The Canadian has been fined almost $33,000

and stripped of three championship points

for blocking series leader Sebastien Bourdais in the last lap of the Denver Grand Prix. The 2003 series winner was already on probation for another incident. The cycling team of disgraced Tour de France winner Floyd Landis has been forced to shut down following recent bad publicity.

Phonak, a Swiss hearing aid company, has pulled its sponsorship from the team it says because of ongoing doping issues. The team was unable to find another buyer and will disband at the end of the season. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation. Do you have NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance?

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Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. From sunshine to hail - Sydney had it all yesterday. An unexpected storm turning the city white. It struck late afternoon without warning. Driving became a problem.

So too, that walk home from work. Suprisingly, there were few reports of damage. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Georgina Lewis. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Max said that I could stay. It doesn't matter what Max says. I'm not living under the same roof as you anymore, alright? What the hell are you still doing here, Izzy? Go! Oh, you arrogant... Call me what you like, Lynnie. But the truth is you want me and you know it. Come on. If you can't stand the heat... Don't you dare. DYLAN: Elle's sick. She might die. I love you, Sky. I just can't abandon her. Not now. SONG: # Neighbours # Should be there for one another # That's when good neighbours # Become good friends