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Fires in north-western Spain of four people. have now claimed the lives and volunteers Thousands of firefighters, soldiers across the region for a week. have been battling flames has been scorched. More than 10,000 hectares of land were deliberately lit. Many of the blazes

for suspected arson, 24 people have been arrested including a 90-year-old man. An extensive drought in China have access to clean drinking water. means 17 million people don't The month long big dry in the Sichuan province, has caused crops to wither of $1.5 billion. causing economic losses section of China's longest river The water level of the Chongging is at its lowest for 100 years. on the Richter scale An earthquake measuring 5.9 has shaken parts of New Zealand.

100km underground The quake was centred North Island and upper South Island. but was felt across the lower in Christchurch, It was felt strongly and swaying. where residents reported a rumble

his 80th birthday in private Fidel Castro has celebrated after recently undergoing surgery. The Cuban leader issued a statement he faces a long recovery, telling supporters but urging them to be optimistic. leader approaches his 80th birthday, As the world's longest-serving

since his operation last month the first pictures of Fidel Castro official newspaper. appeared in Cuba's of his health has been rife. Speculation about the state trademark military honours, But pictured without his leader was firm, the paper said the revolutionary like a Cuban hardwood tree. his health had improved The president himself had said from a full recovery. but warned that he's still some way Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and great friend of Fidel Castro, a political ally birthday quietly with him, celebrated the 80-year-old's bearing gifts of a dagger, American independent fighter once carried by Latin and a birthday cake. postponed until 2 December, Official celebrations have been Revolutionary Armed Forces. the 50th anniversary of the to power, Although Fidel Castro may yet return functions may be diminished. political analysts agree that his And the figure of communism and revolution for 47 years who has ruled the Caribbean island and authority he once enjoyed. may never again regain the power

enigmatic leader as invincible. Cubans have always viewed their with the fact Now they're having to come to terms he is ailing and fallible. that at 80 years old To business and finance news now, Senior Economist at Westpac. and joining us is Justin Smirk, Good morning, Justin. about another interest rate rise. Homeowners are already concerned on any data this week? Should we be keeping an eye

the consumer index survey. The There is two bits of key data, first

recent rate rise was done last week.

We will get our wages data. Strong

growth has been supporting income

and there is potential for wages to

boost production cost. We will see

if there is any more pressure on the RBA

RBA Friday is McFarlane's last

address. Keeping focus on

address. Keeping focus on inflation,

for further the risk to growth. It ups the ante

for further rate rises to come. Ian

McFarlane in thiz testimony may give

ints of further risk and it will be ints of further risk and it will

bring forward the rate rise threat. A vaccine for cervical cancer in Australia within weeks. will be available It is hoped developing the disease by 70%. it will cut the number of women is the behind the miracle drug. Australian of the Year Ian Frazer with cervical cancer in 2003 Phillipa Jane was diagnosed targets two strains of the cancer Phillipa says the new vaccine that causing human papilloma virus of countless WA women. will change the lives To be able to have a vaccine such a common form of cancer that helps prevents

is just incredible.

will be commercially available The life-saving vaccine in less than two months. has been working on the vaccine Professor Ian Frazer

for more than 20 years. publicly available He says seeing the vaccine will be one of his proudest moments. The most rewarding part

of the clinical trials, was when we saw the results and it was 100% effective. that went in over the years. And that justified all of the work But the vaccine isn't a cure. any evidence The trials don't show if you've already got the virus, that it helps be important to get the vaccine which is why it's going to before you catch the virus. The vaccine also doesn't do away to have regular Pap smears - with the need for women against cervical cancer. still the best defence Next in Seven News - for the finals. Fremantle a big chance notch up another win. And the Bulldogs most cold and flu products. EASEaCOLD is different to proven to shorten the life It contains ingredients of your cold. and reduce the severity Shorten your cold with EASEaCOLD. when you were all together? Remember how simple life was MyTime makes staying close easy with free 5-minute calls anytime to five Optus numbers. Plus, on the 'yes' 29 Plan, you can get a Motorola V3 with Bluetooth for $0 upfront or a Nokia 6280 with a 2-megapixel camera for $0 upfront. Don't let your loved ones drift apart. Hurry in to your local Optus World today. Yeah!

The NRL Match Review Committee several important decisions will today hand down affecting premiership contenders. is at the Bulldogs' training session Rugby League reporter Pat Molihan are looking better where the team's finals chances in the top eight. than some of the others

No problems at all for the Dogs.

They will have a swim after an effortless

effortless win yesterday. It was

their sixth straight victory and the

fifth straight loss for the fifth straight loss for the Dragons.

There are problems for the other

premiership contenders. The storm

won but a big worry

won but a big worry is the tackle on

Tida. This one didn't look Tida. This one didn't look that

great. The Melbourne Storm are

hoping he will be right to play but

with Crocker's bad record

with Crocker's bad record he could

get a stint on the sidelines.

get a stint on the sidelines. Problems also for Newcastle Knights

Johns. Interesting to see

Johns. Interesting to see what happens to him. Andrew Johns happens to him. Andrew Johns

admitted he swore in the general

direction of the

direction of the touch judge. He

said it wasn't at the touch judge the loss said it wasn't at the touch judge in

the loss to Manly. Johns has a bit

of form in that area. There are some

noises that they are look tog make noises that they are look tog make

an example of Andrew Johns. I think an example of Andrew Johns. I think

that would be unfair considering one that would be unfair considering one

of his team-mates was

of his team-mates was told he had

given him three mouthfuls of abuse.

given him three mouthfuls of abuse.

There are problems for the Cowboys. There are problems for the Cowboys.

Luke O'Donalds has been put on Luke O'Donalds has been put on

report. Interesting morning. We

report. Interesting morning. We will see what the Match Review Committee

has for us when the results are

announced around lunchtime. Crows coach Neil Craig says Fremantle will be a force to be reckoned with during this year's finals. The Dockers beat Adelaide by 15 points at AAMI Stadium yesterday, and Craig claims Fremantle will continue to shock a few of the top sides. The win almost assures them of their second ever finals berth. British golfer Simon Dyson has beaten Aussie Richard Green in a sudden-death playoff at the Dutch Open. And a play-off also decided the International on the US PGA tour, with American Dean Wilson breaking through for his first win on home soil. He birdied the second play-off hole Tom Lehman. to defeat veteran compatriot

Of the Aussies, Nathan Green was the best placed, finishing ninth under the modified Stableford format. And a former champion at the Colorado event, Rod Pampling, tied for tenth. A huge boost for the Boomers heading into this week's World Basketball Championships in Japan.

The Australians beat France 77-71 in China. Andrew Bogut fired 20 points. Australia begins its campaign against Brazil on Saturday night. Next in Seven News - we'll check the weather around the country. Dannii Minogue clubs her way to another hit.

Let's take a look at the weather forecast now.

A cold front is passing through Victoria and Tasmania bringing showers with it. WA ahead of another cold front. The rain will continue in south-west

Dry for much of New South Wales and Queensland.

Around the capitals - Dannii Minogue called in to Martin Place in Sydney this morning to perform a few songs from her latest club album 'The Hits and Beyond'. Kylie's little sister explained

how living in London has influenced her sound, focusing on dance music.

Yeah, I guess. There's so much more of it played on the radio in like London where I am, and I like to go clubbing and you know. When I'm doing my tax return at the end of the year, going to Ibiza, going to the clubs was part of my research. I like that, we like that theory. And it seemed only fair she'd give Sydneysiders a taste.

And that's Seven's Morning News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Mind if I look in your trolley? Sure. You've got a list here. I have. My God. Look at that.