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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. movement of Australians This could well be the largest anywhere in the world. in a crisis situation

make a run for it Tonight, Australians in Beirut but their ordeal's by no means over. you had a knee injury! REPORTER: Mr Budjoso, I thought

a small fortune in compensation Why taxpayers are forking out for a convicted paedophile. to take the reigns of government. And a porn star's plan I'm just an average single mother

about the state of Nevada. who has sincere concerns But what do the voters think? into our government. Hey, come on, get a little spice and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Jacinta Hocking Coming up in Sports Tonight, but anyway. Probably not the best day of an Australian sporting hero the drug that's been the downfall and cost him a $600,000-a-year job.

What are you going to do? Probably got to Centrelink, Monday. of Middle East bloodbath. First, a worsening bombardment Hezbollah has begun a new rocket wounding a number of people. of the Israeli port city of Haifa, And right now the Israeli Army reserves to continue the battle. is calling up a huge number of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice The US President sending to the Middle East to the problem. to try to find a solution of Australians stranded overseas The largest-ever evacuation is under way in Lebanon. at Beirut bound for Cyprus. Hundreds are boarding ferries to other countries But many may be moved on can't cope with the influx of people. because the Mediterranean island early this morning. They started gathering After being told overnight of the war zone, they would be offered a way out at Beirut's port 2,000 Australians arrived to begin their journey home. to get back to Australia. We don't know how we're going We're trying anyway. will be safe. I hope all the Lebanese hope to have evacuated 10,000 By Sunday, officials

Australian residents and nationals. movement of Australians This could well be the largest anywhere in the world. in a crisis situation in the huge task Embassy officials will be helped by the arrival of 65 Defence Force personnel who left Australia today. into a war zone, And while they're heading they're unarmed. they're well-equipped, These people are well-trained, to be armed. there's no need for them will be taken to Cyprus The Australians has already landed where the first group on British and Greek warships. after journeys But their ordeal may not be over yet. Many will be transferred to other countries with the influx of evacuees. because Cyprus is struggling to cope to help pay for their passage. And some Australians may be asked in Cyprus We won't just abandon people that is still to be resolved. but there is an issue earlier are returning home, And those lucky to leave Beirut terrifying chaos. after their stay was thrown into is among those finally home, A troup of Australian dancers since the fighting erupted. after being trapped in Lebanon Laurel Irving, Ten News. is fighting its own war in Lebanon, One Australian family a village caught up in the fighting. to rescue two of their children from of their young boys could be dead, The El-Sayeds fear two

three days ago. after losing contact with them At home in Australia

know if he'll see his two boys again. father of four Fadel El-Sayed doesn't 24 hours watching TV. I'm dying - you know, I can't sleep.

11-year-old Ali and 8-year-old Abas in the village of Aiteroun, are trapped where the fighting has been heavy. In Lebanon for a family reunion, to the doctor in Beirut their mother took her two daughters on the day the bombs began to fall. she saw her sons. That was the last time they are still alive, Just waiting for someone to tell me one day in the morning but I've got a feeling

and find them nowhere. I'm going to wake up or no contact with the stranded boys. For days now there's been little

I need help to get somebody there and get my kids out. With not let up in the fighting, are in the firing line. the El-Sayed children They are killing kids It's civil war in Lebanon. and the women and old people. but doesn't have any medicine - One of the boys is asthmatic the only protection they have. their grandmother They are very hungry.

he told me he was very scared, My little 8-year-old, the house was shaking. he felt yesterday to save their children. The family appealing for someone all the kids from the south. Hurry up and get my kids and get are also trapped in the village. They say other Australians Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

almost $200,000 compensation A convicted paedophile has been paid for injuries he suffered in jail.

when bashed by fellow inmates. He claims he was brain damaged

once had an IQ in the top 2%. Convicted paedophile Peter Budjoso It's a little lower these days, but he still scores exceptionally highly for shrewdness - court battle against the State. a feature he's used in a long-running A judge today commenting Budjoso had: 15 years ago. ..the impact of a prison attack for compensation The convicted paedophile sued head and leg injuries after suffering

by inmates armed with metal bars. when he was bashed

fleeing from court today. He showed no sign of impairment you had a knee injury! REPORTER: Mr Budjoso, I thought The judge also noted of judgment may have been impaired, that while Budjoso's sense was difficult to assess the degree of injury because of his lack of credibility. 10 illegal boarding houses at a time Over the years, Budjoso's run up to in Sydney's west, without filing tax returns. making almost $250,000 a year He's also been charged five times whilst disqualified. for repeatedly driving But despite his record of dishonesty, Services had failed the court also found Corrective in its duty of care. his paedophilia sentence Budjoso refused to serve in protective custody, but the court heard an obligation to ensure he was safe. Silverwater jail still had is a hard-won victory for Budjoso. Today's $170,000 payout The State Government fought his application all the way to the High Court, and lost. It now remains to be seen if any of his sexual assault victims apply for a portion of the funds. Amber Muir, Ten News. A convicted child sex offender who worked as a shopping centre Santa has escaped with nothing more than a good behaviour bond. He's now banned from working closely with children because of his record. David Mead's criminal record includes a 1980 conviction for carnal knowledge and another in 1993 for indecent assault. As a child sex-offender, he's prohibited from taking any job working closely with children. And yet for two weeks last Christmas, Mead took up the role of Santa Claus,

bouncing hundreds of children on his lap

at Salamander Bay shopping centre in Port Stephens.

At the time of his arrest, Mead allegedly told police:

But the magistrate said a psychiatric report concluded

it was highly probable 45-year-old Mead would commit another sex offence. Mead was employed as Santa while checks into his background were being made. Apart from sex crimes, his extensive criminal record reveals convictions for drink-driving, The magistrate said the law should be changed to prevent people like Mead from starting to work with children before a criminal record check had been completed. Today he was sentenced on four charges under the Child Protection Act and given a 3-year good behaviour bond.

He's not a child molester, so please don't paint him out to be like that. He was 19. She was 15. It was years ago. David Mead was ordered to undergo counselling in a sex-offender program. John Hill, Ten News. An inquiry into claims a paedophile ring is operating in an Aboriginal community in Central Australia, has led to a raid on a public servant's home in Canberra. There's been no indication what the police were looking for. Australia's car industry is teetering on the brink of crisis tonight

because of a strike by workers at a parts manufacturer.

2,000 Ford employees from Melbourne's Broadmeadow's plant were stood down today and have been told not to come to work on Monday.

The company warning if the dispute drags on more workers may become affected. Holden's production is not assured beyond Monday.

Toyota is assessing the situation daily. 600 workers from parts company Huon walked off the job last week in support of staff made redundant when the group was placed in the hands of administrators. It's been another emotional day in Beaconsfield at the scene of the Great Escape. The widow of the miner killed in the mine collapse has taken part in a moving ceremony. The PM also attended, pledging millions to help ensure the town's future. It is sign Beaconsfield will never forget - the mine collapse that plunged the small community into turmoil. A plaque unveiled by the Prime Minister commemorating the disaster which claimed one miner's life and left two others trapped almost 1 kilometre underground.

It pays tribute to a magnificent exercise in Australian mateship. Jackie Knight, who lost her husband, Larry, in the rock fall, welcomed the tribute as a lovely memory. Of course we remember the tragedy of Larry's death as we remember the huge success of the community. Survivors Todd Russell and Brant Webb were also in the crowd.

Mr Russell's T-shirt a memento of their dramatic rescue, now dubbed the 'Great Escape'. It has been almost three months since the mine collapse and the community is still struggling. John Howard's pledging almost $5 million to the Beaconsfield mine, money to help the town get back on its feet. Veronica Buck, Ten News.

As little as one serving a week reduces risk of heart disease. Up to five servings a week cuts the risk of heart disease in half. Researchers find stunning health benefits from a much-maligned snack food. I'm just an average single mother who has sincere concerns about the state of Nevada. And the porn star who wants to be a state governor.

This program is captioned live. Another hard day for the widow of Private Jake Kovco at the military inquiry into his death. Suggestions her husband might have committed suicide are taking their toll and she had to leave the hearing to compose herself. Mrs Kovco's lawyer challenged the police witness, saying his report was biased towards suicide. Police will return to Iraq next week to collect DNA samples, after finding another person's DNA on the pistol used in the fatal shooting. The activist who led a high-profile Aboriginal protest has fronted court charged with stealing 50 cents. He says the charge is a joke and he's vowing to fight it. Robbie Thorpe fronted Heidelberg Magistrates Court claiming confusion and frustration. Is there a conspiracy going on here? Is there a witch hunt? I want to know if that's the case, I want to know why. He's charged with "dealing with suspected proceeds of crime" stemming back to an incident almost two years ago when the 48-year-old was stopped by police while riding his bike. Asked me whether the bike was stolen, went through my pockets and come up with these charges that I'd stolen - what I had in my pockets was a 50 coin, basically. Also seized was an expired driver's licence, found with the collector's coin, which had an estimated value of $5. Mr Thorpe insists he found the items and the charge is trivial and wrong. In court Magistrate Jillian Crowe observed: I seen her eyebrow go up when she read out those charges - the proceeds of crime, when you find something,

it's failry ridiculous. The former boxer came to prominence when he led the month-long Aboriginal protest Camp Sovereignty at King's Domain during the Commonwealth Games. Mr Thorpe says police have informed him he may also face a charge of theft by finding at the November hearing. I think it's ridiculous. It feels like a witch hunt. Luke Waters, Ten News. They were once considered unhealthy and fatty, but a new study has found eating peanuts can actually lower cholesterol, and halve the risk of heart disease. Fatty and salty - or are they? Surprisingly, even though their calorie intake is a little bit higher on the day they're consuming the peanuts, their weight is not higher and, in fact, with women it's lower. Professor Penny Kris-Etherton is based with the Department of Nutritional Services at Pennsylvania State University. Her research with 50 volunteers revealed regular servings of peanuts or peanut butter decreased triglyceride levels or bad fats. She's now on a promotional tour for the Peanut Company of Australia. There's a lot of misconceptions about not only peanuts, but also other nuts as well - that they're high in fat and so therefore bad for you and they put weight on. Subsequently, peanuts can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 15%

and could help the 3.7 million Australians suffering heart disease. As little as one serving a week reduces risk of heart disease. Up to five servings a week cuts the risk of heart disease in half. Even salted peanuts aren't that bad. One serving contains the same amount of salt as a slice of bread.

The link with severe allergy has given the peanut a bad name. But studies show only 2% of the population have a bad reaction and many people grow out of it. The CSIRO agrees peanuts have great health benefits, in moderation. It says most nuts will have a similar effect. Kimberley Harper, Ten News. It's been hailed as the wonder supplement of modern times and the health benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids continues to grow. An Australian study has now found

women who take fish oil while pregnant could be giving their baby a headstart in life. It already boasts a range of health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and arthritis. Now it seems Omega-3 fatty acids,

found readily in fish oil, nuts and green leafy vegetables, may also help produce a generation with improved motor skills and social development. A study of pregnant women who took daily fish oil supplements has revealed big benefits for babies - their children displaying better coordination, language skills and behaviour. We know that the foetal brain takes up large amounts of fatty acids and it's extremely important for optimal neuro development. She has great coordination and motor skills and certainly her development has been on or above average. It certainly hasn't stopped her at all. Researchers stumbled across the findings while studying the effects of fish oil on skin allergies and asthma. I took fish oil for my second pregnancy and my son has also shown no form of allergy whatsoever, so I'm a big believer. As the children grew, their skills were tested across the board. And, in fact, they tended to have better skills

in all areas that we measured, including motor skills, speech and vocabulary skills. Researchers now plan to test the benefits of giving fish oil to babies in the first six months of life. If you can give your child the best chance, and I do believe the study does, and help other children along the way,

then there's nothing to lose by doing it. Jacinda Birch, Ten News. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is in the wars again.

A report from London tonight says she's been questioned for allegedly causing a disturbance outside her former boyfriend's home. No charges have been laid. Still to come, a brand-new career for a political leader who had a fall from grace.

unfortunate run-in with the law. And a child star's

Former NSW Liberal leader John Brogden is returning to public life. He's now the CEO of health insurer Manchester Unity. It's good to be back in a full-time role and it's certainly great to be associated with Manchester Unity. Mr Brogden, who left office in disgrace, hasn't ruled out a return to politics. To finance news, and the Australian stock market finished in the red, but that's becoming the norm on a Friday. The curse of childhood stardom has struck another Hollywood actor. Haley Joel Osment has been injured after a suspected drink-driving accident in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old reportedly lost control of his car early this morning, hitting a brick pillar and flipping. Osment was nominated for an Oscar for his role as the boy who saw dead people in 'The Sixth Sense'. He's being treated in hospital for a broken rib and lacerations. Police have taken a blood sample to work out whether alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash. A saucy new candidate has entered the race to become Governor of the US State of Nevada. A former porn star is campaigning to represent the Republican Party in the upcoming election. She's offering lap dances for votes and her campaign song is 'She Bangs', but 33-year-old Mimi Damayo insists she's a serious candidate. I'm just an average single mother who has sincere concerns about the state of Nevada. Mimi won fans in hits like 'Deep Throat 6' and 'Oriental Lust' but retired from adult films after 2003's 'Happy Endings'. She's no political veteran - she voted for the first time just two years ago and still gets a little tongue-tied when asked about her campaign. REPORTER: Is it appropriate, though,

for a porn star to run the state of Nevada? Well, it's not appropriate when I'm a former adult film star. Mimi caught the political bug

after volunteering for George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign,

but whether she's a suitable candidate for Bush's conservative Republican Party is an issue of hot contention. Hey, come on, get a little spice into our government. Is she going to run for President next? I mean, that's ridiculous. Some say there'd be no-one better to run the state, which is home to Las Vegas. They let anything go in Vegas, why not that? In 2003, porn star Mary Carey came a respectable 10th in a field of 136 candidates vying for the job of California Governor, a position eventually won by a former action star. Victory for the Republican Party! In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Rob Canning. And Rob, a big night for the Adelaide Crows. Jacinta, the league leaders are celebrating a magic milestone of one of their all-time players. Mark Riccuto tonight celebrating 300 games in sensational fashion.

The veteran fires as Adelaide host

the Roos. There's a storm front

coming. And Sailor cut down and cut

up. Probably not the best day of all.

This program is captioned live. Now to the weather. A low and associated trough will cause showers across southern WA and SA. A ridge of high pressure will clear showers from the west. A high in the Tasman will send onshore winds and isolated showers onto the NSW and Queensland coasts. Showers in Cairns and Brisbane, showers easing in Sydney, and drizzle clearing in Canberra. Mostly sunny in Melbourne and Hobart, a late shower in Adelaide, and mostly sunny in Perth. Sunny in Darwin and increasing sunshine in Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning is next. And tomorrow night at 5:00 join Steve Leibmann with Ten's Weekend News. I'm Jacinta Hocking. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.