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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. rescue stranded Aussies Government planes across Lebanon. as fighting intensifies Tight security in Melbourne face court. as 13 suspected terrorists And no longer the favourite - on the Universe crown. Miss Australia loses her grip

Ten News with Kathryn Robinson Israel's heavy use of force The United Nations has condemned in Lebanon. Condoleezza Rice It comes as US Secretary of State heads to the war zone in an attempt to broker a peace deal. The start of a new week

in Lebanon's war-torn capital. and another building burns entire blocks have been levelled In neighbouring streets, as far as the eye can see. and there's rubble destroyed by Israeli air strikes. The residential area is one of many a violation of humanitarian law. The UN is calling the attacks It's between 500,000 and 1 million of international assistance. in desperate need signs of a full-scale invasion. On the southern border, Israel now controls two key towns. Up to 10,000 troops awaiting orders. forces and northern command The mission of Israeli defence

and destroy as much as possible. is to enter Lebanon

a way to send rockets into Israel. Amazingly, Hezbollah is still finding More than 90 fired overnight. Amid the mounting crisis at the port of Beirut. aid supplies arrive help tens of thousands of refugees. Generators, food and medical kits to is also a big concern. Safety for aid workers This UN officer airlifted to hospital by Hezbollah gunfire. after being wounded

Condoleezza Rice US Secretary of State

visits the region today. will force a ceasefire. It's hoped the crucial mission Kate Donnison, Ten News. have now been evacuated from Lebanon. Nearly 4,000 Australians for those still stranded But time is running out ships scheduled for tomorrow. with the last Government-sponsored

Home at last. at Sydney airport last night Tearful reunions finally arrived back from Lebanon as hundreds more Australians out of the war-torn region. on a chartered flight after two weeks of hell. Exhausted and emotional

Back in Beirut are being shipped out the last of the Australian evacuees on the city. as bombs continue to rain down ferrying people to Cyprus This passenger ship in refugee centres. where they're being processed

managing to get out this morning. Another 350 It's as bad as you see on the news.

trapped in the south of Lebanon But for hundreds of Australians evacuation is far more difficult. in the region have been destroyed. Roads and landing strips The only way out now is by sea. going into the port of Tyre today The Germans have a ship on that ship. and we have secured some space have now been rescued from Lebanon. 3,700 Australians for those still stranded. But time is running out The Australian Government says after tomorrow. there will be no more evacuations Hugo Ward, Ten News. in Melbourne and Sydney last year 13 terror suspects arrested in raids under tight security. are appearing in a Melbourne court joins us live there. Reporter Nicole Strahan Nicole, what's happening today?

These men were arrested as part of

Australia's largest tourist plant.

That process could take up to two

months. This morning only six of the

men have appeared in court. men have appeared in court. If

several other men who accused against

these offences towards Australia,

they said they had problem getting

transport to court this morning. How

tight it is caught security? Their tight it is caught security?

only six of the men brought to court,

security was tight. security was tight. The event drove

into the rear of the course this morning. morning. We then the court building

be was tight security. People had be was tight security. People

been spent, people who have been -

have had bemoan loss confiscated. have had bemoan loss confiscated. A

video link has been set up. The media

can watch it via video link along

with other people who that interested

in watching the case. to get under way in Los Angeles The Miss Universe pageant is about hot favourite to take out the crown. with Australia's Erin McNaught a Good morning, Kath. If you believe the bookmakers

then Gold Coast beauty Erin McNaught the third Australian may be about to become

to be crowned Miss Universe. Australian betting agency, Centrebet, as its outright favourite has the 24-year-old just ahead of Miss Columbia while the British bookmakers have her to take out the crown. the title here in Los Angeles There are 86 contestants vying for they'll face the judges and over the next few hours and be interviewed on stage in a swimsuit and evening gown. as well as have to parade A few days ago Erin McNaught - crowned Miss Australia last month - who was a virtual unknown until being admitted she was nervous. Yes and no. REPORTER: What is yes, what is no?

we have done it all before. The yes is pressure, the no is She hit the headlines just a few weeks after being crowned. when topless photographs emerged very influential fan - But they seem to have won her one Donald Trump to own the Miss Universe contest. who just happens of the 20 contestants He gets to personally choose 5 one of his favourites. and Miss McNaught is tipped to be Miss Universe title was in 1972 The first Australian to win the took the crown again two years ago. and of course, Jennifer Hawkins make it a Aussie hat-trick Now Erin McNaught will see if she can in a few hours. on a children's jumping castle. A freak fun-park accident - two die when the morning news returns. That story

who survived two days underground. And the 5-year-old boy

This program is captioned live. is being treated in hospital Saddam Hussein for a third week. as he continues to hunger strike have been killed in Iraq Meantime, almost 60 people of sectarian violence. in another deadly wave of black smoke into the air The car bomb sent a thick plume rushing to inspect the carnage. and emergency crews It's estimated 20 people were killed to the Kirkuk Hospital for treatment. and dozens more rushed in a separate blast at a market 36 civilians were killed in Sadr City. this month It was Kirkuk's fourth car bombing as Kurds and Arabs wrestle for control of the city, located adjacent to one of the world's great oil lakes. And former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is being fed through a tube in his stomach.

The 69-year-old is 16 days into a hunger strike and has been pardoned from attending his court case. A US military spokesman has said Sadam's condition is not critical.

Luke Waters, Ten News. Two women have been killed in a fair ground tragedy in the UK. They were thrown from a giant jumping castle when a gust of wind blew it into the air. A family fun day that turned into tragedy. Captured on a mobile phone, this was the terrifying moment

a giant castle was lifted 150 feet into the air before landing into a crowded riverside park. Panic for dozens of visitors. I seen an opening, I tried to get out but it was closed in on us and then there was people behind us shouting

"Get out this way" and then we all got out and it was just devastating seeing it. And these are the remains. It was meant to be part of an interactive art display. So far, two people have died and 12 others, including a 3-year-old, have been injured. Although it's not a windy day, it appears to have taken off, it's clipped one the CCTV cameras.

A number of casualties have accidentally fallen from the castle or the device, as it was flown into the air and it has landed some 75 to 100 yards away.

The park has now been closed and an investigation has now begun into how this tragic accident happened. A 5-year-old Indian boy has been rescued after being stuck down a well for two days. Millions of people looked on as the televised rescue effort was beamed live around the country. Until the rescue, the boy had been monitored by a closed-circuit camera that had been lowered into the well. The bare-chested child fell into the 17m hole while playing on Friday. Oxygen was pumped down the well to keep him alive. Ahead, the AFL set to deal with a headbutt incident, that's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, Tiger Woods' teary tribute after his stunning British Open victory. Now anyone can get broadband Internet. That's because Optus have plans from just $19.95 a month when combined with either an Optus home phone or eligible mobile. Plus it's easy to get started because for a limited time, you'll enjoy $0 connection. And, as a new Optus broadband customer, you get a 30 day trial period. So if you decide broadband isn't for you, there'll be no cancellation fee. So call Optus now on 1800 555 558. SONG: # Yeah. # This program is captioned live. New evidence today Australia is in the grip of a mini baby boom. Peter Costello's offer of a generous baby bonus appears to have helped counter a concerning drop in fertility rates. Famous words of encouragement from Peter Costello at the 2004 Budget. Not everyone can but you know, to have one for your husband, one for your wife and one for your country. And an added incentive, that $3,000 maternity payment - with that figure bumped up to $4,000 this year has the Government's baby bonus scheme had its intended impact? The answer, it seems, is yes.

There is a direct connection. amount of money makes a difference. There are some people where the

charting Australia's mini baby boom. Demographer Peter McDonald has been is one of the few Western countries He says Australia in recent years. that's birth rate has risen The first full quarter,

could have been an impact, where the maternity payment the number of births was 10% higher. With the population ageing steadily, just what the doctor ordered. it could be

dozens reporting a pint sized influx. This hospital in Brisbane among of Australia's population increase More evidence

in the national census. will be gathered next month being launched today The massive logistical exercise is with forms collected on August 8. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. In finance news - the Australian share market has started the week in negative territory.

The memory of his late father has spurred Tiger Woods to his third British Open title. Woods a two-shot winner from fellow American Chris Di Marco while Ernie Els finished outright third. Adam Scott the best-placed Australian, nine shots behind Woods.

A simple tap-in that unleashed the most complex of emotions... COMMENTATOR: And now the relief. ..and the grief. but his reaction, unprecedented. Tiger Woods's 11th major victory struggled to regain his composure. Clinging to his caddie as he with his first big win Woods coming to grips and mentor, Earl, two months ago. since the death of his father After my last putt my dad's never gonna see this again. I realised that

Woods blocked out his emotions. On the course, never looked like losing. The overnight leader

in his best result in a major Australian Adam Scott tied for 8th came from another but Woods's biggest challenge grieving the loss of a parent - American, Chris DiMarco. Oh, my goodness me! What a par! of his mother, Dimarco inspired by the memory ended the challenge but Woods clinically with three consecutive birdies. He's got that uncanny ability to play basically what he needs to play and then when guys make a move on him he can put it in another gear. Woods the first player in 23 years to retain the old claret jug but he'd give it back in an instant for something he'll never again enjoy. I miss my dad so much and I wish he could have been here to witness this. Leanne West, Ten News. American Floyd Landis is the new king of cycling overnight. taking out the Tour de France a 59 second lead, After giving himself was to finish. all the 30-year-old needed zoomed through the streets of Paris, Part of the breakaway group that to the line led by stage winner, Landis was in the scramble Norway's Tor Hushovd. Australia had its best result ever coming fifth overall. with Cadel Evans Michael Rogers 10th the green jersey for the third time. and sprinter Robbie McEwen claiming has played his last game To AFL, and Jason Akermanis for the Brisbane Lions.

has been given leave of absence The outspoken 29-year-old the club for the rest of the season. with his services not required at has left the building. The Lion legend Jason Akermanis destined never to return. The reality is is that this club moves on, this club will be here around a lot longer than when I leave, when Leigh Matthews leaves,

and they'll be around and they'll keep going and that's why the organisation is bigger than any single person. After two Best and Fairests, three premiership medals,

and the 2001 Brownlow - the 29-year-old won't return to the club until season's end for the highest price. when he'll be traded The decision was made. We had to make a decision.

it's gone down these lines. Unfortunately as a playing group. But we have to move forward their place in the AFL's top eight Fremantle has cemented cemented over Melbourne. after a commanding win a second ever crack at September. The Dockers now on track for just and snaps another one! COMMENTATOR: Slips the tackle and as a team sharing the load Individuals are doing their job from here. and we have to surge forward Des Headland is on report. In a spiteful game, for this headbutt. So, too, Brad Green No accident. That was silly. And a host of Dockers and Demons will come under fire for a heated half-time melee. It proved a thrilling finale to the Heritage round. At the Dome, a last gasp behind by Brad Ottens ensured the Cats a nail-biting victory over the Dogs. And the Cats have won it by a point! And heartbreak for Port Adelaide. Daniel Motlop failing to win the game with a kick after the final siren.

And he has poked at it and missed it! The Saints home by four points. Tim Hodges, Ten News. To the NRL, Shane Webcke and Brad Thorn and Brisbane forwards have suffered facial injuries this morning. during an aggressive training session were loosened several of Thorn's teeth and Webcke received a gashed cheek. aren't holding out much hope Meanwhile, the Wests Tigers for fullback Brett Hodgson who'll today have scans knee injury. on a potentially season-ending Brett Hodgson's face told the story. Parramatta, Midway through the first half against to be a season-ending knee injury. Hodgson broke down with what's feared That's it for this year I'd say, than that. so hopefully no further damage

he'll be 8 weeks I'd say, If it's just a medial strain, we'll see Brett back. so we don't think Bryce Gibbs's torn tricep another blow to the Tigers's premiership defence that's already lost Benji Marshall to injury. Parramatta won 34-6 five straight wins has them back in contention for a top 8 berth. Jarryd Hayne grabbed two tries. COMMENTATOR: Jarryd Hayne does it again. Canberra another team making a push for a finals spot. The Raiders thrashed St George Illawarra 31-12.

It's probably our worst, as far as doing things in the last sort of 8 or 9 weeks. it's our worst performance victory. Manly scored a thrilling comeback Trailing 24-6 at half-time in 14 minutes, the Sea Eagles ran in four tries

eventually winning 32-30. heading in the right direction It shows that the club is really

and our depth is exceptional from all aspects. it was a very pleasing win Trent Higgs, Ten News. his MotoGP championship chances America's Nicky Hayden has boosted with a win on home soil. started in pole Australian rider Chris Vermeulen when Hayden made his move. and kept the lead till lap 16 coming third, Australian Casey Stoner, midway through. lost control of his front tyre And Valentino Rossi's hopes went up in a cloud of smoke as Hayden cruised to his second straight US Grand Prix victory. Honda team-mate Danny Pedrosa came second and Italy's Marco Melandri, racing with a broken collar bone, was third.

Vermeulen finished fifth. Australia's Troy Bayliss has had a nightmare couple of races in the latest round of the World Superbike Championship. Bayliss was pushed off the track on the first bend of race one. COMMENTATOR: Bayliss and Pitt come together. Pitt goes down. but could only manage eighth. He recovered for race two, took the double Japan's Yukio Kagayama the first, from sixth on the grid of a blanket finish and the second, three seconds ahead

Troy Corser. that included another Aussie by 73 points. Bayliss still leads the series weather around the nation. Next in Ten News - DRAMATIC MUSIC Introducing new Head & Shoulders.

New best-ever Head & Shoulders.

in one vs three washes. Kelly and Linda are going to take the challenge. Linda proves she can do it in just one wash. with new Head & Shoulders. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. It was the night Hollywood came to the suburbs. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson in Sydney's west for the premiere of their latest comedy 'You, Me and Dupree'. It was a typical movie premiere in every way except, instead of the people coming to see the stars, the stars came to see the people. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson pressing the flesh at Parramatta in the heart of Sydney's western suburbs. I don't even exactly know where we are. All I know it's about 30 minutes from the hotel wouldn't know where I'd been taken. but if I was like a hostage, I premiere of their new movie, The pair are here for the Australian 'You, Me and Dupree'. Dupree? Live with us? until he gets back on his feet. Just a couple of nights meeting fans, posing for photographs The pair spent a good hour and signing autographs. and not in the city all the time. Finally something in Parramatta

I think it's great. I work in Parramatta to sign her mother's book for me. and I was hoping to get her The crowd outside with the two Hollywood stars actually got a much closer experience than the invited A-listers inside, got a lovely welcoming speech. who, nevertheless, Thanks very much you guys and yeah, we're awfully happy to be here. The premiere a huge success - locals hopeful it won't be the last time Hollywood comes to Parramatta. This is the place to be, yeah! Angela Bishop, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.