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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Bashir home a hero - controversial plea to our PM. the terror leader's Riots rock the World Cup - through Germany. soccer hooligans rampage in it, And the US President puts his foot offending a blind journalist. Ten News with Jacinta Hocking.

Good morning. preaching to his devoted followers, Abu Bakar Bashir has wasted no time in his home town of Solo. delivering a controversial sermon urging Prime Minister John Howard The Islamic cleric to become a Muslim. he is a hero. To thousands of his supporters returning home this morning. Abu Bakar Bashir from his boarding school A sea of students welcome back their spiritual leader. waiting late into the night to

He didn't disappoint. fired an attack at John Howard, At the first opportunity Bashir to convert to Islam urging the Prime Minister or face going to hell. And to the Australian people, Muslims or face the consequences. a chilling warning not to fight The Australian and US governments the length of Bashir's sentence have criticised in the deadly 2002 Bali bombings. for his role He served just 26 months. even distressed How extremely disappointed at the release of Abu Bakar Bashir. millions of Australians will be

his freedom is sickening. For those affected by the attack, is not accept it. The thing we've got to do he's a murderer. This guy's a criminal, He's the leader of many gangs.

of what's going on. He controls a lot of absolute disgust, It's a feeling of disgust, in that short time. of what happened and how he got out a low-key homecoming Bashir had requested by his jubilant supporters. but that sentiment was ignored will continue his Islamic preaching The controversial cleric thousands of new supporters. and is likely to attract Ten News. In Indonesia, Amanda McLeay, has delayed debate The Federal Government on its changes to asylum-seeker laws on the policy. as it faces a backbench rebellion as the Immigration Minister admits The decision comes the legislation. Indonesia has influenced arrived at Parliament House The Prime Minister with no sign of the fog lifting over asylum seekers. from his party's internal row at odds with the PM Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone Jakarta had over just how much influence of the new legislation. in the drafting what the Indonesians want Yes, we are taking into account on border protection. because they are very helpful to us with Indonesian politicians. These policies have nothing to do LAUGHTER taking a softer line, Ms Vanstone on a morning media blitz her comments may have caused. repairing any damage All I'm saying is that in context is a very important partner to us. Indonesia has further muddied the waters But the Minister Coalition backbenchers. with outspoken

I don't agree with that at all. I think the sovereignty of Australia in this Parliament. should be dealt with giving little away Breakaway Liberals this morning about talks with the Minister

to process all boat people offshore. over the proposal

with the way talks are going? Good morning Senator, are you pleased I've got no news so that's it. Possibly. to ditch its asylum seeker bill The Government is refusing further negotiations with rebel MPs. with the Coalition now locked in signalling a possible compromise. A delay in the parliamentary debate negotiations would be finished. If there was an agreement with this challenge. One Government supporter of the laws should be chucked out If you think this legislation the world living in your street, and you want people from all over well, you tell me. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. has acknowledged US President George W. Bush is damaging his image abroad Guantanamo Bay should be shut down. and says the military prison It comes as the UK Government for David Hicks' freedom. prepares to fight has long been condemned Guantanamo Bay by the international community, agrees with the criticism. and lately even the President himself I'd like to close Guantanamo, that we're holding some people but I also recognise that are darn dangerous. any time soon. But Camp X-Ray won't be shut down deciding what to do with detainees, The US Supreme Court is still

his own ideas. although the President has in my judgment, The best way to handle, is through our military courts. handle these types of people of the suicides of three inmates The comments come in the wake and reports of torture at the camp. David Hicks has received a boost But Australian terror suspect in his battle for freedom. has now joined the fight The UK Foreign Office tomorrow. and will start working on the case is still refusing However, the British Government to grant Hicks citizenship, despite three rulings to do so. to appeal one last time. The Home Office has until July Kate Donnison, Ten News.

A 34-year-old man's been charged at Top Taste. over an earlier contamination continue their investigations It comes as Queensland police into a recent incident buried in cakes in which metal objects were found made at a Brisbane factory. The plant was temporarily closed were destroyed and millions of Top Taste products ordered last month. as part of a nationwide recall a Melbourne motorist this morning A lucky escape for after a van burst into flames. she heard an explosion, The female driver has told police stopped at the roadside and ran. the van was engulfed by flames. While she escaped unhurt, to extinguish the blaze. Fire crews took 10 minutes Part of the road was closed for almost an hour, police diverting peak-hour traffic. A Melbourne hospital was forced

overnight to shut down its emergency department because of a lack of doctors. at the Werribee Mercy Hospital The temporary closure had to be called meant an intensive care paramedic to treat a woman struggling to breathe after an allergic reaction. Two doctors called in sick, forcing the emergency department to refuse patients. Last month it was revealed six doctors quit the hospital in the space of 12 months blaming poor working conditions.

Riots have broken out during the World Cup clash between long-time rivals Germany and Poland. The violence began even before the game kicked off - soccer hooligans rampaging through the streets of Dortmund, throwing bottles and fireworks at police. Police managed to arrest 120 people. A number of fans were treated for injuries. But not all the fans were violent. Millions of euphoric Germany supporters spilling into the streets in other parts of the country to celebrate the team's 1-nil victory over Poland. A party atmosphere right across Germany after the host nation qualified for the second round of the World Cup with a 1-0 win over Poland. The scenes here in Stuggart, where 60,000 people have filed into the streets to celebrate well into the early hours of the morning, being repeated right across Germany where millions are pouring into the streets to celebrate. Security is very tight. There have been some arrests in Dortmund where the match was played. Most have been well behaved. Some incredible scenes where people are taking vantage points. People were taking vantage points on top of buildings just to be able to catch a glimpse of the game on the big screen.

And to think, this is just the start of week two of the Wprld Cup. What will happen if Germany wins the World Cup final? Back to you. And later, Frank Coletta will look at some of the bizarre merchandise World Cup mania is creating in Germany,

that's when Ten's morning news returns. And an embarrassing gaffe by the US President. Foxtel Digital puts you at the centre of a world of entertainment. Including favourites such as: Now, picture building a package that's all about you. How about sport or something for the kids? Call Foxtel Digital today on: LAID-BACK MUSIC Hi. Cappuccino, please. This program is captioned live. An elderly woman is suing her doctors after they accidentally removed the wrong kidney. 86-year-old Goldie Claude woke from surgery to discover doctors had taken out her healthy kidney and left her with one riddled with cancer. He walked up to my bedside and he said, "I'm very sorry but I have taken out the wrong kidney." Doctors have since removed most of the cancerous organ, leaving Goldie with just a third of a kidney to survive on. US President George W. Bush has been forced to apologise

for humiliating a blind reporter at a White House media conference. In high spirits after his trip to Iraq, the President openly joked with journalists. Peter, are you going to ask that question with those shades on? I'm interested in that shade look, seriously. For the viewers there's no sun. I guess that depends on your perspective. Touche. Mr Bush didn't realise Peter Wallsten is legally blind. The President later personally called him to apologise. World Cup merchandising has become a multimillion-dollar business. But in the country that created kitsch some of the marketing mania is truly bizarre. Someone once said football is not a matter of life and death, it's more serious than that. Hard to argue when you see this. Even funeral homes are trying to get a piece of the World Cup marketing action. Go in style in a coffin made to order in your favourite team's colours. When somebody see this maybe they go back home, they want something like this If burial is not your go, perhaps a soccer ball urn will do. For those choosing to celebrate rather than commiserate, here's a way to turn heads on your wedding day - a grass dress. There's all the usual stuff. The latest craze, though, is to wrap yourself up in the national flag. And these are a rare bargain buy at just over $5. Not so fancied is the official mascot - the furry lion Goleo.

Even 50% off mark-downs aren't working. Why? Because he doesn't wear pants. If you're not good enough to play in the Cup, you can always imitate the stars on the screen or with more basic toys. On the merchandise front one thing is very clear, you're obviously spoiled for choice whether you're after something big or small But buyers beware it pays to shop around. The difference in costs for the game ball is breathtaking, varying from AUS$50 Australian to $300 in some stores. That may be expensive, some things, though, are priceless. In Germany, Frank Coletta, Ten News. Ahead, Queensland celebrates an amazing form reversal in rugby league's State of Origin. Thats when Ten's morning news returns. Also, on-field drama at the World Cup with Germany's late winner against Poland.

The Socceroos have been given a huge vote of confidence from one of the best. England coach Sven Goran Eriksson says Australia can beat Brazil after the convincing win against Japan.

The Brazilian fans were celebrating after their history-making 8th consecutive World Cup win. But the lacklustre performance, according to one fan, could mean trouble for the Socceroos. Are you happy with 1-0? No, man. We should do better, man.

Next game we're going to crush them. It's going to be 5-0.

The Aussies will hear nothing of big scores being racked up against them after the moral-boosting win over Japan. Anything's possible. Brazil are the world champions but we've got nothing to lose. You've got to take one game at a time. If you talk to the four boys who got yellows and you said, "Listen, do you want to rest against Brazil?"

All four would say no. This is a chance of a lifetime to play Brazil in a World Cup. Perhaps working in Australia's favour is the guarantee from Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Perrera

out-of-touch striker Ronaldo will start against the Socceroos. Goal-scorer John Aloisi regularly plays against Brazil's stars in Spain is approaching the match with caution. The Brazilians, you know - Ronaldo is by far the best player in the world. When he's in form it's hard to stop him. But you can't try to man-mark any of those players because there is so many of them.

You just have to try be organised on the pitch, be compact, don't give them too much space. Don't let them run at you too much with the ball. And if we get a chance we have to put the ball in the back of the net. Aloisi along with Cahill, Moore and Grella will be walking a tightrope against the Brazilians

after picking up yellow cards against Japan. One more against Brazil could mean suspension for the final group match against Croatia.

Perfect weather again here in southern Germany for the Socceroos who have enjoyed a rare day off the training track. The focus now on Munich four days from now when they take on Brazil. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Germany has become the first team to win its first two matches in the World Cup. It virtually sealed a spot in the second round with a goal against Poland in the dying seconds. In the other overnight matches - Saudi Arabia drew with Tunisia while Spain thumped Ukraine. The history between Germany and Poland was always going to make for an emotional opening. In a physical and at times bloody encounter the host nation held their nerve but were constantly denied by goalkeeper Artur Boruc. COMMENTATOR: Away by Boruc! Poland were reduced to 10 men for the closing stages, and in the 91st minute Germany found the winner. Odonkor's cross - it's there! In Leipzig it was all gain for Spain and just pain for debutants Ukraine. Well, they have scored. A dubious red card compounded the debutants' dilemmas, which gifted Spain its third. The deflection did the goalkeeper. The exhausting, powerful display capped off by Fernando Torres. And Torres! At the stadium where the Socceroos will meet Brazil a big occasion for another Australian - Mark Shield in control of Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, who conjured up a miracle to secure a 2-2 draw.

It could be an equaliser if they can get this right. It is! Kieran Toohey, Ten News. In AFL, the career of Kangaroos defender Jonathan Hay is teetering on the brink after being caught drinking the night before a game. It's the latest set-back for the All-Australian player who had been dropped to the reserves because of poor form. The year has gone from bad to worse for the Kangaroos recruit. Jonathan Hay demoted to the VFL but instead of trying to regain his spot, the defender admitted to drinking before the seconds match in Hobart last weekend. Hay's been fined $5,000 and copped a 1-match suspension. From one troubled boy to another, Jason Akermanis is at it again, back in form but still bitter about his blue with coach Leigh Matthews. It got the group into gear

and the group as a whole and myself have played much better since and that's been the desired effect but as far as forgetting and does it change anything for the future, not in my mind. Hawthorn is preparing to snap its losing streak against Richmond on Sunday after Alastair Clarkson was given the green light to coach the side for another two years. It's been tough in terms of our on-field performance. have been below par. The last four or five weeks

skipper Steven King from injury And Geelong is set to welcome back with Fremantle in the west. for Saturday's must-win clash something we haven't been great at. We have to win in the State, the next two. We definitely have to win

Kelli Underwood, Ten News. kept the State of Origin series alive Rugby league, and Queensland have in Brisbane. with a convincing win over NSW ending weeks of criticism. The Maroons thrashed the Blues 30-6,

in Melbourne next month. The series will be decided NSW a dose of State of Origin blues. Queensland all smiles after giving 5-1 demolition. Darren Lockyer starred in his side's plenty of criticism The Maroons copped after their Game 1 loss.

Now, they say, it's time for praise. They're good players. they deserve unfortunately at times. They don't get the respect We proved a point tonight gained respect out of it. and hopefully We've been bagged by everyone and put a performance together so to go there tonight was something pretty special. Queensland led 14-nil at half-time in the second half. and continued the blitz grabbing two tries on debut. Winger Adam Mogg

in every area of the game. The Maroons punished NSW all round for the Blues. It was an unforgettable night complacency was a problem. Forward Willie Mason says It had to be attitude. It had to be. because we came off the pace. It had to be something

and we weren't. There were a million miles-per-hour as well. We're going to come under scrutiny and there's no excuses for it. We played poorly tonight The only sore point for Queensland - a suspected fractured cheekbone. centre Steven Bell suffering Trent Higgs, Ten News. Jana Pittman is to become a mum. Commonwealth Games gold medallist to British coach Chris Rawlinson, Three months after her wedding is reportedly pregnant. the 400m hurdler Her first child due in December. get in the way of training - Pittman isn't letting the baby fuss she's still working out twice a day next year and expects to return to competition ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games. the weather around the nation. Next in Ten News, BRIGHT MUSIC why pay for it? If you don't need something, on your home phone. Like line rental you'll: With our new $59 HomeOne Plan, And you'll receive: Every month. Plus 'yes' Time at home - that's: From 8:00pm till midnight. you don't need? So, why pay for something Yeah!

share market continues to bounce back In finance news, the Australian

after a week of heavy losses.

in the snow fields Now with a look at conditions in Thredbo. we cross to Madeleine Hubbard Hi, Jacinta. it's been blue and sunny all week Well, as you can see but it is also nice and white really cold overnight temperatures and we have been having in terms of snow-making which is great firing up the snow-making guns so all the resorts have been

adding lots of new snow over the opening weekend. to the 30cm of natural snow

the peaks the forecast for Friday Possible snow showers about for Saturday and Sunday. then its fine it's looking good. So if you're coming up this weekend across much of the nation. The mercury is falling to record lows recording their coldest nights, Parts of central-western NSW with Bathurst dropping to -11. And South Australians are shivering - above zero in Adelaide, the mercury barely scraping

temperatures drop as low as -4. while some rural centres saw temperature in history But the third lowest metropolitan

didn't deter some brave souls. Lovely, beautiful, nice and crisp - best way to start the day. for never missing their morning dip. The Icebergers famous for the rest of the day: National weather

with all the news. That brings you up to date for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. Centre. by the Australian Caption Supertext Captions