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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Men on a mission - flood into East Timor Australian troops to end days of violence. in an attempt Miners' misery - are warned of major redundancies. as workers at Beaconsfield mine And the golden boot off to the World Cup in style. that sees the Socceroos

Welcome to Ten News. Good morning. seems to have eased this morning The violence in East Timor warned they face a dangerous mission. but Australian troops have been pouring into Dili. Our forces have begun to the troubled streets. Their charge - to restore calm a warmer welcome. It's hard to imagine 1,300 of our soldiers. Operation Astute will involve New Zealand, Portugal and Malaysia. They'll be joined by personnel from previously contained to outer areas, The gun battle, reached Dili's centre. late yesterday And the fighting is taking its toll. police officers have been killed. Nine unarmed East Timorese and providing shelter to dozens more. The United Nations is investigating inundated with injured residents. The hospital, too, just want to return to their homes. This woman says she and others raided, destroyed and left to burn. But many properties have already been All part of the chaos have to contain. the international forces

face a dangerous dash - Even those being evacuated of the most hazardous runs of all. the road leading to the airport one will ease today It's hoped the bloodshed but the threat is far from over. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. East Timor's capital. Ten reporter Max Futcher is in Dili, Good morning, Max. to the streets of Dili We've heard calm has restored after a shocking 24 hours. How are things looking this morning?

This morning has returned to normal.

We have just passed one of the market

in town. People are going about their

normal business. We have heard very

few gunshots compared to what we saw

yesterday. The Australian troops are

starting to make their presence felt.

We just saw some armoured personnel

carriers and leaving the airport.

More troops are coming via the air.

There's also a war ship heading this

way. We had just spoken to the

cheaper the forces. He says if the cheaper the forces. He says if

troops are fired upon they will troops are fired upon

defend themselves.

East Timor's embattled government PM John Howard has told to lift its game. soldiers have been ordered His message coming as Australian to restore law and order. to use whatever force is necessary arrived for work. Prime Minister John Howard for our 1,300-strong Defence Force The rules of engagement now settled troubled nation. in a bid to bring peace to the coming." People say, "You should have seen it

I say, yes we did. But until you are asked that's an invasion. their mission has been spelled out With 350 troops now on the ground, responding to lawful requests If we do see people who are not from ADF personnel is required we will use whatever level of force to see that they are disarmed and safety of innocent people. and do not threat the life disturbed by reports The Defence Minister were shot dead by soldiers nine unarmed police officers after the UN negotiated a ceasefire. By any standard and the killing of people violations of basic human rights that we will move to prevent. is something Mr Howard not mincing his words. has not been well governed. The country And delivering this blunt warning now calling for outside help. to its leaders in future Make sure that you run the country to happen. in a way that doesn't allow this Five C-130s have been deployed. are also on their way. Armoured personnel carriers a guided-missile frigate, The 'Adelaide', is in Dili harbour. 3,500 ADF personnel now overseas. The latest deployment takes to it's left us short-changed at home. The Government rejecting criticisms Australians should be assured significant capacity and firepower that we have still got

which is here in Australia. in our back pocket Leonie Mellor, Ten News. arriving home from the horror of Dili Australian citizens have begun evacuated by the Federal Government. met with some of them in Townsville. Ten reporter Brett Clappis touched down at Townsville Airport Yes, we were here when the evacuees very early this morning flight. onboard a Government-chartered There were 47 passengers onboard. and foreign nationals. They were a mixture of Australian All volunteers from various agencies. Now, you would've imagined happy to finally reach home soil that these volunteers would've been the dedicated volunteers they are, but some that I spoke to, taken out of the troubled hot-spot. weren't happy with the decision to be Here's what a few of them had to say. back there helping, really. Great to be here but I'd like to be village, we'd have stayed there. If we'd been able to get back to our Beautiful people. where we were. I felt very safe in the village Back to you in the studio. Ten's Brett Clappis arriving back from East Timor. speaking to Australian's into the early hours Well, frenzied crowds have celebrated

over Greece after Australia's 1-0 victory in last night's friendly at the MCG. well behaved Police say crowds were generally with flares. although they did have some problems everyone from letting off flares. A large police presence couldn't stop for police near Lonsdale Street, They also provided plenty of work Melbourne's own Greek quarter. were seen through a filter of red. Greece's colours of blue and white over the practice, Several men cautioned or arrested reacting with abuse. some supporters finally called in to help out. Mounted police Thanks fellas, right over please. at Federation Square in Melbourne Earlier, the soccer friendly on massive TVs. thousands gathered to watch The mood there buoyant Australia scored the winning goal. reaching a crescendo when Some families had divided loyalties. onto the shoulders of fans. The rivalry heading high Everyone celebrating - Greece or Vikings. be they supporters of Australia, Mostly though the crowds behaved. Very happy. with drink offences, We've had to charge a few people

letting off flares but generally the crowd has been very, very good. The soccer spirit wasn't lost on Sydneysiders, streets in the suburb of Brighton closed off for the match. While Brisbane also got into the spirit of the night. Green and gold coffees one cure for hungover fans this morning. Christopher Still, Ten News. And we'll bring you the full match report later in sport. A number of Brisbane burns patients are likely to be flown interstate for treatment, following the outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant bug. The bacteria was found on the skin of 19 patients - three wards at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital yesterday quarantined.

None of the patients has yet developed an infection, but doctors say they can't promise the situation won't get worse. The Concorde burns unit in Sydney is on stand-by to receive those who need urgent care. Three people are in hospital with burns after an explosion in Sydney's north-west. An adult and two teenagers were working on a boat in a shed at Sackville in the Hawksbury area north of Sydney when it exploded in a ball of fire. Emergency crews stabilised all three before taking them to hospital. 13- and 15-year-old boys were taken by air. The adult by road. They're in a stable condition. One of the teenagers is said to have burns to 30% of his body. Beaconsfield gold miners could know the fate of their jobs in a week but it's bound to be negative. Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph' reports workers have been told to brace themselves for significant redundancies. Allstate Explorations administrator Michael Ryan says it would be at least four months before any part of the mine could be re-opened. The Sydney Cricket Ground is to be given a $60 million facelift. Headlining the changes - a new grandstand to seat 3,000 people. The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says the SCG Trust will also redevelop the famous ground's gold members car park into homes, offices and shops. Developments will begin after the Ashes series next February. Coming up after the break - life in prison for two men responsible for America's biggest ever corporate collapse.

And the chilling mass suicide pledge caught on camera.

Closure for millions of American mums and dads who lost everything in the nation's biggest corporate collapse. Former Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffery Skilling face life in jail after being convicted of fraud, conspiracy and insider trading. It took the jury just five days to find the former chairman and chief executive of Enron guilty of cooking the company's books. Obviously I'm disappointed but that's the way the system works. The two men worked behind scenes devising a complex system of accounting that deceived the public about the company's true financial position. Lawyers were shocked at just how quickly the jury came to its decision. Obviously I'm disappointed but that's the way the system works. The collapse left thousand of Enron employees without superannuation and worker entitlements. Many more shareholders lost their life savings after they invested in the company's stock. The two men will be sentenced on September 11 this year and face between 20 and 30 years behind bars. Lawyers say they will appeal. Another chilling warning to America and the West from Iran. Thousands of followers of a hard-line Islamic group have volunteered as suicide bombers to attack targets ranging from American interests to Israel and even author Salman Rushdie. More than 5,000 people, many young women, vowed to carry out suicide missions whenever called on. Although the group insists it's independent, its banners often appear at state-sponsored events. Seven Islamic extremists are standing trial in the UK, accused of plotting to blow up a famous London nightclub.

Secret service officers providing damning evidence after bugging conversations.

This is the nightclub, the Ministry of Sound in London, which two of the defendants allegedly discussed as a target for a bomb. The jury heard the club often hosts 1,900 people on a Saturday night. We're able to broadcast for the first time photographs of the six of the seven men on trial at the Old Bailey. They all deny conspiracy to cause explosions. Back in February 2004 the men had been watched by MI5 officers. And it was in this Uxbridge block of flats that two of the men were bugged and as the prosecution claimed they discussed suitable targets for a terror. They even debated whether they were being monitored. Last week the jury were shown photographs of 600 kilograms of fertiliser found in a storage depot.

The prosecution say it could have been used as an explosive for one or more bombs. Security has been stepped up at Turkey's biggest airport following yesterday's massive fire. A hard-line Kurdish militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack that destroyed the airport's cargo section. Officials are questioning the claims Turkey's atomic energy experts have also converged on the scene to determine whether any radioactive material stored at the airport leaked during the emergency. Ahead in Ten's morning news - more controversy for the AFL tribunal, that's when Ten's morning news returns. Also that spectacular goal which sent Australian soccer fans into a frenzy.

To finance news, and the Australian share market has shaken off the week's blues. The Socceroos head to Melbourne Airport in a little over an hour full of confidence after last night's one-nil win

against European champions Greece. In front of more than 95,000 people, the Aussies had the perfect warm up

for next month's World Cup in Germany. The hero Josip Skoko. It was the perfect farewell for Guus Hiddink's men. Sent off in style in front of 95,000 at the MCG. The next stop is the game's greatest stage. Many, many, many good things. If you see them playing, if you see the team playing against Uruguay, it's consistent. It was this blistering left foot strike from outside the box that sealed the match. Yosip Skoko, who grew up in Geelong, became an instant home-town hero in the 15th minute. The goal simply stunning. Top of the world. In front of our home fans. Couldn't ask for any more. The Aussies dominated play finding plenty of spaces in the Greek defence. Greece off its game and unable to find the back of the net. Their fans' frustrations bubbling over. The Soceroos making light work of the Euproean champions

and now comes the world. They board a flight for Holland this afternoon with just 17 days remaining before their World Cup opener against Japan. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. A different kind of football returns to the MCG tonight with up to 70,000 expected for the AFL's Round 9 opener between Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs. But after a turbulent week, the game's much maligned tribunal process continues to dominate much of the the spotlight. For the second time this week the Hawks and Bombers rolled the dice. And for the second time this week they left AFL headquarters in a huff. We've always felt that the sanction imposed against Richard Vanderberg greatly outweighed the severity especially considering the determinations of similar incidents earlier this year. We believe it is manifestly unjust. Hawthorn was seething

with the severity of Richie Vandenberg's 4-match ban. But the skipper has copped the month on the chin. Look obviously, I'm very disappointed with the decision. However, um, I must accept the decision of the panel and move on. The Bombers just as angry with their ordeal. Forward Andrew Lovett's appeal against a 3-match ban for striking also falling on deaf ears. Just disappointed, obviously but, you know. A number of modifications have been made to the tribunal process since the beginning of the 2005 season and we will be formally suggesting to the AFL that there need to be a few more. Round 9 begins tonight with the season's two top-scoring teams doing battle under the MCG lights. Good teams, play well under pressure and that's what we're trying to be - a top four team. Obviously we're not there at this stage but a big stage this week should test us out and see where we're at. We're satisified with where we are eight weeks in but there's obviously challenges ahead and this week and tomorrow night is going to be massive for us. Tim Hodges, Ten News. NZ rugby league captain Nigel Vagana believes country man Tevita Latu was 'hard done by' after being sacked by the Sharks for allegedly assaulting a teenage girl. Vagana's comments raising further concerns for the NRL who are trying to improve the game's image. Tevita Latu allegedly lashed out at a 19-year-old girl on Monday morning seemingly ending his rugby league career. Despite being de-registered from the NRL, Latu may have a possible avenue to play in the New Zealand domestic competition. There's a process he needs to go through first over there with the Australian judicial system. We'll let that run its course. The point at which he applies to be registered as a New Zealand player, we would consider it. NRL CEO David Gallop was clear he wanted Latu's de-registration respected universally

former Sharks team-mate Vagana claiming the club may have succumbed to pressure from the NRL, media and public. Latu also receiving support from his former club the New Zealand Warriors who say the NRL has left the 24-year-old high and dry. If they're going to take that stance, they've gotta show they are willing to help him out as well as - not just for Tevita's sake but for someone else's. You can't just sweep it under the carpet and just get rid of him. The Latu case yet another blow to the NRL who spent $1 million on a report into anti-social player behaviour

following the Bulldogs scandal in 2004. Latu will appear in court next month. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Australian swimming sensation Libby Lenton

has revealed a severe asthma attack caused her to collapse during a race at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. The 21-year-old has told Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph' she was forced to do survival breathing as she struggled to come second in the final of the 100m butterfly, later being given oxygen. Lenton says she'll have to undergo further tests in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

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Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight.

I'm Kath Robinson have a great weekend, but for now, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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