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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Retaliation attacks hit Hezbollah -

over the deaths of nine soldiers. Israel fights back who drowned her five children. No prison time for a mother bestowed on baby Brangelina. And a rare honour Ten News with Jacinta Hocking.

Good morning. In the past few hours a major air assault Israeli jets have carried out on Hezbollah headquarters, in southern Lebanon. destroying parts of a town The attack was retaliation of nine Israeli soldiers overnight. for the death It happened at sunset. a massive explosion. Close to our hotel to scenes of chaos. We arrived just minutes later for neighbours and friends. People hunted desperately in shock. A woman was let out of her home stunned from the rubble. Others emerged to where the missile struck. Then we made our way

was a senior Hezbollah commander The target whose headquarters was here. He, apparently, wasn't in. living in apartments around it. There were, however, families blamed not only Israel The residents here for what had happened. but America That is all I have of my house. My house. What is the remainder?

Say to Mr Bush, I'm not a terrorist. I am a doctor." "That is a terrorist.

Then panic. flew overhead. An Israeli aircraft We ran through the shattered streets.

that had seemed a relative haven. This in a city At a local hospital tonight of the attack. we saw the civilian cost This little girl among the injured. Tonight at the bomb scene

for Hezbollah. young men chant their support smothered in fear Tyre seems a place and convulsed in rage.

have failed to secure a cease-fire High-level diplomatic talks in the Middle East. will be established in Lebanon. Instead, a multi-national force of four unarmed peacekeepers. This despite the killing

peacekeepers The bodies of four unarmed arrive at a Lebanese hospital. The soldiers killed destroyed their UN post. when an Israeli bomb of the solders You can imagine the anguish unarmed military observers, and the men and women, in service of peace. who went down there The area came under fire to bring the bombardment to an end. despite repeated attempts caught up in the mayhem. An Irish peacekeeper the danger that this could happen. He gave six specific warnings about ignored and ultimately it happened. Apparently those six warnings were

The shelling of the UN position and clearly marked, which is long established and went on til after 7:00pm. started early in the morning Israel maintains it was an accident.

I can say here and now, deliberately target UN personnel, Israel would never unequivocally. at a worse time. The incident couldn't come on a cease-fire. A summit failing to agree

The US demanding long-term strategies to the hostilities. despite UN calls for an immediate end The people of Lebanon deserve and fully sovereign Lebanon. a stable, democratic do agree on, One thing the majority of countries multi-national force. Lebanon needs peacekeeping we are being pounded every day For the past 15 days

are dying every day and scores of people and scores are really being injured. it's unanimous - As for brokering a peace deal, is the only way to end the violence. disarming Hezbollah Kate Donnison, Ten News. for many Australians this year Christmas will be tougher expected next week with an interest rate rise

and groceries. on top of soaring petrol prices by political reporter Laurel Irving. We're joined now Laurel, how likely is the rate rise?

snow. Most economists believe the

interest rate rise will lift a interest rate rise will lift

quarter of a per

quarter of a per cent. The opposition

has seized on this, especially since

interest rates were a bigger deal

during the 2004

during the 2004 election campaign. Do during the 2004 election campaign.

you fear that interest rates and now you fear that interest rates

on the gradual way out? I hope not.

If they are, you know who to

If they are, you know who to blame.

The finger of blame has been pointed

at the humble but Nana? Yes, since at the humble but Nana? Yes,

cyclone Larry this year cyclone Larry this year bananas are

really this straw of that broke the

camel's back. Other items like camel's back. Other items like health

costs have gone up. We see that the costs have gone up. We see that

underlying inflation figure is now up underlying inflation figure is now

at the very top of the two per cent

or three per cent target. Of course,

all that means is when Christmas

arrives we will have less money to spend.

Derryn Hinch is vowing vengeance Controversial Melbourne broadcaster

of sexual assault. against the woman who accused him An emotional Hinch made the claim he'd been cleared. after hearing media reports Clearly relieved, from his South Melbourne studio the human headline emerged he'd been cleared. responding to the reports It's a big relief. it puts on you You don't realise how much pressure until I heard the news my eyes and went weak at the knees. and I must admit, I got tears in

the media in March Visibly unwell, Hinch fronted after it was revealed had accused him of sexual assault. a former business partner she demanded $50,000 hush money Hinch says and now he intends to take action. this is extortion. This is blackmail, and I'll keep going on that. I did lay a formal complaint A lay down misere. I've got the letter they sent us.

taken a financial and emotional toll The broadcaster says the ordeal has

is bound to boost his recovery. but the news, albeit unconfirmed,

but I am feeling much better. I'm not out of the woods yet

is still under investigation. Police say the matter Luke Waters, Ten News. despite drowning her four children. A mother escapes prison when the morning news returns. That story

baby Brangelina gets an honour And at only two months old, for the rich and famous. usually reserved

countries around the world, The water is dirty,

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This program is captioned live. A mother who drowned her five children in a bath has been found not guilty of murder. Lawyers convincing a US jury that Andrea Yates was criminally insane at the time of the killings. Andrea Yates drowned her children one by one leaving her oldest son, 7-year-old Noah, to last. He tried to get away but she caught him.

Now, five years and two murder trials later, a US jury has ruled she must have been insane. We, the jury, find Andrea Yates not guilty, by reason of insanity. Four years ago another jury refused to accept the argument that she was suffering post-partum psychosis and sent her to prison. The evidence in this case was Andrea Yates knew it was wrong and five children are dead because she made a decision that it was right.

The jury was able to see past what happened, look why it happened, understand that Andrea was ordinarily just a loving mother who fell to this disease and did an unthinkable act. She knows I support her and she appreciates that

and she helps me too. She and I are able to reminisce about our children, This program is captioned live. Frightening statistics out this morning show a significant drop in the number of organ donations. 35,000 Australians are currently waiting for a transplant but there's been less than 100 donations this year. Joining me now is CEO of Transplant Australia Mark Cocks. Mr Cocks, what's going on here? How did the situation become so dire?

it is very sad. It is lack of

community awareness. But community do

not know that not know that there three-and a-half

1000 people were waiting for a

transplant. Chas flotation of transplant. Chas flotation of fix all

Australians. If we the it be directly

or indirectly. Children, mum or dad

may need a transplant. How will the

government cut the situation? Tony

Abbott is probably the most

passionate health minister passionate health minister we have

had so far. He they need to get

behind him. If they need to address community

community awareness. If people community awareness. If people want

to donate their organs to donate their organs what do they

need to do? When they sit a dinner

tonight they meet to discuss his as a

family. They need to ring bolt organ

Donor Register on Number Forster. After 42 years at the forefront of the music industry, Britain's 'Top of the Pops' is filming its final episode.

The show hosted nearly every leading band and pop artist of the past four decades but has failed to win-over the youth culture of today. This is a program that you've never heard of before. It's called 'Top of the Pops'. And so began a nation's love-affair with 'Top of the Pops'. The program that became essential viewing for generations of pop music fans.

Decade after decade it reflected the best-selling acts. It became a show, which more than any other, defined the musical landscape of Britain. Increasingly though, it wasn't what the audience wanted. Most television shows last 42 days, if they're lucky.

If you ever start something in show business that lasts 42 years, you must be inordinately proud. Behind these closed doors, the very last 'Top of the Pops' is being recorded.

Audiences, of course, have been dwindling for years. It's final demise though, is stark proof of a radically re-shaped youth culture. The rise and rise of music sites and web channels

has finally sealed 'Top of the Pops' fate. Not before people made fun of the resident dancers, pants people, the presenters' antics and not least, their wardrobes.

Nevertheless, its cachet has filtered down to newer bands. Come Sunday though, it'll all be over. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's baby daughter has made a public appearance without her parent's permission. Well, at least her lookalike at Madam Tussaud's wax museum has. It's the closes the paparazzi may ever get to the Brangelina baby. Just keep her like that. Turn the baby over here. Can you hold it. Even if the baby is only the latest edition to be unveiled at Madame Tussaud's wax museum.

Would you like to hold her? Sure, I would like to hold her. I didn't even have to ask her mum's permission. This is an unauthorised fake baby.

Her parents weren't consulted. Don't shake the baby. Don't shake the baby. What am I doing? Don't worry, Shiloh can take it. While the rest of the adult figures from Larry to Oprah are indeed waxed, Shiloh is made out of flexible silicon, which is better to withstand touching

it is sculptured from the photos that appeared in 'People' magazine. Those pouting lips, it's the best part, isn't it? Just like mum. Who's your daddy now? As for the paparazzi, they were in hot pursuit of what amounts to a doll. Ladies and gentlemen, we've reach the low point of our careers. I wish it was the real one and nobody else was here. I would make a lot more money. Hold the baby a little higher. Could you just turn your body this way please?

Could you burp the baby? We need a certain angle and you're not willing to do that. Hey, who's being the baby here? Ahead - Adrian Morley's NRL career ended by the judiciary. That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, just how fast can a Formula 1 go on the salt flats?

This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market is trading in negative territory

The Saints are set to roll the dice and tonight name injured bigman Justin Koschitzke

to make his return to the AFL. The 23-year-old hasn't played in the big time since fracturing his skull in May. It's been a long and bumpy road back to the big time,

but tonight, Justin Koschitzke's resurrection begins

when his name appears back on the St Kilda team sheet. I think it's quite high I think if he gets through training and the like and he gets through the testing, I think it's sort of around 90%. The star Saint big man fractured his skull in Round 6.

Since then he's suffered more than most. He passed out live on national television and then had an embarrassing run-in with a central umpire in the VFL reserves. Many think he should have taken the rest of the season off. But Grant Thomas is standing by his man in the run to September. I think it's valuable for us to play him off the bench and in different positions on the ground, whether it be in the ruck or forward, just to re-introduce him back into it and to show him how much we support what he's going through.

On the back of Koschizke's return a win against the Tigers on Saturday and the Saints remain on track for a top two finish

and a real crack at this year's flag. I don't think neurological surgeons and specialists would flirt with that sort of situation

so just rest easy everyone, we're doing everything we can.

Tim Hodges, Ten News. Adrian Morley's NRL career is over.

The Sydney Rooster was last night handed a seven-match suspension for kneeing Bulldogs hooker Corey Hughes. The 7-match ban was slightly less than expected but enough to end Adrian Morley's colourful 6-year stay at the Roosters. The Great Britain international told the judiciary kneeing his opponent was 'a really stupid thing to do'. His admission, and a letter of support from Bulldogs star Willie Mason,

was not enough to save him. Obviously I'm bitterly disappointed my Roosters and NRL career finished this way. I would have liked to play again for the Roosters, but that's not to be. The popular player saying he retaliated after he thought he saw Bulldog Corey Hughes throw a punch. He's extremely disappointed he can't say goodbye to the Roosters fans and that's what's hurting the most, I think. Morley will play out his career in England and is free to play for Great Britain in the Tri-Nations series at the end of the year. While Morley met his fate, a much more pleasant evening for NRL team captains and coaches. The annual fund-raising dinner for breast cancer research raising more than 100,000. Foundation patron and ardent Manly fan, Sarah Murdoch on-hand to raise awareness. Among those 12,000,

there are approximate 100 men who are also diagnosed with the disease. That is equal to about half of the men here tonight. Emily Groves, Ten News. Australian golfers Shani Waugh and Karrie Webb are in contention after the first round of the Evian Masters. Waugh is in a three way tie for the lead with Mexican Lorena Ochoa and Korean Mi-Hyun Kim. Webb is one shot off the pace. Shani Waugh got off to a cracking start. Just take a look at her scorecard. She birdied five of her first seven holes to shoot a 6-under-par 66.

Former world number one Karrie Webb is one shot back in outright fourth after a 67 eagling this putt on the 18th. The Evian Masters are the lead in the event to next week's Women's British Open.

Ever feel the need for speed? In a bid to find out just how fast a Formula 1 car can go off the track, Honda Racing has taken its car to the legendary salt flats of Utah. Over four days of record attempts they managed to break three land speed records. In perfect conditions the team realised their car's potential

reaching a measured mile speed of 400km/h. As the car left the surface and went sideways, I was basically just bracing myself thinking "It's going to go" and within 100m, I realised it wasn't going to dig in or tip over and I basically tried to get it back and do another run. The world records are yet to be ratified.

Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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Now for a look at the national weather -

And a look now at conditions on ski fields across the country. Joining us from Thredbo is Madeleine Hubbard. Good morning, Madeleine. You're enjoying more sunny weather on the slopes. Yes, we sure are. We also received some much-needed fresh snow this week around 25cm falling on the upper slopes and there's more snow on the cards for this weekend. At the NSW resorts -

The bureau is expecting sunshine to hang around until Saturday and then it's snow above 600m. Can't wait for that. Thank you Madeleine. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning.

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