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This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Hello, I'm Steve Leibman Tonight - in Lebanon, the bombs are still falling of a cease-fire tomorrow. despite promises will enter into force The end of the fighting

on 14 August at 0500 hours at GMT. No more lines and faster refunds the technological age. as Medicare moves into swipe and you're off. It's literally a case of viciously mauled by a dog. Emergency surgery for a young boy And the race watched from space -

in this year's City-to-Surf. a sea of red as thousands run to stop the fighting in Lebanon, First tonight - there is now a deal have agreed to a ceasefire. and Israel and Hezbollah tomorrow afternoon. Their guns will fall silent an immediate ceasefire, The United Nations wanted its operation ahead of the deadline. but Israel has intensified Prayers at dawn - yet another day's battle in Lebanon, Israeli soldiers ahead of a short interlude in the fighting - but this will only be has made no difference on the ground. a UN cease-fire agreement has continued to pound Israeli artillery suspected Hezbollah strongholds to seize territory, and, as part of an expanded operation in southern Lebanon. has trebled its troops and hundreds of other soldiers 50 helicopters have dropped commandos into the war zone. a cease-fire from both parties, The UN has now succeeded in securing tomorrow afternoon Australian time. the fighting should stop now Preferably of the Council decision, to respect the spirit and intent was to save civilian lives. the object of which

That appears unlikely. to formally endorse the plan While the Israeli cabinet is expected later this evening, see no contradiction its army commanders up to the deadline. in continuing to fight was accepted yesterday The fact that the UN resolution on the cease-fire arrangement. doesn't apply immediately trying to clear Hezbollah militants Israeli troops have been deliberately Lebanon's Litani River. from a zone up to comes in to force, Once the UN cease-fire this region becomes a buffer zone, south across the border with Israeli troops withdrawing across the river. and Hezbollah relocating north 15,000 UN peacekeeping troops, Replacing them - have urged the Lebanese Government but already Australian Muslims not to request troops from Australia is seen as too aligned to Israel. because our Government as being part of the conflict They could quite well be perceived to have their lives placed at risk. and we don't want them to send Australian forces We have made no decision we will. and it should not be assumed or make a contribution, If we do send Australian forces or niche contribution. it will be a very small Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

is about to become much easier. Claiming your Medicare rebate today a new swipe-and-go system The Prime Minister has announced to be introduced next year. No more queues, no more waiting - to go into a Medicare office. from next year you won't even need swipe and you're off. It's literally a case of

to have their Medicare cards swiped Instead, patients will be able at the doctor's surgery, into bank accounts within 24 hours. and the rebate will be deposited it is a much-needed and very desired In the electronic IT age and, in the eyes of some, perhaps, and step forward. a long overdue change from the change. Doctors will also benefit If you are bulk-billing to get your money. you have to wait up to two weeks This means that

within 24 hours. they will get their money some 80,000 people a day The new scheme will save across the country. from queuing at Medicare offices people in rural areas It'll also benefit

79 days to receive their refund. who have to wait, on average, Medicare says to focus on face-to-face services the new scheme will allow staff

baby bonuses and aged pensions. for people claiming family benefits,

but also help to prevent fraud, Improved service levels for families and it is a very secure system. and no offices will close. Medicare says no jobs will be lost Amy McCarthy, Ten News. are likely to fail in the Senate Tough new asylum seeker laws the support of a key Senator. because the Government has lost

the bill is ludicrous and unfair. Family Firsts' Steve Fielding says

the Government's legislation, Steve Fielding might have killed he played tennis with son Campbell. but the pressure wasn't obvious as Family First is opposing the changes no longer playing by the rules. because it will see Australia after meeting several groups, The Senator made the decision and West Papuan refugees. including Indonesia's Ambassador

to send all asylum seekers to Nauru. He's concerned about the plan instead of an island, If someone arrives at the mainland just maybe a stone's throw away, the same way. we think they should be treated There would be absolute chaos

off to a foreign land. if everyone decided to boot people paying for a series of ads. Businessman Ian Melrose agrees - to the asylum seeker legislation. Tell your Senators to vote 'no'

The legislation now appears doomed. of just one in the Senate The Government has a majority on Senator Fielding and was hoping to rely or vote against the bill if any Coalition MPs abstain as expected this week. crossing the floor will kill it Any Government Senator and if two Government Senators were to abstain, that would kill it as well. And it looks dead.

doesn't support the bill Liberal Senator Judith Troeth a relaxing Sunday, and Barnaby Joyce also enjoying says he will abstain. But he's offering a compromise

would allow the bill to pass. which he believes He wants an amendment to overall the Minister giving the Senate the power on individual cases. case by case, to make a judgment. The senators have the capacity, tomorrow. The legislation goes to the Senate Laurel Irving, Ten News.

transatlantic jets, Now to that plot to blow up

and one of the 23 men being held in the UK is believed to be Britain's al-Qa'ida leader. Senior security officials are also warning a possible second wave of attacks may be about to be launched. That comes as the increased security measures continue to cause chaos at British airports. The new security regime imposed by the government means longer checks of people and their property - hand luggage is being restricted to all but essential items. For an airport which normally handles 190,000 passengers a day, the new measures are putting real pressure on the system. These are unprecedented security measures. They're obviously in response to the highest level of threat in the UK at Heathrow Airport so by function of that, they're clearly not sustainable for the long-term. The worst-affected airline at Heathrow is British Airways, who've had to cancel more than 50 flights today. This is not the way anyone would want to start a holiday - standing on the street outside the departures hall

waiting for information. At the moment that flight is still on. Once again today, thousands of passengers arrived at Heathrow not knowing if their flight had been cancelled or delayed.

Ryanair has called on the government to provide more help at the major airports. Ministers have said they hope the new security measures will be in place for a limited period only. In spite of the criticism it's faced, BAA insists there's little more it can do to reduce the disruption. So while at the other UK airports the situation has improved, it's little consolation for passengers at Heathrow.

They still face long delays, missed flights and cancellations. A young Australian man has been murdered in his hotel room while holidaying in Jamaica. 27-year-old Brian Johnston of Melbourne was repeatedly stabbed and his hotel room ransacked at a Montego Bay tourist resort. He'd been on a week's holiday from his job in the United States

and is the second foreigner to be murdered in Jamaica in the past month. A boy mauled by a dog remains in hospital after undergoing emergency plastic surgery. The 9-year-old boy suffered serious facial injuries when a Staffordshire-labrador cross attacked him near a playground in Melbourne's west late yesterday. The youngster had been trying to pat the dog which was being walked by its owner. Police say the dog was on a leash and its fate is not yet known. A record crowd has made the hard slog from Sydney's CBD to Bondi Beach

in the annual fun run, the City-to-Surf, and, for the first time this year, the sea of people could be seen from space. A record 63,541 runners flooded through Sydney streets

for the 36th City-to-Surf run. From the elite entrants to the back-of-the-packers, people of all ages had a go. You think you're there but you've still got another 100m to go - that's annoying. Demand for Australia's most popular fun run forcing organisers to close off entries. For the first time, no-one could register on the day.

24-year-old Tanzanian Dickson Marwa was the first to finish. I'm feeling good to win. But he left Steve Moneghetti's 1991 race record in tact. Melbourne teacher and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Anna Thompson was the first woman across the line. It's such an exciting start, and straight out of the gate, so everyone sets off pretty quick and it's who can survive to the end. Making sure they got to the end, 183 St John Ambulance volunteers,

on standby to answer 1,500 calls for help. I quit smoking six years ago and took up running instead, but I could do with a smoke and a beer now. This year they're watching the race from space. A satellite will take a very large photograph from the city to Bondi, showing all the runners with their red caps on. How are you going to recover now? Have a little glasses of red wine.

That's how a good Frenchman recovers, huh? Yeah, the best way to recover. Others hitting the sand to find another way to cool off... ..and crossing what some would say is the real finish line. Evan Batten, Ten News. Peter Beattie's weekend tip fuels speculation of an early Queensland election. That story when Ten News returns.

And, is a low-alcohol wine the answer to Australia's grape glut?


With ingenious driver-assist technology, that anticipates when to engage... ..and 20% more interior space...

This program is captioned live. There is renewed speculation about an early Queensland election after the resignation of a Labor MP today. The Premier now faces a costly and hard to win by-election,

or the much-rumoured early election. Peter Beattie flew to Bundaberg today to meet his ailing backbencher Nita Cunningham. She wanted to hold on until a general election, due next February, but quit today because of cancer. She'll obviously, some time this week, have to resign. She won't be returning to duty. It was on the Premier's mind

as he toured Brisbane's annual show, the Ekka, this afternoon. I have to work out whether it is better to have a general election or a by-election, and I genuinely have not made up my mind. Because a by-election would be costly and hard to win, many political observers believe

a general election early next month is now much more likely.

That, despite polls showing Queensland's water and health crises are costing Labor. The polls are not good for us at the moment.

The Premier says he wants to wrap up a new water grid for the State. To me, we need time. The State Opposition believes the Premier fears that the water shortages and the health system crisis will only get worse, and he has already made up his mind. There is no doubt that Mr Beattie is running scared and he is trying to find any excuse he possibly can to trigger an early election. Another Labor MP, Don Livingstone, also announced he won't run again.

That's now 10 members of the party standing down or retiring when an election is held. Mark Suleau, Ten News.

The identity of a man killed in a hit-run in Victoria remains unknown. The man, aged in his 20s, was struck by a car and left to die shortly after midnight in the State's south-west. A passing motorist found his body.

It is reprehensible to leave someone injured or dead on the road and flee. Police are appealing for help in identifying the young man and are seeking witnesses to the incident. And a man is in a critical condition after a car crash in Sydney's west overnight. The 34-year-old suffered serious head injuries when his Holden Commodore was sliced in two after colliding with a Ford Falcon.

The driver was taken to Liverpool hospital, where he remains in a critical condition. Australian winemakers are looking for a new direction to combat the grape glut, and are now hoping a low-alcohol wine will increase local exports. It's a new trend in Aussie wines, a response to concerns about enjoying too much of a good thing, winemakers offering the option of quality wine with less alcohol.

I'm not a big drinker so the appeal for me is that I guess I can have a couple more glasses and I feel comfortable with that. I do a lot of business lunches and take clients out and it's nice to be able to have a good lunch, enjoy a good glass of wine and be able to go back to the office and still get the rest of the day done. In the grip of a grape glut, the industry is looking for new direction

a South Australian winemaker developing a filtering process to reduce alcohol levels. We took it on to try and produce wine that maximises the flavour of the variety, but we made wines with lower alcohol.

This sauvignon blanc semillon has 9.5% alcohol -

about 3% less than normal. And it tastes just as good. Exporting potential is boundless. In Asia, where the climate is more conducive to lower alcohol wines, and competing on an equal basis in Europe. Jemma Chapman, Ten News. A strange twist to a dramatic house fire rescue - that story when Ten News returns. And the young cancer sufferer whose miraculous recovery has doctors baffled.

This program is captioned live. There was a rally for equality in Melbourne today, with gay and lesbian couples demanding same-sex relationship rights. The National Day of Action marks the second anniversary of the Howard Government's legislation to prohibit same-sex couples from being married. Standing up for our love rights will lead to a better, fairer,

and stronger State and country. Here! Here! Many couples using the demonstration to pledge their love and commitment to one another.

A courageous rescue with a twist after a house fire in Adelaide. A woman saved from the flames, later charged with arson. The fire started in this Housing Trust home around 10:00 last night, the family in the adjoining unit alerted by smoke and screaming. It was a very big fire, you know, and it started coming out everywhere

and good the fire brigade, you know, came in time. Emir's father broke down the back door to reach the woman, who was lying on the floor unable to breathe. The hero of the fire rescue didn't want to appear on camera but his son says he's very proud of what his father did. I would describe him as a hero because he did, you know, he did save the lady and he risked his life. Friends say the woman, who did not live at the address, had a rocky relationship with the occupant, who wasn't home at the time. Just arguing all the time and jealousy, you know, over-possessiveness. Investigators say the domestic dispute led the woman to allegedly break in and set two fires, but deadlocks trapped her. You get disorientated, so if anyone's at home, they don't need to take the keys out of the deadlocks.

Leave the keys in the deadlocks at all times when you're at home.

A 49-year-old woman has been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow charged with arson. Peter Sellen, Ten News. Doctors in the US are baffled by a little girl's sudden recovery from cancer. Scientists can't work out what made the life-threatening condition suddenly go away. 7-year-old Victoria Roberts has every reason to dance.

Last week her doctor told her the aplastic anemia she'd been fighting has mysteriously disappeared. Like, shocked, and for a few minutes I was shocked

and then I got happy, really happy. After Victoria was diagnosed last year her parents were forced to sell their home and launch a massive fundraising effort to gather $850,000

for a life-saving bone marrow transplant. But the day before surgery, her oncologist cancelled the procedure. You know, the report came back and said, "No evidence of aplastic anemia." The Harvard-trained specialist says she's never seen anything like it. That's where I wish I knew. I would love to be able to tell them

I knew exactly what happened, when it happened and why it happened and I can't, I can't really say that.

Victoria's parents believe it was a miracle. We know that God does miracles and we have had so many people praying for us and there is power in prayer. They'll hold onto the donated money for a year just in case Victoria suffers a relapse.

If she remains healthy they plan to give it to other kids in need. I'd just like to say thanks all of you for helping me. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. And, Rob, a happy return for St Kilda's cursed big man. Yes, Steve. Justin Koschitzke was due for some good fortune and he kicked a couple of goals in the Saints' win over the Cats today. We'll have that plus a host of other little treats.

Get set for a beating, 'cause today's show is all about aggression. Instead of breaking my ass you should watch the goddamn ball! A scary ride is coming up next.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the weather around the nation - it's clear across most of Australia under a high. Cloud is crossing Tasmania ahead of a cold front, bringing a little patchy rain.

Another front will sweep across the south-east, generating showers across Tasmania, Victoria and agricultural SA. Onshore winds will bring isolated showers

to the Queensland tropical east coast.

A quick look ahead to a story we'll have for you tomorrow - corporate Australia's bird flu blitz. We talk to the experts and tell you which companies are leading the way with contingency plans. It could well already be here in our northern shore somewhere. We have to be prepared. You never know what might happen. That's tomorrow on the Early News from 6:00am.

That brings you up to date with the latest news. We'll have updates through the evening. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Steve Leibmann, glad you could join us.

We'll leave you with pictures of some of the fastest and flashest cars in Australia, on show this weekend at the Ferrari club in Sydney. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to Sports Tonight.

The footy finals are just around the corner. And that means for some teams things are getting desperate. Today - the truth about Cats... COMMENTATOR: Johnstone kicks a goal. ..and Dogs as the Saints of both codes match up.

Next - all the day's footy. Plus - the news you need to know. We'll keep you on track. And serve up a feast of action. Sublime. So buckle up and crash the party.