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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and this is Ten's 5:00 News. Good evening. I'm Steve Leibman Tonight - will he stay or will he go? decide his fate by Christmas. Claims the Prime Minister will the North Korean Missile crisis. Australia's secret deal to diffuse One year on, the victims of the London bombings. Britain pauses to remember

for a Labor legend. And a birthday milestone gathering of journalists I've met This is the most couth

for a long time. A Prime Ministerial insider claims

about the Liberal leadership John Howard could make a decision by the end of the year.

to look for tell-tale signs Australians have been told that the PM is ready to go. to John Howard A former chief-of-staff to the leadership question says the answer the Prime Minister's body language. is all in

you'll be able to tell. The minute he's going, Grahame Morris says could be revealed by the summer. the PM's retirement plans the PM will focus on this Somewhere around November,

and the PM's family and then the country, and the party, and Peter Costello, somewhere around Christmas time. everyone will know Labor wants to know now.

deserve better But frankly the Australian people the PM's best mate than being told by clear. when he's going to make his plans he will do an outstanding job. If he decides to run in 2007, looking beyond the Howard era Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam female Prime Minister. and towards the first would be obviously well qualified, On our side, Julia Gillard Julie Bishop. and on the Liberal side,

and fight the next election Labor wants John Howard to stay

industrial relations to Iraq. on issues ranging from Government was involved in a cover-up The Opposition today claiming the to Saddam Hussein's regime. over kickbacks wheat trader AWB paid These documents allegedly proof and Trade the Department of Foreign Affairs a crucial US Senate investigation. helped AWB during up to its eyeballs It was involved in the cover-up and colluded with AWB the kick-backs from becoming public. in preventing the truth about The Government is reserving comment Cole Inquiry are released. until the findings of the Murray McCloskey, Ten News. tomorrow morning - And on 'Meet the Press' Julie Bishop, the Federal Minister for Education, for control of our classrooms. talks about the tussle

at 8:00am tomorrow. That's Meet the Press Claims tonight of a secret deal cheap coal to North Korea which could see Australia selling in exchange for peace. offering discounted energy resources The Government's believed to be to halt is weapons ambitions. to persuade the rogue nation this week, North Korea fired seven missiles prompting international condemnation. Minister to reveal details The Opposition wants the Prime of any planned coal deal.

Any initiative is worthwhile

back to the negotiating table. that brings this reckless regime

the Prime Minister's new initiatve? The key question is this - what is the UN Security Council Japan is urging over its missile testing. to impose sanctions on North Korea named the new leader of East Timor Jose Ramos Horta is expected to be

within the next few hours. The country's ruling party with President Xanama Gusmao is currently in talks

recently ousted PM, Mari Alkatari. to decide on a replacement for from the meeting in the top job. Mr Ramos Horta is expected to emerge will end months of instability. Many are hoping a new leader in Melbourne Two paramedics have been bashed while trying to do their jobs. calling for justice, The ambulance service describing the attack as despicable. a call for help early this morning, When paramedics responded to the ones needing an ambulance - they never imagined they'd be attacked by a group of young men a critically injured woman as they tried to reach who'd fallen from a balcony. and abuse of the paramedics, After some remonstration the situation became violent.

to be used to break up the fight. It's believed capsicum spray had

who have been assaulted The two ambulance paramedics and were pushed against walls. received punches to the head escaped with bruises, While the paramedics suffered serious head injuries. the woman in her late teens circumstances surrounding the fall, Police say there are no suspicious from the fourth to the second floor. that saw the woman plummet It's too early to determine the delay in treatment may have had. what effect access to a female patient They are trying to gain who is still, as I understand, and life-threatening position. in a very critical we are not going to tolerate. So, it's something The ambulance service now planning

laws against the alleged attackers. to use tough new anti-harrassment that will cover circumstances We are creating laws stupidly, where people act inappropriately, with paramedics doing their duty. and get in the way and interfere Veronica Buck, Ten News. are prescribing Concerns tonight that some doctors Ritalin to preschoolers. the attention deficit disorder drug is ordering an investigation The Federal Government

be putting young children at risk. after it was revealed doctors could Ritalin's manufacturer says under six years old. the drug shouldn't be given to anyone But a Sydney paediatrician claims

that advice. it's common for doctors to ignore will look into the matter. The Therapeutic Goods Administration

are again under the spotlight. Political smear campaigns Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan against one of his own - is being accused of using a dirt file

John Brogden. former NSW Liberal Opposition leader, John Brogden's was spectacular. As falls from grace go, resigned The NSW Liberal Opposition leader against two women after behaving inappropriately former premier Carr's wife, Helena. and for making a racist joke about to take his own life. He later attempted Now it's claimed by Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan. the dirt on him was being dished about the former member He did raise issues and that they had this file. Mr Brogden's Pittwater seat. Independent Alex McTaggart took

He and his wife told the ABC the Senator approached them during the campaign with allegations against Mr Brogden. It's so horrific. What he said is so horrific I would not like to repeat it. I was absolutely in shock.

The Senator's strenuous denials supported by his colleagues.

I have never heard Bill Heffernan spread any dirt about John Brogden at all.

Alex McTaggart's opponents accuse him of dishing his own dirt, saying this attack on Bill Heffernan is nothing short of a pre-emptive strike against the Liberals ahead of their campaign to retake his seat next year. Denise McTaggart also claims the senator said he was the Prime Minister's right-hand man - the one who does his dirty work. I've never heard Bill Heffernan claim to be John Howard's right-hand man, ever. People often say that about him but Bill is not the kind. He's a very understated fellow.

Senator Heffernan has dished dirt before. He was forced to apologise to High Court judge Justice Michael Kirby after accusing him of using a Commonwealth car to pick up male prostitutes. Eddy Meyer, Ten news.

Still to come in Ten News - US authorities foil a plot to bomb New York's underground transport tunnels. I think coming back today is for them because I wanted to pay my respects. And one year on - Londoners pause to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks with two minutes silence.

This program is captioned live. The FBI has foiled an al-Qa'ida terrorist plot to attack New York's transit system. Three men are in custody with another five still on the run. New York's transit system has long been considered a target,

the FBI now revealing al-Qa'ida was planning to bomb major under-river tunnels with the goal of flooding lower Manhattan. They were about to go to a phase where they would attempt to surveil targets,

establish a regiment of attack. The alleged self-confessed mastermind of the plot, 31-year-old Assam Hammoud was arrested in Beirut. Authorities claim he was about to embark on a 4-month terror training mission in Pakistan. We know that he has acknowledged pledging a bayat, or allegiance, to Osama bin Laden, and he proclaims himself to be a member of al-Qa'ida. The FBI says a further seven people are allegedly involved in the plot. Two of those are also in custody but authorities won't say where they're being held. As for the remaining five, they're still on the run. The FBI says it doesn't believe they're in America. There are still subjects out there - mostly known, some only partially identified or unknown, and we remain vigilant. The FBI uncovered the al-Qa'ida plot while monitoring internet chat rooms. It's believed at least six countries were involved, including Canada, Iraq and Pakistan. We take all threats seriously. We don't wait until someone has lit the fuse to step in and prevent something from happening. That would be playing games with people's lives. It's believed

the al-Qa'ida attack was planned for October or November this year. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Two minutes silence in Britain to mark the first anniversary of the bombings that killed 52 and wounded more than 700 people. It was the deadliest attack to strike London since World War II. London, at the start of the of the daily rush to work for millions of commuters, and on this particular day of remembrance for what happened on these platforms and in these tunnels one year ago. BELLS

Within St Paul's Cathedral, so often in the past a symbol of the capital city's resilience,

candles were lit at precisely 8:50, the moment the three bombs on the Underground were detonated. In remembrance for all those who perished in the attacks, at midday many in London and elsewhere paused for two minutes. BELLS TOLL The Queen stood in silence

during a service at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. The Prime Minister joined members of the London Fire Brigade

at the Brigade's headquarters by the River Thames. As did spectators at the Wimbledon tennis championships. And this was Beeston in Leeds,

the community from which two of the bombers came and where there is a wish to move on. Back on the London Underground, a city whose resilience has been demonstrated across many generations, was going about its business and saying that it would not be intimidated. It had been a day when those who survived, albeit some of those with terrible injuries, came back to pay tribute to those who did not, when those who did their duty and much more that day came to add their flowers and when the many communities which make up London remembered those who died in the London bombings of 7th July, 2005. It's been revealed the woman dubbed the 'Catch Me If You Can' thief may have duped senior Victorian Police Officers four years ago. It's alleged Jodie Harris posed as a NSW Detective. Like her alleged deceptions,

the tangled web of Jodie Harris's life gets more complicated, with claims she allegedly infiltrated two police stations, pretending to be a NSW detective. She's also believed to have had a relationship with a detective. What information she gained is unknown. Jodie Harris is no stranger to the force.

It was her affair with police officer Andrew Twining that led to her arrest last Thursday. Ask them where the detective is that I was arrested with.

Ask them where Andrew Twining is. Ms Harris faces 35 charges, accused of enjoying a fraud spree spending thousands of dollars. It's also been revealed she's Debbie Kilroy's daughter. A convicted drug trafficker, Ms Kilroy was awarded the Order of Australia,

for her work with female prisoners. For the children, the biggest impact has been on Jodie. That's something I'm not happy about, obiously. Her stepfather is former Brisbane rugby league star Joe Kilroy. Victoria Police however will not confirm

Jodie Harris's involvement with local detectives, dismissing the allegations as rumour and speculation. Ms Harris next faces court in August. Mignon Henne, Ten News.

Sydney police have arrested a man wanted in connection with

the attempted murder of a mother and her 7-year-old son. The young boy was bashed and left for dead in his Strathfield home. He remains in a critical condition in hospital.

The boy's mother was also severely beaten. An arrest warrant was issued for a Korean national who was staying at the house.

Police say a 47-year-old man arrested this morning is helping them with their enquiries. A winter safety warning, after a fatal house fire in Adelaide. The body of the 86-year-old man found in the bedroom by his son this morning. The fire had smouldered for several hours, eventually extinguishing itself. The house had two smoke alarms, but it's not known if they activated. When fitting smoke alarms, please ensure you get professional advice on the location they go into and that they're fitted correctly and operating at all times. Investigators say bedding falling onto a heater was the cause. Trouble at home for Ian Thorpe. No matter how many records you break, or medals you win,

you can't escape council regulations.

Sutherland Shire Council wants Thorpie to knock down a privacy wall in front of his Sydney home, because it's too high. The council says Ian Thorpe should be treated like everyone else

so he has 28 days to convince officers why it should stay.

It could be a tall order for the swimmer who's training in the US.

Italy's former Prime Minister to stand trial accused of fraud. That coming up. I don't make bookings ahead more than three months. Making a date for his 90th Birthday - Gough Whitlam celebrates another milestone.

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This program is captioned live. Celebrations for Gough Whitlam's 90th birthday have begun, four days early. The living legend catching up for a drink with a few old mates - his former ministry. He looks good for 80, let alone 90. Although if you ask Gough Whitlam how he feels... I'm embarrassingly immobile and I'm pretty deaf. But the PM who polarised the nation is as sharp and savvy as ever, and every bit as charming, too. This is the most couth gathering of journalists I've met for a long time. A quiet lunch at a beachside restaurant with his former ministers kicked off his 90th birthday celebrations, but the real thing isn't until Tuesday. When we were at his 80th, we said we look forward to his 90th, so now we look forward to his 100th.

Mind you... I don't make bookings ahead more than three months.

At my age you can go any time. Mr Whitlam's had 30 years to reflect on his rollercoaster reign. His proudest achievement in office... To give women an education at tertiary level. Today's gathering just nine ex-ministers and their partners. The ex-PM has outlived almost half the 32 ministers who served under him. Even the lovely view from the restaurant probably won't distract them, there is so much to catch up on. This is the first time this many Whitlam ministers have been in the same room since the dismissal. The Whitlam memory, the Whitlam nostalgia, the Whitlam saga is indeliably impregnated in the minds of Australians. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Italy's former PM, Silvio Belusconi could serve up to six years behind bars if found guilty of tax fraud. After a long-running investigation, a judge has ordered Mr Belusconi to stand trial for alleged embezzlement and tax evasion. The 69-year-old, who has already avoided at least six jail terms from previous trials, claims he's innocent. Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti is recovering in hospital after surgery for pancreatic cancer.

The 70-year-old was preparing to leave New York for London last week

when doctors discovered the cancer. His surgery is being described as a success. Pavarotti is expected to make a full recovery. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey. And Leigh, there's nothing like a win when you really need one. Steve, that was exactly the scenario for Geelong, and today they came out on top to keep their top eight hopes alive. As much as Carlton wanted the win, the Cats were simply too good. Also too good, the Melbourne Storm, but Brisbane's coach doesn't think so - we'll tell you why. And the Wimbledon finals - two super match-ups.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at tomorrow's weather. It will be windy with showers in Cairns, mostly sunny in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine coasts. Sydney can expect a sunny day, frost then sunshine forecast for Canberra, windy in Melbourne and a clearing shower expected for Hobart. To SA it will be mostly sunny in Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Victor Harbor.

Across to WA and showers forecast for Perth but it will be sunny in Broome. Two astronauts aboard space shuttle 'Discovery' are counting down to tonight's marathon spacewalk. The pair will attempt the 6.5 hour walk to check the shuttle's exterior for damage. It's the first of two planned operations for the 'Discovery'

which docked at the International Space Station on Thursday. NASA says the shuttle has enough power

to extend its mission from 12 to 13 days. They've been singing for more than 23 hours

but Adelaide's St Peter's Cathedral choir will be able to rest their vocal chords shortly. The group hoping to raise enough money to hit a high note in the UK next year. A heavenly sound and a marathon effort from some little angels. The Saint Peter's Cathedral choir has been singing non-stop since yesterday, preparing to perform

in some of the UK's most hallowed abbeys and cathedrals. St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle, which of course is now the official home of the Queen. We're going on this trip to England to sing at these big cathedrals, like, 20 times the size of this one. Organisers are hoping the 24-hour sing-a-thon

will help them raise the $250,000 needed to get them there.

We provided a list of pieces that we sing and they were auctioned. With some of these singers as young as eight, the overnight shifts had to be kept to an hour long. It can't have been easy. It's absolutely freezing in here.

They were all wearing ugh boots and plenty of warm clothes. Kimberly Harper, Ten News. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffy. We'll leave you with pictures from Spain's annual running of the bulls festival.

I'm Steve Liebmann, glad you could join us, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello I'm Leigh Diffey. Welcome to Sports Tonight. At this stage of the season there's still so much to play for no matter where you are on the ladder.

Fighting for survival or thriving on top this weekend's footy is telling some fabulous stories. And what about Wimbledon?

It's the grudge match we all wanted.

Like a rocket - Robbie does it again.