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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully Tonight - in a rocket attack. Australian troops injured the Federal Government to its knees How one MP brought on a controversial new law. to end our addiction to petrol. A cash-in-hand plan to clean up his act. A court tells this pop icon of a rugby league superstar And the citing with Ryan Phelan. headlines Sports Tonight the NRL has charged Andrew Johns Sandra, after abusing a touch judge. with contrary conduct with the judiciary? Will the Knights take the risk David Neitz cleared of kneeing. Things looking up for the Demons - who simply don't like each other. And the Champ Car drivers First tonight,

have been injured four Australian soldiers in a rocket attack in Baghdad. have been discharged from hospital, While three of the men is still undergoing treatment. a female soldier The soldiers were in their barracks into the so-called Green Zone when three rockets were fired are headquartered. where the coalition forces suffering various wounds, The four soldiers, to the nearby military hospital. were transported

remains there in a stable condition One female soldier internal injuries with cuts to her head, and shrapnel wounds. there are no plans to evacuate her. At this stage and she is in very capable hands Her condition is stable in Baghdad in the combat support hospital is reasonably good. and I think the outlook protected by our troops The Australian Embassy hasn't been affected but some equipment has been damaged. it was a random attack. The Government believes that they were directly There is no evidence the Australians or deliberately targeting in this particular attack. of Australians injured It's the largest number in an insurgent attack in Iraq there more than three years ago. since military operations began the risks associated with that. We do everything we can to minimise have a look at this incident We'll clearly we need to do. and see if there's anything else It's a reminder, obviously, of any active service by the ADF of the dangers and we wish them well are very much with them. and our thoughts Tim Potter, Ten News. The first crack has appeared in the Middle East in the hours-old cease-fire with a Hezbollah fighter gunned down. embraced the truce Earlier today Israeli troops

an international peacekeeping force which will see them replaced by patrolling southern Lebanon. has bought into the controversy Indonesia on asylum seekers. over the Government's failed bill expressed its regret Jakarta has tonight pulled the legislation, that John Howard it will send the wrong message. warning the skies above Federal Parliament - An appeal to senators written in migration bill. vote 'no' to John Howard's had already decided. But the key players Yes, I have made up my mind. refusing to support tough new laws Liberal Senator Judith Troeth all asylum seekers arriving by boat which would have put women and children included. in offshore detention - forced to scuttle the legislation. The Prime Minister The whole bill is out. the Government off from any support. Senator Steve Fielding also cutting this legislation is dead. Family First is pleased of John Howard's Prime Ministership. It's the biggest backbench revolt

I'm disappointed. I don't feel humiliated.

was a reaction to Indonesian anger Labor says the bill to a group of West Papuans. at the granting of visas to appease Indonesia The Prime Minister's attempts of border protection, were the opposite

they were border surrender. at the bill's failure Jakarta has expressed its deep regret asylum seekers waiting in Indonesia. and warns it could be a signal for illegal arrivals on Ashmore Reef, Our navy picking up a group of eight people smugglers. the Government suspects

arrived on the mainland Had these people and had it been rejected and had they put in an asylum claim

for years and years and years. they'd be able to stay

Any discontent now from Indonesia at the feet of John Howard. lies squarely Murray McCloskey, Ten News. from Canberra tonight A hefty cash offer for conversion to LPG in cars. is offering drivers $2,000 The Prime Minister and ease voter anger over petrol. to make the switch But tonight he admitted to ease the pain of petrol prices. the package would do nothing to flow through to voter hostility, With petrol pump pain starting it was time to act. the Prime Minister thought of soaring global energy demand, Most Australians feel the impact a larger pay packet not via a better job, or a bigger share portfolio, they feel it at the petrol bowser. to promote alternative fuels, The Government has now moved

especially LPG and ethanol. over eight years A $1.5 billion package in new cars will pay $1,000 towards LPG kits

existing petrol-driven vehicles. and $2,000 to convert The Government estimates for a 6-cylinder vehicle the fuel bill would be cut by $27 a week. travelling 15,000km a year to encourage petrol stations There'll also be measures to supply 10% ethanol-blended fuel. Voters feeling the petrol price pinch on the home affordability front. are also under pressure The latest analysis showing up to 28% of their incomes first home buyers need to devote to support a mortgage.

points the finger at the States The Treasurer for not opening up enough land. What we have in Australia is we have a land affordability problem.

of Peter Costello, I mean, this is so typical in Australian politics. the eternal blame-shifter when he attacked Kim Beazley Mr Costello had the last laugh

for confusing Reserve Bank Governor Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane. with his namesake, from John Howard from now on, Whenver you see a statement make sure it's not John Howard the actor. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A Newspoll being published tomorrow morning is good news for the Federal Government. Joining me from the 'Australian' newspaper is Helen McCabe. Helen, well, a week of disastrous headlines hasn't exactly hurt the PM after all? No, not at all, Sandra. They're very interesting results. The Coalition has taken an election-winning lead over Labor. You'll see that the primary vote for the Coalition is at 44%, up 2%, and the Labor Party is down. So it's quite a worrying result for the Labor Party, given we've had rising interest rates, rising fuel prices, and, in recent times, the terror threat. Yeah, it has been a busy week indeed, and you thought the figures may have indicated something else, but of course the voter knows the best. What does this say about Kim Beazley's leadership, and I guess Labor's policy direction? Well, you would wonder whether Kim Beazley perhaps should have got a lift out of the interest rate rises, especially since the last election campaign was fought almost exclusively on interest rates, and Kim Beazley has been hammering the line that John Howard promised that interest rates wouldn't rise under him, and John Howard has had to answer that. So it's been very difficult for John Howard to sort of get around that issue, and yet still Kim Beazley hasn't had any boost. Now the migration debate is the other debate you have to weigh up here, because John Howard has had a week of splits inside the party - it's been quite divisive. In fact, it's been the biggest split in 10 years of the Government's reign, and so you would have also expected a bit of voter dissatisfaction coming through there. But John Howard is a very wily politician, and just when you think the public are going to start to give him a bit of a knock around in the polling, he tends to come out smelling good, and particularly in this poll, you've seen that the public, interest rates and if they're concerned about petrol prices, and if they are also concerned about asylum seekers and tough terror policies, then John Howard is also the man who's going to come out in front. Thank you, Helen McCabe. Jetstar has fired the first shot in its battle to weaken the power of transport unions. All flight attendants on the airline's new international services will be recruited on individual contracts. Jetstar's plans to fly to Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Japan and Hawaii in three months are soaring thanks to the new IR laws. The low cost airline bypassing any potential turbulence from the unions by putting 200 new recruits on individual contracts. This is not about ideology. This is about what's right for the company. If a collective agreement had applied, we would have offered the same terms and conditions. And the union would have fought it,

delaying the planned November take-off saying it compromises safety and service and will see Jetstar staff take home $160 a week less than their Qantas colleagues.

Here we have a company that can well afford to sit down with and bargain with their workers, refusing to do so,

employing bully boy tactics of sign the contract or you don't get the job.

The airline says almost 3,000 people have applied to work on the long-haul flights attracted to the greater commissions from onboard sales of items such as food and pillows. Far from turning attendants into sales pests, Jetstar says it's about better service. People feel they are more engaged by the cabin crew

because they the crew are going to talk to them about what they whant and what their needs are. The Federal Opposition fears Qantas will follow suit. I don't want to see an industrial system in this country where middle Australians are working for American-style tips. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. Britain's security alert level has been downgraded, but the government says it's still highly likely terrorists will strike again. There are fears other suspects still on the run will push ahead with plans to blow up a plane. Britain's security threat has been downgraded from critical to severe, in part to help relieve airport chaos. Yet passengers at Heathrow are still weathering the terror storm, braving lengthy delays. Despite 23 arrests over the plot to blow up 10 planes, the UK's security chief today delivered a chilling warning. It is highly likely there will be another terrorist attempt.

Taking no chances, a British Airways plane on its way to New York was turned around mid-flight when a mobile phone rang and none of the 217 passengers claimed it. It returned to Heathrow, where already a third of all flights were cancelled due to the delays.

As the search for suspects continues, disturbing reports that Scotland Yard has questioned a husband and wife

who, they believe, planned to hide a liquid bomb in their baby's bottle. That would be an appalling reflection on the lack of humanity of that poor child's parents. Caught in the fallout, Richard Delaney and his young family, who today were flying to Heathrow. As a parent, I can't believe people would do that sort of thing with children, contemplate it. For us it's a bit of a pain we can't carry on the things we'd like to. But it's here in Australia where there could be a solution. A Perth company is the only one in the world with the technology to detect plastic explosives in carry-on luggage. QRSciences is in talks with the biggest supplier of checkpoint equipment in the US,

as well as the Australian and British governments. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A warning tonight to be on alert for bogus census collectors knocking on doors and phoning for information. Police say give your forms only to collectors wearing official ID tags and carrying bright yellow folders and hang up on anyone asking for information on the phone. Still to come -

I go to church every Sunday. I've

I go to church every Sunday. I've got no problems with anyone. Security video catches arsonists intent on putting a small trader out of business.

We believe these males to be able

to assist with us with our

inquiries in connection with these offences. And shock and dismay as sporting rivalry hits a new low. For an original with a modern twist,

try KFC's Boneless fillets, now in a dinner box for one - Just what is the modern-day family? Is it the perfect nuclear family?

The single-parent family? The happily blended family?

The no-kids family? The fur-kid family? Woof woof. The 7-seat Nissan Pathfinder has a choice of the most powerful petrol or turbo diesel engines in their class for the modern-day family, whatever that is. This program is captioned live. Police are investigating a shooting on Brisbane's north-side.

A 33-year-old man was shot in he stomach and arm just after 5:00. He survived and a short time later the shooter and another man handed themselves into police. Witnesses say the victim had his family in the car and believe the incident was sparked by road rage. A teenager has been repeatedly stabbed in an Adelaide gang fight.

The 16-year-old was knifed in the arm and back after being jumped by two attackers. Police are investigating whether the assault was racially motivated. Police are hunting a gang of serial arsonists seen repeatedly torching a shop. Security cameras caught the men smashing in the front window of the shop in Sydney and then setting the building alight with Molotov cocktails. It's the third time the fish and chip shop has been targeted in the past few months.

I go to church every Sunday. I've got no problems with anyone. If I did, I wish they'd let me know. Haven't been threatened, nothing, so I don't know why. Police say the attacks are not random and are looking at if a grudge could have been the motive. A violent end to the country rugby league season in northern NSW as a crucial match gets out of control.

In another ugly incident the mother of a junior player ran onto the field to confront her son's opponents. COMMENTATOR: That's a woman. Jesus Christ. A little bit of security up here, please. Organisers are refusing to comment. Parole could be revoked for a transsexual killer after a desperate legal bid by the victim's family.

They flew from Adelaide for the hearing in Sydney, sitting in court metres from their son's murderer. Arriving at Sydney airport, Lyn Saunders' mother, supported by her husband,

preparing for a last-ditch bid to keep her son's brutal killer behind bars. The thing I really thought was that parole was not a right but was a privilege, and that's what I don't think has happened. Lyn was murdered while hitch-hiking near Mildura in 1987, shot dead by this person, Madison Hall, known as Noel Hall before a sex change in prison three years ago. Hall's initial life sentence was redetermined to 22 years and last month parole was granted. Appealing the decision today, government lawyers claimed the Parole Authority applied out-of-date laws in the case. Marion and Lyn's stepfather, Rod, sat in the public gallery of the court, just metres from Hall. The transsexual killer being watched over by two jail guards - the couple refusing to make eye contact with her. And it's not just the decision to release Hall which has the family angry - it's the way their whole case has been managed. Prior to the hearing, Marion received two letters on the same day - one saying Hall would stay behind bars, the other saying she'd be considered for early release. The Government has been bungling the administration of this sentence from the very beginning. Sorry would go a very long way

to making me feel a bit more kindly disposed to the process here. And, regardless of the outcome, she wants changes to ensure no other family has to go through a similar ordeal. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The family of a Melbourne man found murdered in Montego Bay has warned other young Australians to be on guard while overseas. It comes as Jamaican police investigate claims a femme fatale may have lured the man to his death. A shattered family still coming to terms with the death of 27-year-old Brian Johnston,

stabbed in a frenzied attack in Montego Bay. It's just unbelievable Like it is for everybody else... Still can't believe it. It's not real. It's a surreal experience. Last week's terror raids in London forced a tragic change in holiday plans. Brian's American restaurateur employers

instead shouting him a trip to picturesque Jamaica.

He worked for them, they were very happy with what he'd done. He was on his way back. He was supposed to be back this week. The youngest of four, the aspiring actor had bit parts in several Australian television series. He loved working in the restaurant business and meeting people and stuff like that,

but he was hoping down the track to further his acting career. Brian Johnston is the second foreigner to have been murdered in the area in recent weeks. Last month a pregnant Swedish woman was found mutilated. And while Australian officials will help repatriate the Melbourne man's body, Jamaican police are investigating reports a woman may have lured him to his room where he was ambushed.

A number of suspects are being looked at but nobody has been arrested. Brian's family now warning other young Australians to be careful overseas. Absolutely, absolutely. Trust nobody. Allan Raskall, Ten News.

Sports tonight now with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, League's biggest name finds himself in hot water? Yes, Sandra. Andrew Johns has been cited by the National Rugby League.

The Knights now likely to appeal a charge of contrary conduct.

Claims the Crows' late-season fade is because of over-training. And the rub of the green goes Nathan's way in Colorado. HORN BLARES Don't miss Oz Lotto's $10 million So, you have a choice. or Total Effects, which helps fight all seven signs of ageing. Melbourne captain David Neitz is breathing easier tonight after the AFL's Match Review Panel dropped his report for charging. But the news wasn't so good for West Coast veteran Daniel Chick.

Some badly needed luck for Melbourne, with skipper David Neitz cleared by the match review panel for this ugly charge. COMMENTATOR: And I think he's been reported by Darren Goldspink. REFEREE: You just kneed him straight in the back. Despite being well-backed, his attempted mark was deemed legitimate. Very happy with the skipper being available for a pretty important game this weekend. So yeah, they've obviously made the right decision and he'll be out and ready to kick a big bag of goals, hopefully. West Coast's Daniel Chick copped one week for this left jab on Kangaroo Jess Sinclair,

but Fremantle skipper Peter Bell was only given a reprimand for this punch. COMMENTATOR: There was something there. Adelaide has been hit with a hamstring epidemic - questions being asked over their cycling focus and radical late-season training regime. Obviously with heavy training, the hamstring can tend to be fatigued, and we believe that fatigue is one of the factors that can lead to a hamstring injury. Brett Burton's season is probably over, set to miss the finals with a torn hamstring tendon. Yeah, it's disappointing. He's magnificent for us. He can play in a lot of different roles and he's hard to match up on. Rhett Biglands's hammy was already doubtful, will miss at least two weeks and now Ken McGregor with a hamstring tear. At St Kilda, to be part of a winning type, Justin Koschitzke was just rapt but not rapt by the attention.

More quality footage? he got through his comeback game. His team-mates were delighted than his match fitness, I think his heart is bigger into the ground for the team, Kozzy, and you know, he'd run himself

he is. and that's just the sort of guy

is also back fit and in form. Troubled Swan Nick Davis The problem for him now - that's won its last four. getting back into a side he can break into the 22. Now for Nick, it's it's whether we've asked of him. I think he's done everything And good news at Essendon, the main session with Matthew Lloyd joining since surgery in April. for the first time Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight.