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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Fighting talk - at a federal push for more power State politicians hit back consider banning 'Big Brother' Television regulators between house-mates. after an incident

Soceeroos coach Guus Hiddink. And reports a Frenchman is to replace Ten News with Kath Robinson. Good morning. to a call by the Federal Treasurer There's been a furious reaction of key responsibilities. for the states to be stripped Peter Costello says the Federal Government and the states the relationship between needs to be recast and he's outlined a wish list. I would like the Commonwealth for the national economy to take full responsibility in relation to interest rates, in relation to tax,

in relation to jobs in relation to growth, in relation to industrial relations. as a naked grab for power. The states have slammed the call joins us live from Canberra. Political reporter Fenn Kemp share Peter Costello's views? Good morning Fenn, does the PM

people are very pragmatic. I find going around this country "We don't care who does it They say to me,

"as long as it gets done." at a State level If it's not being done well they want the Commonwealth to do it at the Commonwealth level and if it's not being done well they want the states to do it. of themselves as Australians. Increasingly, people think

in this country I think states' rights passion was never all that strong.

There would be a letter of discussion

about what did governments are well

will be. As if it is so the States I

am angry about this? Peter Costello

has deduced I have had in his leader

ship aspirations and now and. We

don't quite know what Peter Costello

has to say about the storm he's left


Single mums and the disabled are the biggest losers under the Government's new welfare-to-work changes according to the council of Social Service. ACOSS says the Government's new welfare system forces the already disadvantaged to search for work while lowering their payments and pushing up tax rates. Most Australians stand to benefit from the $6 billion worth of tax cuts brought in yesterday, but ACOSS says the biggest winners are the wealthy. Police won't lay any charges on the 'Big Brother' set. over alleged misconduct the chorus of calls But that hasn't stopped for the high-rating show to be axed.

real name Michael Cox, House-mates Ashley, also known as Michael Bric, and John, from the 'Big Brother' set were removed by security guards against another contestant Camilla. for alleged sexual misconduct was caught on camera While the incident evidence to lay charges. police say there's not enough to the three house-mates involved. The decision made after speaking

House-mates, Voice of Big Brother: was very serious. last night's incident will not be returning to the house. John and Ashley Oh, my God. you have nothing to be sorry for. Camilla, it was a joke that went too far. Camilla told the other house-mates It wasn't the right thing to do

but I defused the situation very quickly by tickling, by wriggling free. The Australian Communications and Media Authority found last year's 'Big Brother' breached the commercial television code of practice three times and has again been called in to investigate. the show should be axed. Some critics say the last. I'd say make this 'Big Brother'

where the show is filmed, The Premier of Queensland, has sprung to its defence. of Australian rubbish. I don't mind seeing a little bit

sort of American rubbish we see. It can't be any worse than the Christopher Still, Ten News. Queensland's Childers hostel fire. An inquest has begun today into is in Childers and joins us now live. Ten news reporter Chloe Baker to happen today? Chloe, what are you expecting

Wheeler has started

it it's Wheeler has started a the ceiling. It

it it's put it there would be no

criminal charges filed. 15

backpackers were killed. Most backpackers were killed. Most from

the UK. We are going to hear a lot the UK. We are going to hear a lot

about the alarm at will store about the alarm at will store and the letters and it will give evidence.

Two of the fire inspectors were also

give evidence. And they will: give evidence. And they will: the

book they saw that the alarm had been ironed

ironed out. Pirouette in which ironed out. Pirouette in which it now

and all the backpackers died at was

blocked. And we are expected

InterCity send families from

overseas. Hundreds of mourners are today paying their final respects to Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu, murdered in a shopping centre. the Perth schoolgirl will be closed Her Mater Christi primary school to attend the service. to allow classmates will release helium-filled balloons Year 3 children as a mark of respect. almost 600 students left flowers Last week for the 8-year-old where she was raped and killed. at the centre has been charged with the crime. 21-year-old Dante Wyndham Arthurs is recovering from surgery A 46-year-old Victorian man after being found shot in his home. with a gunshot wound to his stomach Police discovered the man at his Heathcote property about 8:30pm in northern Victoria. at a local hospital He was initially treated and is in a stable condition. but was later airlifted to Melbourne over the shooting. Police are still yet to arrest anyone north of Brisbane. A long siege has ended peacefully Deception Bay townhouse last night, Police stormed this

arresting a man armed with a knife. The 46-year-old man had been holding a 2-year-old boy for 24 hours. The boy was released unharmed, but the man is suffering self-inflicted wounds. Meantime, police are trying to identify a man whose body was found in a creek near Brisbane. several days ago. The victim was murdered has asked the United States The Federal Government available to the Indonesians. to make terror suspect Hambali of organising the Bali bombings Evidence from the man suspected Abu Bakar Bashir back in prison. could help put radical cleric And the Indonesians have asked Americans on a number of occasions and I have asked as well the to provide that access. after serving only two years Bashir was released from jail of 88 Australians in Bali. for his involvement in the deaths Coming up after the break,

the list of Iraq's most wanted. Saddam Hussein's wife topping on NASA's plans And bad weather throws water to launch the 'Discovery' shuttle.

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NASA has postponed the launch of space shuttle 'Discovery' for the second day in a row. Bad weather has been blamed yet again with more thunderstorms near the Florida launch site. When your mission is critical program to the future of NASA's space shuttle are an unwelcome sight. clouds like these off-shore. Man: Well, we have some showers

'Discovery's seven member crew However, dampen their day, tried not to let the bad weather

and preparing for lift-off. strapping in But it wasn't to be. preventing yet another launch The electrically-charged storm

saying they'll try again tomorrow. with NASA managers

at the second manned US space flight The delayed launch is an attempt three years ago. since the 'Colombia' disaster If this latest mission fails, could be permanently grounded the US shuttle fleet left unfinished. and the International Space Station Kate Donnison, Ten News. a list of the countries most wanted. The Iraqi Government has formed Saddam Hussein's wife and daughter, Among the 41 people named, in neighbouring Jordan. who are thought to be on the run It may just be a list for for the newly-formed Iraqi Government it's a sign they're taking control. The Iraqi Government is proud to announce that we have created our own first most wanted list. These are the men and women believed to be fuelling instability in Iraq. We are focusing on individuals is to create instability who's intention and increase sectarian violence. of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime. Many of them the legacy

Saddam's wife and eldest daughter, Among the 41 names, who's taken a leading role in organising her father's legal defence. But topping the list, the new al-Qa'ida leader in Iraq

Abu Ayyub al-Masri. He's sworn revenge after American troops killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. And as his followers prepare to bury al-Zarqawi today a wave of car bombings has rocked Baghdad, killing at least 60 people. And in a worrying twist Osama bin Laden has issued a second message in two days.

This time endorsing al-Zarqawi's successor, warning Muslims not to cooperate with American troops. Tensions are rising in the Middle East with Israeli helicopters firing missiles into the offices of the Hamas leadership.

on Palestinian militants in Gaza after they abducted a soldier. The Prime Minister has ordered the military to do anything it can to rescue him. Hamas is vowing to strike back saying the region will sink on a sea of blood if the Israeli offensive continues. Despite knocking Brazil out of the World Cup,

French supporters have rioted on the streets of Paris. Just months after police and students clashed in wild protests over French labour laws, overjoyed football supporters took to the streets, torching cars and rubbish bins. Police arrested 69 people but praised the 500,000 fans that crammed the Champs Elysees to watch the quarterfinal. East Timor's embattled Fretilin Party will nominate three candidates for caretaker prime minister.

According to an inside source close to the government former foreign minister Jose Ramos Horta, Health Minister Rui Araujo and Agriculture Minister Estanislau Da Silva will all be presented as possible contenders to President Xanana Gusmao. Observers say Ramos Horta is the frontrunner

and while he's not a Fretilin candidate he is well liked across the country.

Ahead, reports the Socceroos have already signed a new coach, That's when Ten's morning news returns.

Also, Mark Webber's bad luck continues - caught up in a wild start to the US Grand Prix.

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In finance news, the Australian share market has opened slightly higher.

Football Australia is denying reports they've signed a new coach for the Socceroos. Former Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier was widely touted to have accepted the manager's role made vacant by the Guus Hiddink. The contract to see the Socceroos through to the 2010 World Cup

is thought to be worth $20 million over four years. Houllier, also a former French national coach, has been on Football Australia's hit-list for some months, but the federation says talks are continuing with a number of candidates, including Houllier. David Beckham has quit as England captain

after almost six years in the job. Holding back tears the 31-year-old told a packed news conference the time is right to pass on the captain's armband, entering a new era under new coach Steve McClaren.

I have lived the dream. I am extremely proud to have worn the armband

and been captain of England and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you very much. Beckham will continue playing for England. but will spend the next six weeks

recovering from a torn Achilles tendon. Another bruising weekend of injuries in the AFL with the Eagles and Bulldogs the latest to add to the casualty list after their match last night. And it was the Bulldogs who caused a major upset

to complete Round 13 - the Eagles mid-season form slump continuing. They returned home triumphant after a win Rodney Eade labelled the best he's ever been a part of. It was a great win, I mean - I except for a final win I think it was the greatest club win I've been involved with. The win places the Dogs equal with Collingwood and Melbourne on nine wins. But it's a major concern for the Eagles after back-to-back losses. They need to look at themselves and as an individual as part of a team and as a team

and give me anwers as well as to why that was the case. The news gets no better, with one-time Brownlow favourite Dean Cox breaking his collarbone. The Dogs have also lost youngster Shaun Higgins with a broken elbow.

He'll need surgery, he's in surgery now and he'll be there for 48 hours I don't know the length of that, but probably doubtful that he'd be back this year. Adelaide reaffirmed its place on top of the AFL ladder after round 13. The Crows smashing Geelong by a whopping 92 points.

They were the best team we've played in a long while. We were just sitting there in the box in awe of how good they were. And Richmond upset the Magpies but they lost onballer Chris Newman for the rest of the year with a badly broken leg. COMMENTATOR: Ohhhhh! Tim Hodges, Ten News. Brisbane's baby Broncos have ended Cronulla's winning run with an upset win in the National Rugby League. And a rare send-off in the Bulldogs win over the Wests Tigers. It's been 450 days since an NRL player was last sent off COMMENTATOR: Utai's just coat-hangered him. Bulldog Matt Utai facing his third suspension of the year for his tackle on Wests Tigers hooker Stuart Flanagan. It's extremely disappointing for him and the club but we'll wait and see whether they actually suspend him or not. The Utai dismissal making no difference to the result. The Bulldogs steamrolling the premiers, scoring five tries to one, We're not gonna throw up our hands and say that's it for us, not by a long shot. Cronulla captain Brett Kimmorley brushed aside this hit from Brisbane's Casey Maguire, claiming he was kicked in the head later in the match. He got me a bit high and a bit late and I was happy for the penalty.

I thought the stomping was a bit worse later in the game that got missed.

The Sharks suffering just their second loss in 10 weeks to a Brisbane side missing almost a full team of top-line players due to State of Origin commitments and injury. It's handy when you've got 11 players out and you can still put a competitive side out there like they did. Brisbane's stand-in skipper Shane Webcke marking his 250th game for the club in style, scoring one of his side's five tries. My days are numbered in terms of being able to do it, so when a day like this happens I appreciate it just that little bit more. REPORTER: Do you appreciate the try? Bloody oath! Leanne West, Ten News. To Formula 1 and Mark Webber's woes continue. This time forced out of the US Grand Prix in a mass pile-up on the first corner. On a hot Indianapolis track the field of 22 got a clean start but it wasn't long before things went horribly wrong. COMMENTATOR: Goes around the outside of Michael Schumacher and he's going to bang wheels for second place and it's carnage at the back. Mark Webber, Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen all came to a crashing end.

German Nick Heidfeld walking away after a wild series of flips. Of the 10 cars left, Michael Schumacher crossed the line ahead of Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella to claim his third win of the season. Dani Pedrose has won the British MotoGP. The Spaniard started on pole and wasn't troubled for much of the race. Australian Casey Stoner was as high up as second at one stage but slipped back to finish fourth. The real battle for the podium

was between world champion Valentino Rossi and Italian Marco Melandri. Rossi coming second. Pedrosa's win putting pressure on championship leader Nicky Hayden who could only manage 7th. And Craig Lowndes has claimed back-to-back V8 Supercar round wins taking the honours in Darwin. Lowndes finished with the most points from the triple sprint weekend

after placing fourth, third and first. The first back-to-back round winner. and it's his first. Holden's Garth Tander maintained his championship lead as runner-up. His team-mate Rick Kelly came third overall. Emily Groves, Ten News. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwan has been pipped at the post in the first stage of the Tour de France.

In what was an exciting end to the 184 kilometre stage,

McEwen was in the middle of a mass sprint finish which saw Frenchman Jimmy Casper clinch his first victory in the Tour de France. The race wasn't without drama though, one cyclist was airlifted to hospital after crashing into an advertising board held over the barriers. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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the national weather. Now for a look at And news just in - for 'Big Brother' to be axed the PM has joined calls for misconduct. after two housemates were thrown off it's a matter of taste. John Howard says to self-regulate He's called on the show's producers

"a stupid show" off-air. and take what he calls

with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's newshour tonight. and the full details I'm Kathryn Robinson. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions