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two Housemates are going down! It's double trouble - from 6:30 on Ten. Big Brother Eviction Night,

This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Hello. I'm Steve Leibman Tonight - emotional reunions - flights arriving home the first government-chartered with Lebanon's evacuees. taking a village in southern Lebanon. Israeli tanks move in,

have found a cure for Alzheimer's. Australian scientists say they might

We reveal the winner. And what's Australia's best city?

entered a dangerous new phase. The crisis in the Middle East has have crossed into Lebanon, Israeli tanks to pound Hezbollah targets. while their jets have continued but first - home at last. More on that shortly, now stands at 2,500 Australia's evacuee count arrived home today. after three planeloads of people

But tonight, there's a warning -

from Lebanon does have a deadline. the Government's emergency evacuation they'd never see. A homecoming many feared but elated, 500 Australians arriving exhausted of finally laying eyes on loved ones. raw emotion from the mouths of babes. Amid the tension, comforting words

Relax! arrived this morning. Three plane loads of evacuees You're home! we came home with - nothing. This is it! This is what

that's it. I thought we were gonna die, I thought that was it for us. We had to take the chance - where most had only happy thoughts. Tearful reunions for the Australian Government. I'm so grateful

I'm so glad to be Australian. Thanks very much, Australia. But not all were overjoyed. Safely back on Australian soil now well behind them, and with the Lebanon hellfire the heat up on Government officials. some evacuees were still turning It was absolute chaos - on a ship for 200 people, trying to get 2,000 people and no-one would listen. it was selective with children, of how they were left stranded. Too many with stories

that first 24 hours, It was very, very difficult, at all, that was very traumatising. and then not having got on a boat Young children with mental scars. All these houses fall down. Images that are being repeated the villages. for those who can't escape not to wait too long Get onto those ships, because, of course, running indefinitely. we can't keep the ships

to forget deadlines. A plea from those who are now home in towns under constant attack. They say hundreds are trapped it was very dangerous I tell you what, from house to house. because we was moving we have to leave the village, how? go straight away and don't stop." Some people say, "Take this car and We hear the bomb everywhere. are expected to leave Beirut tonight. The last three chartered vessels Frank Coletta, Ten News. its army into Lebanon Israel has sent and that has forced to flee, hundreds of thousands of civilians

fearing an all out invasion.

And now the United Nations is warning is facing a refugee crisis. the war-torn country Israeli tanks cross into Lebanon - After a massive military build up, the town of Maroun al-Ras. on their way to capturing

They insist it's not an invasion - enemy targets. they're just flushing out But for the first time, the British Government. their attacks have been criticised by and so many people - The death of so many children surgical strikes. these have not been

then go for Hezbollah - If they're chasing Hezbollah the entire Lebanese nation. you don't go for Lebanese television towers, In one strike, they flattened leading private network off air. knocking the nation's that's sent thousands out in protest But it's the human toll and through the heart of Amsterdam. in France, London Stop the war, stop the crime! hundreds of thousands are fleeing On the dusty roads of south Lebanon fearing an Israeli invasion. suffering kidney failure - Among them, a little girl her mother is running out of tablets. (Speaks Arabic) and his family, desperate for a ride. And pharmacist Yousef Phakri home, to my parents and that's life. I don't know what happens to my

What to do? What to do? in just a few days. His wife is due to give birth their child will be born a refugee. Only one thing is certain - in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. The UN says Lebanon is already the international community Urging, begging to give us sufficient resources medical relief, enough shelter, so that we can give enough and sanitation services. enough food, enough water

is arriving in Beirut International aid to distribute it. but there's still no safe way a miracle of sorts. In the heart of the danger though,

a Lebanese woman Israeli soldiers help

badly injured in their shelling. She was taken to an Israeli hospital now fight to save her life. where her enemies' doctors Ali Donaldson, Ten News. There is some goos news tonight

boys feared dead in south Lebanon with reports those two Australian at least for the time being. are safe,

his sons Ali and Abbas are alive, Fadel el-Sayed says the battered village of Aitaroun. after friends rescued them from because my kids leave the village, I feel better bombing every minute. because the village where they are now But he doesn't know the war zone unscathed. or if they've made it out of are indeed accounted for I can confirm the two children and safe at the moment. the Israelis The Australian Government asking the children. to consider the plight of from the Israelis Look, the advice we've had is that people should stay put. running high over the death toll. In Australia, emotions are It is certainly a genocide - books as Lebanon's holocaust. this will be written in the history At the outset, I say all the casualties of this conflict. we have great compasion for response in Lebanon has eased. Criticism of Government's in the beginning, The community did feel,

second-class citizens. that they were The foreign minister urged to back a parliamentary inquiry into the way our embassies handle crisis situations. The numbers of diplomatic and consular staff over the 9 or 10 years that he has been the minister has in fact been drifting down. Labor calling for ready reaction teams to reinforce small embassies in times of trouble. Whilst we've been evacuating people

we've had to send our own staff into a pretty hazardous environment

in ever greater numbers. The Opposition also says there needs to be a policy on the recovery of costs from such mass evacuations. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A telephone hotline has been set up for those effected by events in Lebanon. You can dial the Middle East Support Line on:

for services ranging from counselling, to visa and passport advice. It's operating 24 hours a day. In other news - the Federal Government will consider increasing its next troop deployment to Afghanistan later this month. A new Australian contingent of 240 engineers and soldiers could be reinforced because of an increase in fighting.

Australian troops were wounded just last week in a gun battle in the country's south. I think there is an argument for us increasing the close ground force protection of our reconstruction task force. Coalition troops have suffered more casualties in the latest fighting, with two Canadian soldiers and six civilians killed by suicide bombers in Kandahar. Workers at a South Australian mine have been exposed to uranium.

A small amount of uranium was accidentally put into a desalination unit at the Beverley Uranium mine, in the State's far north, by a worker during cleaning.

About 100 employees had access to the water for about three hours. Mine owner, Heathgate Resources, claims the concentration was not strong enough to cause harm.

There's new hope for about 170,000 Australians with Alzheimer's.

A group of Australian scientists has developed a world-first pill, which could stop the disease. Every day Tom Valenta can only watch as the debilitating effects of Alzheimer's take hold of his wife Marie. But he has some hope that a new drug could save future generations.

Hopefully if this does work, it can be prevented in the case of our own family and of course the wider community. The once-a-day pill is called PBT 2, and although still in the early stages, its Melbourne developers are about to embark on human trials. I am getting great excitement out of it. It is certainly another 'eureka'.

The drug attacks a build up of the protein Amyloid which is thought to cause the brain to rust. While early clinical trials show the drug acts fast, the real challenge will be taking it from mice to man. If we can replicate in the human what occurs at the lab bench then this will be of great immense importance.

Each week around 700 Australians are diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

With an ageing population, that figure is expected to triple over the next 40 years. The body representing Australian sufferers is cautiously welcoming the drug. The earlier we can get at this disease, the more likely it is that we are going to halt it in its tracks or reverse it and people are not going to suffer the consequences. If successful, it could be on the market within four years.

Keiva Matheson, Ten News.

Coming up in Ten News - claims police called to public schools every second day, because of drugs. And what's Australia's best city? We reveal the winner after the break.

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This program is captioned live. Official crime figures have confirmed what many have long suspected -

that is, drug usage in schools is on the rise. The statistics have brought educators and police together for a rethink on preventative measures.

It may be due to increased levels of reporting but the figures are still alarming - 170 school drug investigations within 15 months. That's one almost every second school day. The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research and, indeed, my own officers report to me increasing incidents. As a father and grandfather himself, NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney believes family holds the key to bringing about change, but in the short-term an increased police presence at school might stem the flow. We are looking at a range of initiatives, including the recruitment of 40 NSW police officers to work with schools, particularly high schools. and young people. That would involve officers establishing closer ties with schools to try and reach the students before they head down a path that could be life-altering. Teachers agree it's important to move early...

It's in those early years of high school that children first start to show signs of alienation and disengagement which can lead them down the path to experimentation. ..but resent a law and order solution.

The answer lies in prevention. We need more school counsellors in our schools to assist our young people and we need more resources. The plan comes less than a fortnight after a student was charged with attempted murder following an attack on his teacher at this Sydney high school.

The teenager was believed to be one of many regular school drug users, some reportedly even dealing in the lunch breaks to younger students. Amber Muir, Ten News. A national fast-food chain store has admitted

illegally docking the pay of young staff as a form of punishment. The Perth Domino's Pizza store was found to be docking staff five minutes' pay

for every minute they were late to work. We were outraged.

This is an appalling treatment of young workers. For many young workers this is their first job and it's an appalling way to treat young workers, to take money off them when they've worked a shift. The manager cancelled the policy once the disciplinary tactic was leaked to the media and will now undergo counselling from the company. A woman is being treated for suspected spinal injuries

after her car rolled 20 metres down an embankment on Sydney's northern beaches early this morning. Police and emergency services found the car and its driver at the bottom of the embankment on a vacant block of land. The 37-year-old driver was airlifted to hospital. Which is the best city in Australia? There are plenty of us with a personal opinion, but the authors of an independent survey say

they've finally settled the argument once and for all. Somewhere over a rainbow there may lie an even greater city, but until then it's Melbourne. The beaches may look deserted but that's only because people here have discovered the best way to enjoy them. OK, coffee's ready mate. An independent poll of 1,300 Australians declaring it the top town in 8 of 13 categories, including theatre, sport, dining, entertainment and even romance. This survey clearly says Melbourne and Victoria is the place to be for tourism. Thanks for running the Sydney Olympics but we've been performing better than you have since then. In fact, annual tourist numbers are up by 700,000 since 1999. We went out on Puffing Billy yesterday. We don't do this sort of thing at home so, yeah, it's very much a treat. So why the influx to the fashion capital? Isn't that obvious? For little frocks like this. While statistics might say that Melbourne has Australia's best culture, sport and shopping, if you ask the locals what makes this place so special they'll more than likely say it's just the vibe. Melbourne's very nice. It has a nice feel of, sort of, community to it still. It's not as rushed as Sydney. I love Melbourne. I love the vibe of the city. So how does all this sit with those north of the border? I've got mates from Melbourne - they still say Sydney's better. And as for the romance... I'm going to study that research in more detail

and find out exactly what it says. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. An anxious night ahead for Australia's Miss Universe entrant

on the eve of finding out if all her dreams will come true.

Erin McNaught is already a favourite of the competition owner, Donald Trump, but she'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if she'll wear the crown. That's when the title is announced in Los Angeles. The Gold Coast beauty has been tipped by bookmakers around the world to win this year's competition.

Still to come on Ten News - the city being held to ransom by two serial killers. And extra light ice-cream - And extra-light ice-cream - the Mr Whippy van that really had residents running in the street.

WOMAN: German-engineered 2.0-litre Ford Focus.

This program is captioned live. Two serial killers are terrorising a major city in the United States. The two men have been blamed for 55 separate murders, rapes and shootings. Phoenix police are baffled and the city's residents terrified. I'm afraid to even go out my door as soon as it turns night.

Blurred surveillance video is the closest police have come to the man, known as the 'Baseline Killer'. He was named after the street where he killed his first victim in September last year. Since then he's been linked to 21 rapes and murders,

including abducting and murdering a mother of two at a car wash along one of the city's busiest roads four weeks ago. Then there's the 'Serial Shooter' who is targeting pedestrians and cyclists. He's killed five people and wounded 16. Police now fear the Serial Shooter may have an accomplice and there are already comparisons being made between the Phoenix attacks and the Washington sniper shootings where 10 people were killed four years ago.

With a taskforce of 120 police failing to catch the killers a volunteer crime-fighting group known as the Guardian Angels has moved in. We are going to hit as many areas as we can. While they're hoping to make a citizens arrest, the authorities have turned to the FBI. Citizens on patrol? Don't compare my armed posse to have authority when I mobilize them with the Guardian Angels.

Phoenix is one of America's most violent cities.

Last year a murder was committed, on average, every 38 hours. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. An earthquake has rocked south-west China, killing more than 20 people and injuring hundreds more. The quake, measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale, hit a mountainous area causing landslides. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and more than 1,000 others left badly damaged. Roads, rail lines and telecommunications were also hit. The direct economic loss already reaching $38 million. To something a little lighter now - an ice-cream man certainly had people running in the street in America. His truck ended up dangling from powerlines after a gust of wind lifted it into the air.

It was amazing. I've never seen anything like it. The driver leapt from the truck, leaving it in gear and the engine running. Well, at least the ice-cream won't melt. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and Rob, the Brisbane Lion have told Jason Akermanis to pack his bags? And he couldn't pack them soon enough, Steve. After 248 games at the Lions the Brownlow Medallist and the club today officially ended

their partnership. We'll have that plus all of the day's footy results. A tight one in Tassie - the Saints versus Port.

COMMENTATOR: ..has made it three in a row for Port Adelaide. The Parra party continues - the Tigers tamed. Giving it away to Jarryd Hayne - they won't be able to go with him. And Fanning fires up at J-Bay.

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MAN: German-engineered 2.0-litre Ford Focus. Smooth as.

In digital cameras, Energizer Lithium takes up to 600 shots. Duracell standard Alkaline will only take up to 80 shots. ZOOM!

This program is captioned live. Looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow - there's a possible shower for Cairns,

showers and 20 degrees forecast for Brisbane,

showers on the Gold and Sunshine coasts. There are showers expected in Sydney with a top of 16, rain and 12 degrees forecast for Canberra, showers for Melbourne with a top temperature of 14

and a possible shower for Hobart. To South Australia - a clearing shower and 15 degrees for Adelaide. A clearing shower also forecast for Port Lincoln and Victor Harbor. Across to WA - it will be windy with showers in Perth and mostly sunny in Broome. Hollywood stars Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are in the suburbs of Sydney for the premiere of their new movie. Ten's Entertainment reporter Angela Bishop is there.

Hollywood has come here to paramat

ark, right in the heart of Sydney's

western suburbs. Hundreds of locals

have turned out for the chance to

press some Hollywood flesh in the

shape of Kate Hudson and Owen

Wilson who have come all this way

Wilson who have come all this way to attend the Australian premier of

their new film 'You, Me and Dupree'

which opens later this week. I've

never been to Australia. It was so

much fun to come here and I saw the

Opera House. I was like this is a

real first experience for me. And

it's great, it's fantastic. You're

effectively right in the heart of

Sydney here. This is the geographic

centre. Oh yeah, excellent. Owen

Wilson something of a regular visit

here in Australia. Kate a more rare

sighting. They're both very excited

excited to be here for this big

premier. Kate and Owen not the only

celebrities here. Plenty of local A

litsers are walking the red carpet

for what should be a very exciting

night. Back to you, Steve. Tomorrow on Ten's Early News - wild weather has wrought havoc on the fruit industry.

First it was bananas - now apple prices are up and oranges also look set to rise. We talk to growers and find out what to expect over the next few months. If people are capitalising on it, it's certainly not getting back to the producer. That's tomorrow on the Early News from 6:00am. That brings you up to date with the latest news. I'm Steve Leibman, goodnight.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Rob Canning, welcome to Sports Tonight. It's been a brutal weekend of sport so today's show is a knock out.

Today - the hits, the falls, and the cost of the crime. COMMENTATOR: I think he'll go. We've got the action and reaction from today's footy.

Three games of AFL. Tumbles it forward - it's bouncing... Three games of NRL. The celebrations have begun for the Parramatta fans. Our Aussies are unbreakable around the globe. Fanning - cunning and carves out another win. Scott's Senden Tiger a message.