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(generated from captions) This morning - Police comb Brisbane's schools in a children's playground. after rat poison is planted More rocket attacks Lebanon's push for a ceasefire. as Arab states support And petrol on their minds

return from their winter break. as Federal MPs

Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven's Welcome to Seven News. Good morning. under way in Brisbane this morning, A massive police operation is for poisoned pellets. where officers are searching schools of what's believed to be rat poison It follows the discovery children's playground in Chermside. at three separate locations in a on this scare all morning. Kim Skubris has been reporting She joins us now. Kim, this was all triggered on a Brisbane home - by a message scrawled what can you tell us about that?

Good morning. It all happened Good morning. It all happened around

8 o'clock last night. A man in 8 o'clock last night. A man in Nundah said

Nundah said his power went out and

he found a threatening note scauled

on the box.

on the box. It said a local

playground had been poisoned and

three unidentified schools had

similar baits laid

similar baits laid there. Soon after

police found what they believe to be

rat poison and they wasted no time

alerted authorities. We are talking

hundreds of schools in the entire

Brisbane area. This morning parents

woke to the news and urged to remain

but be on alert.

of all those schools Every principal respective organisations through their by their organisations have been spoken to

and the Queensland Police Service have been advised of this incident very strict vigilance and are to be on in relation to an inspection and their school areas, of their playgrounds in a reception role and there will be an adult person

in each of the schools of children at schools. to ensure the safe arrival

Do we know if those pellets found

were definitely rat poison? They are

still being analysed and as you

imagine the detectives are trying to

build a profile of the offender

There was another scare later in the There was another scare later in

morning. Have any other pellets

morning. Have any other pellets been

found? Asen indication of the

heightened concern here, they

believe they found some rat poison

but it turns it was dried ice-cream

but it turns it was dried ice-cream

on a pavement. It may sound

on a pavement. It may sound a bit strange but

strange but reports are coming

strange but reports are coming in

because people are obviously very

concerned about this and they are concerned about this and they are

not taking risks Police were

not taking risks Police were quick

to alert parents this morning. How

did they respond when they arrived

at school? As you can imagine, some at school? As you can imagine,

of these parents with thiz busy

morning schedules had no idea about

this scared and were completely

shocked describing the man as a

complete lunatic. Many were shocked describing the man as a

concerned about leaving their

children at the school but police children at the school but police are urging that most of the schools

have been swept and no poison has

been found and saying keep the kids been found and saying keep the

in the school and keep the warning.

in the school and keep the warning.

It's incredible. This is what the parents had to say.

do anything like that? It's just beyond my understanding. some very sick person. It's obviously especially in the playgrounds. Yeah, It's a bit scary, yeah, are touching You don't know what the children what they're putting in their mouth. or, you know,

you're threatening children. Oh, it's a really low thing when I mean, I can't find any way to justify something like that. that you might be able

Kim, a special hotline has been set

up to keep parents informed? There

is a hotline and parents are urged

to ring with any concerns or if they

have any information. As the

have any information. As the search

is continuing throughout the day we

will have more updates in the

bulletins and the schools are

bulletins and the schools are open

and the police are urging parents

stay calm Thank you. and the police are urging parents to

about this poisoning scare Anyone concerned can call 1800 100 188. in Brisbane overnight. And a man has died in a house fire in Virginia in the city's north Firefighters were called to the home in the early hours of the morning. They searched the home after neighbours told them two people inside. they thought there were in a bedroom. They found the body of a man A second man was found alive.

and being treated in hospital. He's in a critical condition To the Middle East,

its Arab neighbours where Lebanon has convinced for a full Israeli pullout. to press the United Nations

an agreement on a ceasefire That's likely to further delay as Israel bombed a crowded area of South Beirut. in a Shiite-dominated part As Hezbollah rockets pounded Israel, forcing patients underground, damaging buildings and to broaden its ground offensive, the Israeli Army vowed and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for support. asked America's Jewish community the refugees on the Lebanese side. A lot has been said about Unfortunately, the displaced people from Israel. almost nothing has been said about hit south of Beirut Israeli air strikes and in southern Lebanon, killing at least 23.

has arrived, Aid for the country's refugees but in some cases can't get through. A makeshift bridge was bombed, stranded with supplies. leaving United Nations workers

action on a cease-fire resolution Tomorrow the UN will put off any to hear from the Arab league. to come to New York, If they think it's important enough

for us to listen to them. then it's important enough today urged the league Lebanon's Prime Minister to push for full Israeli withdrawal. require an immediate cease fire, The current draft resolution would to stay on Lebanese soil. but allow Israeli troops President Bush defends it. or is an armed movement Hezbollah was - that provoked the crisis. of the resolutions So whatever comes out must address that root cause. would involve two resolutions: The UN plan one to end the violence a multinational force and a second to establish to help Lebanese troops restore order. A US military investigator says a soldier confessed to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old Iraqi girl before another soldier raped and killed her family. Four servicemen could be charged over the 12 March massacre in Mahmoudiya and face the death penalty if found guilty. Testimony on the second day of the Article 32 hearing centred around a description of events offered, investigators say, by this man - Specialist James Barker. One of five US soldiers facing courts martial in the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and the killing of her family in their house near a US checkpoint in Mahmoudiya. A military investigator described Barker's signed sworn testimony in which he said after the soldiers went to the family's house,

he saw one of the soldiers, Sergeant Paul Cortez, push the girl to the floor, undress her and rape her. The girl, according to Barker's statement, was raped by at least two other soldiers, including Private First Class Steven Green, who Barker says first took the girl's parents and younger sister to another room where he allegedly shot them. The investigators testified that Barker, in his statement, said at least three of the five soldiers had been drinking the morning of the incident. Another witness, Private Justin Watt, who was in the same platoon as the accused but was not ionvolved in teh incident told the tribunal Green had told him what happened and he said he had heard Green say before the incident

Watt also talked about the stress of combat and the stress he was under after he was told what had happened. An Australian man has been arrested in Indonesia, for the alleged sexual abuse of more than 50 street children. Indonesian police say the 48-year-old English teacher, named as Peter Smith, was arrested in his rental house in Jakarta last weekend. He's also accused of molesting children in Vietnam and Cambodia. The Department of Foreign Affairs says he's receiving consular assistance. The first witnesses have given their testimony at the committal hearing over the death of Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island. The tourists who found her body are expected to give evidence today. The Sydney woman disappeared in March 2002 while going for a walk. later with more than 60 injuries. Her body was found several hours

Father of two, New Zealander Glenn McNeill, is facing the magistrates court over her murder. He has not yet entered a plea. Federal Parliament resumes today after the long winter break,

with MPs gearing up for a heated debate on changes to migration laws. But the question of how the government can offer motorists relief from high petrol prices is what's troubling most backbenchers. It was cold in Canberra this morning - really cold. Some parts of the national capital plunged to -8 overnight. How do you people live in a fridge like this called Canberra? Well, wearing a coat is a good start. And most MPs were as they trooped into Parliament after a six-week break. Plenty for them to consider, too.

A lot of Government MPs are worried about the price of petrol. There's an oil crisis, it's hurting people, it's hurting their back pocket, it's working its way into the overheads of every company,

it's not about telling people there's a problem - any fool can tell you that. The crisis has brought the government closer to encouraging the use of alternative fuels like ethanol and bio diesel. It's a move welcomed by the Greens, but it's qualified support. They need to look at John Howard and Peter Costello and recognise there's been a major failure of leadership. These trends have been obvious for the last 10 years. Just this morning the government moved to make the pricing of ethanol-blended fuel more transparent by instructing the ACCC to include ethanol in its price monitoring program. The government also has a looming problem with Telstra's decision to hang up on plans to build a high-speed fibre-optic broadband network. We ought to be in the information super highway. Instead, this government is leaving us in an IT goat track. In Canberra, Geof Parry, Seven News. Next in Seven News - business and finance report and the school teacher waging her own war against fast food in the playground. Best ones you'll get. $4 a kilo. $4 a kilo. So we got carrots, beans, choy sum,

broccoli, capsicum, sugar snap pea and bean sprout. Is that it? Mm-hm, yeah. Do you need a bag? Yeah, thanks, Jimmy, that'd be great. VOICEOVER: McCain Stir Fry - all the freshly chopped vegetables you need to create your favourite Asian-style meals in one bag. Ah, McCain, you've done it again.

A Melbourne primary school principal is launching her own fight against childhood obesity by introducing a ban on parents delivering junk food to the playground. Leonie Fitzgerald says

it's not unusual to see up to 20 parents a day dropping off lunches from McDonald's, KFC or other fast food outlets. She joins me now from Dandenong South Primary School.

Good morning, Leonie. It's hard to believe with so much publicity about the dangers of childhood obesity that parents are delivering takeaway food to their children at school. Why do think this is happening?

I think it is a range of reasons.

Sometimes parents want to give their

children a treat. It could

children a treat. It could be a

children a treat. It could be a lot of reasons. We found that

of reasons. We found that the parents are cooperative and they

completely support the school with

this ban Is it the problem of peer

pressure when one

pressure when one mum brings food

and the kids pressure mum Yes, the

children see it and they want it

Research thoughs that up to 25% of

children are

children are overweight. What

children are overweight. What are you doing to educate both parents

and children are the dangers of over

eating. We have to

eating. We have to use

eating. We have to use a multiprong

approach. We are running curriculum

programs, fitness programs, we are

having a forum for parents and the

students What has been the response to it

to it By and large the parents are

supportive and the children too are

changing their attitude because we

are trying to get the children to

take responsibility

take responsibility for their own

eating habits. It has been a success

Do you think the issues should be

left up to the individual teachers?

I didn't quite hear your

I didn't quite hear your question,

but I am sure that many

but I am sure that many other schools are doing similar programs

across the State. We trying to

implement programs in schools and

change people's attitudes, educate

the community as well as

the community as well as the children You have been called brave

by the Australian Medical

Association so well done. Good

effort. Thank you for your time today. Parents may want to keep a closer ear on what their children are listening to. A new study in America shows teenagers who listen to music with raunchy lyrics are more likely to start having sex sooner than those who don't. Let's face it - way back in the '60s The Rolling Stones built an empire on sexually suggestive lyrics. # Let's spend the night together... # Before them, Elvis kept teenage parents awake at night.

But now in the age of sexually explicit lyrics where nothing is left unsaid... ..and everything is downloadable to any kid's iPod comes news that there just might be something to parental concern about music, lyrics and sex. A study by the Rand Corporation found that teens who listen to a lot of sexually explicit degrading lyrics were almost twice as likely to have sex sooner than kids who didn't. having sex because of listening to these kinds of lyrics are probably learning that sex is very casual, a very unimportant thing. The study suggests it is explicit, especially degrading sexual lyrics, popular today, that trigger early promiscuity. But music lovers are sceptical. This report singles out music and it doesn't speaks to television, the Internet, video games. And teenagers - I think people are a bit overreacting. While the study is new, the concern, of course, is not. Today's study once again leaving parents wanting for the old days. # Let's spend some time together... #

There's good news finally for banana lovers - the first bunches are sprouting again around Innisfail, the Queensland town slowly recovering from the ravages of Cyclone Larry. And growers say that means prices could drop within months. Larry shattered the lives of 200 banana farmers in the Far North, 65 have gone to the wall.

Australia lost the majority of its supply, but a new dawn is slowly surfacing.

I know that I definitely do not want to see another cyclone like that as long as a live. Martin Buchanan has been a grower for 18 years. He lost $3 million worth.

It does put pressure on my wife, for sure, my kids. But, finally, a sign of hope - bananas are making a comeback. Making us feel a bit happier about things. The bunches are smaller because of stress. That's because the mother has actually been broken off in the cyclone. and it's re-shot through it, and it gives you this little five- or six-hand bunch. They'll be ready to eat in a couple of months. Prices will come down substantially in September/October.

But the cost won't return to normal until the next bumper crop around the middle of next year. The growers here are pleading with consumers to be patient, and they have fiercely rejected any suggestion that we should be importing bananas to make them cheaper. New Zealand does - their bananas sell for under a $1 a kilo. Absolutely no. It's the risk of bringing imported pests and diseases in. They say they don't need another disaster. Brian McElhinney has gone back to his trade to make a buck. Earn a dollar for the family. (laughs) He is confident he will recover. He is used to overcoming the odds. I've had a few dramas over the last four years - I had thyroid cancer. Oh!

these farmers. They're a resilient lot, We do apologise for the price of bananas at the moment, but we really do need the support of consumers when we do come back into production again. To business and finance news. Joining us is Lucinda Chan from Macquarie Financial Services. Good morning, Lucinda. Wall Street closed lower overnight

ahead of a Central Bank meeting on interest rates. Is this having an impact on our market today?

It hasn't really. Surprisingly with

firmer commodity prices we have seen

the market open stronger fnlt the market open stronger fnlt the

All Ords is up 5 points. Overall

All Ords is up 5 points. Overall the

two largest resources BHP and rye yo

continue toe despite copper miners

and the workers strike has seen the and the workers strike has seen the

stocks lift a little bit today. Rio stocks lift a little bit today. Rio

Tinto is also seeing support. Also

yellow metal gold has lifted

overnight and it has helped the gold

sector stocks lift itself locally.

Stocks are trading mix while the Stocks are trading mix while the

banking have seen a lower quality

banking have seen a lower quality Oil prices jumped again overnight

whafmt is the cause and effect?

whafmt is the cause and effect? Interestingly the oil price jumped

strongly on Monday on the back of

the Alaskan pipeline leak.

the Alaskan pipeline leak. This is not a good sign for the market. It

is bringing more serious problem was

the existing issues in Nigeria and

Iraq. It has Iraq. It has put a squeeze on the

price. It lifted up $

price. It lifted up $2.

price. It lifted up $2.22 and it has

pushed Woodside higher It is

reporting time. Which company vz

reporting time. Which company vz results out today? Central

properties have given a result. They

reported 70% growth. Fairly result

coming at $

reported 70% growth. Fairly result

coming at $295. The other one is

primary health care who has seen

improvement in the medical centre

operating margins. They have given

an increase of 25%. The market is

quite strong there and the primary

health care trading at $

health care trading at $11. health care trading at $11.50. Next in Seven News - Mark Webber finds a new Formula One team. And two pilots survive a dramatic high-speed powerboat crash.

Adelaide will decide this morning whether to make a trip to the AFL Tribunal tonight to fight skipper Mark Ricciuto's striking charge. Ricciuto is facing a one-match ban for this hit on Collingwood's James Clement. He'll be rubbed out for two weeks if he contests the charge and fails. In Rugby League, Aussie Mark Webber has found a new team with Red Bull,

confirming he'll join David Coulthard from next year.

Webber will replace Austrian Christian Klein after signing a two-year deal.

Webber drove for the team when it was known as Jaguar. A boat crew has survived a high-speed crash at the British Powerboat Grand Prix. The dramatic video shows the 'King of Shaves' spinning out of control on lap eight at Plymouth in England. Pilots Chris Pasronage and James Sheppard strapped into their craft. plummeted into the water,

They managed unstrap their harnesses and swim to the surface. Both escaped serious injury. A pace boat was sent out onto the course while the debris was cleared.

Next in Seven News - the weather forecast. And tonight's the night for that snapshot of Australia.

Time now for the weather.

Finally, get set for a big night in. It's census night tonight, which means everyone in your home will have to be included on the forms. For those who've gone through it all before, be prepared - there are a few extra questions this time around. We have some questions on voluntary work and unpaid work, some questions on long term illness and disability requiring assistance. The survey is taken every five years. And that's Seven's Morning News to now. More in our bulletins at 4:30 and 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Hello. How you going? Fine, thanks. By Jeez. We got some porterhouse, lamb chops, milk.