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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight, Timor terror - to protect families Australian troops battle in Dili. fleeing rival gangs on the rampage Miracle on the mountain -

walks into the Everest base camp. an Australian climber left for dead earthquake rocks Indonesia. And hundreds killed as a powerful Good evening. consuming the streets of Dili. First to the chaos Armed gangs are on the rampage, and forcing hundreds to flee. torching homes

to restore calm Australian troops are battling the UN is preparing to pull out. but, as the situation deteriorates, to the streets of Dili, Anarchy returns middle of the dangerous confusion. but now the Australians are in the (Soldier screams at people) GO! GO! lasted just one day. The calm which followed the arrival There aren't as many gun battles,

with young, angry men but the streets are awash weapons. armed with primitive, but deadly, between rival gangs. The troops regularly find themselves (Soldier) Get down on the ground. Everybody one line along here. (Soldier) buildings and cars burn. A suburb away, seem dashed. Any hopes things were improving here CHILDREN CRYING are firing from the hills. These people say government forces We feel not safe in our village

up in there. because some of the Dili force So we need international force. So we are very scared. Australians to be everywhere. At this stage, there aren't enough These women's home was torched.

They are escorted to safety, this family's escape. but others try to block A situation like this makes it clear before they fully secure the capital. the Australians have a long way to go the warring military factions, Aside from

caused by ethnic tensions. this is a neighbourhood dispute of Portuguese special police arrives. A unit The attacks are already over. at the Australian Embassy. Hundreds have arrived

others have nowhere else to go. Some want to get out, now this evil also have the guns. TRANSLATION: We are scared because

There's talk of a humanitarian crisis to the airports. as hordes of locals drive or walk The roads are jammed and belongings and families, their animals have set up camp outside. many with no home to go back to. No money to fly out, Hundreds more troops arrived today out across the capital. and this afternoon started fanning We will protect you. Go back to your homes.

In Dili, Max Futcher, Ten News. Defence chiefs are confident to end the violence in Dili. they're on the verge of an agreement But there are no guarantees will stick to any truce. the warring factions And a warning -

in this story disturbing. viewers may find some of the images in with the advance party The Australian general who went was today back in Canberra peace breakthrough. signalling a possible of the key players We think we're talking to all with them, quite clearly, and we think we have an agreement

to stop that they want the cycle of violence

to cause that to happen. and they're going to work with us between the hostile factions But the plan relies on mutual trust

to be in short supply. and trust appears arrived on Thursday Just hours before Australian troops between soldiers and police in Dili a United Nations-brokered cease-fire ended in a massacre. shot dead a dozen unarmed officers The UN claiming government troops as they surrendered. were wounded. Another two dozen people to return to their barracks. We'll get the military to their barracks. We'll get the police to return dissident groups And we'll get the different environments. to move back to their home to any immediate confiscation General Gillespie unwilling to commit of weapons. a little further down the path. Disarmament can come leaders have decided But it now appears East Timor's

the guns have got to go. meeting in Dili today The country's cabinet as parts of the capital burned. and whatever exists Only the FTPL and the police

will be able to carry weapons

and agreed to but confined to areas designated and the Australian defence forces. by the FTPL reportedly in contact Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta with all the rival groups. the situation will be under control And, I believe, in two or three days

will be arrested. and those individuals with weapons Terror gripping the capital. The Australian Government mindful to Canberra for asylum many East Timorese may now appeal of our tough immigration laws. which would pose another test obligations We'll be living up to our under the refugee convention

at the situation but we always look at the time, and consider it at that point. Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

To some breaking news now - recall of all Top Taste food products police have announced a nationwide following a deliberate contamination. of razor blades, sewing needles The recall follows the discovery

and metal fragments in cakes. appears to have occurred The company says the contamination

at its Brisbane factory.

for an Australian climber, An amazing story of survival tonight by his expedition team. left for dead on Mount Everest into base camp Lincoln Hall has walked after sherpas managed to revive him with his wife. and has been able to speak by cautious optimism. Sheer grief now replaced are still coming to terms Family and friends of Lincoln Hall with his amazing Everest survival.

Just spoken leader claimed he had died on decent On Thursday night, Hall's expedition

the famous peak after finally conquering and a 22-year obsession. a team of Sherpas returned But late yesterday the 50-year-old Australian alive. risking their own lives to find an unprecedented effort It would appear that this is by a whole lot of expedition Sherpas and get him. to go back up that mountain after him, they're angels. These Sherpas who are looking They're absolute gems.

Hall is still suffering and hallucinations, from frostbite, psychosis altitude sickness brought on by debilitating but has been able to descend to advanced base camp, still 6,400m above sea level. He's relatively safe now but that's only relative to where he was and how he was. Local doctors warn Hall still has dangerous and tough hours ahead. To be 24 hours out in that environment, to be unconscious and then to pull through - it would be almost miraculous. His friends confident Hall will survive.

I learnt to climb with Lincoln in the early '80s and probably learning the tricks of the trade all those years ago is the only reason I'm alive today. He'll be fighting all the way down the mountain. James Boyce, Ten News. A massive earthquake has rocked the Indonesian island of Java, killing more than 440 people. Thousands have fled the tourist hotspot as Australian consular staff rush to help in the rescue effort. Hundreds of locals run for their lives after an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale shook Yogyakarta. Thousands of residents woke to the sound of homes and other buildings collapsing around them as the earth trembled. Many fled for higher ground fearing a second wave of destruction was on the way - a tsunami. SIREN WAILS Local hospitals around the tourist hotspot have been inundated with hundreds of people injured, many suffering serious head injuries. The Department of Foreign Affairs says 83 Australians live in the area. While communication is difficult the Government is making contact with hospitals to track down any Australians. The airport was badly damaged in the quake. All flights have been cancelled. Arrivals have been diverted to an airport in the nearby city of Solo. The slow work of searching for survivors has begun as authorities monitor the region for aftershocks. The area notorious for tremors and instability. Aftershocks and tsunamis aren't their only worry. For several weeks, villagers have been living under the threat of a volcanic eruption. Mount Merapi has been active, spewing ash and molten rock. And there are concerns the earthquake could trigger an eruption. Evan Batten, Ten News. Anger over the sentencing of one the terrorists behind the Beslan school massacre. That's next. An American judge decides not to jail a convicted child molester because he's only 5"1'. And wild scenes in Finland as rock monsters, Lordi, celebrate their Eurovision success. # If it makes you happy... #

WOMAN: St George has more satisfied customers than the four major banks in this country. Because they're good with people. This program is captioned live. The only hostage-taker to be captured alive after the Beslan school siege in Russia has been jailed for life. Relatives of the 331 people killed are angry he wasn't given the death penalty. He's is the only Beslan hostage-taker to have been put on trial.

Now Nurpashi Kulayev has been sentenced to life in prison. Victims' relatives exploded with rage. Many of them had been demanding the death penalty.

Nurpashi Kulayev was part of an armed group which seized more than 1,000 parents, teachers and children in a Beslan school. The militants demanded Moscow pull its troops out of Chechnya. GUN SHOTS The siege ended in chaos and bloodshed. Russian commandos launched a desperate rescue effort. 331 people, more than half of them children, were killed. This is all that's left of the school - battered corridors and rubble. The only signs of life are up in the roof - birds nesting in holes made by shells.

But you can still find school memories here. Desks blown off their feet, a textbook ready for a lesson which never began. Some in Beslan want all of this bulldozed. Others say each brick, each bullet hole should be kept as a monument to evil. Beslan remains consumed by grief and by anger. Today's verdict offers little comfort to a town with so many victims. A convicted paedophile has escaped unpunished because an American judge decided he was too short to go to jail. Parents are outraged, saying their children's safety has been compromised to protect a criminal. He raped a 12-year-old girl but won't be going to prison because that would put him in too much danger. It's an abomination, my office will appeal it. Richard Thompson got off on probation because he's 155cm tall - that's 5"1'. I don't care if he's 3ft tall. It doesn't make any difference. Legal experts say the judge was way out of line. The judge makes a decision whether you go to jail or not go to jail, then afterwards as to which jail you go to how you're housed, who you're housed with whether you're in solitary or not - those are all decisions by the Department of Corrections.

Parents believe their children's safety is being compromised to protect a paedophile. I imagine the perpetrator didn't check the height of the victim. Jailers admit Thompson could face problems.

Due to his size, I really don't think so. Due to his crime - probably. But say they're well equipped to deal with special cases like this one. We have individuals that are small that have functioned very well in general population and they're smaller than 5"1'. While the government doesn't have power to overturn sentences, the State's attorney-general has vowed to find a way to put Richard Thompson behind bars, even if it means passing special new laws. You abuse a child, you're going to pay a price. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. She's become more famous for her off-stage antics, but now fans of Britney Spears

are getting a chance to see the pop princess back in fine form. Madame Tussaud's in New York has unveiled a new wax work model of classic Britney, pre-husband and baby scandals. But the most interesting feature is her robotic breasts. The pose that Britney is in right now is full show mode. So the heaving chest is exactly how she would be singing a song if you were to see her in a show. So, we're giving guests an opportunity to see Britney is show mode when they might not get to a show. Yeah, it's a lot like her. I especially like the breathing and her chest and all that. It's hot. The unveiling is part of a new campaign called "Bring Back Britney", urging the star to get her music career back on track. Some rare treasures from the 'Titanic' Monster rockers Lordi have been celebrating their Eurovision song success at a concert in Helsinki. Their win has taken them from being a marginalised rock group to national Finnish heroes. You know it's a victory for rock'n'roll, really. I think the secret is rock, you know, and rock that is done from the heart, really. But Lordi now face a new challenge,

keeping their true identities shrouded in mystery. Tit for tat in the Liberal Party - Amanda Vanstone lashes out at backbencher Jackie Kelly over her threat to quit if Peter Costello takes over as PM. That's next. Plus - the toxic hangover from a massive chemical fire in Brisbane. I'm at the gateway to the world's largest wildlife sanctuary. It's called Australia. ENGINE ROARS Crikey! The invisible fence that protects our natural wonders and agriculture is Quarantine. Help them make sure nothing dangerous gets in. Declare all food, plant and animal material, because that's where the danger lurks. If you don't and they find, it could be a whopping fine for you. Quarantine matters. I want an immediate lift. For me, nothing beats Revitalift. MAN: Step into the future of skincare. New L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Double Lift. Action 1 - a concentrated tautening lifting gel with Pro-Tensium. Action 2 - a soothing anti-wrinkle cream with Pro-Retinol A. Immediately tautens skin Double-action technology for a spectacular result. New Revitalift Double Lift from L'Oreal Paris. Because you're worth it. This program is captioned live. More now on the breaking news that police have announced a nationwide recall of all Top Taste food products following a deliberate contamination. The recall follows the discovery of razor blades, sewing needles and metal fragments in cakes.

We are working with the company and

the Queensland Health to ensure the

safety of the product. The company

have made a decision to recall the

product and the Queensland Police

Service supports that decision. We

are appealing to any member of the

community who has any information

about the offender or has any

contaminated products to contact

Crime Stoppers on 1300800333000. The Queensland Government has been warned it will be sued for compensation by residents, claiming they've been poisoned by a factory fire almost a year ago. At the time, the huge fire spewed a chemical cocktail

across several Brisbane suburbs. Today the Binary Industries site has a Chernobyl look about it - ruined buildings, mounds of highly contaminated soil still to be removed, and an ever-present chemical smell. A year ago, the site erupted in a spectacular fireball and continued burning for several days. But according to some nearby residents, a deadly legacy remains. My husband has, since August, deteriorated very much so. He's in very grave health, and I blame the fire for that. The Queensland Government says the Binary Industries site will never be rebuilt and is keen to relocate other high chemical-using industries in the area away from fast encroaching housing estates. It's certainly the case that we are looking at alternative sites for this sort of industry. We're very disappointed that the local council allowed residential development as close as they have, to this area. But the minister is adamant the site presents no threat to public health citing a report, completed a month ago, suggesting there was no contamination occurring outside of areas already deemed long-term toxic. Residents say they simply don't believe that. That served the tobacco industry and James Hardie for many many years but it soon backfired. It is regularly monitored. And there is no pesticides and, certainly, all water quality is meeting national standards at this point. Residents aren't ruling out a class action against the company owners and the government worth millions. Tim Collits, Ten News. Liberal backbencher Jackie Kelly has threatened to quit her marginal Sydney seat if Peter Costello becomes PM. Ms Kelly claims the Treasurer doesn't understand the issues affecting voters in her electorate. Her comments haven't gone down well with some fellow Liberals. My own view is that if and when the PM chooses to go, Peter Costello will make a great PM, and if Mrs Kelly doesn't agree with that, bad luck for Mrs Kelly. The Treasurer's office had no comment to make on the matter. We've seen Australian-made logos on locally produced goods for years and could soon be seeing 'Australian-trained' signs on businesses. It's part of a new concept, designed to help solve the nation's skills shortage. Training young workers is a cost many companies bear with little reward or recognition. But one politician has come up with a cheap way to give businesses further incentive. What I'd like to see is the Government develop an easily identifiable logo

that businesses - that staff and training apprentices - can use as a marketing tool. Similar to the Australian Made campaign of the '80s,

the training and apprenticeship insignia could be used on advertising and at a business's point of sale. Australians believe in a fair go and if they are given the tools to be able to identify those companies, they will use them. The Federal Government has its own ideas on how to stem the skills shortage. The Immigration Minister today using a careers expo to launch a campaign to lure overseas workers to fill jobs. Migration isn't a substitute for training. It never will be. But what it can do is bring in people we need very quickly. She also welcomed the concept of an 'Australian trained' logo. I would be prepared, for example, to change my shopping patterns if someone was doing a better job in training Australians than someone else. Emily Rice, Ten News. The weather's next.

And then it's Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey.

And, Leigh, a fantastic match between Geelong and Richmond this afternoon. Trace, it hasn't been a brilliant season for either side. But sometimes when you're down it brings out the best.

The Cats and Tigers both had plenty to prove and that was obvious. And a lonely solo challenge. That's all coming up shortly on Sports Tonight.

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The Cats up against Richmond and if you're from Geelong, there's only one result that will suffice. That's the incentive. Are the ladder leaders lacking motivation? Joey's tired. Decisions went against them. It was a dark night for Newcastle. 605,000 reasons to run hard at Doomben Patrolling passion - this bloke has being doing it for ever and he's not done yet.