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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. march in protest Today, hundreds of thousands

to our industrial relations laws. at federal changes

on full alert Australian troops in East Timor try to enter the capital. as thousands of demonstrators joins the dejected Socceroos And Harry Kewell

from the World Cup. as they hobble home Good morning.

massive rallies across the nation First, federal industrial relations laws to protest with workers walking off the job and many regional centres. in all capital cities is at the rally in western Sydney. Ten reporter Evan Batten as unions predicted Evan? Is the turn out as big

have been standing here It certainly seems to be the case. We It certainly seems to be the case.

have been standing here for the last

hour and it is just been wave after

wave of protest at protesters are

walking past. It's estimated that

20,000 people are here. This is had a 20,000 people are here. This is had

the massive impact here and a ride across

the state. Locally there has been a

traffic chaos. Traffic at a

standstill. We have police officers,

teachers and nurses here. There were

places will be working on a skeleton

places will be working on a skeleton staff. Union heavy weight of throwing

everything behind about rallies? Kim

Beazley is in Melbourne. He Beazley is in Melbourne. He believes

this could bring the Government undone. the Government, yes. I think this could change out of touch with Middle Australia John Howard has got right of industrial relations. on the issue how Middle Australia lives. I don't think they understand are under threat. I believe that families prices, high interest rates, At a time when we've got high petrol is under threat now the security of your income able to get on with their business at a time when families should be and get on with making ends meet. which families have come to accept. This is an erosion of the basic ways

They're saying that this has been a

massive success. It is

massive success. It is well under way

in Melbourne and right across the

rest of the country. A big day ahead

for the union movement. is being carried out today A post-mortem on the body of the little girl of a Perth shopping centre. raped and murdered in the toilet has been charged over the attack. A 21-year-old man The face of lost innocence. Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu. 8-year-old

found in a disabled toilet Her little body at a suburban Perth shopping centre. just metres away. Her family waiting for her of any family of a young child, Probably the worst nightmare to go missing at a shopping centre,

not know where she is of the whole thing and then the unfortunate climax in a toilet cubicle. finding her dead made the horrific discovery. Sofia's 14-year-old brother after he knocked on the toilet door. A man reportedly rushing past him the naked body of his little sister. On the floor was locked The disabled toilet cubicle door with an occupied sign on the door was in there with the young child so we can assume the person when they were looking. I have ever heard of It's one of the most shocking cases it's quite horrific. and I know much more detail,

was later arrested 21-year-old Dante Arthurs with deprivation of liberty, and charged two counts of rape and wilful murder. to re-appear before court next month. He's been remanded in custody Allan Raskall, Ten News. for widespread violence in East Timor Australian troops are preparing prime minister Mari Alkatirki warn as supporters of ousted they'll turn Dili into a powder keg.

of former prime minister Alkatiri Supporters who resigned on Monday shouting they'll burn it down. prepare to March on Dili, who oppose him There they'd face another group

are stepping up their presence so Australian peacekeepers on the streets. for triggering the Timor crisis Alkatiri is blamed by sacking 600 soldiers in March. after pressure from President Gusmao He resigned earlier this week language he doesn't want violence. but has told supporters in his native they'll investigate claims Prosecutors say to silence opponents. that Alkatiri set up a hit squad

has arrived A special United Nations envoy to help resolve the present crisis. has asked me to come back again Secretary Annan leading an assessment mission of the United Nations assistance. to plan the next stage the numbers of peacekeepers Meanwhile, Japan is offering to boost in East Timor. Mark Suleau, Ten News. Defence Minister Brendan Nelson Dick Cheney has met American Vice President at the White House. for the first time Australia will stand-by America The Minister telling Mr Cheney goes ahead with plans if North Korea that could reach US shores. to test a long-range missile any reasonable and determined effort Australia would certainly support

if the missile is launched to see that injury or harm to anybody. that it does not cause He would not say a pre-emptive strike on North Korea. if Australia would support The pair also discussed Iraq. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Tomorrow he'll meet of Australian troops in Afghanistan Fears are growing for the safety were killed in action after two British soldiers the Australians are headed. in the area

A supply drop for British troops where you don't wait around. in a place to bring security. They came here were killed. Up to 40 Afghan soldiers is a nervous business. But even controlling the market

It's dangerous Taliban territory. Last night a patrol was attacked.

destroyed their vehicle. A rocket-propelled grenade the British took casualties. In the fighting that followed and one seriously wounded. Two UK soldiers were killed his injuries are life-threatening. At present we don't believe by a quick reaction force The patrol was supported which came out to support them which were also involved in a separate incident. by close air support Both were supported and artillery fire.

of the opium industry. This is the capital Most areas under Taliban control. They are resisting UK troops and the security they are trying to bring. For now the British troops remain here to protect the government compound and themselves and they're expecting more trouble. Prime Minister John Howard has arrived in southern China

to watch the arrival of the first commercial shipment

of liquid natural gas from Australia's North West Shelf. It kicks off a long-term deal worth $25 billion to Australia. Applause for the Prime Minister on arrival in Shenzhen, but it should really be Australian industry applauding China's economic growth and capacity to pay booming prices for our natural resources. Our exports to China have quadrupled, quadrupled since 1996. And the latest boost to that resources trade boom is the first shipment of liquefied natural gas from the North West Shelf in a deal that broke the records when it was first signed in 2003. This particular shipment is the largest single trade agreement that Australia has ever signed. While in Shenzhen Mr Howard will also address a conference

on the drawn out negotiations for a free trade agreement with China. But with trade between the two countries so healthy, the Prime Minister hasn't got his heart set on a FTA. Later today Mr Howard will hold talks with Chinese Premier Wen Jaibao on regional security issues, but the main thrust of this brief working visit is trade and how best Australia can cash-in on China's tearaway 10% growth economy. In Shenzhen, Greg Turnbull, Ten News. The Socceroos are going their separate ways after the tragic end to their World Cup campaign. Players and fans alike still struggling to come to terms with that last-minute penalty. Tears from heaven. The final chapter in the Socceroos' World Cup fairytale

had barely been written when storm clouds rolled in at Oehringen's now abandoned Otto Meister Stadium. Australian players had already packed up their gear

and began parting ways. A downcast Lucas Neill. A hobbled Harry Kewell. Applause from fans unable to wipe away the bitter end to a memorable month. To go out like that is heartbreaking but we can be proud of what we achieved here. Hopefully Australian football can build on this. This trip has made me really proud to be an Australian.

The only football being kicked around by a couple of local boys imitating what they'd been seeing from the green and gold stars, perhaps. They've done fantastically well. I've enjoyed them. Not just the players but the fans too, who'd followed their side with a never-before-seen passion for the Socceroos. The sunshine is gone and the rain is tumbling down. It's an eerie feeling standing in the middle of what was the Socceroos' training ground for the best part of a month. It now reverts back to the home of a lower division German league club. The amazing adventure is all over. In Ohringen, Germany, Frank Coletta, Ten News. Still ahead in Ten's morning news - the aid programme for Tasmania's stricken mining town Beaconsfield begins today. And supermodel Naomi Campbell in court

facing another assault charge.

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Israeli troops are launching all-out war against Palestinian authorities. Tanks have begun rolling into the Gaza Strip to try to rescue a 19-year-old soldier who was kidnapped on sunday. Cleaning their weapons ready for war. It was hoped scene's like these were consigned to the history books. But once again, Israeli tanks are heading into Palestinian territories. Tensions have been at boiling point since this 19-year-old Israeli soldier was kidnapped by Palestinian militants on Sunday. Israeli politicians making no secrets of their intentions of getting him back. They are very dangerous. Overnight, Israeli forces carried out airstrikes on three bridges in the Gaza Strip. They also targeted a power station plunging Gaza city into darkness. But Palestinian militants say they will hold on to the young soldier

until all their women and children are released from Israeli prisons. Although Palestinians have few resources, they are prepared to fight. Masked men establishing battle stations on the streets of Gaza for what's going to be a bloody confrontation.

Hugo Ward, Ten News.

A millionaire's daughter in England has been found guilty of stabbing an elderly woman. Britain's High Court heard the 18-year-old planned to steal her $6 million fortune. Kemi Adeyoola was born into a life of privilege. But as a teenager she turned to petty crime and when she was sent to this young offenders' institution for shoplifting her mind was already on murder. Officers who searched her cell found a meticulous 18-page plan for killing a wealthy old woman and stealing her money. She murdered 84-year-old Anne Mendel as a trial run.

When the pensioner's husband of 50 years found her in the hallway of their home she had been stabbed 14 times. Adeyoola might have got away with it if the police hadn't found her DNA on Mrs Mendel's hand. This was a wicked, premeditated murder committed by a callous, devious, young woman and her cold, calculated use of extreme violence beggars belief.

Adeyoola will be sentenced tomorrow. She's likely to spend many years behind bars. An illegal drug lab may have sparked an explosion that destroyed a US hotel. At least one man is still missing in the rubble. The hotel imploded.

The second floor crashing onto the first. I thought somebody had blown us up or something. This entire building came down on itself. Luckily, most of the guests had checked out for the day but a maintenance man working near the blast site is still missing. As his mother waits for news,

rescue crews are searching the rubble, not only for possible victims but for evidence of the methamphetamine lab some believe may have triggered the explosion. It's still not known what caused a 100-year-old building to suddenly collapse in Missouri.

As you'd run across the floor section would fall away and break right behind you.

50 people were inside the 3-storey building for a Elks Club initiation dinner. Nine were rescued after being trapped in the rubble. But the group's president didn't survive. He was alone on the third floor rehearsing a speech when the building came down. Two construction workers beat the odds, though, after being trapped in wet cement for an hour and a half on a New York job site. Firefighters used shovels and buckets to help dig the men free. They're reportedly in a stable condition. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has appeared in a New York court

accused of assaulting one of her employees. The 35-year-old denies throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper in March after a dispute over a missing pair of jeans. Prosecutors told the British model that a plea bargain was possible. She could face a prison sentence if found guilty. Ahead - who's likely to retire from the Socceroos before the next World Cup. That's when Ten's Morning news returns. Also, Mark Philippoussis over his first hurdle at Wimbledon.

In finance news - the Australian share market is softer in early trade.

An $8 million assistance fund set up to ensure the future of Beaconsfield in Tasmania will begin taking submissions from the public today. Advertisements are appearing in local and national papers and people will have four weeks to apply for grants. Industry Minister Ian McFarlane says he'll consider projects that will create jobs for the town at the centre of last month's mine rescue or that will enhance community facilities. The Socceroos squad for the next World Cup campaign is set to be a very different one to the team so cruelly eliminated by Italy.

Meantime, the players are saying their goodbyes in Germany.

Ronaldo has become the World Cup's greatest-ever goal scorer The Australian players were hurting inside and out as they prepared to leave Germany with bags full of memories. There were none more proud of the Socceroos' performance than family and friends who re-united with their heroes after the devastating loss to Italy. For skipper Mark Viduka who turns 31 in October Germany 2006

may well be his one-and-only appearance at the World Cup finals. For all my life football has been the number one. I think the time comes when you have to sit down and reassess what's the most important. The squad of 23 includes 9 players 30 years and older, Mark Viduka not the only one considering his future. Four years is a long time.

I don't know what is happening yet with my future. I'll just wait and see. I'm going to go on holidays now and think about where I'm going to be. I think maybe it's a year or two too long. I want to play in the Asian Cup next year. I've still got a few more games to qualify for that. Hopefully, I'll be involved in that. Australia's return to the World Cup after a 32-year absence was filled with about as much drama, controversy and heartache as four games of football can fit in. But when they left 22 days later they qualified for the knock-out stage for the first time ever and won the hearts of a nation and the respect of the world. Neil Cordy in Stuttgart for Ten News.

Ronaldo has become the World Cup's greatest-ever goal scorer in Brazil's 3-nil defeat of Ghana this morning. Ronaldo wasted no time scoring the record 15th goal in typical style. The Brazilians will now meet France in the quarterfinals after two late goals from Patrick Vieira

and 1998 hero Zinedine Zidane sealed a 3-1 win over Spain. Australia's Mark Philippoussis and Alicia Molik are through to the second round of Wimbledon. Philippoussis finding some of the form that took him to the final three years ago. The sun came out and there were even shadows on day two, Mark Philippoussis emerging from the darkest patch of his career buckling down like a street fighter against Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu. The Scud justified his wildcard entry with a stunning return to form

triumphing in four sets. In the process he thumped down 39 aces. The final set tiebreaker lasting an eternity before the Aussie wrapped it up 14-12. Fellow Australian Wayne Arthurs saw more of the grass than he'd have liked.

He fought on after straining his back early but was no match for the Italian Fabrice Santoro. Defending champion Roger Federer barely raised a sweat as he breezed though his rain-delayed match against Richard Gasquet

in straight sets. While Alicia Molik put recent health problems behind her with a straight sets win over Taiwanese qualifier Yung-Jan Chan.

Lleyton Hewitt's opening round match postponed until tomorrow. David Hanbridge, Ten News. Another chapter today in the rocky relationship between the Brisbane Lions and Jason Akermanis. The club is set to dump a $15,000 suspended fine

that hangs over the Brownlow Medallist's head. On the field, the Lion's woes are just as big. Star forward Jonathan Brown will miss again with his nagging lower back injury. He's been the difference in the three games we won in a row. We were competitive against Adelaide, but still couldn't win without him.

Time will tell this week whether we can do it. Brisbane's opponent this weekend, Carlton is expected to have their leading goal kicker available. Brendan Fevola's knee should be OK for Saturday night's game. I'll be back in a moment with the latest on the national weather front.

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Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Kath Robinson. Good morning.

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