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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. We owe our lives to them. A heartfelt thank you to the miners and Brant Webb. who saved the lives of Todd Russell

on anti-terror charges. A Brisbane teacher back in court from our serving soldiers. And messages to mum

Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. and Brant Webb Rescued miners Todd Russell have spoken for the first time from their underground prison. since being set free a rock star welcome The pair receiving the 'Beaconsfield Bash'. at last night's fundraising concert,

of the Beaconsfield community A night at last for the young and old and let their hair down. to come together CHEERING A concert to raise money by the Anzac Day rock collapse. for the miners affected and speaking out to thank rescuers, Stars of the show Todd Russell and Brant Webb. who each day said goodbye For all of our mates

every shift to their families and loved ones for us to put their lives on the line in dangerous and unstable conditions and worked to bring us out - we owe our lives to them. CHEERING for the one miner who didn't get out, Thoughts also spared Larry Knight. Outside 1,000 lucky ticketholders their excitement. who couldn't contain CHEERING who they came to see. And there's little doubt and asked him for two. He managed to meet Shannon Noll Oh, Lee Harding.

Shannon Noll. a few stars, I suppose. Looking forward to seeing the night tinged with disappointment. For those who didn't get in of this town, But with the trademark resilience some made their own fun. Everyone knew why they were there.

Means a lot to the community. get on with their lives hopefully. Now they can turn around and Gerda Jezuchowski, Ten News. A plea by Kim Beazley for a pact with Middle Australia. In a carefully targeted pitch,

the Opposition Leader has used his Budget reply to promise more for childcare and apprenticeships. Kim Beazley says his Budget reply was aimed squarely at Middle Australia. And they're also people who think by and large they don't get much of a go out of Canberra. last night, But as he made his way to the chamber to silence the critics Mr Beazley was also preparing within his own party. gone on the triple whammy - $10 already gone,

rates, soaring petrol prices. wages threatened, rising interest on the shortage of skilled workers The Opposition Leader focusing and on childcare. Among the promises - to a poker machine. Mr Beazley comparing the Treasurer

nothing. You put in, you pull the arm, Nothing. You put in again, another pull. The bells ring. But then at last the lights flash. The crowds gather round. 10 bucks, "Jackpot!" the Treasurer crows.

appears to have paid off. His performance leaving Canberra impressed. Labor colleagues

the image was spot on Absolutely think with a great many people. and it will resonate Kim's just reminded us all of his passion and his strength He identified with Middle Australia. People know they're only getting their own money back. The Government though, is less enthusiastic. Middle Australia is John Howard's heartland and he isn't going to give them up without a fight. The PM says Mr Beazley's blueprint lacks vision. for an alternative prime minister The key challenge how he would do it better. is to tell Australians how he would do it as well. He didn't even tell us

Jacqui Maddock, Ten News. charged under new anti-terror laws A Brisbane high school teacher has been back in court today. of plotting terror attacks He's accused he had the explosives to do it. and police allege Queenslander to be charged John Amundsen is the first under the new national security laws.

It's alleged he sent police an email a jihad or holy war threatening to launch

on the suburban streets of Brisbane. has been charged A 40-year-old male person offences just recently. with three terrorist related on Tuesday When police raided his home they found 53 kilograms of Powergel, four bombs, some containing nails and razor blades, along with 10 detonators. Amundsen was charged with fraud for allegedly using a fake ID to buy the explosives. He's been in custody ever since. The public can rest assured there is no threat from the explosives. Amundsen maintains the bombs were for a television shoot. To fight charges he's hired Andrew Boe, a solicitor who famously represented backpacker murderer Ivan Milat. Mr Amundsen is not a terrorist. with any terrorist organisations. He is not associated

are continuing investigations. Local and Federal Police They've set up a task force in the coming days. and say more charges will be laid Kate Donnison, Ten News. on the NSW mid-north coast A family accident

has left a 7-year-old girl dead, in a critical condition. her two brothers out of their school busin Kendall The three children had just stepped when they were hit by a car. to Sydney Children's Hospital The boys, aged 12 and 14, were taken with chest and spinal injuries.

police with their inquiries. A 40-year-old woman is assisting suffering multiple wounds Two men are in hospital after vicious stabbings in Adelaide.

was stabbed several times A 21-year-old man and robbed of his wallet in the early hours of the morning. by two teenagers on a city street

Just half an hour later a 36-year-old man parked in a car west of the city, was approached by two males and seriously injured in another frenzied stabbing. He stumbled more than 500m to flag down help. Police are investigating if they are linked.

Cameras have finally been allowed into the SA munitions factory that exploded on Tuesday, killing three men. It's the first close look at the site of the disaster of the building are left. which shows only the foundations Experts spent much of the day before police could finally move in. carefully examining the area While two bodies have been recovered, the remains of the other victim. emergency workers are yet to find

None have been identified.

Melbourne University has escalated. A disturbing health scare at a were diagnosed in seven years. Seven brain tumours are emerging, Now details of more problems including a possible fatality.

business faculty The top two floors of RMIT's phone towers. are just metres from rooftop The building's been evacuated can be conducted. so radiation emission testing This place will be crawled over can possibly find I can imagine. by as many scientists as they

diagnosed are reportedly benign Five of the seven brain tumours illnesses came to light, but since reports of the alarming the union's received further disturbing reports of sick workers. We need to get those checked out but potentially, one of those includes a possible fatality. Telstra says the towers meet strict health standards

agreeing to fully co-operate with testing ordered by the university. We're very concerned and conscious for the health and safety of our staff. become apparent in the past month. The further five cases have only to discuss their concerns publicly. Staff have been instructed not radiation testing The union now demanding periodic

at other campuses. and health investigations

We're certainly concerned occupational, health and safety with the way in which

at a number of institutions. is being dealt with Luke Waters, Ten News. in the Australian Wheat Board inquiry A central witness

to finally give evidence today. is expected Felicity Johnston Former United Nations customs chief via video link from Los Angeles, will detail, to the AWB kickbacks scandal how she alerted Australian officials

six years ago.

She insists she directly told our diplomats that AWB was using a trucking company to bust sanctions. I think it's shameful, utterly shameful. Her claims contradict versions provided by our diplomats. A man with multiple wives joins the FBI's most wanted. That story when the Morning News returns.

And our soldiers send home special messages of love for their mums this weekend.

Picture this. centre of a world of entertainment. Now picture this. 25 world-class channels like Discovery or Nickelodeon. And that's just for starters. Now, picture building a package that's all about you. and something a bit challenging? Or something for the kids? Why not add some movies too? A investigation into the London bombings has found the attack could have been avoided. Two of the four suicide bombers were already known to authorities who let them slip through the net. Could it have been prevented?

Mass murder beneath and upon the streets of London. 56 dead more than 700 injured. The events of 7/7 seemed inexplicable at the time. An attack without warning by men without apparent motivation. Carnage that came out of the blue. MI5 was told an extremist,

later revealed as bomber Sidique Khan,

had travelled to Afghanistan with another known radical. The security services investigated the reports but the inquiry went no-where. By 2003 Khan's activities had been noticed by MI5. His phone number was on their files. He had been talking to another terrorist suspect. But the link was not followed up and Khan slipped away to Pakistan. It's thought that Khan's suicide video

was recorded while he was in Pakistan on that last trip. Immediately on their return, the terror cell set up a bomb-making factory at a house in north Leeds following instructions available on the internet and using ingredients bought from the local chemist. The team produced home-made explosives. Witnesses say they saw the four men hugging, happy, even euphoric.

Three bombs went off on three separate Tube trains at almost exactly the same time. A Russian military exercise has ended in disaster, a helicopter crashing into the sea, killing one of the passengers on board. The chopper was simulating an emergency response to an oil spill north of Japan when it plunged into the sea. In an attempt to take off again one of the rotor blades hit the water, causing the helicopter to capsize and explode.

12 other passengers survived the crash. Outrage in the US over claims

the government has been secretly collecting the phone records of millions of citizens. A newspaper report says America's three biggest phone companies leaked activity records to the national security agency. President Bush says the government has acted within the law. We are not mining or trolling the lives of millions of innocent Americans.

Our focus is on links to al-Qa'ida. The report says investigators did not listen to calls but analysed dialling patterns for terrorist activity. Blockbuster novel 'The Da Vinci Code' is continuing to cause controversy around the world. Catholic protesters in India say they will go on hunger strike unless the government bans the soon-to-be-released movie.

We want to tell them that we are serious and if they don't act we go on to a fast until death which is our next program. The group has joined worldwide demonstrations against the film, which is due to be released next weekend. Christian groups say the elaborate storyline distorts their faith. A fundamentalist Morman has joined Osama bin Laden on the FBI's most wanted list. A nation-wide manhunt now under way for fundamentalist Morman Warren Jeffs.

Warren Jeffs, seen here a few years ago, is a prophet on the run. Acussed of forcing young girls to marry older men and worse. The FBI's 10 most wanted list places Jeffs alongside Osama bin Laden. Jeffs faces allegations of assisting in two rapes and fraud. This is a prophet trying to make a profit. Dressed like 19th century pioneers, Jeffs' devoted followers scurry away when we pass. These are the disciples of the man who runs America's biggest open community of polygamists.

Here, husbands have been known to take more than a dozen wifes. And where wifes obey without question. I have a right to worship any damn thing I want and wear any damn clothes I want. I'm stupid of hearing how stupid and retarded we are. I have 19 mothers and 74 siblings. My oldest sister is old enough to be my grandmother. Sara Hammond grew up near Warren Jeffs. She speaks now of the sexual abuse by her brothers and by her father. A man who never even knew her name.

I had told him my name every time he saw me.

His first question to me was, "what's your name?" The second was, "Who's your mother?" And that's the only way he could distinquish I was his child. What does that do to a young girl? It's dehumanising. Mainstream Mormans banned polygamy years ago, Warren Jeffs cell continues to ignore them and the law. Ahead in sport, a major pay rise for NRL players. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And Brisbane's Jason Akermanis in trouble, axed for poor form and lack of discipline.

A 300-year-old violin is about to become the world's most expensive musical instrument. Sweet music from a rare violin made by Italian master Antonio Stradivari in 1707.

The violin, known as the hammer, is expected to go for around $4 million when it's auctioned next week. That's around $500,000 higher than the previous record set by another Stradivarius. In finance news, the Australian share market is weaker today.

AFL, and after weeks of tension between the Brisbane Lions and Jason Akermanis,

the club has axed its midfielder. The triple premiership player and Brownlow medallist told he won't be back until he tows the party line.

For the first time in eight years Jason Akermanis is a Lion without a pride. Jason Akermanis has been omitted from the team this weekend to meet the Hawks on Saturday night. The match committee and leadership group that due to his lack of form and his inability to meet team discipline, standards and expectations, we have decided to take this action. Bad news for Carlton with the president admitting last night the club is $1.5 million in the red.

Without AFL assistance,

the Blues might not be able to pay their players. We are in consultation with the AFL. We have had a review done by Price Waterhouse. They have had a look at all of our numbers and we will be meeting with them very shortly to work out a solution for the club and the AFL. In other news, Collingwood skipper Nathan Buckley will miss this week, rested for this Saturday's match against West Coast while former Eagles captain and Brownlow medallist Ben Cousins

is included. Melbourne leader David Neitz returns to take on Fremantle. Mark Riccuito added to the line up for Adelaide against the Kangaroos. Steven King is back on the team sheet for Geelong against the St Kilda tonight, David Adams, Ten News. To the NRL, and a possible boost for St George Illawarra in its quest to re-sign Mark Gasnier. The league set to raise the salary cap to almost $4 million, an increase of $700,000 per season.

As Gasnier played cat and mouse with the media, his club boss admitted an increased cap helps the Dragons chances of retaining the Test star. Any circumstance like that helps as far as securing or keeping or retaining players. Obviously a lift in it provides further money to be available and if they use that for Mark Gasnier, all well and good. St George Illawarra won't rule out the rugby union threat

until Gasnier is re-signed. And now team-mate Shaun Timmins could be on his way out. I've got an option here at the Dragons if I want to stay and England's always been an option so over the next few weeks I'll have a talk to both club and my manager and see where we go from there. And it's been a heavyweight preparation for tonight's annual city-country showdown in Dubbo. Rival captains Craig Gower and Andrew Ryan meeting the locals

at Western Plains Zoo. Anthony Goodrige, Ten News. Aussie golfer Adam Scott is co-leader at the Byron Nelson Championship in the US. Scott fired a 5-under 65 to share the top spot with Steve Lowery. American Brett Wetterick is one shot back and he would've been happy with this recovery at the 14th hole. The shot of the day went to countryman Kris Cox for this spectacular eagle. COMMENTATOR: Look out from 166 yards. In the hole! Stephen Leaney was another Australian finding some form. He rolled in a monster birdie putt on the 17th hole and is five shots off the pace. Clay court tennis king Rafael Nadal has continued his amazing winning streak with his 50th straight win on the surface. The 19-year-old Spanaird outclassed Englishman Tim Henman in the third round of the Rome Masters. Nadal in ominous form ahead of his French Open title defence later this month winning 6/2, 6/2. He now needs just three more wins to equal the Open-era record. CROWD CHEERS World number 1 Roger Federer also into the quarterfinals after beating Radek Stepanek 6/1, 6/4. The all-important weekend weather details when the Morning News returns.

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of today.

They may be a long way from home, but our soldiers haven't forgotten it's Mother's Day.

Personnel from the Solomon Islands and Iraq sending back special messages of love. I'd like to say a happy Mother's Day to my Mum in Adelaide and a happy Mother's Day to my wife in Townsville. Mum, don't worry I didn't forget. I just haven't had a chance to send you a card. I love you, can't wait to see you when I get home. I'd like to say g'day to my girls, Julia and Lucy-Anne in Canberra

and I know I'm not there for Mother's Day but I know you'll be thinking of me.

Meantime, the Sydney Flower Markets is under siege from early Mother's Day shoppers. Apart from Valentines Day, today and tomorrow are the industry's busiest days. On a reasonable Friday here there's something like $250,000 worth of flowers in the building. While roses and chrysanthemum are a well-known favourite, lillies and gerberas are also expected to be popular this year. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.