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(generated from captions) nor morally correct. was neither legally should not have been executed. And Atefah to ask him about the case. We telephoned Judge Haji Rezai the Persian language) (Conversation in would not answer any questions The judge and hung up the phone at this point. photographed to our knowledge. Haji Rezai has never been he is one of the revolution's own. His biography suggests According to a well-placed source, Prosecutor's office in 1982, he joined the Tehran of the revolution's history, during one of the bloodiest periods a summary trial and executed when thousands of people were given of the regime. as un-Islamic opponents involved during those times MOHAMMAD HOSHI: Anyone who was because they are untouchable. will not be punished from any prosecution. They are immune and they killed. They stood by the regime is the head of the judiciary in Neka If this Judge now and wants to get rid of a girl... let him do it.

at the highest level Atefah's case was signed off Iran's head of intelligence - by the man who soon after became Mohseni Ejei. President, Ahmadinejad, And under Iran's new hardline values of the revolution, who advocates a return to the pure the head of the judiciary in Neka. Judge Haji Rezai is still to sit on the Court of Appeal We are told he has also been promoted in the Neka region's capital, Sari. The judiciary have never admitted of Atefah's case. there was any mishandling International Captioning and Subtitling Closed Captions by

This program is not subtitled This program is captioned live. I'vejust been beaten up C'mon, it's two days later and

about recycled water? you want me to start talking of 3 by 2, I'll just give you a lump

if you like. you can belt hell out of me

you bastards. Come on. I've been raped by 1,000 Arabs, That was Toowoomba's Di Thorley - for recycled water - the town's leading advocate about those reporters? but did she really say that you bastards. Come on. I've been raped by 1,000 Arabs, Yes, she did. I'm Monica Attard. Hello and welcome to Media Watch. in the Middle East, As the fighting continues in Australia has intensified the controversy over media coverage about bias. with a flurry of complaints schoolchildren, 'Behind the News', The ABC's news program for took a battering for this. fighting in Lebanon For about two weeks there's been and a group called Hezbollah. between Israeli forces

killed or injured Many people have been leaving the country. and thousands have been one side to the story Like any conflict, there's more than events many years ago. and some of the reasons go back to but the story that followed Well, that's OK, errors of fact, contained significant 'BTN's potted history. the worst of them in When Israel was created in 1948 from their land many Palestinians were forced and some went to southern Lebanon. like Hezbollah, Hamas This led to the formation of groups Organisation. and the Palestinian Liberation with Israel Hezbollah has been fighting to reclaim lost land from Lebanon. and to remove foreign troops and we can't cover them all here. The mistakes are profound

is a Lebanese organisation, But if we tell you that Hezbollah not a Palestinian one in the 1980s not the 1940s, and that it was formed out of events off the mark 'BTN' was. you'll get an idea of how far Jewry lodged a complaint. The Executive Council of Australian The ABC apologised from the 'BTN' web site and removed the offending stories when it posted this notice. but it went beyond a correction situation is tricky. Finding the balance in this children's news - 'TTN' - Channel Ten's rival on the same day. covered the same story in the Middle East This week on 'TTN', why countries are fighting each other. to answer that one? Well how can we begin contained errors too, Channel Ten's shorter report as those on 'BTN'. though not as serious that drive most complaints - But it's not factual errors it's accusations of bias. the views of the complainer And they often have more to do with of the events. than the media's coverage of both 'BTN' and Ten's 'TTN' To test this, we sent transcripts to get their views. to a range of advocates and experts the Lebanese-born founder Keysar Trad, Association, told us: of the Islamic Friendship of Hezbollah He disputes 'BTN's history

and this account of the conflict. The recent attacks started when Hezbollah soldiers from Lebanon and killed eight. kidnapped two Israeli soldiers Keysar Trad says: Israeli journalist, Hirsh Goodman is a former now an academic and author. passage in 'BTN', He objects to that very same different reasons. though for very

for the multi-religious Charlie Khouri, the spokesman Lebanese Movement, United Australian

takes a more generous view. Jewish Board of Deputies Vic Alhadeff is the CEO of the NSW the 'Australian Jewish News'. and former editor of He says the 'BTN' report: Palestinian journalist But Maher Mughrabi, a Scottish-born the 'Melbourne Age', says who now works for a lack of understanding. the errors are driven by found mistakes, All of our reviewers but was the ABC right to concede

and balance on 'BTN'? a failure of impartiality

'BTN's factual errors were serious, the Council of Australian Jewry but some of the claims made by are also controversial -

advocates make about these stories. as are the claims the other have different facts, Different interest groups of the crucial events different interpretations about the media. and very different complaints the ABC's response And one is even complaining about to the Council of Jewry complaint. As we said - about the views of the complainer complaints of bias often say more than the media and not just on the complex issues involved in the Middle East conflict. You can read the program transcripts, the complaints, the responses of the programs, and more from our commentators on our web site at People do need to take what they hear and see in the media

with a grain of salt - or perhaps some mint sauce. An apt name for an anthropologist who believes our bodies are hard-wired to crave meat. The 'Illawarra Mercury' also covered Lionel Tiger's meaty theory.

Though we're not sure how he accounts for vegetarians who don't rate eating meat as a pleasure. But it's the kind of publicity that had to please the meat industry. Which is not surprising, because they're the people who brought Dr Tiger to the media. Dr Tiger's views are entertaining, but what disturbs us is that the 'Illawarra Mercury', the 'Herald Sun', 2SM, 6PR, 3AW and ABC South West WA didn't tell people that Doctor Tiger was being paid to promote meat for Meat and Livestock Australia. We can't think of a really good excuse for the journalists who left that information out. But here's a taste of what they've given us. Thankfully, only one of our colleagues thought it appropriate

to respond to our enquiries like this: Now Grant's been eating too much meat! Journalists also behaved badly when they covered this court case. A paedophile has won $175,000 compensation for being bashed in prison. The District Court found Peter Bujdoso suffered brain damage but exaggerated his injuries to help his case.

Under new laws his victim can apply to get the money. Peter Bujdoso is a convicted paedophile. He isn't a sympathetic character. But we're worried about the souls of those journalists who pursued him like a pack of dogs as he left court. They giggled and shouted as they chased their quarry, whose head was covered. The mob ran down the middle of a busy city street in the rain. This ABC camera tape shows Amber Muir from Channel Ten and Damien Smith from Channel Seven chasing him in circles at a busy intersection, then trying to pull the coat off his head to get a shot of his face. Amber and Channel Ten refused to comment, but Seven's Damien Smith is unrepentant. We'd hope that Damien and his colleagues might have learnt to leave justice to the legal system. We'd hate to see Bujdoso collecting another compensation payout from these vigilante journalists. The 'Adelaide Advertiser' needs to learn a few things about journalism too. Sounds frightening. Except it's not true. The 'Tiser's claims that the pilot had a heart attack during take-off,

leaving the co-pilot to return Flight 722 to the airport for an emergency landing was concocted. Which is odd. Because Garuda tells us that the reporter, Michael Owen, called to check the facts before publication. The chief pilot did suffer a heart attack. And he later died. But the airline says it told the reporter the aircraft hadn't moved away from the terminal gangway. Safely back in Adelaide, one of the passengers on Flight 722 also contacted the 'Advertiser'.

The 'Advertiser' says that the error wasn't Michael Owen's fault, that a sub-editor changed the story before it was published. The next day the 'Tiser' ran a follow-up story

and finally got the facts right. But they didn't acknowledge or correct the earlier story. That's an increasingly common way for papers to avoid admitting their mistakes. If competition gets any thinner after the new media laws are passed, they might even do away with the follow-ups. That's it from us tonight. See you next week. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International. This program is captioned live. Good evening. Reports are coming in from Lebanon tonight that dozens of people are feared buried after Israeli air strikes on the southern village of Houla. It's thought up to 50 civilians were sheltering in the houses when they were hit. Earlier -

Hezbollah fighters claimed they'd attacked and injured five Israeli soldiers near the village. Seven houses have been destroyed and more may have to be demolished after a tornado hit Western Australia. The town of Australind saw winds of 100km/hr. Emergency services say it may take weeks to repair the damage. One of Australia's greatest art treasures is being called a fake. The painting - 'Head of a Man' by Vincent Van Gogh has been lent to Britain by the National Gallery of Victoria. British experts say the $20 million portrait is too unlike Van Gogh's other work. Now, tomorrow's national weather - showers clearing from Perth. And it should be fine in the other capital cities. More news in 'Lateline' just after 10:30pm.

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