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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Australian troops head to East Timor grips the country's capital. as violence Emergency lock-down -

hits a major Australian hospital. a lethal bacteria outbreak

clinches victory for New South Wales And the golden boot that in the opening State of Origin.

Ten News with Jacinta Hocking. soldiers could be in East Timor The first of 1,300 Australian by late this afternoon, answering a call to restore peace to descend into civil war. as the country threatens assess the severity of the situation. Top level meetings are under way to his overseas trip early this morning PM John Howard arrived back from and headed into a meeting of Cabinet of the National Security Council worsening situation in East Timor. to be briefed on the At the same time, led by ADF vice chief Ken Gillespie a top level delegation for the strife-torn capital Dili was leaving of our deployment. to firm up the size and composition to put our people on the line Whilst we are prepared of East Timor for the safety and security unnecessary risks we are not going to take Overnight, firefights continued. as reports grow Refugees have fled in their thousands an assault on the capital. a gang of militants are planning but machetes Many of them wielding not only guns and even rocket-propelled grenades.

There has been a lot of gun fire. There has been gun battles

there is quite dangerous. so the situation in on the ground wide open to that. I think we have to have our eyes Three navy ships are on their way. late this afternoon or early evening. Our soldiers could be Dili by hoping the intervention force The fledgling country can have a calming effect. of the deployment of these forces We believe the moment the news

is made public the Australian forces land in Timor, and the moment

effect throughout the country. this will have an immediate calming But this isn't like 1999. 600 have defected Of the 1,400-strong army

with their brothers. and are now at war Many of the rebel militants by the Australian Defence Force. were trained it's not our job to take sides The Government says just to restore peace. are leaving the country. Australians, too, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. from East Timor Joining us on the phone

is Ten reporter Max Futcher. Good morning Max. in East Timor's capital this morning? What is the scene

It is certainly tense. But at this

moment it is quite come up. People

are going about their business. are going about their business. It is in the afternoon when it the

in the afternoon when it the clashes

Bucker. People are fleeing the cattle

capital. Residents woke this morning

to more gun battle and gunfire Upham to more gun battle and gunfire

heels behind the capital. But right

now it is quite calm. Everyone wants

to know when a the Australians

getting here. They all believe that

things will become more stable. The

first time they will see of this is

when it Australian experts arrived when it Australian experts

and assess the situation. He will

decide what forces any equipment will decide what forces any equipment

be needed. About 30 be needed. About 30 Australian

soldiers have been on the ground over

the past few days. on ways to curb Aboriginal violence. Crisis talks in Canberra today Clare Martin Northern Territory Chief Minister prepared for a fiery meeting arrived at Parliament House Mal Brough. with Indigenous Affairs Minister

shouldn't even bother coming today He says Ms Martin on law and order her top priority. unless she makes a crackdown a productive meeting with Mal Brough I'm looking forward to after we've met, OK? and will discuss those issues for a national summit next month Mal Brough is calling to draft a national approach in Aboriginal communities. to tackling abuse

has gutted a family business A suspicious factory fire in Sydney's south-west. is likely to run into the millions The damage bill 50 workers unsure of their future. were called to the blaze More than 70 firefighters in the Revesby building. couldn't be saved. But the gaskets factory It was a rapidly spreading fire construction in the building largely due to the light-weight the Waters family for over 40 years. The business has been in he's dead now My father started the business, but it's a family business. My Mum and I work in it.

worked at the factory. More than 50 people Their futures now uncertain. The Waters are insured to run into millions. but the damage bill is expected And rebuilds take time. near the building Witnesses claim to have heard people shortly before the blaze started. Police haven't ruled out arson.

said to a security guy A cleaner next door he saw someone running off. They didn't find anyone. No-one was injured in the fire.

Gemma Riordan, Ten News. has forced the closure of three wards An infectious disease Hospital. at the Royal Brisbane and Women's to deal with the problem. A task force has been established Ten reporter Amanda McLeay. Joining us now from Brisbane

have been affected? Amanda, which areas of the hospital

three wards affected at this stage, Jacinta, as you mentioned there are the burns unit and they are intensive care, and the infectious disease unit.

a range of diseases The germ can cause including meningitis and pneumonia. There have been fatalities overseas. associated with the bacteria Hospital In the Royal Brisbane and Women's at this stage. 18 people are infected They've been quarantined. in those three affected wards any elective surgery for at least a week. has been cancelled transferred to other hospitals. Any urgent surgery cases will be

get into the hospital? How did the bug to make it clear to the public Well, hospital staff are wanting that it is not unusual. like this, Hospitals do carry diseases infectious disease staff on hand. this is why they in fact have is transmitted by contact. This bug in particular though is working to contain it, So while hospital for patients or their loved ones they say there's no need to panic at this stage. A climbing expedition has gone horribly wrong in western Victoria. An off-duty police man in his 30s fell 15m to his death in the Grampians mountain range. He'd been climbing the popular Mount Arapiles. The man's body remains on a ledge 70 metres up. Police are now attempting to recover his body.

Plans by food giant Kraft to sack hundreds of Victorian workers have angered them, their union and politicians.

Employees arrived at Kraft's Port Melbourne factory last night to be told of the retrenchments. 325 workers from two factories will go and their jobs sent offshore. It is bad because Broady they've closed down now. A lot of jobs here are closing down. We just don't know how safe we are.

Kraft claims the move is necessary to remain competitive. Ram-raiders have careered through a Brisbane shopping centre after smashing through the front doors. Like a scene from a movie, the stolen car crashed into the entrance to the Marsden Park Shopping Centre then tried to smash its way into several other shops. The bandits then tried unsuccessfully to drag out an ATM. The stolen car was found nearby. and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable, So we changed our garbage services and now w 're recycling... an saving money. What have you done... No matter what business you're in Recycling - it's your business. A fire has engulfed Turkey's largest airport, sending a thick cloud of smoke over Istanbul. Officials say the blaze was started by a workman but a militant group is claiming responsibility. Istanbul's international airport just after lunchtime.

Panic as a terminal is engulfed in flames. Initial fears that the blaze would spread. The first priority to contain the plumes of fireballs ignited by explosives and chemicals held in the cargo area. SIRENS WAIL Planes usually used in bushfires were called in. Soon the city sky was blanketed in a veil of thick, black smoke.

It's very scary for everybody at the airport and I think all the Turkish people are being absolutely brilliant. We saw the clouds of smoke coming up and the aeroplanes with the water going over. It's very sad. I hope nobody's hurt. Only three people were reported injured, overwhelmed by the smoke. Evacuated passengers feared the worst but the government soon ruled out a terror attack, pointing the finger at electrical work, possibly a welder's spark. But hours later a radical Kurdish group claimed responsibility. That declaration is yet to be confirmed. Amazingly planes tried to continue as usual with only one runway shut. Hundreds of firefighters eventually gained the upper hand. A full investigation is under way. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. A stern warning to the US today - deal with Iran now or regret the consequences. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received a standing ovation from the US Congress with these chilling words. If we don't take Iran's bellicose rhetoric seriously now we will be forced to take its nuclear aggression seriously later. Olmert also urged Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to seek a negotiated peace with Israel saying his government would not wait for the Palestinians forever.

It's feared more than 100 people have been killed in flash floods in northern Thailand. Many of the missing have been caught up in landslides or trapped in their homes. Water up to 3m deep

has engulfed towns and villages in the mountainous region and cut power to more than 50,000 homes. Thailand's Prime Minister is expected to visit the flood-ravaged region. Deep concerns over the spread of bird flu. The World Health Organisation says the deaths of eight Indonesians is the most significant development yet in the spread of the disease. The dead are all from the same family, raising concerns they infected each other, rather than catching the virus from poultry. We have a team down there and they can't find an animal source of this infection. 124 people have died from the bird flu since 2003.

Eight people have been arrested in Northern England. 500 policemen were involved in the pre-dawn operation. They were targeting homes of people suspected of planning terrorist attacks overseas.

Obviously we hope it's going to make a real impact, both us and the security services are absolutely determined to make a impact on people who are supporting terrorism whether they are in this country or abroad. The British media is reporting that those arrested were Libyan. Man's best friend is set to enjoy one of man's favourite vices with a Californian company now producing beer for dogs. It's a hot day in California A rather turbulent week for Sir Elton John. Amid the gloom of his first flop on Broadway, he's accepted some $200,000 damages from a London tabloid which claimed the singer ordered guests at his annual charity ball to stay away from him. But it was cold comfort for the collapse of his Broadway vampire musical 'Lestat'. It closes this weekend after just 39 performances having been panned unmercifully by critics as a musical sleeping pill. Ahead, the Socceroos' countdown to the World Cup intensifies. That's when Ten's morning news. returns Also, Dragons rugby league star Mark Gasnier finally makes a decision on his future.

In finance news - the Australian sharemarket opened weaker again today, as commodity prices continued to slide across the board despite a last-minute recovery on Wall Street. To sport - and St George-Illawarra's Mark Gasnier has knocked back the Australian Rugby Union to remain in rugby league.

The Australian and State centre announcing a 5-year deal with the Dragons this morning. Gasnier had been courted by the Wallabies in the lead-up to next year's Rugby Union World Cup.

It had a lot of noise but in saying that so did league. That's why it was a very tough decision and at the end of the day I went with my gut feeling and one that I'm happy with and stick by 100%. Gasnier's new deal is a significantly upgraded 5-year contract. New South Wales has drawn first blood in rugby league's State of Origin against Queensland. Despite coming into the side on the eve of the match, replacement half Brett Finch kicked a field goal in the dying stages for a thrilling 17-16 victory. Blues halfback Brett Finch has been hailed a hero for this match-winning goal with just over a minute to go. COMMENTATOR: Yes! Yes, it's there! There were more moments of brilliance. He also set up two tries and scored one himself. I don't score many at club level so to get one for NSW was great. The Blues were up 14-0 at halftime. But in what was shaping up as one of the great miracle comebacks of all time, Queensland stopped at nothing to claw their way back, levelling the score at 16-16 in the 77th minute. New Maroons coach Mal Meninga says it was a cruel way to lose. They're feeling a bit down at the moment

but, like I said to them, "It's two games to go." Despite his stellar performance, Finch isn't assured of a spot for Game II. But he says he'll stand aside for either Craig Gower or Matt Orford should they return from injury. If I get another crack that'd be fantastic but if that's where it ends I'm grateful for having another crack out there. Emily Groves, Ten News. Close to 100,000 are expected to pack the MCG for tonight's Socceroo showdown against Greece. The enormity of the clash, which is no more than a practice match, has even left its mark on Australia's master coach. Even with the World Cup around the corner Guus Hiddink is amazed by the level of interest created for tonight's friendly against Greece. 98,000 will be there for the practice match. For a friendly game it is a surprisingly high number of people who are coming and I'd like to thank them all to wave goodbye to the team. After an open door policy for a week the Socceroos last night shut up shop as Hiddink worked on last-minute strategies

at their only closed session this week. Greece also hit the MCG and is expected to be a determined opponent after missing a World Cup spot. Because the team of Greece is in full body. It means every big player is here. An emotional Tony Vidmar has explained how a blood clot has ended his World Cup dream and could have been life-threatening if he kept playing. They found that in my left coronary artery I had a blood clot which was restricting the blood flow. If I continued to play it could be fatal. Kick off is 7:30. Rob Waters, Ten News. Hawthorn and Essendon head to the AFL appeals board tonight to fight suspensions on the eve of Round 9. The Hawks will challenge a four match ban given to captain Richie Vandenberg for this strike on Russell Robertson. The Bombers will fight the three week suspension of forward Andrew Lovett for a strike. But they'll get little sympathy from the man behind the game's new tribunal process. It is quite clear that any strikes to the head behind play are severely dealt with and that's very clear within the system. The appeal hearings begin at 5:30. Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

Now to what the weather's doing around the nation tomorrow: Man's best friend is set to enjoy one of man's favourite vices with a Californian company now producing beer for dogs. It's a hot day in California and Kodi the Akita is enjoying an ice cold beer. I think it's really fun when on the weekend we have some people over and we have beers and we open a beer for Kodi. And we share a beer with our best friend. But rest assured Kodi's drinking a non-alcoholic brew his owner devised after noticing him knocking over cans of beer. This is how it started, him licking beer from the deck. After numerous attempts Jamie came up with beef flavoured beer that's packed with vitamins. Friends' dogs loved it so much she decided to produce it commercially. A couple of sniffs and the dogs are all over it. They lick the bowl clean. In just weeks Jamie's sold 200 cases of Happy Tail Ale. Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's bought some for his dog. A dog is a member of your family and anything you can do to share quality time with your dog is really important. Local bars are using it to attract customers. And a lot of restaurants will have a doggy dish with water but this is a step further. This is something that they're actually going to enjoy. A six pack of Happy Tail Ale goes for about AU$12. And for the more discerning vegetarian pooch a peanut butter flavoured beer is due out next year. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.